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Prayer Request For Baby

Prayer request: My wife is 23 weeks pregnant, our baby boy is doing fine and the water is not broken yet. But the only thing holding the cervix together is a stitch. She is in the hospital now and will be until birth. My son could die if born too soon. Please pray with us.

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 ---j._nonymous on 12/21/07
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Glory to God what good news, a new baby. God is so very good and loving to keep that baby safe until the time for his appearence.
---Darlene_1 on 4/9/08

Thank you, God our Father. Prayers were answered.
---frances008 on 4/9/08

Jnonymous::Congratulations May peace reign in your hearts and Home with the Birth of Your son.Alleluia.
---Emcee on 4/9/08

HURRAY! A new baby boy! My heart is singing and I'm so happy for you and your wife and your beautiful new son! God bless.
---sue on 4/9/08

It's a boy! On the Sunday evening of April 6th, 2008, my wife gave birth to an 8 pound 5 ounce, beautiful baby boy! Thank you all for your prayers! God bless you all! Needless to say, I won't be blogging for a while! Peace be with you!
---j._nonymous on 4/9/08

God Bless your family and the baby to be! Jesus bless you and your family and keep your shirt in tact as she's pushing and grabbing at you for support. hehe. Good luck!! ,D
---Nicola on 4/4/08

38 weeks and still in there! My wife is 3 centimeters dialated and has had contractions more frequently. He could be here any minute!
---j._nonymous on 4/3/08

May God send his celestial beings to protect all of you, and I come against any evil plans of the devil, in Jesus's Name.
---frances008 on 3/28/08

Prayer can work miracles! God bless you and your wife and your baby! You must be so excited. Actually, so am I. I cant wait to get the news!
---Sue on 3/28/08

TRUST God to do whatever you ask of him I did and he held my baby unknowingly to me after a serious accident which caused me to have Cesareans, I was threatening misscarrige all the way through and gave birth at 37+ 1 day to a perfect baby girl. The Consultant disclosed how he could see my baby in the womb without interception. "There is nothing that JESUS cannot do" JUST TRUST IN HIM and Don't Worry.
---Carla5754 on 3/28/08

May God be with you, your wife and child, the doctors and nurses, and all who work in the hospital.
---frances008 on 3/28/08

I am so looking forward to hearing the news that this little one has been safely delivered.
---RitaH on 3/28/08

Jnonymous:: Congratulations Intercessory Prayer is worth its weight in Gold God bless You Your wife and Baby son.
---Emcee on 3/27/08

37 weeks today. Thank-you for your prayers! I started this blog when she was 23 weeks pregnant and we were close to losing him. Thank-you so much again. This really is a miricle! I'll let you know when he arrives. Hopefully this week as he is probably nearing 8 pounds (don't want my wife to go through too much trouble pushing him out). Be blessed everyone!
---j._nonymous on 3/27/08

36 weeks today!
---j._nonymous on 3/20/08

35 weeks today! Almost here!
---j._nonymous on 3/13/08

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Tommorrow will be 34 weeks everybody! And after 11 weeks my wife will get off of bedrest tomorrow! The baby boy is almost here!
---j._nonymous on 3/5/08

Thank you, Lord God, for preserving the baby and building up (his)(her) body. We hope and pray that you will continue to keep the baby fine for the next week and the week after that. In Jesus name I pray. ...Amen.
---frances008 on 2/29/08

Such good news! By the grace of God you both will have a beautiful son very, very soon!

Dear God, in Jesus name, please protect this mom and baby. Please let this whole family have long, healthy, happy lives. amen
---sue on 2/29/08

That sure was a wonderful blessing from catherine
to you j. nonymous, and to all unborn, and to all
woman with child.
I too say, Thank you, catherine! That was beautiful!
Wait, reading more..., there is just so much sweet
love poured on here! Thank you all men and women
of sweet and noble hearts, I am moved.
---Nana on 2/29/08

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My wife is 33 weeks pregnant today and the baby is weighing in at 5 1/2 pounds! I'm thinking of naming him Mammoth or Buffalo! Just kidding. Anyway, I really treasure everyone's prayers. You guys are a blessing. That was a wonderful prayer Catherine. Thank-you!
---j._nonymous on 2/28/08

My heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, unborn children are always in your care please look after mother and child. In Jesus name AMEN.
---catherine on 2/22/08

I just want to say, may the love of Christ abide in all of you richly. Many of us have disagreements (and I know I often ruffle feathers here) but I really do believe most of you, us, do it in love and with a real heart to understand such an incomprehensible God. Brothers and sisters bicker at times, but that doesn't change the fact that we're brothers and sisters. You have put aside the disagreements to pray for my family as one... I am ever grateful. I can't wait to give you the news when he's born!
---j._nonymous on 2/21/08

