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What Is The Curse Of This Age

Superficiality is the curse of this age. Do you agree with this statement? Why/why not?

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 ---Johnny on 1/11/08
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The curse of this age is to not believe that Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law. In other words, unbelief or simply flat out disagreeing with what Father God says.
---Linda on 3/28/08

Man's Imagination...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/12/08

a christian community worldwide that believes in ENTERTAINMENT.
---tom2 on 3/6/08

the church has fallen have allowed satan and the flesh to rule their minds,consequently very few live the life our lord died for them to live.a victorious life,not one spent running from fire to fire,circumstance to circumstance as most ,if they were honest with themselves is whats really going on in their lives.look at it in scripture,being of 2 minds,parable of the sower,those who let the cares and worries of life snatch the message from their hearts,and many more.
---tom2 on 2/21/08

they believe in god,and jesus,but they live their lives never trusting,and giving themselves over to the guidance of the spirit.
---tom2 on 2/21/08

the number one killer and oppressor of man is man himself.people are capable of anything.
---tom2 on 2/18/08

I believe that it goes hand in hand with a number of issues.but I would say lovers of the flesh,which involves materalism,and to a greater extent ENTERTAINMENT, and a you only live once attitude,wrapped up in a me me me oriented society.
---tom2 on 2/17/08

Even Christians believes out of ignorance. Some were guilty of racial hatred, include women rights in all of this. But today unbelievers are in control of all segment of society. God has been pushed out. Without God's direction things are going to get much worse. Unbelievers can only thank themselves.
---catherine on 2/1/08

#1) MikeM - Calvin Coolidge once said "if you educate a man without morals, you create a menace to society" Many have "learned" what the Bible SAYS but never had a real relationship with Jesus. But they knew the powerful influence of the Bible and exploited the uneducated masses in the pews, getting them to follow false teachings pulled from the Bible out of context.
---Greyrider on 2/1/08

#2) Many misunderstand how the Bible was used to justify slavery. "Joe Southern Citizen" wasn't racist in the hateful sense. Preachers taught that blacks were intellectually inferior by nature (backed up by nonsensical "science" textbooks) and it was the "Christian Duty" to care for these people who were incapable of caring for themselves. The non-slaveowning southerners didn't hate blacks. They just sat in the pews mindlessly following the teachings of corrupt ministers.
---Greyrider on 2/1/08

Catherine says 'Not knowing God' is Americas problem. Secularism is a cultural curse yes, but was America better when less secular?

Southern Racist were not secular, they usd thre Bible as justification for their evil

Woman could not vote using the Bible as justification.

The Bible was used as justification for slavery.

Wars of extermination against the Indians, the Bible was used as justification

A rather mixed bag?
---MikeM on 1/31/08

Not knowing God, forgetting God, no fear of God, all of these things have brought curses on America and this world. And it's only the beginning. Imagine what five years and beyond may bring at the hand of God. Do you believe that this is a scare tactic? Do you believe that I speak the truth?
---catherine on 1/31/08

The Reformation was an attempt to patch up a corrupt church. The Counter Reformation was war against the Reformers. In wars all kinds of tactics are used. Planning is paramount. That is where conspiring comes in. The planners of wars always win the wars.
---frances on 1/30/08

Try reading psalms, prophets, or the New Testament. It is clearly an Antichrist conspiracy. The Bible is full of what you term 'conspiracy theorists'. When you use the term you will get many people googling it and discovering all about it, like I did when I was first labelled by someone. You do not know it but you are making many more conspiracy theorists.
---frances on 1/30/08

The Bible does not address the issue of being a conspiracy theorist so we can't condemn it morally. I just don't buy into it. A lot of the ideas posted here, I think, go back to people on bad LSD trips back in the 60's. I didn't think anybody believed these stories anymore, but I guess I was wrong. To each his own.
---Greyrider on 1/30/08

Greyrider, by bigger and bigger, I mean that Southern Americans are immigrating en masse to the States, and Polish immigrants by the hundreds of thousands are entering once Protestant Stronghold England. Now for the first time in history England has a majority of Catholics attending Church on Sundays.
---frances on 1/29/08

