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Can God Change His Mind

Many things are written in the Bible about what God wants and will do. But the Bible was written a long time ago. Can God change his mind?

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 ---arnie on 12/16/07
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Joseph I just noticed that I posted under your name. I apologize, I capitalized the first letter accidently. I will be more careful in the future. I realize that these comment may not reflect your way of thinking. Again, my apologies. Thanks
---joseph on 1/11/08

God certainly can change His mind. But not when it comes to the things that has been recorded in the word of God. Yes the Bible was written along time ago. So! It will always stand. The devil can do nothing about it. Man can do nothing about. And woe to man if they try. God's word you don't mess with. And by the way, if this nation does not bring the Ten Commandments back and respect them, this nation will pay. But this nation will remain in the dark.
---catherine on 1/11/08

During the writings of the scrolls, the Father may have spoken concerning a thing He was considering, yet if certain conditions were met, He did reconsider that which He had spoken. Understand this, His word will not return to Him void, it will accomplish His purpose, however there were instances within scripture where he left His option to recant open. Consider Jer,18.7-10>Jonah 3:10>4:8-11. However that which has been written in His word to us, as it stands, will come to pass.
---Joseph on 1/11/08

"Can God change his mind?" Yes. There are numerous times through out scripture where the Father has declared that He would do thus and so, yet, either because of man's sincere repentance, or simply His graciousness, compassion, and His abundance of loving kindness, He has relented or become more lenient, or forgiving regarding what He may have done if not for those traits. While the Father's word can not be altered, He will act upon it as He chooses and His purpose concerning it will stand.
---Joseph on 1/11/08

The way it looks to me is that he doesn't change the outcome but maybe the way it comes about.
---colupy on 1/2/08

He always give us a chance.
NO,He does not change HIS mind.No more than
a rabbit can change into a light bub.
---Jack_8773 on 12/22/07

God can change His mind but not in regard to His word it stands.
---catherine on 12/20/07

Of course he can change his mind. Many times He did not give a punishment to the Israelites because Moses went to Him and pleaded for Him to change His mind concerning them.
---Gena on 12/20/07

No! God cannot change his word. Because God is all knowing his word on any subject is fixed. God has placed limitations upon himself. Those limitations are outlined by the words he has spoken. If God says it's going to rain don't look up at the sky,go get your raincoat.
---Mima on 12/20/07

Blessings Arnie, God's character is truth. He cannot lie. He is absolutely 100 percent true to His word at all times. We can depend on Him completely. We might change our words, actions, or minds but God does not.
---Cynthia on 12/19/07

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Jesus Christ is the Word of God.
His Word is Truth. We worship God in Spirit and in Truth and He will do everything He says He will do in His Word.

---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

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