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Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton

If nominated, would you as a Christian vote for Mitt Romney against Hillary Clinton?

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 ---Dee on 12/20/07
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Ron Paul-The 'mad Hatter"-not a supporter. It clearly looks like McCain is going to be the nominee. As to politics I am libertarian.

Religion and politics must be seperate, as the constitution mandates, mixing them corrupts both.

I believe in a religiouis society, and a 'small' secular goverment.

Ones religion does not matter as much as values animated by religion,at least in society.
---MikeM on 2/1/08

When Christ referred to fruits, he was meaning outward actions, not reading and thought. His gospel was simple and practical. He felt it could be judged easily by an unbiased observer, confident that the proof of truth, as well as falsehood, could be seen in its outward actions. Men are horrible at judging other's motivations and thoughts, so Christ said look at the fruits (actions). By this standard, it can be seen that unselfish, good hearted followers of most religions are bringing forth good fruit.
---sophia on 1/31/08

MikeM., are you a Ron Paul supporter?
---Cindy on 1/31/08

you would rather see your country in the hands of the liberals than vote for a man with good character, a record of leadership and intelligence - ---Tammy on 1/29/08

After 8 years of Bush.. you're darn right I would rather see the government in the hands of "liberals" and THIS liberal plans to vote that way.
---NurseRobert on 1/30/08

2) Yet she was still against the Lord, not His, for she was a psychic, communicating with demonic spirits and practicing witchcraft, yet she was mentioning the name of Jesus and I remembered that and pondered who Jesus really was, since I was Jewish. As time went on, I became suicidal and was going to commit suicide, but, because I remembered the name of Jesus from the psychic, I cried out to Jesus in my hopelessness and He saved me.
---Holly4jc on 1/29/08

3) So, God used her to bring me to Him. She was not for Him, but because of the power in using His name, the result of her words made things in my life turn around and I became FOR HIM. That is a true life example of the meaning of Mark 9:38-40, the scripture you quoted. This is totally different than if someone is not for Jesus, they are then against Him. There is only darkness and light, nothing in between. Either you are in the Light with Jesus or in darkness.
---Holly4jc on 1/29/08

4) If you have not invited Jesus to come into your heart and become your Lord and Savior, then you are in darkness and against Him. But Jesus can use even the unsaved to bring people to Him...heck, He's even spoken through a donkey in days gone by.
---Holly4jc on 1/29/08

I think that Becca's point is that Mitt Romney is a moral man and to not vote for him because you don't share his particular religious beliefs is ridiculous. Mormons accept Jesus Christ as their Savior - they are Christians. I am so sick of the bigotry displayed on these blogs - you would rather see your country in the hands of the liberals than vote for a man with good character, a record of leadership and intelligence. It's sickening and very scary!
---Tammy on 1/29/08

1) Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23 both say:
He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.

Sophia...the scripture you are quoting is not the same as I was referring to. As a matter of fact, I got saved because of a situation where I was going to this psychic (not of God) yet for some reason she spoke of Jesus here and there and even prayed with His name.
---Holly4jc on 1/29/08

Sophia the Bible also tells us we should know people by their fruits, and Hillary Clinton supports abortion, which Jesus would be against, and Romney believes in another book besides the Bible, which Jesus condemns. So their fruits stink!
---Dee on 1/29/08

Mark 9:40 "For he that is not against us, is for us" This verse seems to say the exact opposite of what you are paraphrasing Holly. Did Christ contradict himself, or are you misquoting?
---sophia on 1/29/08

Psalms 82:6 "I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High (GOD). Matt 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect". John 10:33-36 those who wanted to kill Christ claimed he blashphemed God. He quoted Psalms and emphasized that the scriptures teach that we are gods, then said "the scripture cannot be broken". Funny that people in the name of christianity want to align themselves with those who wished to stone Christ.
---Chris on 1/29/08

The issue here isn't over Romney, but over who gets to take a "better than thou" religous position. I ask the supposed Christians here, "Would you vote for a Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or Native American Spiritualist if they showed good character, ideas and experience? If not, your religion is more about bigotry than about what is good for your country or mankind. The problem isn't with the supposed cults, but with your own CULTure of "prejudice", which my wife sophia alluded to.
---stephen on 1/29/08

Yes, I would. But I am not in favor of neither. Do you want to know my favorite?
---catherine on 1/29/08

Someones religion determining if their president?

1. do you care If you loose credibility by being a bigot?

