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Huckabee's Rock Band

Now that the truth is coming out about Huckabee being a rock musician and playing in a rock band, do you think he can still represent himself as being a Christian?

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 ---Susie on 1/21/08
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Maybe, I am missing a point. "Now that the truth is coming out," sounds like someone was trying to cover it up. From what I have seen, Huckabee has been very open and even promoting it. If I happen upon his program, I most the time turn it off when some of his music is playing. I just don't happen to like some of it. Last week I happened on it, and I liked it. Different people have different tastes. Praise God for that, or this would be a boring world. How would his playing the guitar have anything to do with being a Christian?
---Rod on 1/5/09

I believe God want us to listen to music that honors Christ's teachings and God's law. He loves us in spite of our worst deeds. His Son died for us BEFORE we deserved it and cleanses our sins WHITE AS SNOW, and separates them from God as far as the East is from the West because we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. He wants us to work, through Holy Spirit power, to live by God's laws and be more like Jesus moment by moment. Music that helps me focus on Christ and being like him is my choice. I want to be, say, and do what God wants me to be, say, and do to serve Him by serving others. I believe that is how the world comes to know Him. Mike Huckabee shares God's love well.
---Brenda on 1/4/09

Satan will tell you not to judge this man running for president. Do you know what will happen? We will elect Satan. AH, if you love your country!
---catherine on 3/25/08

Oh let the man have some fun. For goodness sakes. There ant none of us very good or great. Come on! That's what Satan wants. to tie us up into a little ball so we are afraid to do anything.>>> "Jesus may not like that"!.?
---catherine on 3/6/08

Cindy ... #1 ... In the UK we already have petrol (gas) costing over 1 pound sterling a litre ... that is 6 pounds a gallon ... that is $10 a gallon
And that of course not only puts up the cost of our personal travel, but inflated the cost of distribution of everything.
---alan_of_UK on 2/29/08

Cindy ... #2...Most of it is tax, levied so that public service employees can have full inflation-proofed pensions at age 60, while other workwers will now have to work to 67-70 in order to get a non-guaranteed pension (and even then go on paying taxes to fund the public sector pensions)
---alan_of_UK on 2/29/08

BTW, I'm already seeing that desperation in the eyes of some of those sow your seed, 100 fold return ministries.

At the same time, I'm seeing something wonderful happen for those that have returned to the Bible as their guide for faith and order in the church, and in the life of an individual.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

I'm for Huckabee,
I'll write his name in on my ballot, if I have to.
We all have to make our own choices, for God, for our religion and for our President.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

Without Mr. Huckabee....,

may get exactly what you're wishing for.

A repeat of the likes of the Jimmy Carter administration.
"Ouch, to your family finances."

Dramatic change you're hoping for? We'll see weeping and sobbing, a very dramatic change for many.
Surviving on donations?
Might be slim pickens, a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas costing $4 or $5, people will not have extra to throw at donation boxes placed in any convenient place.
No siree.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

The Bear. Do you know who the head of the bear is, that it talks about in the Bible? I do.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

Celebrities are not my heroes.

A real star is the soldier of the 4th Infantry Division in Iraq.

Real stars are not riding around in the back of a limo or Mercedes, getting drunk and wearing hair extensions.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

Huckabee's Rock is not a band.
Huckabee's Rock is my Rock.

Huckabee's Rock is The Chief Cornerstone.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

Huckabee is a Christian without putting on a presentation.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

cindy (or mark, i'm not sure) YOU crack me up!! Never change, okay?
---sue on 2/8/08

Dueling Banjos

Pang pang Pang PANG pang Pang pang...

Dee dee dee dee ....dee dee dee dee

Revving of the banjos can be heard, then it really gets kicked off. Dueling Banjos.
---Cindy on 2/7/08

The thing about Huckabee is that he wants the media to play up that he is an ordained Baptist minister and then turns around and brags about his rock-n-roll connections. He's trying to keep everybody happy and that isn't possible. I believe McCain will be the next President.
---Susie on 2/2/08

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Susie, you're coming across like Jack and MikeM. now.
Talking out of both sides of the mouth confuses even the best of them. One big blur.

I heart Huckabee. I pray he wins.
---Cindy on 2/2/08

Susie, I dont know 'what games' Huckabee is supposed to be playing. I dont like him do to his economics, tax and spend- other than that he is a nice guy. Playing electric guitar means nothing, its cute.

