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Creation Museum In Kentucky

Our Pastor (here in Kentucky) has told us the Creation Museum makes a mockery of scriptures and Christians saying, "I would not bother with it." What do Christians here think of this?

Moderator - Suggest your Pastor read the Bible and well as study science if he is saying you should believe in evolution which is a myth.

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 ---Carrie on 1/29/08
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I did put some posts for you on the "How did God create earth blog"---I guess you lost that thread.
---matthew on 2/6/08

The creation museum that I am referring to is in Texas. It DOES show dinosaurs exist. How silly to think they did not when we continue to dig up their skeletons and even find new species. Again, my educated friends who are not fools went to this museum and enjoyed it.
---Gena on 2/4/08

Oneway to say dinosaurs never existed is foolisness. It brings discredit upon you.

Dinosaurs obviously existed as we have their bones,(some not yet mineralized) but their existence does not contradict Scripture. In fact one or more are described in Scripture.

Interestingly T-Rex bone (not mineralized) was found in the US with blood cells therein, good evidence the bones are quite 'young.' Reference available.
---Warwick on 2/3/08

**for the most part these 'recreations' are the products of mans over active and foolish imaginations.**

And then even more frequently nearly entire skeletons are found, and occasionally even soft tissue from which DNA can be extracted.

I suppose you think that God, or even the Devil, manufactured and hid these home-made fossils to test our faith.
---Jack on 2/3/08

Oneway, I read those same words, under the name of Helen. She said there was no such thing as dinosaurs, also.
Where is Helen, BTW?
---Lynda on 2/3/08

The word 'Museum' comes from the Greek word "Mouseion". Which means "of the Muses"...Muses were AGAN dieties. The original Museum was a park with statues of muses at the Library of Alexandria. It was destroyed by Theophilis in 375aD for being 'pagen.' Also, Cambrian fossils under/around the 'creation museum' refute it! The conclusion is,

#1. The creationist serve pagans deities!

#2. The museum is self-refuting!

(I hear dueling banjos.)
---MikeM on 2/3/08

Its about time someone stood against the devils museums! Dinosur is a word made up by in the 1800's by non-believers. for the most part these 'recreations' are the products of mans over active and foolish imaginations. All the rest of such 'science' is about man trying to put himself above the heavens like satan. I say support Mr Ham and the creation museum.
---OneWay on 2/3/08

I have friends who went last year. They are educated and certainly not fools. They thought it was a very interesting museum. As some others have said, if you haven't been there yourself, don't knock it.
---Gena on 1/31/08

Don't outsource your beleif system to anyone. It's idol worship. Study to show yourself approved unto "God". I do not know what view the museum teaches but some people are afraid because they are not used to new information that factually correlates with the Bible. I can't speak for the man, He has too. Pray for Him.
---yochanon on 1/31/08

RitaH, please look at the web site it is at the top of the Queue if you do a serch on Google for Creation Museum. Very few Photos of poor quality murals Little explination of contents or presentation methods. The price list show $19.95 for an adult admission. They are using the interest in Creationism for commercial exploitation purposes. I would say that the pastors comments of "I would not bother with it" are very correct.
---notlaw99 on 1/31/08

I seen Videos on this place. I have noted even many evangicals have spoken against it, claiming it maked christians look silly. What I feel sorry for is children being taken to this mockery and being told its connected to reality. It borders on abuse. A maxim of PT Barnum comes to mind. I saw a t-shirt which said, "I went to the creation museum and all I got was dumber" That really sums it up.

(For once I agree with Jack)
---MikeM on 1/31/08

Notlaw, have you ever visited the museum or have you just visited their website? If the latter, don't you think that your comment - "It is a shame what lengths some people will go to try rip off Christians" might be a little presumtuous? If you have actually visited the museum perhaps you could tell us more about why you have formed this opinion.
---RitaH on 1/31/08

Maybe the pastor thinks, and quite rightly, that a needlessly puerile and literalistic approach to the Scriptures makes a mockery of them.
---Jack on 1/30/08

Notlaw I just had a brief look at the Answers in Genesis website, in particular that regarding the museum. This leads me to believe you accessed the wrong site or you are being dishonest.

BTW I have no connection to Answers in Genesis.
---Warwick on 1/30/08

If visit their web site most of the photos are dedicated to Egypt and Mesopotamia. I saw nothing dealing with a Biblical creation account. This just looks like another tourist trap to rip people off at a price of nearly $20 for an adult admission. It is a shame what lengths some people will go to try rip off Christians.
---notlaw99 on 1/30/08

I would ask your pastor to be specific. As he has slandered a Christian organization it is up to him to show exactly how the museum makes a mockery of Scripture and Christians. Then check out his comments with the museum.

If he will not do this respectfully ask him to be quiet on the subject.
---Warwick on 1/30/08

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I agree with the moderator's response to your question. I would suggest that you go and see the museum for yourself if you live fairly close to it. I think it is very sad when a pastor tries to influence his congregation in this way. He should be warning you about false religions and things which can harm your faith, not something like this that can enhance your knowledge of how all things began.
---RitaH on 1/30/08

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