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Talking To The Devil

Is it a sin to talk to yourself?,I've heard people say that when you talk to yourself your talking to the devil is this true?

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 ---judy on 12/21/07
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Francis. The Republicans are not the devil. They are wrong and not doing right. But the Devil is Satan and not a human being.

As Christians we can pick a side. But we are not to use the tools of the devil to spread hate. We are to spread love even to those we disagree with. Hate and insults are used by those who are not living in love.
---Samuelbb7 on 1/15/20

---unknown on 1/13/20

Part2 1Sam.28:3,6,7. 1Chr.10:13 2Chr.33:6 Is.2:6, Is.8:19Acts.16:18,19. Gal.5:19-21 Rev.21:8 Rev.22:15.

1Cor.10:9 1Cor.8:5,6
1Cor.10:14 wherefore,my dearly beloved,flee from idolatry.

Love of Jesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 8/20/13

The only time you are talking to the devil is what you are talking to any republican

They claim to be oppsed to same gender unions, yet in thier own house thier daughters are marrying other women
Their congressmen are in public restrooms doing...EEK.. I do not even want to think about it

The get good funding from log cabin republicans

They are war mongers, they even shoot their friends in the face, well maybe in the other face. cause with one face they oppose something, with the other face the smile at it
---francis on 8/20/13

Well I can tell you that we have to be constantly in prayer at all times. I had noticed my neighbor out late at night doing " strange things by my kitchern window" Ask God what's going on? I sang "No weapon against me,shall prosper!" few nites,ago, "In prayer her voice in my ear said " I do not like her, I am afraid of her!"... notice she act strange , the idol on her door let me know she NOT believe in Jesus Christ...NOT the same Jesus, He NOT into incantations,etc..1Tim4:1 Jam2:19 Ex.22:18 Lev.19:31Lev.20:6/20:27 Deu.18:10-12 1Sam15:23, my vs. See part2 Thankyou
---Lidia4796 on 8/20/13

jed, I almost shouted when I read your post. while some may not talk to him, he gets his message across loud and clear.
---shira4368 on 4/29/13

No, you are not talking to the devil when you talk to yourself unless your name is Barack Obama.
---Jed on 4/27/13

its not a sin to pray the god i serve is way better than you devil
---pherone on 4/27/13

Q: I've heard people say that when you talk to yourself your talking to the devil is this true?
A: The statement originally comes from atheists who speak against Christians that pray to God.
Q: Is it a sin to talk to yourself?
A: Rephrase the question. Is it a sin to pray to God?

From the Biblical perspective, Christians are supposed to talk to the devil. In Matthew 4 Jesus did. And talk to mountains, trees, storms, etc.

Controlling the tongue is essential to controlling ones thoughts and actions.
James 3:2-4 he likened it to the pilot of a boat using the wheel to move the rudder. Or a rider using the reins to turn the horse.
1Cor10:4-5, the Christian is talking to their thoughts.
---jan4378 on 12/6/12

is the devil real
---callie_keener on 12/5/12

I have talked to the devil, you cannot trick the trickster as he will win every time.
---Nangman on 12/9/11

Some are being taught to talk back to the devil. It's okay because, you had better believe that the devil is talking to you....However, I don't do much of that. Instead, God keeps me preaching out-loud just about everyday through-out the day. And I stay in prayer. I also exercise my mind through-out the day. Whenever, Satan starts his junk with me, I kick it right out of my mind by God's power. Satan does not bother me a whole lot anymore in that area, but, believe me I must stay alert and on top of this....Let me tell you a thing or two, you Christian, you do whatever works in order to defeat Satan, our number one enemy....Whaever floats your boat. Yes!
---catherine on 10/4/10

Its a bad habit because prayer is sacred, not talking to myself brought me closer to God.
---terios on 10/3/10

The devil does talk to people through their minds.

The devil believes in One God & trembles, & he has people believing in a 2 - 3 god & or persons in a god - head conception beginning with the rcc trin - rlig - org & her daughters churches later that they All came from here 2nd.Cor.4 v 4 & 11 v's 14 - 15.
If it were possible, the devil would be saved first ( because he believes in One God & trembles ), before his followers of the Man - made trin - rcc & her daughters churches, But, since he Is a deceiver & telling people there's
2 - 3 gods & or persons in a g-head idea, it will Not happen.
---Lawrence on 7/1/10