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Far from bringing down Communism, the Catholic Church using Sun Tsu methods has done everything possible to promote it for the last hundred years. They speak with fork tongue when the oppose it publicly. Obama is an agent of Communism, as is the War on Terror (a tool of bringing on Communism).
---frances on 1/29/08

Greyrider, how can you say that? The Red Mass attracts all the Satanic leaders of the USA because they must bow down and worship Satan, or else they are assassinated, or removed somehow or other. Barack Obama was launched at a Jesuit University where his book was given to all the attendees of the conference in 2006(?) Mrs Clinton's portrait was hung in a Jesuit house in a northern European country. They run the world. It does not matter how many Catholics you can count on two hands. They run things.
---frances on 1/29/08

Shaun T,you're welcome,thanks for the added verses. I know there are many things in life we don't always have plain language in the Bible about but if we look around, as the Bible says the Old Testament was given us for our learning or to be our teacher to bring us to the New Testament. So if it isn't in one Testament its in the other,but usually it has a reference in both to lead us to undestanding.
---Darlene_1 on 1/29/08

We can't quite say that there are no Scriptures that speak of the
fate of babies and children:
Matthew 18:10: "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little
ones, for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always
behold the face of my Father which is in heaven."
You do the math...
---Nana on 1/28/08

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Darlene - Thanks. In continuing in Romans 2 you find Paul is comparing saved Gentiles who have the law written on their heart vs. unsaved Jews who made their boast of the law outwardly but inwardly were uncircumcised and broke the law. This is why in vs. 15 Paul states that the Gentiles have the law written on their heart. This in reference to Eze 36 where God writes the law on the hearts of those he saves. See vs. 28 where he declares this heart circumcision done by God shows who are the true Jews.
---ShaunT on 1/28/08

Russia was not brought down by the Papacy that was an illusion or as the Bible says a strong delusion. Russians are not the best chess players in the world for nothing. Communism is alive and well, just given a new name. All part of the end times deception fed to you by your controlled media establishments.
---ShaunT on 1/28/08

Shaun T,Just for information,Romans 2:12 For as many who have sinned without Law shall also perish without Law:and as many as have sinned in the Law shall be judged by the Law. Not sure exactly what this means but,this sounds like even sinners who never heard of God and had a chance to repent aren't held accountable for the Law they never knew or judged by it. Babies aren't sinners and they sure won't be judged for they are a blank slate. The sins of the Fathers don't pass to children Ezekiel 18:20.
---Darlene_1 on 1/28/08

Frances, I'm a little confused. What do you mean by "bigger and bigger"? The RCC has nowhere near the power it once did. True, the alliance between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II brought down the Soviet Union, but that was the only real time in the last century that the RCC showed any power or influence. Actually the world is in such bad shape because because the RCC has LOST power.
---Greyrider on 1/28/08

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I believe the letter to the angel (pastor) of the church in Laodicea answers your concern. I also believe we have just lived through the Laodicean Church Age. Note where Jesus stands with regard to the church in that chapter of Revelation.(Rev.3:14-22). Next comes the Rapture...
---mikefl on 1/26/08

#1 MikeM - Again, for the third time, I said nothing about babies. Likewise, I don't believe they are eternally tormented because eternal life is a gift. And, because the Scriptures are unclear as to their fate, I state no formal doctrine.

Regardless, you have crafted your own religion per your imaginations. In essence, you have fashioned an idol that you bow down to as god or jesus no different than what men have done since the beginning of time.
---ShaunT on 1/25/08

frances - you are on it. Good posts. Keep the faith.
---ShaunT on 1/25/08

Greyrider, there is a conspiracy, that is why Jesus had to run away and hide on a couple of occassions. He had his job to do and they wanted to kill him before he had done it. Just because the RCC is very big and making itself bigger and bigger with powers and offices of the Pope, does not mean it is the right church. It is a false Church. Sorry if the truth sounds paranoid.
---frances on 1/25/08

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I call it how it is. The Church is not a two headed monster. Anyone usuping Jesus' position as Head, is an antichrist. The RCC was responsible for every revolution and war including the Communist ones. Always, the RCC has benefitted even if it meant sacrificing her own.
---frances on 1/25/08

ShawnT, I back down on the democracy issue, America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, based on 'pagan' greek model. Consequences to a theology, for an individual, and society. My Jesus isen't one that consigns sinners and saints to the same eternal hellfire, be they Mother Theresa or Hitler, old man in Africa, or a sids Baby here.

