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Next Two Years On Earth

What do you believe the next two years hold for the world? Please not what you hear...but what you believe.

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 ---Linda3939 on 1/24/08
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there is a book written about the jesus driven life,it,s called the new testament.
---tom2 on 3/6/08

Frances ... Just spotted you said this "America used Russian airfields to attack Japan"
If that happened, it was during the second world war, when if ou recall, russia, USA and Great Britain were on one side, fighting the Germans and Japanese who were on the other.
Not surprising then.
---alan_of_UK on 3/2/08

If any of the people who survived the planes 'hijacking' spoke out ...get them put away, in jail or a mental home.

Frances, you are speaking out on this. Are you telling us that you are in jail or a mental home?
---NurseRobert on 2/12/08

The Purpose Driven Life at least sounds hopeful, I have not read or seen it yet. Some things like that man Tolle, seem a bit nihilistic, saying that we should 'evolve' beyond thought, in other words, stop thinking. Let us see where that takes us monkeys.
---frances on 2/10/08

If you study American presidents who were assassinated. I think one called McKinley was assassinated by an Eastern European, not a Muslim. Try Polish for googling.
---frances on 2/10/08

Mark V ... I have just tried an google search for "Fundies say the funniest things" and come up with a lot of anti_Christian sites which really7 do point fun at us.
And rightly so in some case, 'cos some of the things which some fundamnetalits say are quite stupid ... going far beyond any comments which they say on this site, where usually there is reason given for the beleif, even though I would not agree with it.
---alan_of_UK on 2/10/08

Emcee #1 I am appalled by Dr Williams (He is, by the way, "Rowan" not Rowland) has suggested.
However, as is often the case, he has been misreported. He suggests that parts of Sharia law be included in legal provisions as an alternative methods of dealing with certain issues
---alan_of_UK on 2/10/08

Emcee #2 One of these areas is that of divorce. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it, until you realise that a Moslem man can divorce his wife by repeating three times "I divorce you"
Personally, I think the man needs his head tested!
---alan_of_UK on 2/10/08

Due to the timelag, some questions came up after I decided to leave the thread. Some accusations. I have not been before on Christianet, with any of these ideas. Believe whatever you like. If any of the people who survived the planes 'hijacking' spoke out, they would be going against a massive propaganda campaign and, someone, like the dad of a boy who believed 911 was a deceit, would accuse them of some criminal act and get them put away, in jail or a mental home.
---frances on 2/10/08

The mere threat of violence to kin, would also silence many. And those names on lists included possibly invented names, we do not know who, if any, boarded the said planes. I know I am probably on their lists so I will 'go down' eventually, but in the meantime, I mean to earn whatever punishment I am going to get.
---frances on 2/10/08

I will give you some help. If you want someone to be ignored, the best thing is to ignore. You try to make a monkey out of me. Who is the monkey? The ones who believe we came from monkeys whilst they themselves cannot think without the television telling them what to think.
---frances on 2/10/08

if anyone is entertaining the real topic next 2 (maybe 5 yrs and not what I've read

US dollar will never regain it's former position in the economic world

Europe will unite (becoming the new superpower) with 10 countries and the catholic church ...of which they or possibly China will overtake America and Britain

God does say in His Word when the end comes (the end of Satans rule prior to Christ returning) it will be swift...
---Rhonda on 2/10/08

...well I thought I posted on this topic and came back to check if anyone responsed it isn't posting now ...Linda3939 responded to my post (unless it's part of the blog we can't see anymore because the next 2 years was such a hot topic :)
---Rhonda on 2/10/08

I also agree that the purpose driven church is the worst deception in the world. People write books and they often put in their own doctrine, they interpret the Bible in their own way. We all know what the purpose of the church is and we should read the Word and not some silly book.
---Carol on 2/10/08

Alan of Uk::I agree with you.I have always considered England to be Protestant .But now, even this is changeing correct me If wrong.Rowland Williams Archbishop of Canterbury in order to create more solidarity has suggested that "SHARIA LAW" be introduced in England. This apppeasment tactic has enraged The politicos & now there is a rift. what say you,from accross the pond.
---Emcee on 2/10/08

The canary has been promoting the cat's doctrines here for years.
Convincing yourself all of that 'purpose' is worth fighting for.
Humor blogs and chiding one another, good to show ourselves friendly to one another. I do not want the cat to devour you with only your feathers left hanging out of his mouth. You are a pretty bird, but the time for preening of the feathers is over. It's time to decide, will you follow the cat into his purpose driven life that will take your soul with it?
---Cindy on 2/10/08

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We are to judge false doctrines with God's sovereign Word of providence.
The purpose driven life church is not Christianity. It's apostate. We all have to choose.
I see the next two years on CN reflecting two camps. The purpose driven and those that refuse to swallow the cat's doctrines in favor of God's Word.
Three days ago, the urgency to fast was something that could not be ignored. I only tell you that because I do care about your soul and your children.
---Cindy on 2/10/08


I cannot give up the tabloids, since there is so much unrevealed truth in them. I am sure that Frances would agree. Because they are small and really anti-establishment their reporters and editors write articles that most other will not.

