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Was Christmas Pagan

I am asking for christian support. I am convicted about the christmas tree and santa. I believe they are all derived from an ancient holiday of the which I dont want any part. Where did they tie this into Jesus birthday, or anything holy for that matter.please help.

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 ---CLAUDIA on 12/26/07
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Putting up a nativity scene has a Greater meaning of Jesus birth.

The pagan tree etc & along with diff parties, some having alcoh - drinking & the such like is Not loving way to celebrate Jesus birth. Being on the wrong kind of spririts.
---Lawrence on 8/3/10

1) The celebration of the Christmas tree dates back to the time of Nimrod to represent his rebirth, thus the evergreen tree was used. Jer. 10:1-4 explains the tradition of the tree and not to take part in it not even to inquire about it for it was the way of the heathens (paraphrasing). There was a reason for this.
---Truthseeker on 4/1/08

2) If you look up Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas in an ordinary dictionary your jaw will drop to the floor. They are synonymous with Satan. Look it up for yourself.
---Truthseeker on 4/1/08

3) Emperor Constantine started this Christmas thing to unify the eastern and western Roman empires (I believe eastern empire were Christians whom they were slaughtering and western empire was pagan worshippers). The pagan worshippers do not care what the Christians called that day. They know what it is about.
---Truthseeker on 4/1/08

4) I am not saying dont celebrate Christmas. Folks will do what they want anyway. Understand that it has nothing to do with Jesus. Call it for what it is or call it something else. But to use Jesus name in that manner is to use him as a vehicle for satanic means whether one meant to or not. How would you feel if your loved ones celebrate your birthday on May 8th when in actuality it was Feb 20th?
---Truthseeker on 4/1/08

5) Just search the internet for hidden meanings of Christmas and Easter for that matter.
---Truthseeker on 4/1/08

The RCC chose December 25th as the day to celebrate Jesus' birth BECAUSE it was a pagan holiday. They saw it as a statement that Jesus is more powerful than evil. It was a statement of faith. "Santa Claus" is a translation from St Nicholas, a very generous man who held a special reverence for the idea of God coming to us in the form of a baby in a stable. Decorating in general is simply an issue of celebrating a "birthday party" for the Christ child. People overanalyze Christmas.
---Greyrider on 3/7/08

There is no doubt that some of what we now refer to as Christmas traditions can be traced back, in some form, to pagan cultures and celebrations. The ringing of bells, for example, is generally thought to have had its origin in the early pagan winter celebration of ringing of bells to drive out evil spirits. In later centuries, bells were rung on Christmas Eve to welcome in the spirit of Christmas with joyful noise (Psalm 95:1).
---Court7646 on 2/29/08

There was an early pagan tradition of lighting candles to drive away the forces of cold and darkness.Rejoice in our Savior, the Light of the World(John 1:4-9)As we light candles?It's not likely when I give gifts to my loved ones at Christmas,the gifts will have less significance to either of us because some Druid somewhere in time offered a gift to his goat as part of some pagan ritual.No,we remember,as we should, the gifts given to the Christ-child by the Magi (Matthew 2:11).
---Court7646 on 2/29/08

The Church replaced the pagan holiday with a
Christian holiday. Many Protestants did not observe Christmas for the reason you mentioned until after the 1500's. We dont know the exact date Jesus was born, we can only estimate. We should celebrate the birthday of Our Lord and it's not pagan to do so. It's Christian. Once again the secular society is trying to make it pagan by taking Christ out of Christmas.
---janet on 1/15/08

Was He born on December 25th? Probably not - that's a date chosen by the early Roman church to correspond to a preexistent Winter solstice festival. Regardless, the truth of His birth (whether in late summer, early autumn, or otherwise) cannot be denied. Jesus Christ was undoubtedly an historic figure, and His purpose was simply to fulfill the meaning of His name, "The Lord Saves."
---lisa on 1/15/08

Christmas Origin - The Greatest Gift of All!
The Christmas origin, at its meaningful heart, began about 2,000 years ago in a manger in Bethlehem.Christmas story is simple -- Jesus wishes to be born within your heart today! reflect on the greatest Christmas gift of all. Open your heart to the Messiah who was born in a manger in humility, died on a cross in love, and rose from the grave in glory. Accept the gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas - the most glorious gift in all history!
---lisa on 1/15/08

oh boy!!! Yes the star was leading the wise men..they had to pass through Herod territory to get to Jesus.
That is so lead them to herod..
Well so be it..the wise men were warned of herods hatred for this new born they new not to go back the same way they came remember?
---lisa on 1/12/08

