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Can We Misunderstand God

Mis-hearing God: does having the Holy Spirit mean we will always make the right decision, never make mistakes, or always say the right thing? If we say "thus saith the Lord" and end up being wrong, isn't that taking His name in vain? Can we speak in faith without doing so? How?

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 ---j._nonymous on 12/18/07
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Any whom say, "thus says the Lord..." when the Lord has not spoken to them, are liars and the truth is not in them. When you are surrendered and consecrated up to the Lord, he can use you mightily. But if you withhold any part of your self from him, then he cannot convert that to his glory. Being used of the Lord, is more than a switch of your will for his, it is more of a letting go and calling him to take over the vessel for his glory.
---Eloy on 1/25/08

Matthew I hope you are not suggesting a One World Religion. If we have one, be sure it is going to be a one based on error. Christians are always going to be persecuted because the devil is in control of this world at the moment, but under the authority of God. And his time is running out. As soon as the sheep and the goats are separated, then Jesus is coming back.
---frances on 1/24/08

Just Look at some of these Blogs & the Replies to them, That should be enough proof that some people don't understand...
DON'T say "Thus Saith the Lord" UNLESS you are Quoeting FROM the Word of God or IF you have Heard the VOICE of Jesus HIMSELF or An Angel of God. Stick to the Word of God & you CAN'T GO WRONG. HOW?
Ask & it shall be given to you.
Seek & you shall find what is to be found.
Knock & it shall be opened unto you >YLBD
---Duane_M on 1/24/08

You better know that we can misunderstand God. Wow, can we ever. And yes we can make mistakes. And no, they may not be mistakes. Sometimes God will lead us into situations that we may perceive as a mistake and the purpose will be for Spiritualo lessons. I am telling you being a true Christian is a full time job. WOW!
---catherine on 1/23/08

Well obviously there are a whole lot of people on this planet who are not understanding God. If they did, then there would be only one religion, and we'd all go to the same church, and we wouldn't mistrust each other because we'd all believe the same things.
---matthew on 1/22/08

God is infinite.

It is unreasonable to expect finite humans to understand everything that God wants us to know, even with the Holy Spirit. (We're easily distracted, after all.)

As long as one is speaking in good faith, (and corrects himself if he finds out that he is wrong), that is sufficient.
---Nancy on 12/23/07

John 14:26: "...he shall teach you all things..."
Will we learn? Not neccessarily.
John 6:45: "...Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath
learned of the Father, cometh unto me."
School attendance is no guarantee of gaining and retaining knowledge...
Some men go through school but school do not go through them.
Peter received the Holy Ghost but it did not make him all knowing.
After the fact he received a vision that God is no respector of
---Nana on 12/22/07

lovable_linda: Is everything you say on these blogs right? Have you ever misinterpreted scripture? Do you always make right decisions? On another blog you said we all sin and need to repent if we do. Have you ever had to repent for being off theologically or having a wrong belief about something you found out later was not true? If you were wrong then, could you be wrong now? You are HUMAN, aren't you?
---j._nonymous on 12/20/07

I like to test to see how God actually moves me in relation to what I consider I hear from Him. He can test me, so I need to make sure I'm not wishfully hearing Him the way I want Him to mean something. So, His action speaks louder than His words. He will personally lead us according to all He means by whatever He says (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/19/07

Needing to preface any word that you're speaking for the Lord, you should sit down and remain still.
If you don't have the gift of prophecy, but speak from the soulish realm, your mind, it's better not to give a word at all.
Making allowances, "See if this word is speaking to you, I'm not sure, but I think..." Nah. No need, we can read a Word from the Word.

The authentic gift from the Holy Spirit does not have to make excuses or require a backup plan in case it flops.
---lovable_linda on 12/19/07

The Holy Spirit is not the spirit of fear.

The Holy Spirit gives you power, love and a sound mind without doubt and second guessing.

If you're second guessing yourself, time to sit on the bench until you have a more sure word.
---lovable_linda on 12/19/07

I approach this problem In the following manner. I always try preface what I say, by saying, I think, I believe I heard the Lord say, or the Lord is telling me I think.
---Mima on 12/19/07

The holy - spirit is promised to those that have jesus. Acts 10 :38 the Holy spirit in doesnt make mistakes we do. even if we do we shouldnt conderm ourselves.If you believe what the word of faith says and you speak faith it doesnt matter what the circumstances might look like. It will come to pass.Dont ask how? why? or when? its Gods bussiness. His word is 100% However one can say so wihtout God based promise selflessly and it surely wont come to pass.. With God all things are possble. Mat 19:26
---brian3745 on 12/19/07

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