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Wrong To Question God

Is it "wrong" to question God? There are so many "bad" things that I don't understand?

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 ---Gregory on 2/8/08
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Jesus said to test everything including the spirits. So, what is this test? First you must study the words of Jesus given to us by His eyewitnesses, then you can see if it agrees or not. Please study the truth first. Then the lies will be easy to spot.
---Dr.Rich on 3/25/08

I know!. No it is not wrong to question God in the spirit. A good attitude is important when questioning God. Be in love with Jesus. He has a great sinse of humor. Perhaps, if something is really bothering you, clear your mind first. Then ask away.
---catherine on 3/25/08

gregory,no its not wrong when you don,t understand.bad things happen because of sin.sin happens because man chooses to disobey god.with this in mind and knowing that gods way of doing things is in direct conflict with your flesh,and the desires that your flesh places upon your mind, and heart,ask away.
---tom2 on 3/22/08

Is it wrong to question God? I do it all the time. Not so much as I use to. You can question Him on anything just as long as your motives are pure and you have the right attitude, your heart is right with God. Ask away. Now, God does not always answer you right away. Later on He may or may not. I use to ask so many questions, I know He didn't answer half of them. Keeps your mind clear and it's better than having a mind that wanders.
---catherine on 2/28/08

To question God is not in itself wrong.The prophet Habakkuk had questions for God concerning the Lords plan. Habakkuk isn't rebuked for his questions,he is patiently answered Many questions are put to God in the Psalms (Psalms 10,44,74,77).These are the cries of the persecuted, who are desperate for Gods intervention and salvation. Although God does not always answer our questions in the way we want, we conclude from these passages that a sincere question from an earnest heart is welcomed by God.
---Court7646 on 2/27/08

Go ahead. God can handle your questions. But we must remember, at all times,he is in control and is God. Our understanding can be opened to His way. "His Way" are the key words.Our walk with God is a relationship. We must remember that. In a relationship there is always room for questions.If you had a relationship with your spouse and were not allowed to question him,what kind of relationship would that be? You can argue(respectfully) with Him,sing to him,love on Him,obey him. Whatever.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

It's ok to question God, though he may not answer us because what we need to know, we already know, we just have to clear our mind and find it. He guides us all the way though, but we have to make the decisions. Its up to us to make the final leap of faith.
---Jim on 2/20/08

Personally, I'm grateful that God allowed things in the Bible like the Psalms (some of them are quite heavy-hearted or intense), Job, Book of Lamentations, and others. Imagine what we'd have missed out on.
---Mary on 2/19/08

Gregory, I don't think your questioning God, I think you are just confused by what we down here call "reality."

When you stand in a high place do you feel demons trying to push you, or the angels holding you fast? There is a whole other dimension to life that we don't see and the best examples are how God turns today's tragedy, into tomorrow's blessings.

It's OK to feel a sense of loss at the carnage around you because in this you are like God. This too shall pass.
---Pharisee on 2/10/08

If there is something that you do not understand, then ask for understanding? The Lord wants you to understand because understanding means departing from evil (Job 28:28).

(Job 28:28)Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.
---Shawn.M.T on 2/8/08

Job questioned God and his friends scorned him for it. Actually, if you check what they said to him in light of the rest of scripture, all of it was theologically correct. However, at the end, God said Job was right and the friends were wrong. God also rebuked Job and let him know who's boss. But I find it interesting that when he compared Job with his friends, he considered Job to be in the right... I dare to say, God values an honest question more than parroted theology.
---j._nonymous on 2/8/08

God is not the cause of bad things. You can question, but I think your time would be better spent seeking God's face for answers, not dwelling on everything going haywire.

God will give you answers, answers, answers for those that would oppose the Word of God in your life. So questioning God is something that truthfully, could not be further from my mind. I trust God, implicitly with my life and my family's life, and you should, too.
---Cindy on 2/8/08

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