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Roles For Women In Church

What do you believe are the roles for women in churches? And also reason and scripture for and against.

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 ---colupy on 1/14/08
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Jesus lifted women to a higher standing then at any other time in history. We should continue to remember His example.
He never let societal biases hinder the gospel - it is and will always be your heart that interprets His word.
Are you against women - ask Jesus what He thought of them
---Andrea on 4/1/08

Women excel in gifts of hospitality, mercy, teaching and helps. Much of the ministry of the church depends on women. Women in the church are not restricted to public praying or prophesying (1 Corinthians 11:5), only to having spiritual teaching authority over men. The Bible nowhere restricts women from exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians chapter 12).(Galatians 5:22-23(Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 1 Peter 3:15).
---Court7646 on 2/28/08

There are many rolls in the church for women. The reason why some women don't do their part in church is because the men are living in the past and think it is so wrong if a woman steps up in church. The women are the backbone of a good church. If it wasn't for the women, we wouldn't have church.
---RebeccaD on 2/11/08

the word used to describe Phoebe as a deaconess was the feminine version of the same word for Paul.
The scriptures have been twisted... there is no difference between male and female in the church... Junia was a female apostle - the RCC changed it to a man's name in the 1200's
you really have to research this bc it is amazing how the interpretation has been slanted
---Andrea on 2/4/08

The bible gives little for women as to leadership rolls in churches or even in the family. Their value is emphasized at times, but one is often left wondering whether their value is still being measured as a possession rather than a person. I believe that this is largely a cultural problem, not necessarily God's will. The bible was written by men with cultural biases, even if they were men of God. There are only a few biblical examples of approved leadership, such as Deborah, the prophetess/judge.
---chris on 2/4/08

#2 Phoebe was a "..servant of the church.."(Rom.16.1)as were other men and women. This doesn't make her a deacon. Nor does Paul's teachings make women "lesser" than men. Same spirits just different jobs in God's work. It should be noted that scripture states a deacon or a bishop must be a "husband of one wife". Call me dumb but there it is...(1Tim.3:2 & 12). If women were considered lesser beings, what's up with Prov.30?
---mikefl on 1/26/08

Colupy, In MY opinion from studing scriptures, God made the choice from what happened in Eden. (That is another blog). Man was put over the woman. It was NOT the man's choice but God's. Paul who wrote most of the books in the N.T. either knew of what he spoke or we should doubt it all. Church order puts Christ over the church over the man over the woman & family (Eph.5:17-6:12). Men are to be the pastors. Judges are earthly positions, not church ones. please see #2
---mikefl on 1/26/08

A woman would have a difficult time being a bishop according to Scripture.
Bishop is in vogue now. But did you know that a bishop is actually a step down from a shepherd, pastor?
Strange but titles such as prophetess, bishop, apostle are in vogue now.
Catchphrases, titles, paraphrases, all part of that in vogue church.
---Mark on 1/18/08

The true love of a Christian also includes getting frustrated with heretical and blasphemous answers that lead a babe in Christ astray. If the person checks all the blogs they will see the handful of sound answers rejected for self-centered pride and carnal knowledge that destroys babes when it leads them AWAY FROM the truth. Most so-called Christians today look for a lovey-dovey soul damning christ.
---Frank on 1/16/08

Even the unsaved joke that they'l save a seat by the fire for their friends. There will be a lot of friends that rejected the word of God in hell. He said few would find the way so if a babe joins this site and wishes to know how to walk with God go throught the blogs and disregard the multitude here. God is not the author of confusion and most of the answers here are nothing but personal opinions, thread drifts and confusion.
---Frank on 1/16/08


Read the blogs for yourself and you will see that the multitudes here give contradicting forms of confusion. The handful that answer by the Spirit do not. Their answers are the same blog to blog and seldom mention "me" or "my" in their answers. And no constant thread drifts.
The few that love the Lord enough to point out heresy are hated here. And, many here post the same question many times under different names to strengthen their heretical views.
---Frank on 1/16/08

