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Ouija Board Curse On Me

My husband, sister, bro-in-law and I used the Ouija board. Despite a loving relationship they since split up, our businesses have failed, we've all struggled financially, and nothing ever seems to go right. Sister and I have tried prayers to renounce our activity but nothing works. Can anybody help?

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 ---Nicki on 1/3/08
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You need to not only renounce using the ouija board but also any other occultic activities you have been involved in. Give very specific instructions. Say "God, in the name of Jesus Christ I am sorry for my involvement with the ouija board. I feel that I am under a curse and I want you to forgive me. Please break all curses that came upon me as a result of my activities and rebuke immediately all demons that are attacking my (finances, business, romantic life, etc.,)protect me so they don't return make them leave at once and go only where you send them to go. It is important to ask GOD to rebuke in JESUS' name instead of YOU saying "I rebuke you in Jesus' name".
---Bonnie on 12/14/09

All good mediums have one thing in common, an obsession with death. It's what draws them to the ouija board in the first place.
The best mediums start early, in their childhoods, mentored by grandparents, taught about contacting the dead. It's all demonic.
But what they all have in common is an obsession with death. They feel comforted by hearing from those who've died.
The same people are more comforted hearing from the dead spirits than hearing from the Holy Spirit.
---Mark_V. on 4/28/08

1st Cliff,
I appreciate your response. So often we focus on outside influences rather than attending to our own heart issues.
---daphn8897 on 3/3/08

People many times look for a scapegoat, or someone or something else to blame, rather than taking reponsibility for their own actions or misactions. Poor relationships and poor financial managment may have nothing to do with your prior participation with a Ouija board, but probably has more to do with unwise choices and inexperience and unlearnedness in dealing with people and money. When praying to Jesus together, pray specifically for the relationship and guidance for the business.
---Eloy on 3/3/08

If you have not renounced that ouija board witchcraft experience, it needs to be done.
But you say that you have.

Have you left any other doors open? Have you entertained or invited other spirits in?
Anything from the occult?
Psychic, fortune teller, tea leaves, tarot cards, sorcery, seance, cast any spells, astrology, soothsaying, "ouija board", charms, necromancy - any of these things are an entrance for witchcraft.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/1/08

It's true, a curse without cause will not alight. But if an entrance is made available by other occultic sources other than the ouija board, the door is still open.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/1/08

Did you know that jealousy, resentment and unforgiveness can wreck havoc with those that have opened doors with occultic sources.

Revenge, bitterness, resentment, envy, rage, anger, selfish and self-centered, wrath, competitive, rivalry, covetous - coveting spouses that belong to another, possessive, all of those things can develop because of jealousy and resentment.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/1/08

If the ouija board was renounced, and all occultic participation, there's something else that's causing all of the problems.

It could be unforgiveness.
Did you know that unforgiveness can bring on infirmity? Sickly, powerless, weakness, helplessness, instability, what the bible calls feeble mindedness, exhaustion and unhealthiness.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/1/08

Rejection is the root of the spirit of antichrist.

An antichrist spirit from rejection will cause one to be come a doubter. Blaspheme all the gifts of The Holy Spirit.
An antichrist spirit will suppress and warfare against the saints, Christians.
It will persecute and harass, oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you will find the spirit of antichrist in a reprobate mind.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/1/08

There are other things that could be causing the problems besides the ouija board experience.
Unforgiveness, jealousy and resentment, rejection can wreck havoc in lives.

---Michelle on 3/1/08

The Bible says an undeserved curse does not come to rest (Proverbs 26:2b).This means that foolish curses have no effect. If you have been born again as a new person in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17),you are in the constant presence of the Holy Spirit,under His protection(Romans 8:11).Curses have no power over you because you have been freed to worship God (John 8:36)...The Lord is my light and my salvation, Whom shall I fear?The Lord is the strength of my life, Of whom shall I be afraid(Psalm 27:1)?
---Court7646 on 2/29/08

Nancy, it seems that you don't take seriously the effects of using an ouija board. YOU SHOULD. Also, the bible does not say that "The Good Lord helps those who help themselves." so, from where does that phrase come?
---RitaH on 2/24/08

Very dangerous. You opened the door, invited demon activity into your lives, and you will have to kick it out! Use the blood of Jesus: cast it away from you, your family, your home & business! In Jesus Name. There is always a consequence for sin. People think it is harmless, but we die for lack of knowledge.
---Princesstookie on 2/4/08

If you have bad 'luck' it isn't because you chose to play with a Ouiji board, it's because real-life factors came into play.