Fact, the number one killers, opresser of humanity of man in the 20th century was communism/fascism, not a presently begnign RCC.
---MikeM on 1/25/08

frances, the Pope does not control anyone. Please think before you post. You sound like one of paranoid nuts from the Middle Ages. I'm not saying you are one, just that many people tend to just repeat Anti-RCC rhetoric without thinking how it sounds. BTW, 80% of those in America claiming to be Catholic do not have RCC beliefs (they believe in works-based salvation and many place Mary above Jesus). Don't confuse the two.
---Greyrider on 1/25/08

Emcee, Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing fruit. It is by our fruits that we are known. I think cursing demons who are disguised as humans and who go around destroying innocent Muslims, should be cursed. Or do you think we should sit down and talk to them. Be nice to them. Not me. I might pray for the persons who are possessed.
---frances on 1/25/08

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It is true fundamentalists on both sides, Christian and Muslim have been infiltrated by Satanists. This is a well-known way of making wars. You cannot believe the television version of September 11th when all the evidence shows us that that was a cover-up at best.
---frances on 1/24/08

The RCC is not hurting anyone? Wake up, please. The Pope is the one who tells the leaders what to do. It is obvious. What is the Red Mass? What is the Blue Mass? The Vatican is full of freemasons. The RCC church is responsible for the things you see on the News. As Revelations predicts, the Church and Politics have joined and are together become corrupt.
---frances on 1/24/08

Infiltrate the enemy to get them to do what you want, and then take their colours and all the soldiers will follow the ensignia. The protestant churches became filled with gay Bishops, people moved to the RCC, then the RCC became head of both corrupted, waterdowned systems. Anyone outside will be persecuted until they worship the antichrist, or substitute for Christ. The Pope is working for the Devil.
---frances on 1/24/08

MikeM - You take great leaps from what I write. I said nothing about babies, did I? Then why do you assume I believe what you wrote?

Second, the problem with your theology is that you deny Christ Jesus as the only way to salvation and hence are lost unless you repent. Can't put it any other way.
---ShaunT on 1/24/08

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MikeM - Also, you can keep your "democracy" or mob rule, I'll stick to the Constitutional Republic we originally were but no longer are. And contrary to what you write, the greatest threat to liberty and freedom is the papacy. Study history for they did not call it the dark ages for nothing.
---ShaunT on 1/24/08

Frances, The RCC is not hurting anyone today. The real evil is islamic fundamentalism. In America is is radicle secularism.

I fear fundamentalist Christians more than the RCC who have said they were out to destroy democracy.
---MikeM on 1/24/08

1. Shawnt, "ALL other paths lead to death and are ignorant worship of idols just like the Greeks whom Paul preached to.' Those democracy inventing loving Greeks you dismiss produced a system in which you today can preach what you want.

2. The consequence of your intrepreation of scripture is that most of Gods creations are predistined to burn, including children, Babies.
---MikeM on 1/24/08

1st cliff, as the sinner begins to rightly smoke, should he tell God that God is wrong?
---Eloy on 1/24/08

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1st cliff, the unblameable cannot be blamed. God is perfect, above reproach, and ultimately in complete control over all his creation.
---Eloy on 1/24/08

To disobey God,is a curse.For the weak to
rule over the strong,is a curse.To live in darkness,is a curse.EVIL IN ITSELF,IS A CURSE.Chirst brought forth spiritual blessing that we would not have to live
under a curse.The farther we drift from
God,the more we are bound by curses.
---Jack_8773 on 1/23/08

How can anyone, in all honesty, say that the Catholics are not hurting anyone today? Okay, what about the war in Iraq? Who is the mastermind behind that do you suppose???? Oh, I forgot the Pope is not in control of 850 million people worldwide, including Supreme Court Judges in the USA etc etc.
---frances on 1/23/08

It is wrong to judge all evangelicals by a few who get all the attention, as it is to judge all priests by the ones in the news for pedophile offences. Attacks of the devil can be by people who are not saved within all denominations and at all levels of fame. The RC Church had the Borgia Popes for a start off. Judging by them, Catholics would be described as some kind of devils.
---frances on 1/23/08

