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Husband Has Female Friend

My husband has a female friend who is an old classmate. They have not seen each other in years and now work together. They go out to breakfast and spend hours together after work. I work during the day and worry what's going on and what they do. I've expressed to my husband that I'm hurt.

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 ---Amanda on 12/20/07
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I've expressed to my husband that I'm hurt.
Hurt, or jealous?
---francis on 8/19/10

U need to put ur foot dwn he married u u should b the only female in his life. He's not a single man n if u know her u need to tell her to leave ur husband alone bcuz she should kno that it bugs u . N if he gets mad oh well.
---connie on 8/18/10

Do not let this woman into your house. My husband and I pastored together. A younger woman (married) befriended him, and began calling him on his cell, and visiting him at work. At first it seemed innocent. Now, 2.5 years later, we are divorced, and she is getting one so they can be together. We were married for over 30 years. I have been left devistated.
---Donna on 2/13/08

It's not proper for a woman to keep company with a married man. This is a temptation that should be avoided because it may lead to the sin of adultery. We have to constantly on guard against committing sin and backsliding.
---janet on 2/13/08

That woman has no decency spending all this time alone with your husband. And I am wondering how often you get to go out and eat at a restaurant with your husband? How much time do you get together? This woman is taking time with your husband and getting to know eachother.How much does she need to know? My opinion:enough to take your place. This is not good. Does he talk about her alot? And were they more than friends at one time?cont.
---Kella3336 on 2/13/08

I am sure you have wondered if they were close at one time. You need to let your husband know how much your marriage means to you. Let him know how much you enjoy spending time with him.And find a hobby to enjoy together. Become closer with your spouse. Have bible time together and grow in your relationship with God and eachother. Do not let this woman take your rightful place.pray to have your marriage restored.God bless.
---Kella3336 on 2/13/08

I do not agree this relationship is right. If your husband can not enclude you - he must stop.
---Linda3939 on 2/12/08

amanda,most employers do not allow employees to fratinise.that being said are either or both of you christians?and first and foremost whether or not you are you are his wife,tell him this bothers you and he must STOP NOW. you have every are the one he should be spending his time with,not this other woman.
---tom2 on 1/22/08

I'm not married Mark. Just in love with a married man who started out as my best friend... we crossed the line for many years, the wife found out, and now we are no more because of the children (not her.. he would leave her otherwise)
---Francis on 1/20/08

Keep this woman far away from your house and spouse, as possible. Your husband should have already put this woman in her place. This is his responsibility to do so. If the table was turned he would have laid down the law to you, quick as lightning. You do the same! Get this man-hungry witch out of your life. Christian or not.
---Robyn on 1/18/08

And now, we all know too.
It's a good thing the paparazzi aren't following you around. Your husband would find it on the stands and blow a fuse.

Take it from that "woman friend" WORRY! Men and attractive women just can't be friends. Something always eventually happens. We were best friends, now we are in love, but can't be together because she knows now :-(
---Francis on 1/16/08
---Mark on 1/17/08

If this woman is hot, definitely put an end to it.
---Francis on 1/17/08

Its not up to us to make a judgement on what is happening with your spouse and his friend. I believe, however, that you have the right to voice your concerns and ask that he respect them. I am sure he would ask no less of you if the situation was reversed.
---Janine on 1/16/08

Does the female friend have spouse or boyfriend? That is the only way your husband should meet with her and you should be present, as well.There is nothing this female friend whould be discussing with him without you...period. Women are bloodhounds when they do not have a man of their own. Any man is a target and they will stop at nothing to try to hook him. Put your foot down,friend. Don't let your husband get away this type behavior.Fight for what's yours!
---Robyn on 1/16/08

Take it from that "woman friend" WORRY! Men and attractive women just can't be friends. Something always eventually happens. We were best friends, now we are in love, but can't be together because she knows now :-(
---Francis on 1/16/08

Nancy, that is great advice. I don't know why it would hurt for me to invite her over my house, I think that would be the christian thing to do. Thanks for you advice!
---Amanda on 12/28/07

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Also, as hard as it is, give your worries and fears to the Lord, and commit your marriage to him. Put your trust in God, and "fight" for your relationship through prayer. In the end, it's your husband that chooses what he'll do, but you can pray those choices are based on godly wisdom. I'm so amazed at God's faithfulness. I can't tell you how many times I've heard my prayers through the lips of my husband's mouth. God is a big God. He can move mountains, and he can protect your marriage.
---kady on 12/27/07

I'm guessing your husband ignored your plea to stop at this point? Chances are there is nothing for you to worry about at this point, but he is putting himself in a potentially compromising position. I'd ask him if he could refrain from spending time alone with her out of respect for your relationship. It may be completely innocent, but he may be setting himself up for some temptations up ahead. Go to the Lord in prayer, and then go to your husband in love.
---kady on 12/27/07

You're going about this the wrong way.

Instead of being jealous of your husband's friend, you should be trying to make her your friend as well.

Try inviting her to supper at your house, or to a girl's night out. Have some of your husband's co-workers over for a barbecue or other party and invite her, if you don't want to be too obvious at first.
---Nancy on 12/23/07

I cant remember where it says in the bible that if someone is doing wrong confront them, if they don't listen to you confront them with 2 or 3 other people, I would use a preacher if I were you. I will put your husband in prayer that God will burden his heart on your behalf. And God make him feel ashamed and disgusted with his relationship with that other women.
---nina on 12/22/07

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I feel you just need to commit your husband's ways to the Lord instead of making yourself unhappy each day he goes to work.
Let God take total control of the situation as He alone can DO all things.
Take care of yourslf the more too 'cos you are fearfully & wonderfully made.
---temit8344 on 12/22/07

If a man chooses not to walk alone he has to consider not only the welfare of his wife but also how his decisions affect her.

That's in the vows if you think deeply on it, will a man hate his own flesh?
---Pharisee on 12/20/07

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