Also I use them in prayer meditation. Much is revealed using this techique. We all reach God in our own ways.

I laugh too at the stories of aliens with two heads. They only have one, just like us. Children of God too, you know.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/10/08

I believe the purpose driven church is the greatest deception to 'come down the pike in a long, long time'.
I've been fasting for the purpose driven driver on these blogs and the cat is about ready to swallow that singing canary unless you submit yourself to Jesus Christ and come back Home.
---Cindy on 2/10/08

"The 'hijacked' planes landed on a different airfield. Recall that radars lost sight of them. They then got off the planes and went home"

And you think that of the hundreds of people on these planes, not ONE of them spoke up? Oh, wait, maybe the government PAID THEM OFF!!
---NurseRobert on 2/10/08

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Where did you get that idea? ---alan_of_UK on 2/10/08

Alan, from the same scandal sheets - either printed or on the net - she gets most of her ideas from.
---NurseRobert on 2/10/08

Mark, is it possible to direct me to at least one website that reads our answers that you mention some time back? I would like to read some of them though I read many here, but just what they are saying. Only if you can, thanks Mark
---Mark_V. on 2/10/08

Frances, I know you are getting hammered by many here and you kind of feel like many don't like you. But you have to remember that many want to critize others. Many will compare themselves to you, and since they don't go around reading other material they want you to be like them. The question was, to put down what you believe and you have done that Honestly so you have answered the question. It didn't ask for you to prove anything, only what you believe.
---Mark_V. on 2/10/08

Frances ... I am sorry if yuo think I mocked you.
But now you say "a lot of the ONE MILLION former Communists let into England are Catholic, making it officially a 'Catholic' country"
Some of them are Catholic, but I don't see them subverting our country ... that comes from the Islamic immigrants and troublemakers.
And Britain is not officially a Catholic country. Where did you get that idea?
---alan_of_UK on 2/10/08

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frances: One question. Why, after declaring, "I am finished on this thread due to your tactics, of trying to make fun and trying to wear me down." do you still continue to spew your conspiracy theories? Don't you have anything better to do? Oh, sorry, that was two questions.
---jerry6593 on 2/10/08

My honesty is not in question here, I AM honest and take a day at a time doing as God leads me. You might do well to do the same.
As far as what or where you're reading the garbage you read, it has become a joke to other bloggers. Don't you read their replies? Get alone with God and ask for His leading. Peace.
---NVBarbara on 2/9/08

The purpose of NASA was always to make weapons of war including spy satellites to control the population, or keep an eye on them. Rockets were for launching murdrous weapons. That is why Andrei Sakharov was eventually jailed. He also believed in freedom of THOUGHT. This was not allowed in Communist run countries. It is also unpopular in the 'free' world.
---frances on 2/9/08

NVBarbara, I first read about the conspiracy (911) in a Catholic news outlet. So, you see, there are some Catholics who are genuine and realize the truth. The former editor of said outlet, wrote a book against the Jesuits. It was then banned. I am not afraid otherwise I wouldn't be writing here. So your own words prove that you are not honest.
---frances on 2/9/08

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Jerry, should we not be alert, 'Watch' says the Bible, for the false signs and wonders that are going to deceive millions of people? Or do you not believe the Bible. We are talking about the next two years on earth. Do you have a problem with warning Christians to expect signs and wonders. False ones. Please, whose side are you on, as their are definitely sides in this war.
---frances on 2/9/08

Alan have you heard of the United Nations? G7, G8. Have you ever read a newspaper beyond the headlines? I have. Those satellites, are spy satellites for the World Government to take a look at what people like me are saying and for following people around. Not everyone, which is what you will immediately say. No, just Targetted Individuals who do not believe the lies, and Christians. This is Antichrist's conspiracy as written of in The Great Controversy (I assume). The SDAs some of it right.
---frances on 2/9/08

