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Christmas Put Me In Debt

Now that Christmas is over I am DEEP in debt. How do I pay off all of these bills that were required of me to show love during this season?

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 ---Susan on 12/25/07
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Susan. You put yourself into this debt pot. Now you have to figure how to get out of it. Christmas is not a time to go into debt and then regret it later. You totally missed the message of Christmas. We have many ways to show our love to others without going into deep debt. You need to learn how to do this. Otherwise you will continue to suffer from lack of knowledge.You need to learn how to manage money also.
---Robyn on 2/13/08

Bless your heart!!! Many churches ofer financial to get out of debt. We have each year set a limit on what we will spend on kids..... and went over. after 13 years...this is the frist year we stayed with it. 1 gift to each kids...and it value the same. Family and friends - 1 gift-lesser vale. and how wonderful not to be in debt. My family and I had the most wonderful time -even thou there was only 1 gift each. And they are learning from us.
---Linda3939 on 2/12/08

Bill bila, Elder are the only ones with true compassion here and may God bless the rest of you with a watchful eye on yourselves never mind others, the heavy handness you give out is the same you'll reap in times of trouble, God will see you through susan and thats life you spent to make someone else happy not for spite but out of LOve for Christ and he'll help you as he did all the others that thought it fit to critisise FORGETTING their own FAULTS and how God saw them through (WISDOM)!
---Carla5754 on 1/4/08

I can really sympathize with your plight. I, like many, am also experiencing financial difficulty. My situation because of the housing market. I have subsidized my income by doing mystery shopping, completing surveys online and, doing freebies through a couple of forums. All of these can be done around your schedule. After you get back on your feet, 'don't be entangled again in the yoke of bondage', Gal 5:1. I hope this was helpful.
---Marsha on 1/3/08

Susan. Satan has surely got ahold of you in two ways - one, by being in debt in the first place and, two, by worrying over your debt. You are weak when using money. Ask the Lord to give you strength.

And the next time Satan asks you to buy something just say, "Get thee behind me, Satan."
---Steveng on 1/3/08

You should give as you are able. Giving does not have to require loads of money. If you do not have the money, do not spend the money. The Bible does not say anything about us being required to spend lots of money for Christmas. Give of your love and time. Get creative and make something. As for your debt, look into Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program. It's great!
---Lindsey on 1/3/08

Buying material "stuff"for people is not showing love.Jesus is the reason for the season.Show them love by introducing them to the one who died for their thats love!
---tina8476 on 1/3/08

Now its time for a New Years resolution. This year give yourself a gift. Put away a little money, $5-$25 per month. Put it anywhere that pays a little. Keep putting it away, one day you will have enough to really do something with. Go on a mission trip, remodel a church room. Buy Bibles for the town. Whatever - go for it.
---dan on 1/3/08

Jody, "If you did not spend that money on people you did not know then you missed the mark anyway. Christ said when you hold a feast call those that you do not know so they can not repay you." Did you invite only complete strangers to your Christmas festivities? If so, would you tell us how the day went and what response your invitations brought. It would make an interesting read.
---RitaH on 1/3/08

At our house we used one thing to get out of debt---a pair of scissors. Credit cards are easy to cut up. And don't call the companies to send you new ones later. It is wonderful not receiving those bills every month.
---Susie on 12/29/07

Uh-oh. From the replies you have received you have seen the truth. Satan strips us of hope when we financially ruin ourselves. Have you ever looked at the "Financial Peace University" series. Our church has given this class several times. Dave Ramsey does talk about creating extra revenue and how to cut the fat. We added a home based business to lift us quickly out of our farming debt. May god bless you abundantly in all things in 2008 so you can be free from the worry of debt. Paulette
---Paulette on 12/28/07

Oh my goodness. Just show up and you can be a blessing to your loved ones. You were stupid now pay the price.
---catherine on 12/28/07

Well, it's obvious--you're going to have to do without for as long as it takes to pay these bills off.

As for the future, I recommend a two-fold method for preventing this. First, start a Christmas club account at your bank to fund next year's gifts. Second, give token gifts--cookies, books, etc. These will be fine, so long as they match the recipient's intrests. (Just drop a hint that you'll be going this route so no one goes overboard in their gifts.)
---Nancy on 12/27/07

I encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 13. Described is what love is and it is all action. Buying things and going into debt because of it is not love nor good stewardship. Choices have consequences and you, like all of us, when we step outside of the precepts of Scripture we experience the consequences.
---Terry on 12/27/07

If you did not spend that money on people you did not know then you missed the mark anyway. Christ said when you hold a feast call those that you do not know so they can not repay you. For if you show love only to those that love you then what doth it profit. For even the pharisees do the same. My word of advice is to show equal love with giving all year long and froget about the pagan holidays. Christ gave of himself everyday. Should we not do the same.....
---jody on 12/27/07

