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Is Your Church Exciting

Is your church an exciting place?

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 ---Bob on 12/31/07
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It sounds as if you are speaking out of some kind of hurt. I pray that it does not keep you away from God.
---pg1 on 1/18/08

Jack, Are you suggesting that God is "male"? That He is in fact, "gendered"? What characteristic would differentiate Him from being feminine?
---1st_cliff on 1/8/08

**Want nothimg to do with anything that is male dominated.**

Like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, anya? Is female dominated automatically better?

Anyway, when martyrdom for Christ's sake is an ever-present possibility, as it is in the Middle East, anybody's church is exciting.
---Jack on 1/7/08

TV is for excitment, ballgames, the races, the theater etc.

Church is for equipping, re-creation, regeneration, saving the lost, worship, etc.

I find church very exciting!
---dan on 1/7/08

TV is for excitment, ballgames, the races, the theater etc.

Church is for equipping, re-creation, regeneration, saving the lost, worship, etc.

I find church very exciting!
---dan on 1/7/08

I don't go to church anymore. Want nothimg to do with anything that is male dominated.
---anya on 1/7/08

The church I attend uses a contemporary worship style with computer Power Point wall projections to illustrate the service, including the pastors message. The pastors hermeneutic style is metaphoric story telling. The worship team picks Biblical topics, and Metaphors to illustrate. A story is developed to present the topic in a 21st Century life setting. When the Bible text, hymns or responses are used they are projected on the front wall and that helps older worshippers with diminishing eye sight.
---notlaw99 on 1/5/08

The service is very dynamic, we have a small choir with organ and piano accompaniment. One of the features that has been added to the service is a worshiper question and answer period after the message presentation. This allows people to ask questions about the presentation when the pastor and worship team will explain the presentation in more detail. This has developed in to more interaction between worshippers explaining the modern parables, this is working extremely effectively.
---notlaw99 on 1/5/08

Our 'church' isn't, but our study group within the church is awesome! It is so great that we meet twice a week now going on 15 years! We are a truth seeking bible study group, knowing that truth matters! Controversial? You BET! When I don't attend I miss it, but now it is broadcast over internet radio. You can google it (The Bible On Trial) and see for yourself!
---Dr._Rich on 1/4/08

Yes, my church is an exciting place. Our pastor is a "people" person and is always looking for new and better ways to bring us together as our church grows. We have a good youth group with teachers who love the teens and also the children. Things are always happening.

We love our church family, even though we don't know everyone.
---Lisa on 1/4/08

Do you mean are the people exciting? Is the message exciting? Is the worship exciting? I believe the church has gone down to a watered down bubble gum message that isn't taught by the Spirit of God, but the intellect. And during worship, when I raise my head and open my eyes to break in between songs, all I ever see is people looking around to see what others are doing. Once you hear spirit filled messages that have the anointing of God all over them, you'll see what I mean.
---Donna on 1/3/08

we are taught baptismal regeneration.thank you Jack.I should have been more specific.
---donald on 1/2/08

So many churches today are in the "entertainment business". Why? It's lucrative! It takes members from dull churches.
---1st_cliff on 1/2/08

**We also preach Truth on baptism,**

If you're not being taught baptismal regeneration, you're not preaching the truth on baptism, Donald.
---Jack on 1/2/08

My church is a very exciting place.My pastor preaches very exiting and firey sermons.We also preach Truth on baptism,repentance,and the in-dwelling of the Holy Ghost.We worship in spirit and truth,every single service.We have exciting,upbeat music too.We also pray others through to the Holy Ghost.So, my church is very exciting.Great blog!!
---donald on 12/31/07

It's up to us to decide that church is exciting. Think about it you are going there to worship the Lord to meet him in that place, and if there's no one else but you and the pastor with that in your heart God will be in that place with you.

That's exciting even if the preaching stinks, even if the music is dull and nobody sings. Find a few good friends and extend your church beyond the service. Take your Bibles and go to lunch together, enjoy the fellowship of God's house even if your at denny's.
---Pharisee on 12/31/07

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church is not a place for one to seek fun and excitment. if your going for fun, then stop it. God is not pleased with you. churches now days get lost in making it fun instead of teaching the truth(which everyone needs)about repenting and accepting Jesus as their personal saviour. jugdement day is coming and the Bible says that every man shall bow before the Lord God Almighty. you better be prepared. only you can make the choice on where you spend eternity.
---phillip on 12/31/07

Well,that depends on what you call exciting.I personally think the most exciting thing is seeing souls saved.We do have lively praise and worship music and we do let the Spirit lead but we have an order to the service most of the time anyway.Souls being saved is most important.
---shirley on 12/31/07

Religion without God is like romance without a spouse.
---Michelle on 12/31/07

The Church is called many things in the Bible.

I'm not aware that one of these epithets is "exciting."
---Jack on 12/31/07

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Our church is not exciting in its form of worship (no loud music, dancing in the aisle etc.) but what we hear from the person in the pulpit is exciting indeed. We have only bible believing preachers so what can be more exciting than what they have to pass on to us?
---RitaH on 12/31/07

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