Of course the Vatican knows everything about us, it is pointless to try and hide any information from them. Other bloggers are nothing, if they spy on our words, it is the Jesuits we should be in fear of, because they can and do do ANYTHING to get rid of enemies.
---frances on 2/9/08

Alan, I am finished on this thread due to your tactics, of trying to make fun and trying to wear me down. It is not working, and I won't consort any more with you I feel it is ill-advised as you are after information from ME not from the sources which are all out there for willing learners. Read about JP11 being shot, and JP1 being poisoned, and JP11 getting Parkinson's (chemicals can do this, if slipped into his diet.)
---frances on 2/9/08

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Alan, you are determined to 'win' but you won't even look into things deeply (which is what Thomas Merton said we had to do to prevent Militaristic Fascism from returning). Instead we sit back, arrogantly, while Communism is brought to us. If we do not have kings and queens what do we have? Occult families will reign over us - I guess some people want that.
---frances on 2/9/08

The 'hijacked' planes landed on a different airfield. Recall that radars lost sight of them. They then got off the planes and went home. That is why very few of them claimed any 911 fund compensation. A study was made on 911 by the victims of the Twin Towers, families of, and they uncovered a lot of very interesting facts concerning the funding of terrorism. We have this new phenomenon 'international' terrorism. Who is behind it do you think?
---frances on 2/9/08

Concerning the plane-hijacked families. The mobile phone conversations were all reported by people who were on CNN (staged) and families were planted, and they were stooges. Get real. It was planned months or even years in advance. They had to think of a way to get rid of Clinton. But Clinton and Bush are on the same side really. Bill and GHWBush are very friendly. They do not even try to hide it.
---frances on 2/9/08

Of course at the lower levels Communism and Westernism fought each other (killing a lot of 'useless eaters' and Buddhists) but at a high level they work together. America used Russian airfields to attack Japan. America uses Cuban land to illegally torture POW's. Communism has helped to hide the truth, by said scientist below being put in camps in Siberia, along with others.
---frances on 2/9/08

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When paid propagandists work for the television stations. When Thought Police patrol the internet and attack or mock truthsayers. When those who question official statistics or facts are put in jail. Is that not the same as Communism. That is today's world.
---frances on 2/9/08

Francis, do us all a favor and STAY AWAY from the supermarket tabloids! Get into your bible and study TRUTH, God will reveal His truth to you!
How do you survive under the cloak of so many fears?
---NVBarbara on 2/9/08

The very fact that the Vatican sponsored the 'downfall' of the Phoenix, which is to rise from the dead, should give you pause for thought. The outcome of that is that Communists were free to go all over the Western world and I am sure you will agree a lot of the ONE MILLION former Communists let into England are Catholic, making it officially a 'Catholic' country. This wiped out in a year four hundred years of reformation.
---frances on 2/9/08

Alan, you have not done sufficient study and it is getting very tedious answering your obvious questions. I will say one time that COMMUNISM was begun by Catholics in the Bolshevik Revolution. I have hinted this and tried to get you to study this but you refuse to learn, and just want to talk about kangaroos and stop everyone else from taking this conspiracy against freedom seriously.
---frances on 2/9/08

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Frances ... "for some time now. Catholics are working to bring about world Communism"
So JP 2 was playing a double bluff when his influence spurred on the anti-Communist movement in Poland, which eventually led to the collapse of organised Communism, and Communist rule throughout Central & East Europe?
---alan_of_UK on 2/9/08

"They Try To Make Me Go To Rehab, I Say, No! No! No!"...
---Mark on 2/9/08

Did you know there's a site out there, more than one, actually, devoted to our comments on CN.
Oh yeah. When you look up the blogs, you run across them. One is, "Fundies say the funniest things." But that's where all of the fun stops, because they pick us apart like buzzards on roadkill. I'm thinking, this will probably show up over there.
I say, hey y'all and yeehaw.
---Mark on 2/9/08

Frances ... You say "Russians and USA were together on the supposed Space Project"
Was not the Moon programme in response to the Russian orbits, and to regain the initiative and supremacy.
Would they be together on it, when one main by-product was the satellites used to spy on the other side?
---alan_of_UK on 2/9/08

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Tell me Frances, if the planes that hit the twin towers were military planes, what happened to the hundereds of people on the the two planes that "supposedly" were hijacked? Where they all taken out and shot by the "conspirators?"
---NurseRobert on 2/9/08

Moderator: Could you change the name of this blog to the Comedy Blog? It is good for a lot of laughs.