2. Do you care that by not voting for some due to religion tou may send a liberal to the white house?

Hollytic pastor Herb- you are hurting yourselves with such narrowness, others can see it. Is that what you want to be seen as a bigot? Oe should rise above such limitations tho the principles the candidate stands for
---MikeM on 1/29/08

If Hillary or Obama are the democrat choices, and Romney the Republican, I would vote for Romney as I not voting for a leader of my church but of my country. What we fail to understand is that a good moral person who has brains & leadership ability can be preferred to the most holy of men who lack the necessary tools to lead the country.
---Lee on 1/28/08

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1) You're right Sophia, we are not to judge (as unto condemnation) but we are to judge (as in discern) all matters and weigh them against the Bible. According to all that I have read up on and studied regarding the beliefs of the Mormons, I discern that their God is NOT my God, the their Jesus is not THE Jesus of the Bible. And on this matter I stand firm and will take a firm stand for truth and for Jesus Christ of Nazareth...
---Holly4jc on 1/28/08

2)...who is NOT the brother of Satan, as the Mormons believe according to their teachings, that they were both born of God and one of his many wives as spirit children.
---Holly4jc on 1/28/08

NO, I am 59 and have never voted. This year I have found a rightious man. and I will vote for him...Dr. Ron Paul...Everyone else have blood on their hands. I will stand before God someday with clean hands.
---Lynn on 1/28/08

Those who are religious bigots who will not vote for romney due to religion may be putting a very liberal lady in the white house. Such a crippling myopia could hurt america. They are the same bigots who way back in 1960 would not vote for Kennedy as he was RCC. I a would vote for a Jew, or a Baptist, or an agnostic, as I hope I can be bigger than that as I believe God is bigger than that.

Romney is a friend of all religion, is Hillery>
---MikeM on 1/28/08

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Romeny over Clinton...
According to some of you, Huckaphony should be in the thick of it if he was so great, but I guess not... now start complaining about how satan has his hands in the election... you sound like the liberals.... I dare you to vote for Clinton over your pride will cost you in the long run.. watch...
---jm on 1/28/08

Amen Observer!!! Just say NO!!! The sin of one thinking he can become like God or as God is exactly the reason that Lucifer/Satan was thrown out of heaven. This sin was the 1st sin ever committed. Do we want a man in the White House who thinks he can become a God? NO!!!! Just as God did not want Lucifer to sit in those high places anymore after he aspired to become like God, a Mormon should not sit in the high places (the White House) all the while himself aspiring to become a God.
---Holly4jc on 1/28/08

Amen Pastor Herb...I totally agree!!! I know I don't want to stand before God and explain why I voted for a cult member, someone who worships a different God than I do. Jesus said if you're not for me, you're against me.
---Holly4jc on 1/28/08

What's interesting Holly is that the scripture your quote about God looking at the heart is one that teaches us that we shouldn't pre-judge (be prejudice), because God is the only one that can look on the heart. I'm not saying that Romney's heart is any better than someone elses and I do believe we must make some choice in electing officials (hopefully a wise one that is not dictated by prejudice whether it be against Baptists, Mormons or others).
---sophia on 1/28/08

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To the person who said that even though Romney may not be a christian, he lives like one. What does that mean? That reminds of what my mom used to say, with the exception her statement made sense! If you put a canary with a flock of crows that canary will end up sounding the crows. Well, I always (in my sarcastic way) used to want to say, the canary is still a canary! Just because Romney may act like a christian, HE IS NOT!
---Denise on 1/27/08

If it wasn't so sad, that would have been funny, becca.
It takes one to actually know one and that could not have been further from the truth. That would be a textbook definition but not reality.
---Gail on 1/27/08

The essential question is this:

---Observer on 1/26/08

As a Christian I could vote for neither of them. Neither are in the will of God. One day I will have to give account to God for how I voted.
---Pastor_Herb on 1/26/08

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Who is my neighbor? Why did Christ use the example of a Samaritan? Was it to help break down our false religious and racial pride? Jews considered themselves God's chosen people. The Samaritan was not considered to be part of this group, just as Mormons are sometimes excluded by some prideful Christians. But who was the good neighbor? Who did Christ hold up as an example? What was He trying to teach us about how we act and think about others? Was it to stop looking on a label and be less judgmental?
---Opal on 1/25/08

Mormons are good moral people. They don't smoke, drink, gamble, etc. They encourage their members to be self sufficient, to help in their communtities and obey the law. Even if you believe that Mitt Romney isn't a Christian - you can't deny that he lives like one! It's insane that so many are so bigoted that you would vote for a liberal or even worse -not vote at all if he is the nominee. I'd say you would be cutting your nose off to spite your face! VERY FOOLISH.
---becca on 1/25/08

