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Child Prefers Her Dad

Why my youngest child prefers to be with her father and shows little affection towards me. She goes to see him and not me as we are divorced. I know God has forgiven me for some of the things I did, why can't she?

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 ---irma_5946 on 1/25/08
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It's nothing unusual about a daughter showing the father more affection than the mother. But, if the father has become a pal instead of a parent, or, if he is bad mouthing the mother or you have done something in the past that had upset your daughter, this is a different issue. It could be the daughter is playing you against the father, this happens often in a divorce. You and the father should talk at least once a week and agree on how to treat the daughter so you are both doing the same thing.
---wivv on 1/29/08

Computers are not children.
Blogs are not hugs.

Whatever amount of time you give to your computer, reduce it by 9/10's and enrich your family with with. There are no repeat performances.
---Lynda on 1/28/08

A lot of times little girl's are close to there dad as boys are closer to there mother Do you supose your husband has talked about you to her All you can do is love her and pray things will change.
---Betty on 1/28/08

Parents who are separated can expect this type of behavior from innocent, hurt children. This is a classic example, not a rare one. Maybe we should all learn that a marriage is not only for ourselves but for our childrens well being also. I find it difficult to sympathize with parents who have divorced and later find that it has caused all kinds of problems in their childrens lives. You hurt your child. It will take time to heal it.
---john on 1/26/08

My children were placed with there dad for almost 2 years before they came home.They thought he could do no wrong. He bought them. I could only love them as the Lord loved me. Your little one loves you so much. She just does not know it yet. She will in time.As the prodical son, she will return. Welcome her with open arms. Have patience. He will strengthen you in time of doubt and fear. May the Lord Bless you
---Nancy8436 on 1/26/08

You maybe shouldn't take it so personally, she just like all the other Mommy heart breakers out there turned out to be Daddy's girl.

You can't let how you feel play a part in how you interact with her, you need to be as close and affectionate as you can because you never get to do it over again.

Accept whatever role in her life you are given gracefully railing and complaining will only drive her away.
---Pharisee on 1/25/08

Time heals all wounds.
Maybe she already forgiven you, just shy to approach you.
Pray ask for guidance.
---HEARTY on 1/25/08

If she lives with you and you are responsible for discipline and control so she does not get hurt...this is very needed for her, but she may not feel much affection for you if you are doing necessary things which interfere with her doing what is foolish and could be dangerous.

And her father, by being easier and looser, can seem like better how a drug can feel so good, but does not make a person strong and wise, but weak enough to keep on suffering.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/25/08

You are allowing your insecurities to taint your relationship with your child. Don' do that, as it will only drive your child toward her dad even more. She needs to know that you are secure, and she will be more attracted to you.

As for forgiveness, don't expect that until she has become an adult and has seen your changes as long lasting.
---Trish9863 on 1/25/08

Only the good Lord knows why but girl children are always more attached to Dad and boys to Mom.Also does she not see him too often? Perhaps she misses hiom.
---shirley on 1/25/08

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