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What Do Presbyterians Believe

What do the Presbyterian Church believe?

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 ---Natasha on 1/17/08
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As for pre-marital counseling, I don't think you would go wrong with the least they would be better than NO premarital counseling (which seems to be your other option).

In premarital counseling the object is to help you assess your readiness for marriage and/or reach agreement on things that might be problematic in marriage. From what I know about the Presbyterian churches (both main branches) they will probably not push for you to adopt their doctrine.

Now when it comes to choosing a church for membership, which you should do as a couple later on, you need to do some research as well as attend services..
---Donna66 on 8/3/09

I'm a 23 year member of my local Presbyterian church. The basic theology is Christian and grace focused: We are saved from eternal damnation by God's forgiveness through His undeserved,unearnable grace given when Jesus died for us. We have God given free will, to accept (or not) the grace of his forgiveness, AND God knows, from the beginning of time, who will choose to accept His grace, even though it is His desire for everyone to accept grace. This is what is "predestination" and is often misunderstood as one being chosen for hell--so wrong!! It is actually the belief that God is ALMIGHTY & has all knowledge. When we accept grace, it is our responsibilty to go into the world to help others,sharing news of God's grace.
---Coni on 8/1/09

thanks Rita.. youre a star :)
---Natasha on 1/23/08

1. Natasha, I'm not surprised at your being confused with terminology - I would be also. The only thing that I can add to the two points given by Mima is that they believe in predestination. Yes they (the church, not the individual) do believe that you must be born again BUT, as in most churches, that depends very much on the man appointed to individual pulpits.
---RitaH on 1/22/08

2. There are some ministers in various denominations who are not actually Christians themselves. It is a career to some, and they've learned the 'patter'. I would suggest not officially joining a church together until you've tried a few. Get to know, from other members and by speaking with ministers, exactly what each church teaches. Ask for a statement of faith in each. There is no rush to become a member.
---RitaH on 1/22/08

3. Don't be put off if people call you a spiritual gypsy - some will. Moving churches to find the right one is not wrong, it is sometimes very necessary. Once you have found the right one though, give it your all and be loyal, involving yourself as much as God guides you to do. That way you will put down roots in the church and become a real part of it. I hope that you and your fiance find what you are looking for and, with God's help, you will. I also wish you much happiness in your future marriage.
---RitaH on 1/22/08

thanks Rita. The reason i asked is that im a born again christian for a yr and i dont know much about all the denominations. My fiance and i are looking for christian premarital lessons. Have emailed a number of churches as my baptistChurch i attend doesnt offer such a course. Only a presbyterianChurch responded. I couldhave asked them but i didnt want to seem rude as if their help isnt appreciated because of their denomination. Also did google it but i dont really understand a lot of the terminology.
---Natasha on 1/20/08

does anyone know if there are any huge belief differences? do they believe in being "born again"?
---Natasha on 1/20/08

Presbyterian Church believes in OSAS. With which I agree.
Presbyterian Church believes an infant baptism with which I disagree.
Overall, the Presbyterian Church tends to be too stuffy, too formal, too austere , but I also like them .
---Mima on 1/18/08

Jack, it is possible that there is a presbyterian pastor using C.N. who could answer the question. If this happens we will all see the answer. If Natasha asks a local minister she will get the answer but the rest of us will not. For every question asked here there is probably another source for the answer but that is irrelevant. This site is for questions and answers but it is not for making people feel foolish for asking. In Christian love I'd suggest you only join in when you have a helpful answer.
---RitaH on 1/18/08

Did you know that the largest Christian denomination in Korea is Presbyterian!
---1st_cliff on 1/17/08

They believe you should keep your hands off the pastor and your self in check.
Check check.
---Mark on 1/17/08

Have you considered asking the nearest Presbyterian pastor? Wouldn't that be a better source?

You could also do a web search.

Why ask people who have no more idea than you?
---Jack on 1/17/08

Presbyterians Church (PCUSA) believe in the Bible, the tenants of the Reformed Faith as defined under Calvinism including Predestination and Elect. We use a heroically form of church Government. The Church has a defined written constitution contained in the Book of Confessions and the Book of Order. There is equal representation of Ordained Laity and Clergy at all level above the local church. Check out Presbyterian 101 on the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) web site.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/17/08

Besides the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) other independent Presbyterian denominations in the United States include:
1. Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
2. The Free Presbyterian Church
3. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/17/08

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