If you really want to improve your lives, you'll do better by updating your resumes, looking for better jobs, paying off creditors, and (in the case of your sister) getting marriage counseling, than worrying about a Ouiji board.

You've already prayed. Now you need to follow the tenet "The Good Lord helps those who help themselves."
---Nancy on 1/9/08

Carla, I'm not suggesting that there are no demons out there,but let's separate it from superstition. I'm sure people like Ben Laden and Hitler are/was demon influenced. People used to think Schizophrenia and epilepsy was demon possesion. Avoid satanic cults and spiritualists and concentrate on your Christian walk.
---1st_cliff on 1/8/08

Nikki, if you are still reading this, have you decided what you are going to do?
Trust me when I say that divination of ANY kind is dangerous. Read Acts 19:19 about how
new believers who previously practiced magic
burned their books. Upon this, "the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed".
---kim on 1/8/08

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Ist Cliff,

Take some advice from one that spoke like you and repented quicker than you could say Help me God what on earth is this?, as a child my friends got invoved with the said cult and family members of which all of us had to agree on one thing in the end There are forces out there that until you are oppressed by them your answers will never change. Demon busters Thank God for you is all I can say!
---Carla5754 on 1/7/08

Not everyone may posses the gift of rebuking them through faith in the word but If you truly believe the whole word of God it is no big deal belief kill and belief cure's, do what the word of God tells you resist the devil, Pray/fast if they seems not to go, Cast it/them out in Jesus name continually, keep on doing so until you are free.
---Carla5754 on 1/7/08

Niki, Religion and superstition have always gone hand-in-hand. Friday the 13th, walking under a ladder,black cats crossing your path Ouija boards etc..Tell me how a piece of wood with the alphabet painted on it can influence your life any more than the other things! This is the 21st century not the dark ages! Dismiss it from your mind and concentrate on your Christian walk!
---1st_cliff on 1/5/08

Find an anointed man of God, a Pastor preferably or someone who you know who is very anointed by God and ask him to break curses over your life. When you used the board, you moved out of the realm of the hedge of protection and this allowed satan territory and access over parts of your life. Curses need to be broken off of everyone's life who came in contact with this board and used it.
---Donna on 1/4/08

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What ever your financial problems they have nothing to do with anyone's use of a Ouija board. Most financial problems are the result of poor planning, bad information, poor decision making.

I am sorry for your financial problems as I have had them my self in the past. Learn form your mistakes and don't make them over again. There are various debt reduction services just make sure they are reputable.
---notlaw99 on 1/4/08

The best place to go is Demonbusters, I was pleasantly surprised when it was introduced to me by my son, we have been demon free since the day I took authority in Jesus's name and cast them out of my home using all the prayers they give you for all manner of demons.
---Carla5754 on 1/4/08

Years ago, I "dabbled" with a ouija board with my sister-in-law. Using one you are leaving your door open to demonic entities. Ironically, around this time, our friendship suffered, and my brother and sister-in-law separated. For a while we were seeing thing we thought were ghosts (actually demons) Since then, I sought Jesus, and repented years ago of my sin in doing this.My advice to you is to BURN THE BOARD, including the planchett, and anything else of similar origin, repent and pray!!!
---kim on 1/3/08

This is far more than an ouija board years ago.
I do believe it's an excuse for other affairs of the heart that you asked us about recently. Have you repented of sin, secret sin, sin that the Holy Spirit has convicted you of?
Without repentance, there is no forgiveness.
When you renounced the board, did you repent?
---Virtue on 1/3/08

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Saying prayers may not be enough. Obeying.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/3/08

Understand that what you did was a faithless act. If you have faith in God you don't need to consult other spirits. It's a sin on several counts but the biggest is that you traded your faith.

Bad things happen and it's hasty to consider it a curse because if you belong to God it's what he calls discipline.

If it is indeed discipline from God you'll be sure of it, (review David's sin against Uriah) the thought "if I only hadn't" would be a moment in time you'll never forget.
---Pharisee on 1/3/08

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