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Are Faith Healers Real

What is the common veiw point on faith healings, not going to doctors?

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 ---johns on 1/8/08
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You do not need to perform some physical work in order to be healed or to heal someone. Jesus cast out demons with a word, and He also healed with a word. Look at the Gentile woman who's daughter was possessed by demons! Matt 15:21-28 Or what about the centurion! Matt 8:5-13 Every time Jesus healed someone, He told them that their faith had made them well! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen! The authority is in the spoken Word! Believe without doubting!
---Bryan on 1/28/09

It is not a choice, but a colaboration. Jesus used faith AND physical ingredients to heal. Recall how he took some soil and spat into it and mixed it together to make a moist clay, and then he smeared it upon the blind man's eyes, then he told the blind man to go wash his eyes, and so he did. And when the blind man followed Doctor Jesus' prescription, the man was completely healed of blindness and received eyesight. Faith is good AND WORKS is good, use both and be blessed.
---Eloy on 1/17/09

---Rob on 1/16/09

a believer can still go to a doctor and exercise their faith for healing recovery. so going to a doctor is not a sign of lack of faith.

many times medicine is an assistance to the body's natural ability to recover.

'faith healers' don't actually have any ability to heal anyone.

its faith that heals. a faith healer could be fake as they come and yet if they talk positively and use any Bible verses, then a believer who perhaps doesn't realize that they're listening to a fake can still use their own faith to be healed.

why is that? because God honors his own word even if it comes from a dishonorable vessel. but the dishonorable vessel can't get into heaven by his fake works.
---opalgal on 1/15/09

They are false doctors who dont know anything about medicine whatsoever...but they say they do..stay away from them. I saw one in our country once and they used chicken entrails to make people think it came from inside their stomachs..Its the devil deceiving you..keep away well away
---pop on 3/1/08

Physicians are referred to about a dozen times throughout the Bible.The only verse that could be taken out of context to teach that one should not go to physicians would be 2Chronicles16:12."In the 39th year of his reign,Asa became diseased in his feet,and his malady was severe,yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord,but the physicians"(2 Chronicles 16:12).This particular case involved Asa's whole outlook on life in his latter years(turning his back on God at an earlier point in his life).
---Court7646 on 2/28/08

Doctors can only mend wounds and treat the symptoms of an illness. It is the Father who heals through our exercise of His faith in the wounds, bruises and chastening Jesus endured to secure our wholeness, soundness of mind, body and spirit. I give all praises to the Father for the desire, knowledge and abilities He blesses doctors to implement for mans benefit. Yet with all their good intentions, desire and skill, they are ultimately only 'practicing' medicine. Trust God, appreciate good doctors.
---joseph on 1/13/08

God is the master physician and only through Him does healing occur. I believe some have the gift to reach others through healing prayers, and through the faith of all involved. I also believe God provides wisdom to conventional physicians and can guide their hands also to heal. God heals in His own time, and sometimes we do not understand the manifestation of this healing. Such as a person passing away and receiving ultimate healing in Heaven.
---rraea8898 on 1/12/08

L.Linda, You say that God is "impartial,not a respecter of persons" Then you say He "chooses" who to heal? (opposites!) Your body and mind are capable of healing themselves of certain maladies (Psychosomatically) No quadriplegic, amputee or Downs Syndrome have ever been "healed by prayer" These things too difficult for God? No,for the faith healer!
---1st_cliff on 1/11/08

I've seen healings from doctors and through prayer. Beware any human who takes the credit but go for prayer always and then pray too for your doctors.
---Andrea on 1/10/08

As regards faith healing. I believe every truth, born-again washed in the blood believe should lay hands up on the sick and pray for them. Thereby, someone might discover gift that they before hand did not know they had..
---Mima on 1/10/08

I'd accept it as a first resort, but my faith was not given to me to destroy or end my life but rather to bring it's abundance through freedom and grace.

A doctor IS a faith-healer as long as you have faith that he has sufficient knowledge to repair or give aid to the infirmed. James said it was sin to know to do good and not do it.

There is knowledge we should not use, but this is for good and so is lawful.
---Pharisee on 1/9/08

It sems a lot of faith healing people will tell you to go to a doctor...for different reasons > in case you did not get healed by their prayer and/or your faith, to show the doctor that God did a miracle . . . .

A lot of attention seems to go to physical, medical healing. But your healed body will not last forever. So, healing of our mortal bodies, even if it is miraculous, will eventually amount to nothing. But if we get "healed" in our character > James 5:16 > this avails much > (2) >
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/8/08

(2) "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (James 5:16) James says to confess "to one another"...not just one-way confession. Plus, prayer is "for one another"...again, not just one person getting healing prayer. And I see that "healed" means how God's love cures our character of what makes us able to sin and suffer spiritually because of trespassing.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/8/08

This makes me remember Jesus remarking that "your faith has made your whole". There are so many elements to true faith healing. There can be no facsimile of doubt among the vessel or the one to be healed. And then there are bogus healers seeking money or status. If one is sick and a faith healing session does not work, it is ignorant to not seek medical attention. It is also interesting that God heals who He wills. Another mystery. One day we will see clearly but now we see dimnly.
---jody on 1/8/08

I can't think of anyone that goes to a faith healer to mend a broken bone, remove broken glass out of skin, or rushes to faith healer when someone has 3rd degree burns all over their body. The common practice is to go to the hospital.
Everyone knows that the only Person who heals, is the Person of the Holy Ghost. People take the credit every day for healing but that would be error, false.
God can use whomever He chooses as a vessel of healing but all of the credit belongs to God, of course.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

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God can also heal without using a human vessel. He can heal whenever, whomever, wherever at any time He chooses to do so.
He is God and He is truly impartial, not a respecter of persons.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

He can heal a mind that is as confused as a bowl of vegetable soup. He can repair a mind that is lacking any of the elements - Serotonin, monoamine neurotransmitter erotonin, melatonin - ANY of the "nin's".
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

God has a spare parts room up in heaven.
He can take anything He needs from that room and give it to you. But a human vessel dare not take the credit it for it.
Sin brought sickness and disease into this world, that includes mental illness.
Jesus died so that we could be restored back into the original covenant God made with man before sin entered in.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

Faith healers in the way that you're referring to them, do not exist.
Only God can heal a broken body and repair a broken mind, and mend a broken heart.
When sin entered into our bodies because of fallen man, every kind of disease and sickness has continued being passed down through the generations. They mutate, they hurt small children and adults - but only God holds the pathway to our healing.
It is available to all.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

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God's pathway to healing may come in the way of a deliverance.
A deliverance from a lifetime of sin may heal your body and mind.
God works in mysterious ways.
I know people that have come out of a life of sin, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and their bodies are healed.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

Healing requires a measure of faith. However, a family member can stand in the gap for another family member, and without offering one prayer for themself, I've watched that family member be healed.
Healing does not have recipes or prayers that you can follow. God makes the decisions who will or will not be healed.
But we have not, because we ask not, in faith - believing that God hears our prayers.
Again, cookbook repetitive prayers are not generally a pathway to healing.
---lovable_linda on 1/8/08

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