Matthew 2:2 says that the star lead the wise men (or astrologers as some translations calls them) to HEROD first.If this star was from God why would it lead them to Herod,who wanted to kill Jesus, then to Jesus? Just a thought!
---Andrea2222 on 1/4/08

Christmas tree.Jeremiah 10:1-9:"Do not learn the way of the nations at all...the customs of the is a mere tree of the forest they cut down...w/silver & gold they make it pretty...w/nails they fasten it down...the doing of any good is not in them..." The theme in chapt.10 is idols.It's very clear that God abhorred this practice.We can rationalize and say we don't worship the tree so that makes it ok.But why do it at all. It has nothing to do with Jesus!
---Andrea2222 on 1/4/08

wise men did worship Christ..they brought him gifts too..the bowed down a prayed to Him gave Him thanks.
Yes the angels did fact a multitude of Heavenly host sang and praise and glorified Jesus.
so did the Shepard's who were told to go to see Jesus in the manger.

so you can see a celebration was going on. and a star shown bright....the spot light for the celebration. If it was good enough for the wisemen, Shepard's, angels to celebrate..Well it should be good enough for you.
---lisa on 1/3/08

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Hi, I dont really have an answer except that I am sure it was introduced to the church by the Catholic Church it isn't in the Bible,and I believe if it's not there then it's not something we should do.
They did not selebrate Christmas after Jesus went to heaven, or after he was born.
---Madeleine on 12/28/07

Santa is the secularized version of St. Nicolas, famous for providing dowries to three girls by throwing gold either through the window or down the chimney, which landed in stockings that had been hanging up to dry by the fireplace. It's mixed with Christmas because his saint's day is Dec. 6.

The Christmas tree is based on a vision of Martin Luther, who saw the Christ Child at the top of the tree, and souls of men represented by candles, upright or not depending upon how upright the souls were.
---Nancy on 12/27/07

Christmas was to replace the pagan celebration of Solstice. The Christmas tree was also associated with Solstice, and the pagans use to worship the Oak tree. At one time, a priest saw this practice, and cut down the Oak tree and in it's place a fir tree came up. While it's all pagan in origan, don't really think most are aware of this. To most it's just a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you are distracted from the worship of Christ because of these traditions, don't use the them.
---wivv on 12/27/07

Romans 14:14 I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.
---scripture on 12/27/07

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If you already have your mind made up. Claudia, why do you need any help?

Would you listen to evidence that would make you reconsider your conclusions?

Probably not. Your mind's made up.
---Jack on 12/27/07

Hi, Claudia. After much consideration, this is was first year that my family and I decided to forsake "christmas", and spend the day reading the Bible, talking with the kids about Jesus, and in prayer. Very low key, and I have to say, the most meaningful
"christmas" we have ever spent. There are
many pagan connections to christmas, not to mention all the commercialism, as well as the santa-lie.
---kim on 12/27/07

Ones claim the tree was a pagan tradition. But it was pagan because it was part of conscious idol worship. Paul became "all things to all men" (1 Corinthians 9:22), including "to those who are without law, as without law" (v. 21), which to me could mean he became like pagans, except without obviously compromising anything Christian. I can see becoming as others by having a tree, but maybe having leaves with scriptures, etc. for guests to discover (o: Pagans eat food, by the way (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/26/07

I don't think it matters if Christmas "began" as a pagan day. Don't you think God who ordained all things knew what it would come to mean to us later? I can believe He planted good dreams in the hearts of those Pagans who never heard of Him, for the sake of leading them back to Him later on. We have the freedom in Christ to give glory to God in any way we choose, provided it's not actually a sin.
---Billy on 12/26/07

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Hi, CLAUDIA...Santa comes from the Catholic Saint Nicolas who some number of non-Catholic Bible believers feel was a Christian brother who gave gifts to children, I understand. But is the Santa thing lying to our kids? Also, when a child discovers that "Santa" giving gifts is really Mom and/or Dad, can this be a stepping stone to induce the child to learn to think for oneself and not believe everything that child is told?
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/26/07

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