As a Christian I would not Vote for Mitt Romney.
---val on 1/23/08

AMEN VAL!!!! Neither would I. No matter how good his outward appearance looks. God looks at the heart (not the outward appearance)...whose heart is Mitt's after? Not the God I worship and serve.
---Holly4jc on 1/25/08

I'm not sure what "cult" labeling has to do with the question unless someone wants to make the say they will not vote for someone because of their religion, but doesn't want to sound like a bigot. I would vote for the best perons, no matter if they were Jew, Catholic, Baptist, Athiest, SDA, Mormon or whatever. To me character and principles are what matter. It would be nice if someone saying they were a Christian meant something, but hey Bill Clinton was a christian and see what we got.
---sophia on 1/24/08

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I would like to vote for a true social and economic conservative. Those candidates seem to be losing out (i.e. Tancredo, Fred Thompson). Romney may be the most conservative one left (if you believe his present position). Guliani still supports abortion rights and McCain is not conservative at all. Huckabee is much like Romney. He talks conservative now, but as a governor was even more liberal than Romney.
---sophia on 1/24/08

actually MikeM in real life I advidly contend for the faith and rarely argue. I find it very easy to express the love of Christ one on one. But in fighting the deception of the cults-- words are feeble things manipulated by sentences and not the heart
be blessed and glad to see you are seeking truth
---Andrea on 1/24/08

paul-I have heard it all before. Any belief not fundamentalist is a 'cult.' As to revelations, 'adding or taking away' it refers only to that book. Several places in the oT it says the same thing, yet historically more books were added, the Bible quotes a dozen other books, as scripture. I would delve more into this, but history has informed me the fundamentalist will bail, rendering credibility to such claims like all others being a 'cult' a non-issue.
---MikeM on 1/24/08

MikeM - yes some people are very harsh in their expression of disagreement, and at times lack Christ like love, but it doesn't detract from the truth that Mormonism is a cult, not Christian. Revelation says that the Word of God is complete as is, and no one is to add to it (ie Book of Mormon) or take away from it (like so many including the Jehovah Witnesses do). It says the Bible is not of private interpretation but must be illuminated to each of us by the Holy Ghost who inspired it.
---Paul on 1/23/08

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As a Christian I would not Vote for Mitt Romney.
---val on 1/23/08

Janet, I am speaking of the Southern Baptist statement of beliefs not scripture. Apparently the SBC are the ones that did not read the scripture. Is her husband now her god? What if she doesnt have a father, husband or brother to be her god? To whom does she submit? I just served my country for over a year in Saudi Arabia and the SBCs opinion about women strongly mirrors those of fundamentalist Muslims.
---randy on 1/23/08

Gone pretty far afield here, huh? I'ld take Romney over Hillary in a heart beat. Its not just that I oppose her liberal policies, but she is the opposite of what I want my own daughter to use as an example. I want her to be a strong woman (not the kind that puts up with a husband's serial infidelity and then uses him to get her political power). Beyond that, I'ld do most anything legal to keep Bill out of the White House beds and closets.
---sophia on 1/22/08

What is Andreanism? This curious religion is against, viciously hostle, intolerant of all religions, beliefs but Andreanism.

I see goodness in the RCC

I see humlity faithfulnessin the SDA.

I see love of God in the Jewish rituals.
In most reigions, through I disaree with them, there is some goodness to be found.

It seems Andrianism is foundationaly misogynistic, but all else in this unique religion seems a haze.
---MikeM on 1/22/08

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Tammy - it makes perfect sense. When ever you ask the LDS a question they don't want to explain they change the question. Often a denial of context is just their way of saying your not mormon so you don't believe in the Book of Mormon. True.

I went to the ward in Pitman NJ - but I was a lousy mormon - I had too many questions
---Andrea on 1/22/08

The Bible verse that you are quoting about wives submitting to their husbands is only understood if the reader reads the whole passage. It says further, men love your wives as Christ loves The Church. In that context it is truly beautiful and most acceptable.
---janet on 1/21/08

I am praying it doesn't come down to this, but I would have to vote for Romney and his conservative views, as I will not vote for and support liberal, proabortion views.
---rraea8898 on 1/12/08

If it is taken out of context, then that means it really is in the context! by Holly

Please tell me how anyone can make any sense of this statement!?! (I'll bet Andrea can).
Andrea - you always say you are a former Mormon yet you apparently never went to a Mormon church. "Mormons love to be persecuted" is truly ridiculous. Try and "persecute" me with some honesty for once and I'll let you know if I love it...
---Tammy on 1/11/08

