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Do you ever feel a "kindred spirit" with any of your fellow bloggers on Christianet. Sometimes when I read a answers I realize I have a like spirit with that person. What about you?

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 ---Mima on 12/20/07
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I've been offline for a while however I still see many names that I recognize.
I'm not always in total agreement with everyone, but I have come to care for so many of my brothers and sisters despite our differences. I've been on CN for several years and I do feel a kinship with many here--too many to name! Hugs to all.
---NV_Barbara on 12/29/07

j_nonymous: Thank you, I feel blessed for those kind words! You have certainly made me think a time or two! LOL. I find joy in being able to connect with other believers w/like-minds, even in our disagreements there is no reason to be nasty to one another, it defeats the whole purpose of these blogs. May YOU be blessed!
---kady on 12/27/07

If you just like people who agree with you and claim to be of the same spirit, you are no different from the world. 70 followers left Jesus because they disagreed with him. He asked the twelve if they also would leave, they said it did not matter what they agreed with they knew he alone had the words of life. The church of Jesus Christ is about being in agreement with Jesus and his word not each others Ideas.
---exzucuh on 12/27/07

Birds of a feather or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. :-]
---Bigfoot on 12/26/07

Absolutely, and Amen! We here at CN who are in Christ are all in one body, and Christ is the head of it, so yes, many of us here have a kindred Spirit. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/26/07

I do with Whisper, Chipper, Matthew, Holly4JC, Ramon, Helen, Catherine, and a few others. It's like Church when you hit that point of understanding and spiritual agreement. You know it's from the Holy Spirit.
---Gordon on 12/26/07

The Saying "Birds of a Feather" is appropriately apt.
---Emcee on 12/25/07

Birds of a feather flock together. Because they love the flesh not the spirit. Peter and Paul were as opposite as any come and had many arguements, Barnabus, also did not agree with Paul. Their kindred Spirit was the Spirit of Jesus that was in them, they all believed in him and that made them one whether they liked each other or not, or agreed on doctrine was not the issue. It was the commandment of Jesus for them to be one with each other so the world would know they were his and see Jesus in them.
---exzucuh on 12/25/07

Yes, I do.
and many more.
---lucinda on 12/24/07

Spirits know one another.I i see an apple tree on the other side of the river.
And see one just like it on this side
of the river......Its a no brainer.
---Jack_8773 on 12/22/07

J. Nonymous, thanks for the kind words. I hope I can live up to them! :-) I am an old man, maybe mellower than in younger years.....
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/20/07

I would say the ones I find are of like spirit are StrongAxe, InimicusStultitiae, kady, Gena, Mima and alan_of_UK, with some others. I'm sure we disagree on some theological issues, but the ones I've listed are always cordial, even in there disagreements. They don't resort to name-calling and mindreading. They try not to use scripture to condemn, and their honest about their own frailty. Also, they give thought to alot and don't take everything at face value. Be blessed you guys!
---j._nonymous on 12/20/07

Yes. It's always pleasant to find someone else like yourself. LOL.
---john on 12/20/07

Hi Mima, I most certainly do.
and of course Mima
there are others too forgive me if I don't recall this second
---Andrea on 12/20/07

Do you want to live with the bloggers forever in heaven?
Do you want to live next to those that you do no have a "kindred spirit" with?

The bible says it's easy to love those that we love, but the real "litmus test"...

To love your enemies, do good to those that hate you.
God might place us right next to our enemies in heaven, forever.
---lovable_linda on 12/20/07

Yes, I do feel a kinship with other Christians on the blogs. Sometime their answers agree with what I believe, to a point that I know it is a brother or sister in the Lord speaking. That blesses me so much.(that is not to say, if someone believes different than I do that they aren't a child of God also.)
---barba7776 on 12/20/07

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