Frances: Do you have any life at all? You must spend most of your day worrying about how "they" are out to get you, and writing about it on a Christian blog. Shouldn't we Christians be preparing for the soon coming of Jesus rather than getting all worked up over something beyond our control?
---jerry6593 on 2/9/08

Steveng, I have already mentioned that the Russians and USA were together on the supposed Space Project. Why do you think Andrei Sakharov was in a Siberian prison for years?
---frances on 2/9/08

I read an interesting article that said exactly what I thought for some time now. Catholics are working to bring about world Communism. If Russia had beaten America, we would have had Communism. It did not. But America is going Communist anyway. Heads they win, tails they win, courtesy of the Society of Jesus.
---frances on 2/9/08

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Crystal, I voted for you, but I made a mistake. Taking time to read what you have written you have tried your best to discredit me. So, No, whoever thinks I am using two or three names, why would I try to discredit myself? There are some clever imitators who throw dust in peoples' eyes. I would not do that. I mean whatever I say.
---frances on 2/9/08

Frances "The Twin Tower planes were military ones, never proven to be the ones that took off and were supposedly 'hijacked'" Are you saying that there are many people still grieving for lost loved one 'supposedly' killed in those atrocities but that these people are still alive (in hiding somewhere perhaps) or are they secretly reunited with their loved and lying low for ever more? I couldn't even dream such stuff, where do you get it from?
---RitaH on 2/9/08

Frances ... I'm so sorry.
Yes my jokes about the roos are stupid.
But I was trying to amke the point that my "proof" that garlic kept out roos is just as valid as the "proof" that you present to support yuor views.
In fact I had come to the conclusion that you were joking with your conspiracy theories!
---alan_of_UK on 2/9/08

Frances "Jesus had very strong words about people who led others astray. I strongly recommend that you keep quiet until you have found out the truth. There is only one truth"
Well those are two unrelated sentences.
The Truth about Jesus is a matter of Faith, altjhough there is plenty of evidence as well.
But for yuor theories, where is your proof? You say it is there, but why do you not presnt it to us?
---alan_of_UK on 2/9/08

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Crystal, there was NO plane flown into the Pentagon. The Arabs FAILED their pilots lessons. A plane was BLOWN out of the sky. The Twin Tower planes were military ones, never proven to be the ones that took off and were supposedly 'hijacked'. But you get the idea. And the Arabs are our friends and we buy their oil. Not Iraqis, so why would they do that? Those Arabs were not even fundamentalists. They nightclubbed. They worked for the USA.
---frances on 2/9/08

Alan, if you really wanted to know, I would tell you. But you have shown that you prefer lies to the truth. Anyway, people who are brainwashed by decades of false teaching, must find their own way out. I suggest reading, studying and being instructed on the Bible (by Protestants.)
---frances on 2/8/08

frances: "...they (Russians) were in with the USA on this."

I don't usually get involved in conspiracies, but I had to give my two cents worth on this one. It was during the Cold War that the Apollo space missions occured. If this mission was faked, Russia was monitoring every minute of the mission, it would have given the Russians an excellent excuse to discredit the USA and thereby the world would no loger trust the USA.
---Steveng on 2/8/08

As for the next two years?

I feel sorry for the next president. There will surely be a lot of confusion in the world in which the president will no longer have control of any situation or event that is to happen. But we must continually pray that whatever is to happen that you and yours will be safe and He will guide your steps into the right direction.
---Steveng on 2/8/08

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While people are encouraged to listen only to the paid propagandists on television, we have to be fed with lies that make us believe that we are evolving as a species, and can conquer space. No evidence has been produced to prove this assertions, just stories and photos that could be constructed in a million ways.
---frances on 2/8/08

Alan, Jesus had very strong words about people who led others astray. I strongly recommend that you keep quiet until you have found out the truth. There is only one truth. The Bible tells us to be worldly wise, God does not want stupid Christians. This takes time. You waste time telling stupid jokes in your little clique for the sole purpose of dissing me.
---frances on 2/8/08

Everyone has the right to be taken seriously when they are in earnest. I understand initial shock, and even laughter. But eventually there are too many serious people who are in agreement, and many paid the price, which included losing lives, family members, health, so I believed them in the end. You cannot be so 'unlucky' unless you are onto the truth.
---frances on 2/8/08

Alan, you do not strike me as the kind of person with the courage to face the truth, however difficult it may be. You must get rid of your Holy Grails, your golden calves, etc. Just look for the truth and you will find it. Jesus promised 'Seek and you will find.' You just are not seeking.
---frances on 2/8/08

