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Decorating A Christmas Tree

How does decorating a Christmas tree or anything we decorate come in to the picture of Christ's birth? The bible doesn't speak of decorating a tree or otherwise.

Moderator - The Christmas tree was involved with the worship of the sun god not the Son of God. Nor will you find anyone worshiping Christ's birth in the Bible either.

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 ---judy on 12/16/07
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Andrea, several posts are sillilike and not Christlike.
---Caring on 1/8/08

To "caring":We should try to keep our responses Christ like even if we don't agree.Which of course you have every right to. Also please read Jeremiah ch 10.Yes they most definitly did worship decorated trees and God made clear how He felt about it.
---Andrea2222 on 1/4/08

Lovable Linda, you're right to not let anyone pressure you into doing something that bothers your conscience.1Tim 1:19.I had a tree up when I first read Jeremiah Ch 10. I kept looking at that tree,thinking of God's words in verse 2"Do not learn the way of the nations AT ALL..." Then he talks about their custom of cutting down a tree,taking it home,decorating it.And I thought of 2Tim.3:16"ALL scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching,reproving,and setting things straight"
---andrea2222 on 1/4/08

wise men did worship Christ..they brought him gifts too..the bowed down a prayed to Him gave Him thanks.
Yes the angels did fact a multitude of Heavenly host sang and praise and glorified Jesus.
so did the Shepard's who were told to go to see Jesus in the manger.

so you can see a celebration was going on. and a star shown bright....the spot light for the celebration. If it was good enough for the wisemen, Shepard's, and angels to celebrate..Well it should be good enough for you.
---lisa on 1/3/08

Betty, never heard of people worshiping trees.

"Oh Christmas tree
I worship thee
and bring me all the gifts I need" :))

We use the tre to decorate but the main adornment is the Christmas Crib which reminds us of the birth of Christ.
---Caring on 12/30/07

ALL:A man of wisdom views the Birth of Christ with awe & wonder & sees the necessity for the message which is one of renewal & afiliation,with his God who is His creator.The foolish man Derides & scoffs in all his Negativity, at the senselessness which he CANNOT see with his naked eye.
---Emcee on 12/28/07

A lot of people don't have trees because they belive it is a sin over in the Old Testament people worship trees .
---Betty on 12/27/07

Linda, your sister is right and you are a fanatic Scrooge.
---Caring on 12/27/07

I did not decorate a Christmas tree this year. My sister was very upset with me.
She gave me a royal chewing out, and told me that I had all month to do it. She told me I was a Scrooge for not putting up a tree.
I explained what we have been discussing and she said that she didn't give a rip, "I should have put up the tree!"
---lovable_linda on 12/26/07

As quickly as the "tree", Cross is in position the crowds are reading the
inscription which has been nailed to the top to indicate the charge
against the man.
"_The King of the Jews_."

There He is up above them all, while the great
multitude stands gazing.
---lovable_linda on 12/26/07

If anyone has really looked in to it BIRTHDAYS in general were part of the heathen worship. God says to mourn when they come in and rejoice when the go out. Why would anyone want to celebrate another year on this evil and adulterous world. I am ready to go home to meet my LORD. Matt 24:21-23 talks about tribultion, and the fact that if our days were not shortened no flesh would be saved. Thank God for the elect's sakes they are.
---jody5986 on 12/20/07

** I use to celebrate Christmas even as a true believer. But then I read that it is a heathen's holiday.**

When did you lose faith in the FACT of the Holy Nativity according to the flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ?

Do you pivot on every wind of doctrine on the basis of what you read?

And what if you were to read that there is evidence that Jesus was born in late December? Would you change your mind again, then?
---Jack on 12/20/07

Most people celebrate their birthday and that of their kids and relatives.

Why not celebrate the birthday of our Redeemer? Perhaps the reason is because the Catholic Church does it so the rest simply oppose.