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And Tammy...I did not say a thing about "God from Kolob" did.
---Holly4jc on 1/11/08

Hollytic's anti-LDS rant is typical of fundamentalist, long on rhetoric short on substance. Religious myopia is the result of fear and apprehension of others beliefs. Those most vigorous in attacking others do so as they are personally threatened by the convictions of others, being unconfident in their own belief system. As for me I do not fear RCC, SDA, Protestantism or any other belief. I concern myself with all forms of fundamentalism as they are a threat to freedom.
---MikeM on 1/11/08


Thank you. I agree. Laws will be moderated and enacted by the morals and mores of the times. As soon as we as voters start using a religious test on whom we vote for, voting for them because we believe that they believe as we believe, we are crawling up a very slippery slope. It can and has led to wars founded on the righteous of one's beliefs, and supported by the idea that non-believers are somehow less than others, and their deaths, non-combatant deaths, or their children, is not wrong.
---matthew on 1/11/08

As a former fundamentalist I will tell you fundamentlist love persecuting others under the guise that all others are 'cults' They think it is bc more holy thn anyone else, by being intolerant. The fact is throughout the 1800's fundamentalist did persecute Mormons, driving them from state to state. This is historical fact. The testonmony for Christ in the fullness of the gospel is solidly sealed in blood.
---MikeM on 1/11/08

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Please don't start talking about "your God from Kolob" because that is completey false - taken out of context... As for the fact that we acknowledge that there are other gods, the Bible does too. (by Tammy)

If it is taken out of context, then that means it really is in the context! And yes, the Bible does speak of other gods, and it says they are all false and demonic gods, NOT the ONE and ONLY true God...the Mormons gods are those in the false category.
---Holly4jc on 1/11/08

As a former mormon I will tell you mormons love being persecuted. they think it is bc they are more holy then Christians. They made a big deal out of it and so do all the cults. To be persecuted for Christ is much different then to be persecuted bc your lying or spreading a false gospel
---Andrea on 1/11/08

. Hollytic-Correction,-Founding Fathers were deist, Freemasons, and mostly Unitarians(rejecting Roman Trinity) Through fully immersed into the judeo-Christian, their writings against organized religion, especially government were fierce.

We are voting for president of a secular government, not a religious theocracy. The constitution says No religious test shall be required for public office." No law means no law!
---MikeM on 1/11/08

Holly - you are on the anti Mormon bandwagon with the statement of which God Mitt answers to. Please don't start talking about "your God from Kolob" because that is completey false - taken out of context and if you bothered to research for yourself you would know that. As for the fact that we acknowledge that there are other gods, the Bible does too. I could give you lots of scriptures but you don't really want the truth - it wouldn't be as interesting.
---Tammy on 1/10/08

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Holly - the second part of my post didn't make the cut. Mormons believe that ALL of us existed as spirits, the offspring of God the Father. A Heavenly Mother would seem likely but since you like "proof" I'll admit I have none - I believe that was the intent of God. Since Lucifer was once in heaven, he too was once our brother. He was cast out and became Satan - the Adversary and complete contrast to Christ.
---Tammy on 1/10/08

Tammy - One of the tactics of mormons is "when they do not want to answer a question" they change the question, which is what you did Tammy.
They have made a religion out of the art of lying. If you believe that nonsense then say it!!
Mormons believe Satan and Jesus are spirit brothers and the LDS church lied about it when Huckabee answered someone's question about the mormon doctrines.
---Andrea on 1/10/08


Mormons believe that all of us are literal offspring of God the Father. How else is he our Father? As far as a Heavenly Mother - it would seem likely. Mormons believe in a divine plan which was set forth for us by Jesus Christ. I'm sorry that so many "Christians" find it offensive, it shouldn't be. My point is that the whole Jesus/Satan thing is designed to imply that we put them on the same level and we do not. I didn't appreciate Huckabees intent.
---Tammy on 1/10/08

All of the people running for the office of president of the U.S. (a corporation)(not USA by the way) are being led by Satan, except Ron Paul. And he will not make it because the truth he talks about is not what a world of darkness wants.
---Dr._Rich on 1/10/08

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Let's be honest, shall we.
MikeM. is not a mormon.
It's true, he is not Jimmy Hoffa or Elvis.
---Mike on 1/10/08

Sorry, I missed typed it is supposed to be Randy not Rancy.
Mikes denomination tells women to submit graciously to their husbands. They did not allow for exceptions. So is she supposed to submit to his beatings? A president who adheres to this belief as a tenant of his faith scares me and I am not even a woman. If Mike is going to play the religion card he better distance himself from a denomination that has so often and so egregiously been wrong just like Mitt's.
---randy on 1/10/08