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Television is the curse of this age. It is worshiped. The people on it are exalted and believed. Signs and wonders which are lies are brought into your family's life. Children are brainwashed and dumbed down, and they are shown how to behave. Television is the idol of this generation.
---frances on 1/23/08

MikeM - There are no "fine" people. Who you are Scout-mastering to are lost sinners and all you see is the white-washed exterior but fail to see their deceitful and wicked heart. There are no good people, just white-washed tombs which I was when I was a Boy Scout as a RC. One whom you likewise would have said was a "fine" boy. But you would have been deceived as you are now for if you saw what I and my friend did in secret (or heard our thoughts) you would have realized otherwise.
---ShaunT on 1/23/08

#1 MikeM - And what did Jesus preach to those who did not believe in truth and follow him? He told them unless they repent they would likewise perish. Same thing Paul, Peter, James, John, Luke, Matthew and all the others preached. Does not sound like pluralism to me if Jesus is the ONLY way. One way MikeM and it is through Jesus Christ and his word alone. ALL other paths lead to death and are ignorant worship of idols just like the Greeks whom Paul preached to.
---Shaunt on 1/23/08

#2 MikeM - Here is what Paul the believer in one way preached to the pluralistic Greeks.

"Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you."
---ShaunT on 1/23/08

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#2 MikeM "And the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained, whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead." (Acts 17:22-23,30-31)

Hence: Pluralism in worship of God = Ignorance
---ShaunT on 1/23/08

1st Cliff::You are Human, can you discern Gods mind?"Retrebution is mine" says the Lord.He is a God of love to those who call on HIS name.You need to reflect on that.But I shouldn't be telling you this, as you are more intelligent than I.Go in peace to love & serve the LORD,Your GOD.
---Emcee on 1/23/08

Shawn "you do not know Christ Jesus if you preach pluralism for it is anti-Christ" 100% wrong. Freedom of religion is Christlike. Allow all to worship as they may if its not Godly it wont survive. (Acts) History is littered with intolerant clergy/regimes torture holy wars, bigots, ignorance, etc all quoting "he who is not with me is against me" while brandishing broadswords. The RCC dumped its soiled medieval past and attitudes that generated it, cant you be as mature as them?
---MikeM on 1/23/08

ShaunT-I am a scoutmaster and work with fine RCC people and other religions, it does not make me one. Could you be a scoutmaster?
My college minor was history and I do make relevant statements about Romes 'past'- but TODAY they are not hurting anyone, I could fill thse blogs with dirty laundry about Romes past, but not to one degree would it render my religious beliefs correct or me 'undirty.' it would be immature.
---MikeM on 1/23/08

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Emcee, "the God of love does not bring evil" The flood of Noah's day, Fire on Sodom and Gommorah,Killing all the Egyptian first born.....etc. etc The fundamentalists on here believe He's going to destroy this planet...Are these not "evils"??
---1st_cliff on 1/22/08

MikeM - No, I assure you I am not living in the past and you do not know Rome if you write such statements. Likewise you do not know Christ Jesus if you preach pluralism for it is anti-christ as Jesus said he who is not with me is against me.
---ShaunT on 1/22/08

MikeM::Thank you,That was Honest.but surely you did not have to be Forced Ha Ha!!:-)
Mima:You should remove the blinderswhen searching for the truth.Oh Yes also get rid of that stirring stick,some day you may awaken your sleeping nemesis.:-(
---Emcee on 1/22/08

Elisha cursed some children in the name of God and Proverbs says the curse causeless shall not come. It says to overlook the needy while giving to the rich brings many a curse on people. You don't see tv and prosperity preachers talking about those scriptures though.
There are scriptures about those cursed of God just as there are things God hates.
The same Lord that has all grace has all wrath.
---Frank on 1/22/08

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I'm forced to agree with the logic of Emcee-Superficiality in religion, what some call pop-evangicals is a curse. I call it 'Christianity of the common denominator' which explains its POPularity. For them church is a social event, their megachurch knowledge never goes beyond a first grade understanding or a verse of scripture, rehearsed rhetoric, waving arms, and thats it.