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Alan, I could point to one or two websites that have the truth and lies mixed together, or to historical sites that are also a mixture of truth and lies, or to people, who have been deliberately discreditted by the Catholic Church. Even after years I am still looking for names etc, to have them at hand. I have given you plenty but you won't google the words I have given, or else you would find the truth in a few minutes, but you are blind to the truth it takes years to deprogram a Catholic.
---frances on 2/8/08


I assume when you say the 911 was a deception, you mean that certain illuminati, freemasons, and Skull and Bones members in the government knew about it and conspired to enable the Arab terrorists to succeed, that the twin towers were mined to ensure their collapse, that the plane flown into the Pentagon was actually a remote controlled military plane. They did this to decieve us into war and tighten the government's control over us through fear.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/8/08

Frances "Alan of Uk, you are not two people"
Thank you for that!!!
There are at least three people (unless they are all one) who say that I am many people: I do not live in the UK, that I am not retired, that I am MikeM, and many others, that I am a woman pretending to be a man (and yet those same women are accused of being a man)
But I am just Alan8566, no-one else, except occasionally my automatic name does not work in the "Your First Name" box and I am juat "a"
---alan_of_UK on 2/8/08

Frances ::It is a Fact that people who write many Paras try to justify the supposed Truths which they discover.Your sayings also show you watch TV too."This bod Todd",whom you cite.You take Alans typo of "Enbracwe" and draw a conclusion.The truth is contained in a few words,unless if you desire to embellish the truth which would then be a lie.
---Emcee on 2/8/08

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Alan of UK:: As Clint Eastwood says "Make my day"Yep you sure did with your ring a ROO story.Wouldn't want you to get rubbed out :-) :-) There are many here attempting that already.
---Emcee on 2/8/08

Frances ... how can I look when you refuse to tell me where to look.
You have researched this over years and reached a certain conclusion.
Do you expect me in a few days to uncover the same secrets?
And I am sure there are many more than me
who are amused by your views.
---alan_of_UK on 2/8/08

Alan of Uk, you are not two people. You are one person, who was amused. Unless you are royalty, why say 'we'. Next, two people were upset, one had to 'forgive' me, the other wondered if she could for wrecking the faith of her son who met an 'astronaut'. So obviously I did find anger, which was predicted by those who know the truth.
---frances on 2/8/08

A lot of people are helping the devil because they have been thoroughly brainwashed. It's not their fault. I think the Lord will be merciful to them, unless they are doing this consciously.
---frances on 2/8/08

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You forgive the people who wronged you, not the messenger who is telling you the truth. Too many people doubt the Bible, but accept every one of the hoaxes being put about by the SAME small group of illuminati people. The same small secret society members. The same freemasons. When will you believe the Bible instead of the television?
---frances on 2/7/08

A guy called Todd, I forget his first name. He was a member of the Collins illuminati family, I seem to recall, and they changed their name to Todd. He wrote all about what the Satanists are planning. He disappeared without trace. The film coming out 'Atlas Sighed' perhaps is the name of it, is an exposure in advance of their plans.
---frances on 2/7/08

The name is John Todd, and it is 'Atlas Shrugged'. Coming out in 2008. Another exposure was 'The Good Shepherd' that shows that Skull and Bones cause all the world wars, on behalf of the illuminati and their priests, the Jesuits.
---frances on 2/7/08

FRANCES-Beyond the conspiracy theories which you may be right on. Daniel's and Revelations last 7 years of the age is what everyone had better be concerned about and preparing for.

All Christians will need supernatural strength from the Holy Spirit to overcome the days ahead. If you are a Christian, study to show yourself approved unto God.....Be encouraged and ready for Sion.
---yochanon on 2/7/08

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Another exposure was Eyes Wide Shut. Another was JFK, and there are countless others that are 'entertainment' but they are really the illuminati having a laugh at our expense, like 'Titanic' that is completely covering up the truth.
---frances on 2/7/08

No, Alan, you and your friends think that you can mock the truthtellers to get them to go away. I advised you to look into all this, but you took a quick look and could not be bothered. Because you prefer the lies to the truth. That is your choice. God knows the secret, hidden things and he will be punishing the conspirators.
---frances on 2/7/08

Frances ... I do not think anyone here is angered by you ... it's just they are amused by your conspiracy theories which embracwe just about everything that goes onin the world.
However, I beleive along wioth you that the motives for the Iraq invasion were not purely altruistic, and that evidence to justify the invasion seems to have been exaggerated, and the post-victory action has been hugely mismanaged.
---alan_of_UK on 2/7/08

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