NO! It's not true, because most do not believe that there is a devil. We may talk back to the devil. Believe me, when I say, that Satan is talking to you, and when he does, pray about it, right then and there, Outloud if you want to, it's okey. Satan is a trouble-maker! All over this world he is destroying lives and going undetected WHILE DOING IT.. To know that there is a devil you must first know and understand that there is a God. That there is a heaven, and that there is a hell. Hope everyone on here has a pleasant week.+
---catherine on 3/8/10

52 years ago I played football at the University of Missouri and one of my teammates was named Richard Isaac. One day while we were playing I kept hearing voices, after some investigation I discovered it was Richard talking to himself. Richard Wade 185 pounds yet he was very successful in pushing around 220 pound players.
And here's what Richard was saying," Come on now Richard you can get him"," you're tougher than he is stay with him Richard","Come on Richard you can do it".
---mima on 3/3/10

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The devil can just about all that God can do,
But, he canNot read your mind. He prob can read your actions & emotions.
If he could read a persons minds, we'd really be in bad shape.
---Lawrence on 3/3/10

I don't believe the devil can hear everything you say, either. He is not omnicient nor omnipresent like God. If you are a Christian you needn't fear him. YOU are indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
---Donna66 on 1/30/10

The only truth in that notion is that the Devil can hear you. Talking to yourself is normal. Spending time reviewing your old interactions with people repetitively usually stems from pride and it is amazing how many people get stuck in this type of activity from time to time. It is definitely a dead work and waist of time. However, thinking through something out loud (talking to yourself), is normal. You are simply putting a voice to your thoughts and hopefully you don't do it around other people much:). They may think you are talking to them or are crazy:) It is good to pray out loud too. Anyway, regarding the question, if ya don't want the devil to know something, don't say it out loud. He cannot know your heart or thoughts. Only God can.
---jody on 1/30/10

Not at all: "Then I consulted with myself" Nehemiah 5:7.
---Eloy on 1/30/10

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God tells us to talk to him always and pray. God hears our every word. When you are talking to yourself, you may be talking to God. If you are worried about it, try saying outloud, " this conversation is directed to you God" or " God hear me" that way you are sure who you are talking to.
---emily on 1/29/10

I just want to say that sometimes I talk to my self and I don't believe im talking to the devil. If you can show me where that says it in God's word, I might believe you then but for now I believe that's a load of croc. I know alot of really stable christian people who talk and mumble to themselves and I don't think they are talking to satan. I mean, what is wrong with people today, that they go around professing to be christians or "good & decent people but then they demoralize others. Do you honestly think God made YOU a judge now? Cmmon, Gimmie a break. We should be loving everyone as Christ first loved us and treating people the way He wants us to. Christ is and always should be our example.
---MELISSA_MASON on 1/29/10

As to the questions:
//Is it a sin to talk to yourself?//

//I've heard people say that when you talk to yourself your talking to the devil,is this true?//
Only if you're the devil.
---char on 1/28/10

what are you doing
---frank on 12/1/09

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LOL! If it was sin to talk to yourself, what are single people supposed to do? :D I talk to God and often talk aloud (I'm almost deaf and need to hear something lol!) I know God hears me and understands. :)
---Mary on 2/9/08

It isn't a sin to talk to yourself, crazy but not a sin. If you find yourself answering yourself, that is when you need to worry and get check out. But as far as talking to the devil, Why would anyone in their right mind want to?
---Rebecca_D on 2/9/08

Why are the mentally ill so attracted to religion, compulsively so?
---Marysville on 1/31/08

See here. People do not know very much. I talk outloud a lot. God tells me that it helps me to keep things in proper perspective. God's ways are not like ours. Stop looking or listening to people. Get your eyes and ears on and tuned into Jesus Christ. Why does true believers care what others thinks when others are headed straight for HELL.
---catherine on 1/10/08

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LOL! MikeM, you're a hoot!
---Nancy on 1/3/08

I used to have to talk to the Devil, but that all stopped recently, at least since I got a restraining order, now my ex-wife doseen't call bother or call me anymore.
---MikeM on 12/28/07

John, I agree and you said what I meant better than I did.
---Frank on 12/27/07

I have talked to the devil a number of times when he comes and tries to oppreses me i rebuke him in jesus name and if that don't work i say ok Lord you have got to do something and the devil oppressing me leaves
---Betty on 12/27/07