Again, the Moter City Madman, Ted Nugent is very conservative, God- Guns- and ronk n roll as he puts it. I support Romney but its clear McCain, also a closet liberal will be the nominee against Hillary.
---MikeM on 2/2/08

I believe that Huckabee just put on that rock star persona so that he would be accepted by the liberal world. As far as him playing rock music, he can rock on cause he has no chance of ever being president. Most Americans are smart enough to know that this country needs someone who can lead and who doesn't play games like Huckabee is doing.
---Susie on 2/1/08

Rock music... you mean "On Christ the solid Rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand"? Or is the kind of music we listen to or play the only important "trait" of a person that makes 'em a Christian? I bet if the important mark that makes us Christians was obeying the speed limit that Churches would all be empty.... Maybe the true Christian is what God sees not what we see...
You know, that Judging thing we shouldn't do.
---mikefl on 1/26/08

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** Jack...You're the one who insists that every president of this country has been a Christian. Sounds to me like you are the one determining who is a Christian or not.**

* W * R * O * N * G * !!!

What I said that every President has been a confessing Christian--that is, has self-identified as being a Christian.

THEY are the ones who said they were. Not I.
---Jack on 1/23/08

Mike Huckabee is a great preacher and a Christian. The Rock band does not change who he is.
---Val on 1/23/08

Susie ... i'm afraid I have to agree with MikeM. Even if you did not mean it, the tone of your question and your last reply did give the impression that you do not think Huckabee can be a Christian.
But I see now that you could have been trying to provoke the "pop-evangelicals" into changing their minds, but it still does not sound like it!
---alan_of_UK on 1/23/08

** Jack...I didn't say whether I think Huckabee is a Christian or not.**

Yes, you did. The very form of the question and the wording, especially the phrase "still represent himself as being a Christian" clearly means you think he's not because of his taste in music.
---Jack on 1/23/08

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I agree with both of your replies MikeM. I can think of another politician who played the the Sax--but not very well!
I LOVE music, many kinds. When in the mood I like B.B. Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn-GOOD guitar..
---NVBarbara on 1/23/08

Jack...I didn't say whether I think Huckabee is a Christian or not. I simply asked a question. It's just that I keep hearing those "pop evangelicals" saying they are going to vote for Huckabee cause he is a Christian. I was just wondering what they're saying now that he is on Godtube playing rock music.
---Susie on 1/22/08

Jack...You're the one who insists that every president of this country has been a Christian. Sounds to me like you are the one determining who is a Christian or not.
---Susie on 1/22/08

Since when is Rock unchristian? As with all forms of music it can be used for good or bad. The Moonlight Sonata from Betthoven was written for a 17 yr. old girl that good ole' Ludwig was bedding. Hmmmm R. Kelly anybody.
---dan on 1/22/08

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Sue is right,Huckabee is not much of a rock star (lol)

I am thinking of the Moter City Madman, Ted Nugent, He took time out from his career to raise his kids. He is clen cut, pro gun, proameric, and most of all pro-God. He is still plays a mean hot Guitar, whats the issue?
---MikeM on 1/22/08

I will ask you the same question I asked you elsewhere, Susie.

Where did you get the idea that you could determine who is and who is not a Christian?
---Jack on 1/22/08

I'm sorry, but in all honesty I dont think Huckabee is a rock musicain. My opinion only.
---sue on 1/22/08

So? He played in a rock band, big deal. Why are we so consumed with what a politician has done or does in his/her personal life? We seem to forget that politicians and celebrities are humans too. I'd rather look at who the person is now and how he/she fits my values and beliefs.
---Katie on 1/22/08

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I don't see where the two have anything to do with the other.
But while we are at it - which other candidate do you think is or is not a Christian?
I would look closer at the pro-death candidates for unchristian
---Andrea on 1/22/08

If anyone judges whether or not someone else is a Christian based on what they did in the past, I would question whether the person who judges is a Christian. As far as the rock band goes, what exactly makes an organ or piano more holy than an electric guitar? Some ancient hymns we still sing today are rich in sound doctrine but were once dismissed by stuffy parisioners as loud, obnoxious, and unfit for Church. How is it sin to play modern music, if it glorifies God?
---j._nonymous on 1/21/08

I don't like Rock music.
But I don't see why a Christian can't be a rock musician, or even play in a rock band.
Not all rock musicians are promiscuous, sing filthy songs and play with drugs and promote violence.
And at least not many of them push Evolution.
So what's the problem?
---alan_of_UK on 1/21/08

I think its a silly question. I am concerned about taxes, terror, economy, the border, a few moral issues, etc. Rock n roll I am not.

(Rock can be traced to the blues, blues to black Gospel music.)
---MikeM on 1/21/08

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