I would rather disagree with say Catholics who have substance to their religion that mindless viseral fundamentalist.
---MikeM on 1/21/08

Some say the curse of this age is 'sin' Was it any less when Christians were in control of a society, an 'age?' Example, In Puratin new england fornication was punishable by death, yet historical birth/marrage records show half the girls being married were already pregnant. I suggest reread, "Young Good Man Brown."

Inforced morality against sin has never worked.
---MikeM on 1/21/08

ShaunT on 1/18/08- "Much better to be ecumenical I suppose, join hands with the Mormons, JW's, Catholics and Muslims and sing Kumbaya, eh" Your living in the past. The RCC is not a threat to anyone today, that mantle of intolerance as long been passed to others. I believe in some religions uniting for moral issues, other than that I believe in pluralism. The enemy is secularism, and fundamentalism, be is Islamic, or otherwise.....
---MikeM on 1/21/08

I will tell you what the curse is on this day and age. Are you ready? It is forgetting God.
---catherine on 1/21/08

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A curse is to ask A God to bring Evil upon some one :THE God of love does not bring evil.That is the work of Satan. True Religion is of the true God Mat16:17-19.Superficiality is shallow.Therefore if you are in the WRONG religion, you would be a contribution to the cause, of the one who initiates a Curse.
---Emcee on 1/21/08

The statement made by---Robyn "
I think organized religion is the curse of this age." has some validity to it as concerns the growth of "the church" which is the called out ones.
---Mima on 1/21/08

I think the curse is more on "greed". Even before the fall of man.
---lexter on 1/20/08

the curse is the same SIN
---tom2 on 1/20/08

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Jezebel in the pulpit. Jezebel, praying for others, laying hands on others and running around on Ahab.
Superficiality of Jezebel and leading others into what, sin?
---Chad on 1/20/08

The curse of this age is the failure of the United States of America and its solemm duty to stand by the State of Isreal for our Lord God said i will Bless those who Bless you and iwill curse those who curse you beginning with President Bush 41 Presidnt Bill Clinton AND NOW President Bush 43 have been trying to force Iserial to give up its freedom i truly believe thats why America is in trouble
---lawre on 1/19/08

The proliferation of the Muslim faith and the 1998 cancellation of the Smurfs animated series.
---Lee on 1/19/08

One person wrote that sin is so much more acssesible and I belive this is true.It is just plain so much easier to sin and then cover it up from everyone but God.We desperately need a real revival in this nation.
---shirley on 1/19/08

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I think that the world has always been and will always be the great curse of any age. The world comes in a different package now than it did 50 years ago but it's still the world. The lust of the eyes, the flesh, and the pride of life. This is the world and we can overcome it.
---john on 1/19/08

MikeM, Pharisee, and other honest bloggers
I believe we all ahve something in common .. that although we may on occasion disagree strongly with each other, (and with me) we are honest people, and treat others here with respect.
It is because of that integrity that I invite you (and anyone else who truly cares about this Site) to write to me on PenPal, my ID is alan8566.
---alan_of_UK on 1/19/08

---Frank on 1/19/08

Curse of this age,dying down of faith. Many denominations have gotten further away from Christs message of an empowered obedient people who He foretold could do greater things than He did,by faith which He said could move mountains. Christians have denied empowerment of God's people by the HG to move in those Gifts of the Spirit. What's left is a watered down religion that would probably faint if they saw a full move of God through surrendered people seeking only to do God's will. Fear is replacing faith.
---Darlene_1 on 1/18/08

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it,s the same curse that we have been living with since adam and eve.mans sinful flesh,s just grown worse cause we have gotten better at sinning,and have just about justified ourselves about so many issues that we now believe our own lies,within our own minds.
---tom2 on 1/18/08

Fundamentalists of all stripes have been infiltrated by the same Satanists. Do some research on Sun Tsu's 'The Art of War.' This is spiritual warfare. The war on terror was a hoax done in the name of Christians to discredit them.
---frances on 1/18/08

InimicusStultitiae wrote: Wouldn't it be funny if it turns out that The Antichrist is an American Protestant Fundamentalist Christian.

Sorry, but papa Pope would never give up his seat that easily.
---ShuanT on 1/18/08

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