My Christmas Crib with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the sheep is up already and so is my Christmas tree and other festive decorations and on Christmas Midnight we go for the solemn Midnight Mass to celebrate this great event.
---Caring on 12/20/07

In response to faith it is not House of Jacob Ministries, it is jody5986. I am a minister of the House of Jacob. Your response was true and if anyone has questions just ask. jody5986
---jody on 12/19/07

For me it is a family tradition. Fun and wholesome. Nothing more, nothing less. But you must follow your own convictions. If decorating a Christmas tree takes your focus off God, then simply don't participate. These things should be fun, carefree and joyous. If those are not present (pardon the pun), why do it? It's futile. Be blessed this Winter season and joyful that Christ was born that he might save the world from death.
---kady on 12/19/07

I use to celebrate Christmas even as a true believer. But then I read that it is a heathen's holiday. So now I do not.>>>>>And really I feel just fine about it. I hope that everyone will have a good year ahead>>>"2008"
---catherine on 12/19/07

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and doubtless many more times).

What real Christians celebrate on 25 December is NOT a date, but a fact:

The Holy Nativity According to the Flesh of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.

Because this FACT has eternal meaning, it doesn't matter what date it's celebrated on.
---Jack on 12/19/07

Actually, if you look in the encyclopedia you will find that december 25th is the birthday of the sun god Mithra.
The Druids worshiped the tree, and catholicism is what tried and succeeded to christianize their paganistic rituals.
If anyone wants to hear more on this or other holidays go to ChristiaNet, blogname: House of Jacob Ministries.
---faith on 12/19/07

Jeremiah made reference to a celebration that involved decorating a tree. At Jere. 10:3-5 it speaks of a mere tree being decorated with silver and gold. Then in vs. 5, it is compared to an idol that cannot speak or walk and ends with the point that the doing of good is not with them.
---Poppy on 12/18/07

**While theres little doubt with regard to the pagan roots, it does take on a different meaning to the Christian.**

Is there anyone on these blogs who was born without pagan roots, that is, already Christian?

This is the whole point of Christ's coming--to take what was alienated from God and convert it to His glory.

Those who do not understand this do not understand the Gospel.
---Jack on 12/18/07

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Food for Thought: "...Moses...led the flock to the backside of the the mountain of God, even to Horeb...the angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush...he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire...the bush was not consumed...Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. And when the LORD saw that he turned aside...God called him out of the midst of the bush...." (Ex. 3:1-4)
---Leon on 12/18/07

While the idea behind the Evergreen tree came to us via pagan roots-- Babylon- (Semiramis and Nimrod)it has evolved over the years into the Christmas tree. Over the years the Christmas tree has been associated with the celebration of Christs birth, but it did not start out that way at all. While theres little doubt with regard to the pagan roots, it does take on a different meaning to the Christian. As the ACLU continues their assault on Christmas, pagan or not.I do like the tree.celebrate the Lord.
---Bish on 12/18/07

Christmas trees are traditional in the USA,England,Germany and probably some other places.Missionary friends of mine tell me that in some parts of Africa you would not dare decorate a tree as some pople (natives there) consider it pagan.We don't worship trees here so what is the harm in following a tradition of our country?
---shirley on 12/17/07

When I was 11, my father left us and Mom didn't want to have Christmas any more, so a little boy lost Christmas AND his father at the same time.

Therefore, I never got into the commercial aspect. All I had left was the true spiritual meaning about the Incarnation, though I didn't understand it at first.
---Jack on 12/17/07

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Now, now, Jack.
I know that there other venues that just love hearing from you.
You're here every day, like the rest of us.

I will be honest, I've been thinking about the Moderator's comments - all of this gift buying and not one of them - for Jesus Christ.
---lovable_linda on 12/17/07

Giving and receiving - all on a horizontal basis.
For the last few years, I have not been buying gifts. It's not scriptural to stand on the street corner and announce what you've been doing in private and give yourself a mega pat on the back.
---lovable_linda on 12/17/07

This is the first year that I have not put up a Christmas tree. I like the lights in the snow. I'm still debating with myself.

When I think about the kind of gifts we could give to Jesus Christ, for the Man Who Is Everything, Has Everything..

For the Man Who Has Given Us His Life that we might live...

What do we give the Man Who Has Everything, including the Universe?
---lovable_linda on 12/17/07

LOLOL! Amen, Jack! :)
---Mary on 12/17/07

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We don't find computer blogs or revivals or invitation hymns or even hymnals in the Bible, either.

That doesn't stop people on these blogs from using them.
---Jack on 12/16/07

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