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Saul First King Of Israel

We are certain Saul first king of Israel was chosen by God. And many people believe Saul went to hell. Question, any ideas why God would choose a man that was going to hell
(he already knew because of his foreknowledge) to be the first king of Israel?

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 ---Mima on 1/28/08
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What of benjamin netanyahu? He is only a man. If he doesn't believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah (Christ), then he is doomed.
---Betty on 4/1/09

I have the highest regards for Mr.Benjamin Netanyahu. Harvard educated for the very purpose of being a leader in his country he does not bow to anyone. I actually saw him shake his head and laughed in the face of President Clinton. Religiously he is neutral. He understands what we understand about Jesus Christ but he says he does not believe like that. I do not expect him to give up any land(two state solution) for peace. He is realistically knowledgeable and understands that there will be no peace. He is a hawk a War hawk!!!!!
---mima on 4/1/09

JERUSALEM Israel's incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a conciliatory tone as he took office Tuesday, promising to seek a "permanent arrangement" with the Palestinians and full peace with the entire Arab and Muslim world.

However, he did not explicitly endorse an independent Palestinian state a key goal of the U.S. and the international community.

"We do not wish to rule another people. We do not want to rule the Palestinians," he declared in a speech to parliament shortly before he was to be sworn into office.

Soon the false peace will come and then SWIFT destruction follows...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 3/31/09

natalie2- As a matter of fact, Samuel did go to hell. Back in those days, everybody went to hell when they died, because of Adam and Eve sinning. After Jesus Christ was crucifed, He went to hell to set the captives free as the Scripture had foretold. The worthy ones went to Paradise, and the evil ones stayed in hell. This is all Biblical. Find out.
---bettyw on 3/30/09

And many people believe Saul went to hell.--

No, those people just didn't remember their Bible. If they think Saul is in hell, then they must think Samuel is in hell as well.

1 Samuel 28:19
....By tomorrow you and your sons will be WITH ME, and the Lord will have deliverd the army of Israel into the hands of the Philistines.

Since Israel did fall to the Philistines as Samuel foretold to Saul, we can assume Saul is in Heaven with Samuel as he foretold as well.
---Natalie2 on 3/28/09

The main reason I doubt that Saul made it to heaven is this: He murdered the Lord's priests and their families in the village of Nob (see I Sam.chap.22). There is no evidence Saul ever repented of this foul deed.
---Patricia on 3/26/09

Even if God did know beforehand what was going to happen, he gave each person a chance to do right. Therefore, we are responsible for our own actions, even if God knew everything from the beginning.
---bettyw on 3/23/09

If you believe what the Bible says, then there's no way Saul went to hell. When he spoke to Samuel through the witch of Endor, Samuel told him that tomorrow he (Saul) and his son would be with him (Samuel)1 Kings 28:19. And we know Samuel had gone to be with the Lord.
---William on 3/21/09

Saul was a man who began well but who broke under the pressure of leadership. The people longed for a ruler like those in pagan nations--a military man who would fight to protect them. The people's motives were wrong, God gave in to their demand. Not trusting God he was unable to. not willing to obey God, the Lord rejected him. [depression,paranoia] Saul also, ofcourse, became a coward.He was in a great battle with the Philistines and was killed.
---catherine on 3/21/08

Mima: It appears Saul became mentally ill after becoming king. (1 Sam. 16:14) Do the mentally ill go to hell? If Saul did indeed go to hell, wouldn't that have been his choice -- not God's?

One day in heaven, by faith believers in God may be very surprised to see who's also there, e.g., Saul...Darth Vadar(?), etc. :)
---Leon on 2/4/08

God uses all things for the Good of those who believe?

Look for all the Good (God's Will) that came from it, and you'll haven your answer and a glimpse into the Lord plan?
---Shawn.M.T on 1/29/08

God works everything out for the good of those who He loves. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. No power on earth or in the heavens. Only we ourselves can reject God. God also used Judas to accomplish his plans. However he did not save Judas, or at least it is not recorded that Judas was saved.
---frances on 1/28/08

The Bible doesn't say King Saul went to hell. A better question: why did Jesus choose Judas?
---InimicusStultitiae on 1/28/08

Mima, please direct me to this statement...

" God would choose a man that was going to hell".
---Cindy on 1/28/08

He was a disciple who also then betrayed Christ, became a devil (John 6:70), a thief (John 12:6), a murderer, and a traitor (someone who betrayed the cause).

You can't betray what you never pledged allegiance to. Through covetousness he died in destruction and perdition (1 Timothy 6:9-10), and through transgression he fell (Acts 1:25).

He became lost and the son of perdition (John 17:12), and went to his own place (hell), whereas before his fall he was destined to go to heaven.
---Cindy on 1/28/08

Why would Judas and Saul commit suicide, Mima?
It certainly was not because they repented for their sin and were secure with their eternal position in Christ with God.
---Cindy on 1/28/08

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---Cindy please direct me to where I can confirm this statement.

"Judas was once saved and forever lost."
---Mima on 1/28/08

God also chose Delilah for Samson according to Judges 14:4. This also seems out of character for God. I think God can do what he wants for whatever reason he wants. It does say that God repented of choosing Saul and removed Saul's authority because of his continued disobedience. And how do we know Saul went to hell? Samuel said that that Saul would die and be were he was so I would think that it is at least as likely that Saul went to heaven or to be with the Lord.
---john on 1/28/08

You and I can be very thankful that God uses imperfect people to accomplish his purposes.
---Bruce on 1/28/08

We all have a free will.
Judas was once saved and forever lost.
So if you don't believe we have a free will, that we're once chosen always chosen, eternal security, and all of the other manmade doctrines, it would be a conflict.
Free will, choice - the thief on the cross made his decision for Jesus Christ. The murderer did not.
---Cindy on 1/28/08

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I don't question God's motives for positioning the right people at the right place for the right time.
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
His ways are higher than our ways.

I understand what free will and choice means.
It means you that we do not have eternal security because a church or pastor tells us that we do. Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sin. Without our forgiving others, enemies, the unlovely, lovely - there is no forgiveness for us either.
---Cindy on 1/28/08

Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt.

Ananias and Sapphira.
They were struck dead for lying.

Acts 5:1-11

OT and NT, God makes it clear, His ways are higher and He is just.

Without repenting before you die of sin....
Lie, you lose. Bear false witness, lose. Blaspheme the Holy Spirit, lost forever.
---Cindy on 1/28/08

Mima, They "ALL" went to "sheol" (Hell),the common grave of mankind What's the point of your question? It was the people who demanded a king, God just picked one who was capable but did warn the people!(1Sam.9)
---1st_cliff on 1/28/08

Saul became jealous of David and had murder in his heart.
Like Judas, he committed suicide.

If Saul and Judas were eternally secure, even though neither one of them repented -
I ask you, would they have committed suicide?
---Cindy on 1/28/08

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"Now the LORD said to Samuel, 'How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?'" (in 1 Samuel 16:1) Also, since Saul died trying to murder David, I can see he did not die in "holiness, without which no one will see the Lord" (in Hebrews 12:14). God chose Saul as a punitive consequence because Israel rebelliously demanded a human king instead of wanting the LORD as their king (1 Samuel 8:1-9).
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/28/08

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