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Oh good grief, people have to much time on their hands. Satan is one, not many. He can't be all places at once. If he had time to listen to all of us talk to ourselves (or him) there wouldn't be any time to steal, kill and destroy, now would there. Tell these people it's a sin to comb their hair, and see how many show up to church with bed head. Probably one at the very least...
---kady on 12/27/07

lots of people talk to themselves when there frustrated or lonely sometimes.
did you know that you could even be talking to god. that's true. To talk to the devil you have to do it deliberately. to talk to your self is just thinking out loud its not a sin
---corri on 12/26/07

Most people occasionally talk to themselves when they are alone. I do not believe that Satan can read our thoughts so in that since, when you talk to yourself, Satan can hear your thoughts and so can God. However, this sounds like a myth or wives tale which the Bible warns us to pay no attention to. Sorting through your thoughts out loud is by no means a sin in and of itself and is normal to engage in sometimes when you are by yourself.:)
---jody on 12/26/07

You can talk to the devil...Jesus did when he was tempted. He quoted scriptures and the devil was defenseless!
---speedy on 12/25/07

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Talking to yourself is normal. If you reply to yourself, then you have problems :))
---Caring on 12/25/07

If you feel that when youre talking (and no one else is around) that youre talking to God, then NO youre not talking to the devil.

There is no such thing as talking to self if you are part of the Body of Christ? Youre ether talking to God or the world. James 4:3-5 helps us to understand and realize that we should only be asking and speaking to the Lord.
---Shawn.M.T on 12/24/07

If you feel that when youre talking (and no one else is around) that youre talking to God, then NO youre not talking to the devil.

There is no such thing as talking to self if you are part of the Body of Christ? Youre ether talking to God or the world. James 4:3-5 helps us to understand and realize that we should only be asking and speaking to the Lord.
---Shawn.M.T on 12/24/07

If you don't show God that you love Him by keeping all of the ten commandments, then God can't be your God can He? He does not shack up. So, even IF you think you are a nice person, but fail to prove it to God, then even your prayers would not be to the truthful God, but to the evil spirit. Just as people thought the spirit that came on the day of Pentecost was the Holy Spirit and were fooled, as was Paul, so can people who call themselves 'Christian'. This is serious stuff!
---Dr._Rich on 12/24/07

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Lonely people speak to themselves, no crime as long as ya'll don't answer yourself LOL.

No your not talking to devil you don't need to do that he's always making suggestions to you it's whether you listen and respond, thats evil. Speaking to yourself generally has nothing demonic attached to it although under stress/drugs/depression/illness/ medication is different.
---Carla5754 on 12/23/07

i think the saying may be refering to the fact that devils and angels cant read your mind so they only know what say outloud. if you read Gensis you see God talks to Himself and we are made in His image. its only natural. if we dont talk to ourselves outloud there is always an internal voice.
---Kraus on 12/22/07

I would take that comment personally if I were you. That sounds like someone is calling you the devil.
---nina on 12/22/07

Shirley, you scare me, seriously!
---Amy on 12/22/07

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Frank. Thanks. I know what you mean. But saying "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus" is talking to him isn't it? I don't think Jesus was givinh place to the devil when he spoke to him several times in the wilderness. It's not that we are just having casual conversation with him. I believe we have every right to tell him to get lost and quote him some Scripture.
---john on 12/21/07

No, you are not speaking with the devil unless you consider yourself to be demon possessed.
---Michelle on 12/21/07

I think that's more of an urban legend or "old wives tale" than truth.
I can remember my grandmother saying something similar a long time ago.
However, she talked to herself constantly.
I need to do this, don't forget to add the baking soda that, where are the keys to the house, seniors are not the only ones that talk to themselves.
She also looked at herself in the mirror and talked to herself, that hair is a fright, that lipstick is too bright, my earrings don't match.
---Michelle on 12/21/07

Respectfully, the word says not to "give place" unto the devil and that we cannot be a partaker of the Lord's table and that of devils.
Many get lifted up and rail out against the devil.
That is foolish as without Christ the devil could tear them apart.
They better just be thankful that the Lord is merciful of their ignorance and just limit their words to "I rebuke you in Jesus name."
---Frank on 12/21/07

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There is no Scripture to tell us it is a sin to talk to ourselves or the devil. To say that when you talk to yourself you are talking to the devil is just someones silly opinion.
---john on 12/21/07

My,where do folks get some of the wierd things they say? I can't imagine any church leader saying something like that and I don't find it in the bible.Once in a while I will say aloud now where did I put whatever? Now I'm certainly not talking to the devil.When I talk to the devil I say I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus or get thee behind me Satan.Once when I was really angry with Satan for attacking my granddaughter I said I hate you satan and if you were human I would kill you.
---shirley on 12/21/07

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