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How Do You Like To Pray

I like to be alone when I pray. Alone in my house or alone in my car. The reason I like to be alone is because I like to be loud, not that the Lord cannot hear, but I believe I can express myself better by being very vocal. Question Is it okay to do this in your opinion?

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 ---Mima on 1/7/08
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Yes! Lord,silent prayer= results?same becuz,the lord sure hear me! near death(hospital)but,I love talk to God like he sitting right nxt to wouldn't just walk around Not speak (say) your parents? same with the of Jesus
---ELENA on 4/13/12

It has always been acceptable. Black churches are the best churches in the world. They are very vocal,animated and know how to praise God. They don't hold back when it comes to shouting,screaming, praying out loud, just having a good time in God. They run around the church when the spirit moves them, play instruments(the whole congregation) dance,cry whatever! All of this pleases and moves our God.
---Robyn on 8/17/11

Three steps.
1) Worship
2) Forgiveness
3) What you want God to do. I like taking an Biblical person who was going through something similiar and ask God to do it again, courage-Gideon, faith-Abraham, peace-King David, Determination-Nehemiah, and others. To remind me of his past provisions and so God will know that I know. Kinda like a teacher excited about a student getting a A on test.
4) Worship - God is still God and God is still good no matter what.

As far as yelling goes what ever works.
---Scott1 on 8/17/11

Thankfull always,it is a blessing .In home pray audible voice to the lord.Granma taught me that way.Sometimes the kitchen.In churchwe pray in silence(no one hears your secrets)it's special "share together".The prayers are just as effective.We see God doing things. I feel very moved emotionally,same and tears "fall of joy or pain".
---ELENA on 8/16/11

In my opinion I think that it is okay to pray alone. I pray at all times and I can really get it all out just the way it is inside of me. God knows me better than I know myself and I belive that when I pray in secerat God hears and blessings comes out in the open. I'm not ashamed of the God I serve and I know who holds my hand! Prayer helps release the pain, joy, saddness, or whatever I feel. Then I read my bible and recive my answer. Pray on my child!
---Angela on 8/27/09

I'd have to say that my favorite place to pray is the beach. Anywhere is fine. I think I heard Him last evening. I was driving down the road my church is on and something told me to check the time on my cell (as my dash clock is wrong adn hard to fix) and it was about 10 mins to 5pm. and I thought then: "hmm. I should go to a daily mass" and poof. There I was! :D Pulled right in. So sometimes He talks to me too. Which is good becuase Sometimes I have to be a good listener too. :D
---Nicola on 3/27/08

I will be honest: I love talking to Jesus when I have something to talk about. I guess my biggest weakness is, when trials become too much. They can be so much until I simply don't have any words.
---catherine on 3/27/08

I like to pray alone. But corporate prayer is healing and desirable, as well. To reach and touch someone else's spirit during prayer is very powerful. To hold hands with another believer during prayer is powerful.
---Robyn on 3/26/08

God doesn't mind, I surely do not mind. I talk to God throughout the day. Just as I would a human friend. Not very formal at all. We laugh, sometimes He makes me cry for comfort, I ask questions most times I get an answer right away. I love it when God tells me something and later it comes to past. He is also BIG on wait and see. That should hush me up.
---catherine on 3/3/08

Constantly to God!
---dan on 3/3/08

First John 5:14-15 John 14:13-14 Philippians 4:6-7
The proper way to pray is by expressing your heart to God. Sitting, standing, or kneeling, hands open or closed, eyes opened or closed, in a church, at home, or outside, at morning or at night these are all side issues, subject to personal preference, conviction and appropriateness. Gods desire is that prayer be a personal and real connection between us and Him.

---Court7646 on 2/29/08

If it is okey with God, then it's okey. I love to pray around other people too. I am not as relax as I am in my home. Probably just need more experience. But you know, God gives us the desire, power, words.
---catherine on 1/10/08

It doesn't matter to me. Sometimes I feel more power in group prayer because of the unity but I am kind of shy and am not the speaker. I think I pray longer when I am alone and probably sound silly if someone was listening because I tend to jump from one subject to another as one thing reminds me of another. Often times When I listen and sing along with praise music, I make the music my prayers and kind of change the lyrics. And no, I don't think loud prayer could be wrong. No type of prayer is wrong.
---jody on 1/8/08

You better believe it is okey. God pemmits me to talk outloud all day long. Now, in this world people will bring you up on charges of being a fruitcake or a nut. But God tells me it helps me to see things in the right perspective. I am telling you , God's ways is so much higher than ours. As high as heaven is from earth. Now, it don't get any higher than that.
---catherine on 1/8/08

Oh my, mima...that's very important, what really is right for you...not just an is it right issue, but what really is good for you. I think we need quiet sensitivity in prayer, so we are communicating and connecting. Yelling and loudness can be shutting out the Holy Spirit's sensitive quiet communication and sharing in love. Or it can be giving ourselves totally, emotionally to the LORD. Both can be good.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/8/08

Mima, I also like to be alone, in my house or walking the dog and just walking alone. However, unlike you, I pray silently even when in a situation where no-one else could hear. Just as God can hear you (shouting or not) He is also listening to my prayers (verbal or silent). I believe that God allows for all personalities, extrovert, introvert or somewhere inbetween. He hears no matter how we pray so just continue to be yourself as I will. He made us this way.
---RitaH on 1/8/08

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Praying is simply a talk with God and God talking with you. How you do it as a means of expression is really up to the individual. For example, I like to pray when I walk - and I walk about 8 miles a day. Often times with stopped at a traffic light, I will pray. (It beats getting angery at the light for not being green.)
---wivv on 1/7/08

Mima I'm with you I speak out loud even if it's just a whisper, when I'm not alone I may just move my lips with my thoughts. (I don't recommend that you could get carried away by mental health professionals.)
---Pharisee on 1/7/08

Why not? Sometimes I pray in my head, other times I pray out loud. It's not as if you are praying on the street corner for everyone to hear how righteous you are. You are simply communicating with the Lord in a way that speaks to your spirit.
---kady on 1/7/08

Matthew 6:5-18 NKJV "And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. "But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly".

So, I'd say yeah. It's okay that way.
---j._nonymous on 1/7/08

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