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Mystery Of Apostle Paul

I am wondering how many people know what the MYSTERY is that the Apostle Paul wrote about in Ephesians Chapter 3.

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 ---Rob on 2/3/08
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Thank you Jesus.>>>The mystery was not unintelligent or mysterious, but merely God's secret until He revealed it. It was unknown and unknowable apart from divine revelation. It did not come to Paul by research or by rationalization, but by revelation. [Gal. 1:11-12].>>This epistle was to be read in public. Having this information you are able to comprehend my God-given insight in the mystery of Christ. God's eternal purpose in Christ.>>PS I hope everyone on Christianet has a great week-end.
---catherine on 3/21/08

debbie jo, I like to see someone that does their homework, and knows the word of God, according to His Holy Word. Good Job!
---pgfdottie on 3/10/08

#1 Eph.3:4 - What is the Mystery? It is revealed in 3:6: That the Gentiles should be fellow-heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ by the Gospel. The word fellow shows that God bestowed His grace upon the Gentiles as well as upon Israel - Heb.2:9. "Fellow-heirs means that the sons of God - Gal. 4:6,7, are made up of both Jews and Gentiles.
---Debbie_Jo on 2/20/08

#2 The phrase, and the same body, means that the Body of Christ, the Church, is made up of Jews and Gentiles. Likewise the phrase, and partakers of His promise, means that all who believe on Jesus whether Jew or Gentile are participants of the promise made to Abraham

---Debbie_Jo on 2/20/08

Doc rich-You need stop using greco roman theistic writer's doctrine about Paul's life and inent. He was expressing himself in rabbinical thought from the Hebrew writings, which many westerner's and unlearned Jewish/Western religious leaders do not comprehend His writings, Rav Shaul was not lead by Satan. Obviously the Holy Spirit. You are obssessed and do not present a valid exegesis of Paul.
---yochanon on 2/7/08

Paul was talking about the mystery he had in his revelation(s). Read 2Cor.12:1-10. Then google "Revelation of Paul". (What Paul wrote about what he saw in the third heaven). Paul went on to say that God gave him a demon (messenger of Satan) and he demanded God 3 times to get rid of this demon. Then this god said "my grace is sufficent for you, for [my] power is perfected in your weakness". WHAT? Clearly Paul was being led by Satan!
---Dr._Rich on 2/5/08

He is clearly referring to the vision he had on the road to Damascus(acts 9-2) and possibly to later revelations as well. His encounter with the risen Christ, who identifies himself with his Church , is the origin and basis of his grasp of God's eternal plan , the "Mystery" which is one of the teachings of this letter.
---Johannes on 2/4/08

Shirley ... In my KJV the word "mystery" appears in Ephesians 3.3 and in verse 4
---alan_of_UK on 2/4/08

God did not want to reveal his Battle and Extraction Rescue plan to the demonic forces or mankind until He was ready in the fullness of time where HE gave the coded message through the prophets. "It" was a mystery, but now revealed. We still have some things to understand until the Last DAY, which means an end to the devil's reign. Our Salvation is a sign to them, that it's over. The count down for the last 7 yrs has begun.
---yochanon on 2/4/08

Well,I went to my King James bible and read through Ephesians chap.3 and didn't read the word mystery in there.What version of the Bible are you reading? I have some others here but havn't looked there yet.
---shirley on 2/4/08

Paul is stating that the mystery consist of three things. One, the gospel is now being preached to the Gentiles: two, he is stating this on direct revelation from God, and three, Christ has now fulfilled the prophecies that were a mystery to those of the O.T.
---wivv on 2/4/08

"that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the Gospel," (Ephesians 3:6) "mystery" can mean "secret" to be revealed

for Paul who had been a Jewish Pharisee, hearing the Gentiles would be co-heirs with God's Jews could be like a rich son's bride discovering the town prostitute was going to reform and be pronounced along with her to be an equally loved wife of her fiance
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/3/08

The age of the church, when gentiles would be allowed to feast at the table of God.
---Ryan_Z on 2/3/08

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