32 weeks and counting... the prayers of the righteous availeth much!
---j._nonymous on 2/21/08

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31 weeks and counting... looking very good!
---j._nonymous on 2/14/08

Just an update guys: my wife came home from the hospital yesterday. My son is calculated at 3 pounds 14 ounces at 30 weeks old. My wife will be on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy in our home. I will be taking care of her, working a full-time job, taking care of my 2 daughters, my dog, the house, etc. I am also trying to change job locations but stay in the same organization. I need to be closer to home. Also, my son's 3D pictures are beautiful! He is a handsome boy!
---j._nonymous on 2/8/08

Father in Heaven, please bless this mother, child and father. Your word says that it is Your will to heal us. We agree in asking You, Holy Creator to grant baby j nonamous a full term pregnancy and to bring him/her forth healthy. We ask You to bless the mother's entire body and spirit and grant her healing so she will also be healthy and safe now and after baby j nonamous is born. Thank you for Loving us and giving us Your Spirit. You are SO AWESOME, God! In Jesus' Name we ask and pray. So let it be.
---amy on 2/6/08

30 weeks and counting... Please keep praying!
---j._nonymous on 2/6/08

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29 weeks and counting... Please keep praying! And thank-you so much for doing so.
---j._nonymous on 1/31/08

If one loses their head over small matters.
Its no wonder what they will do when they are
confronted with the big matters of life.
In order to stand firm one needs more than
what intellect the world can provide.
You must be able to turn the other cheek.
One have to smile at the trials of life.
God gives his children this statue above
common actions and reactions of the spirit.
---Jack_8773 on 1/28/08

God be with you Brother, Love him more than life itself & tell him of the Lord everyday, Even now while he's yet in your wifes womb, Go give thanks for what God has given you... Father All the Power & Glory is yours & in the Name of your Son Jesus ALL things are possible, Show them the Power of his Name, In Jesus's Name I/We ask this of you, Amen...
---Duane_M on 1/25/08

I'm VERY happy to hear how well your wife and baby are doing! Keep updating us! May
the Lord bless you and keep you!
---truthseeker on 1/25/08

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My wife is 28 weeks pregnant today! The good news is that babies born this week, though premature, have an excellent prognosis because their lungs have reached an important point in development. There's still a lot of growing and maturing to do over the next 8 or 9 weeks. Please keep praying! I'd love you to rejoice with me as I rejoice as well! Thank God for what he's done and all He will do! Thank YOU for your prayers!
---j._nonymous on 1/24/08

That is AWESOME and I'm so happy the baby and your wife are doing so good! I'm very excited for you. And, your family is still in my prayers.
---sue on 1/19/08

A stitch in time saves nine or ninety lives.
---Mark on 1/18/08

Thanks Alicia! I try to update once a week. Usually every Thursday because that is when the week turns over to the next. Yesterday was 27 weeks. Next Thursday will be 28. Thank you for your prayers.
---j._nonymous on 1/18/08

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I will pray for your baby and your wife. You have not blogged in a few weeks I pray that everything is well for you and your wife. Many women carry a baby to full term with just a stitch to keep them safe. I pray that this will be the case for your baby too.
---Alicia on 1/17/08

My wife is 27 weeks pregnant today. They approximate my son weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces which is big for his age. I think he's in the top percentile as far as size. The doctors were thinking about sending my wife home but decided to keep her until at least 30 weeks, then reexamine. They did not expect her to go this far. Our chances for a completely healthy baby are best at about 34 to 35 weeks. 7 or 8 more weeks to go! Please keep praying.
---j._nonymous on 1/17/08

I pray for mother's wellbeing and that baby shall come forth in the fullness of God's time and with the protection of God's hand upon him for health and strength. I pray he shall be anoited by God from birth to be a beacon of God's love to all who see. That he will have a heart for God,the Word and delight in serving God all the days of his life. May he be a mighty empowered warrior in the Kingdom of God for the pulling down of strongholds and raising up an army of believers for God. God keep you all.
---Darlene_1 on 1/10/08

My wife is 26 weeks pregnant today and the baby is still healthy (and very active). Thank-you all so much for your prayers this far. We are praying to get to 30 weeks at least. Hopefully 34 to 40. Every prayer and every day is a blessing from God! The doctors may send her home between 30 and 34 weeks. She will need continued bed rest though. Thanks for the prayers of the faithful. Despite chinks on the armor we certainly are a mighty army in God's name! Thank you!
---j._nonymous on 1/10/08

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Jack_8773: I don't understand what YOU mean about being behind the times but, again, MY trust is in Jesus. I'm not asking for superspiritual anecdotes. I'm asking people to pray.
As far as you counseling families and helping people to stand firm: I SAY you are not helpful to me. I can do without your brand of "help". And maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself due to the sensitive nature of this blog. The rest of what you are stating is simply the obvious.
---j._nonymous on 1/7/08