Frank ... "As for as pointing to another blog, the person could have done that without guidance" Did you not consider that the questioner might be unfamiliar with how the site works?
Are we not here to help each other, or do you only want us experienced old bloggers to continue?
I don't see what the rest of your reply starting with "And about liking companym ... " has to do with the question or the answers so far given, so will not comment further.
---alan_of_UK on 1/16/08

Read the story of Pheobe I think in Romas 6. Phoebe was a deaconess in the truest sense. Met the qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy, of good repute and full of the Holy Spirit. Paul did not say that women could not preach to others, he statement is directed at wives not to take authority over their husbands. We really need to study Paul better.
---dan on 1/16/08

Alan: I totally agree with you that Frank's answer was a rebuke and not informative. How does the old song go? "They'll know we are Christians by our love?" Not on some blogs.
---Trish9863 on 1/16/08

Alan, many of the answers here are blasphemous. As for as pointing to another blog, the person could have done that without guidance. And about liking company. Only 11 stayed with Christ, a handful with Paul and the Lord said FEW would make it. Not multitudes. Keep your praise of men. (and self appointed female preachers and prophets) Keep your company. I'l keep Christ and the word!
---Frank on 1/16/08

#2 Also, Alan and the rest! It is appointed for man once to die and after that the judgment. If someone enters eternity deceived by the words of the well liked and are damned, it is final. Both deceiver and deceived as Revelation says. Teach what you want but you've been warned!
People here take the word too lightly and have lost the fear of God!
And that is, Thus saith the Lord!
---Frank on 1/16/08

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Thank you for pointing out the other place that this is posted, I have read it and found it most informative.
---colupy on 1/15/08

I'm sorry if I have upset anyone. I am new to the website and since I have been here I have found it informative. I like to hear people's opinions and what they have to say, how do you learn anything without asking questions. The reason I asked the question was because my friend(which is a woman) said that the Lord might be calling her to preach, but I felt that women aren't suppose to take authority over a man, since woman was made for man and man is a covering for the woman. Thank you for your input.
---colupy on 1/15/08

Frankly, my dear, I don't give that too much weight.
People are leaving because one person enjoys their own company more than the company of others, and through strongarm or strongaxing they've managed to get'er done.
---Mark on 1/14/08

Sadly there is an increasing number of bloggers here who feel that it is their duty to criticise others for posting questions.
Frank could have helped the questioner by referring him to one of the earlier blogs on this subject, instead of pilloring him
The suggestion that this question is blasphemous is ridiculous.
---alan_of_UK on 1/14/08

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This is one of the reasons I have a problem with the bible. Paul did teach that women had inferior status to men. In the OT there were a very few women prophets/judges, there is no indication that they ever offically received the priesthood. It also seems telling that Christ had no women that he ever called as apostles or seventies or anything else for that matter. Maybe He was just trying not to create cultural waves, but that seems odd since he caused enough other waves to get Himself crucified.
---sophia on 1/14/08

Frank. Do you think people could be leaving the site because of answers like yours? The person asking the question has obviously not been here very long and hasn't found the other blogs were the subject was constructively dealt with.
---john on 1/14/08

There is much dispute in this subject. I believe that the Scriptures that say women cannot speak in the church have everything to do with them not being dominant. As Paul says, "not usurping authority." By example, I see women prophesied and taught younger women so obviously they did speak. Thus I believe it okay for women to speak, but not to take dominance over the man.
---john on 1/14/08

Once again the same questions just worded differently. Another opportunity for some to justify what is wrong and others the show off their "knowledge" and "insight." This question has been answered many times with sound doctrine ignored for the benefit of the female "preachers" and "prophets."
Mainly, a lot of confusion, which is not of God. But, then again neither is the mainstream. It's no wonder Christians are leaving this site. It's getting too blasphemous.
---Frank on 1/14/08

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Woman can rightly hold any position in the church. The are no scriptures that prevent a woman from holding office. The dominant reason has been cultural bias as women has little if no position in the ancient world at the time of Christ so scripture is always address toward the male gender. Paul's saying women being quiet in church is specifically address when a group of women who were causing a problem at a specific location. Women have been Judges and have been the Cleric of Churches Paul founded.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/14/08

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