Susan::Money & Gifts do not show or buy Lasting love. The Bills you incurred were of your own Making.This was your expensive way of showing love from the pocket Not the Heart.We sometimes learn from our mistakes.
---Emcee on 12/27/07

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You should NEVER go into debt to buy gifts. We have a set amount that we set aside to buy gifts and we set an amount for each person and that's all they get. If you don't have money to buy then make gifts, I've done that many many times. Over spending and getting into debt for Christmas is wrong. The Lord says we are to be good shepards of what he gives us. It's not being a good shepard when you over spend to give people gifts.
---Flo on 12/27/07

If these people truly love you they would be satisfied with a small token or even just a card.You thought of them plus another thought did you think of giving gifts like washing their car or cleaning their house babysitting etc.?Your time is a great gift.
---shirley on 12/27/07

Monetary debt does not show love, but a deeper need of being accepted. The Beatles were right, "Can't buy me love". Give from the heart, not the hip. Deep expressions from the heart are more readily accepted and remembered. If they are not accepted, you are being used, not loved.
---dan on 12/27/07

Susan, if we showed love which God considers love > I'd say we gave to ones who could not give in return. And Jesus was God's gift of love to need for Him to bring presents??? Be God's gift of love > including a good example of "be content with such things as you have" (in Hebrews 13:5) If we obey this, God will take care of things, sister Susan. God bless you more (((o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/26/07

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No one made you show love by buying them expensive gifts and getting yourself in deep debt, that is a choice. And you have to take responibility for your choices as well as we all do. If you choose to give someone an expensive gift, knowing that you cannot afford to do this, then who is to blame? We are not to bow down to man my friend, and I am not implying that it is wrong to give a gift to someone. But does it have to be something that you know you cannot afford? Just my opinion, friend. God bless!
---Cynthia on 12/26/07

Susan...I believe you posted this question as a way to get people to realize how foolish they are by spending so much money on a holiday that is man-made. It is time that we as Christians come to realize that Jesus should be remembered every day and not just this one day of the year. And, he shouldn't be remembered by buying something for other people. Giving should be a daily occurrence for a Christian.
---Susie on 12/26/07

Where is it written, "Thou shalt commit thyself to deep indebtedness to show love?" You should never have allowed yourself to fall for this. If you spent more than you can afford to repay, you have fallen for one of Satan's best lies. You need to seek some serious counselling on this matter. Work on paying off the debt and don't let it happen again.
---tommy3007 on 12/26/07

I don't think it was required of you to spend so much that you are now deep in debt. Maybe you will have to pace yourself over the next year and bring the debt down alittle at a time and hope that you don't do a repeat next year. How about a few more hours at work or a part time job? I'm sure you will make it.
---john on 12/26/07

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Susie, those bills were NOT required for you to show love, you believe that material gifts are necessary to show love, and that is a lie of the devil.

I have three jobs because I made the same mistakes you made years ago. I don't use credit cards anymore. I give little things that have a lot of meaning now. I also make a lot of gifts.

Get a job, or two, or three and cut up your credit cards.
---Trish9863 on 12/26/07

Susan,showing love doesn't require buying expensive gifts. That's what you must learn. It's the love thats important not the price of the gift. Now that you are in debt put yourself on a budget allowing for all bills to be paid and stick to it. Call the Credit Card companies and ask them to lower your interest. If one does lower interest rate,transfer all balances from other Higher Interest Card Companies to that card making one larger payment instead of several that eat up your money with more interest.
---Darlene_1 on 12/26/07

First of all Christmas didn't do it, and second start paying on things that have the min. payments and then work on those that are do next year. And next time don't spend so much money on gifts that u can't pay.
---Ann on 12/26/07

If you can only show love to someone by spending money on them you (and they) have a problem - besides the one of being in debt. I have no idea how you will pay off these debts because I know nothing of your circumstances but a tip for not getting into even more debt is don't spend what you do not have and keep reminding yourself that money does not buy or show love.
---RitaH on 12/26/07

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Well what the heck did you do that for!? I cant understand why people go into so much debt at Christmas. Well, yes I can, but my opinion: presents are for little kids at Christmas time and I do not need a holiday to buy somebody a gift! Ever since my kids have grown up I tell them I do NOT want them buying me presents and I will NOT buy them any at Christmas time. And we all had a lovely, blessed, happy Christmas and we all still love each other, imagine that!
---sue on 12/26/07

What ever made you think you had to go into debt to "show" that you love someone?
We are still recovering from being robbed of everything we owned. Guess what I gave my wife and she gave me for Christmas? Just our devoted companionship. We couldn't afford anything else right now. And, money cannot buy our love for one another.
You started off the wrong way. Work and pay your bills and learn something from this.
---Elder on 12/26/07

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