1) Do Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers? The question is designed to incite a question as to whether the LDS hold the two on the same level and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. by TAMMY

Tammy...the Mormons DO believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers, both born of the same "God" and one of his many wives...they are both God's "spirit" children. Trying to avoid the question by changing the emphasis as to whether or not they are held in the same regard ...
---Holly4jc on 1/10/08

2) ...(on the same level as you say) by Mormons is side-stepping answering the question. Two can still be brothers yet be held on different levels of respect and authority by people. Answer the question...the Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers conceived of the same "God" and one of his wives...correct? Forget their levels. That was not the question.
---Holly4jc on 1/10/08

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I personally am a Roman Catholic, but I have known a lot of Southern Baptists and feel compelled to speak out in defense of them. If you were to grab the names of 20 different SB pastors at random over the last 100 years, you might think they belonged to 20 different denominations. But the SB's that come from the Charles Stanley/Adrian Rogers branch of the SB's are among the best Christians I have ever known.
---Greyrider on 1/10/08

Do you ever ask yourselves why people think evangelicals are nutjobs? It's because you all seem so self righteous - you don't have all the answers so why attack another?
---Val on 1/9/08

You are absolutely right Rancy. Many Evangelicals blindly believe what they are told by their clergy and do what they are told -the very thing that they accuse the Mormons of. Difference? You will never hear talk of politics within a Mormon chapel, it is simply not going to happen. Mormons are encouraged to do their own research and make their own decisions. A church has no business telling anyone who to vote for.
---Tammy on 1/9/08

Do Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers? The question is designed to incite a question as to whether the LDS hold the two on the same level and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. (cont)
---Tammy on 1/9/08

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Rancy...I might not agree with all of Huckabee's Southern Baptist beliefs, since I am not a S. Baptist, but at least I do know that when Huckabee prays, he is praying to the SAME God as I am, whereas Mitt is NOT praying to the same God as I am, the one of the Holy Scriptures. If Huckabee is seeking the one true God, then God is more than able to give him guidance and correction if needed and to guide his steps. Who's gonna guide Mitt?
---Holly4jc on 1/9/08

And Sande....who told you that God has already chosen Obama? Just curious.
---Holly4jc on 1/9/08

Hillary claims to have 8 years experience in the white house....well so does the pastry chef. She has run nothing.
---Andrea on 1/9/08

Mitts religion plays an important role but people dont question Mikes religion Southern Baptist. It was founded on the inerrant scriptural fact that slavery was acceptable to God. It only took them until 1995 to apologize. The Southern Baptists were against the womans vote, integration, the Civil Rights act, and any other cause that was termed liberal at the time. Mikes denominations theology has been flawed in the past as is Mitts. Could it still be flawed?
---rancy on 1/9/08

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The candidates are good people and mean well but God Blessed Be His Name, has already chosen Obama to be our next President. God sees what is going on in America and the world and He has done things according to His Will and purpose.
---Sande on 1/9/08

Huckabee for President!!!!!!!!!!
---Andrea on 1/8/08

If these are the two running - we are in grave trouble

best liar wins
---Andrea on 1/8/08

Ktis .. I see what you mean about a consumption tax instead of income tax
Innthe UK we have both!
Income tax is used as a redistributive tax, so the high earners pay proportionately more, and the very lowest earners pay no income tax at all
---alan_of_UK on 1/8/08

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I "heart" Huckabee....because

"As I've told people, being a governor is a temporary assignment, being a believer is an eternal assignment. I'm not going to check-out or clock-out or find a termination to my faith. It's something that 100 years from now is still going to be alive and well. Because of that, I think it's easier in many ways to be a believer and to be in public office."
---Cindy on 1/8/08

I "heart" Huckabee...


"I have some real, deep, core convictions that drive me. I'm also cognizant that my life is going to be judged not by editorial writers, not by legislators, not by critics and people that write letters to the editor and talk on talk radio, but by the Creator of the Universe who knows me best and still loves me most."

Go Huckabee.
---Cindy on 1/8/08

Read 2 Chronicles 7:14....CNBC-bad stock mkts,signs point to 1970's,we're in re- cession,heavy debt borrowing on their homes,bought beyond their means,NOT fixed rates but ARM's adjusting 2008. 2,000,000 homes will foreclose 2008.They can't do 30 yr.fixed mortgages,their credit rating tanked.Other countries own their mortgages sold often during low cost financing when this started.We OWE other countries,our enemies,millions of dollars that they could call due any time. We use to lend them!
---Dee on 1/8/08

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