Don't know about you ,but i pray for
more than just one thing.I don't pray
that God remove the mountain.Ipray that He help me to claim it. Babies already have a place in heaven no matter which way it go.My daughter died last year,
and my sisters child died at birth before
that.I know for a fact that one will need
more than talk in order to stand firm.
I counsel people on family matters.
You are far behine the times when you have eyes,but cannot see what is before you. [to inonymous]
---Jack_8773 on 1/6/08

I don't know about you ,but i pray for
more than just one thing.I don't pray
that God remove the mountain.Ipray that He help me to claim it.I said that babies already have a place in heaven no matter which way it go.My daughter died last year,
and my sisters child died at birth before
that.I know for a fact that one will need
more than talk in order to stand firm.
I counsel people on family matters.
You are far behine the times when you have eyes,but cannot see what is before you.
---Jack_8773 on 1/6/08

J.nonymous,I am praying with you and would really like an up-date on the baby.Don't stop believing for a miracle.
---tina8476 on 1/3/08

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Dear God, in your precious son's name, Jesus, please watch over this family and if it is your will God, let this baby grow inside his mother until it is safe to be born into this world. Wrap your loving, protective arms around this family God and we thank you.
---sue on 1/3/08

My wife is 25 weeks pregnant today and the baby is healthy (and very active). Thank-you all so much for your prayers this far. We are praying to get to 30 weeks at least. Hopefully 34 to 40. Every prayer and every day is a blessing from God!
---j._nonymous on 1/3/08

We will be in daily prayer for all 3 of you. May God bless you all and the new year be one of joyfulness.
(RUDE JACK....Just a fervent prayer from you is all that is asked. If you can't offer that, often its best to keep quiet).
---NV_Barbara on 12/29/07

God will be with you, keep your faith and pray everday, he will take care of you and your wife and baby if you keep him close.
---Terri on 12/29/07

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Be still and know that God is still in control, He ordained the birth of your child, and He will bring you and your wife thorough this. I am praying a hedge of protection over your child, and that God's ministering angels will keep him safe. Hold fast to God's word and speak scriptures over your wife and child. Blessing to you and your family
---dawnmarie on 12/28/07

My wife is 24 weeks and the pregnacy has been maintained so far. Thank-you all for your heart-felt prayers. I'll keep you posted!
---j._nonymous on 12/28/07

Jack_8773: Timing is everything. It is insensitive for you to talk like this at a time like this. You are stating the obvious and it is not appreciated.
For the record, my wife and I have been through this with a daughter before and she died. Needless to say, this is a scary time for us. I made a prayer request for my family and I. You turned it into questioning my salvation. My trust is in Jesus. I'm not asking for superspiritual anecdotes. I'm asking people to pray.
---j._nonymous on 12/26/07

We will be praying for the entire family during this crisis. Just remember that in every situation God is always in control.
---daniel_and_shirley on 12/25/07

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Instead,pray that God will prepare your spirit for the outcome.It may or maynot be
that this child will come to you.But it
matters not if the baby shall die.IT already
have a reserved palce in heaven.Pray rather
for yourself that you will be one of those
that will be gathered there.
---Jack_8773 on 12/24/07

I pray in the precious name of Jesus that all goes well and you have a healthy baby.Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.
---shirley on 12/24/07

Of course.

But it may reassure you to know that stitching the cervix (along with bed rest) is a technique that has been in use for ages, with good effect.

God bless you and your family.
---Nancy on 12/23/07

I said a prayer that God would be with you two at this time and comfort and reassure you that its going to be ok ,he is in control of the situation.God bless you and your family.
---judy on 12/23/07

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jn, my prayers and thoughts are with your wife and you as you go through this storm of life. I pray for you both as well as your little baby boy for Peace and comfort in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God is with you, and He will carry you through this, my friend. Just rest in HIS word. The light of HIS Holy word. God bless, jn.
---Cynthia on 12/22/07

j._nonymous, the procedure you describe is far from new and is usually very successful. I will certainly pray for you, your wife and your unborn baby boy. Please don't worry unduly and let us know when he arrives. Have a wonderful Christmas as you prepare for your bundle of joy which must be due around Easter time I guess.
---RitaH on 12/21/07

I will pray for your situation, jessica.
---anonymous on 12/21/07

My heart goes out to you, your wife, and your precious son. I will pray for you all.If it is any consolation, when I was expecting my youngest, the first ultrasound showed a heart defect. In addition, almost every time I went in for a checkup, they put me on a monitor, because my son's heart rate was erratic. Toward the end of the pregnancy, when they were performing another ultrasound, the heart defect had disappeared. There is nothing beyond the hand of the Lord. My love to you all.
---truthseeker on 12/21/07

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