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Many Women Pastors Today

Why are there so many women pastors? Isn't the Bible against it? How has this effected the Church? How has this effected men? How has this effected women? If you are a woman, does this question anger you? If so, why?

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 ---j._nonymous on 2/8/08
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Why are there so many women pastors?
Answer: There are not any.
Isn't the Bible against it?
Answer: Yes, "But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Viva. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." I Timothy 2:12-14.
How has this effected the Church?
Answer: It doesn't.
How has this effected men?
Answer: They do not heed the weaker vessel.
How has this effected women?
Answer: growth of disobedience and ungodliness.
---Eloy on 11/27/09

//Why are there so many women pastors? Isn't the Bible against it?

I do not believe the Bible is against women pastors. 1) there is not 1 Scripture that forbids women from preaching, but there are many verses that encourage both men & women to preach the gospel. 2) The Bible teaches that God is not a respecter of person and He will use any and all who will yield to Him, regardless of race, age, or gender. Gal. 3:28, Acts 10:34. 3)The Great commission does not restrict gender of believers. The cry is for more laborers and it is a trick of the devil to down rate thousands of faithful laborers just because they happen to be female. (continued)
---Lee1538 on 11/23/09

//Why are there so many women pastors? Isn't the Bible against it?

6)The Bible tells us that believers can do all things thru Christ (Php. 4:13). But those who have problems with gender tell us this verse is restricted that to men alone.

5) Authority over men? Authority is inherent in the job description. If someone is a head of State, the authority is derived from the job. In the same sense, the authority of a pastor is inherent in the position regardless of gender. The job of a husband does have the inherent authority over the wife (Eph. 5:23) but that has nothing to do with preaching.
---Lee1538 on 11/23/09

Magdalenas are excellent. They are a type of muffin made predominately of eggs, flour, oil, and lemon. Perhaps, the male disciples were hungry, as are many male preachers at times. The polygamist heads his, or her, group. Men headed the inquisition, except when an evil Queen headed her country. The men waged the war, the women waved flags and cheered them on. The men and women trained their little boys to go to war. As to your last three questions, Godly Christians, one hopes. However, 1Corinthians 11:3-10, 13, 15-16, 14:(33), 34-35, (36-38), and 1Timothy 2:11-12 (8-15), say no women are to rule over men.
---Glenn on 4/25/09

There is a theory that Mary Magdelene was the designated head of Christ's church. But she was overpowered by the actions of the male diciples. After looking at the records of male preachers, I find that theroy hard to discount! Who heads the poligomist faith? Who headed the Inquision? Who has waged wars on sister Christian nations? Think, who teaches our children? Who sets the example of loving our neighbors as our selves? Who lives and breathes the love, peace, and gentleness of our Lord?
---Linda on 4/21/08


The Church belongs to Gods. Paul suffered and if it was for the acceptance of man he wasted his time, but he chose to follow Christ and go against the grain do not preach any other Gospel and shipwreck the Gospel.
---Carla5754 on 4/21/08

Gauis>>>Bless your HEART.
---catherine on 4/21/08

No! The Bible is not against women pastors. What God is against is not studying in depth scripture. If God can raise up a stone He can raise up preachers. Men and women. There could be as many fake women preaching as men. Probably not as many women. God is against anyone, men or women who are preaching and is not saved. And ofcourse, one must be called into this ministry. By God. Let it be a woman or man.
---catherine on 4/21/08

God said that man is head of the household. Man as in Human. It is a debated topic. God said he only does what is fair and right. It would be fair if men and women can preach. It is ok for men and women to preach.
---Gauis on 4/20/08

What standard are we using to decide this question? Is not the Bible the final authority on this matter? I heard some say how we have "progressed" so far in the are of feminism. Well God does not change and neither does his word.
---Michael on 4/20/08


The MEN are HEAD of the Women (plural)
THE man is Head of a woman. (singular)

---Carla5754 on 4/20/08

I'm just stunned, I thought we had come so far, had become so enlightened. To see so much repression, and fear over women no less.

This is all about power, it has nothing to do with spreading the gospel. Christ said if He needed it the rocks would cry out. Of course out that time that is about what women were worth. Eve was created from the rib, not the foot. Women is to be side by side with man, not higher or lower. Orginal design.
---dan on 4/20/08

I have heard women preach and I have heard men preach. Women speak off the top of their heads and use personal experience. They do not prepare such good stuff as the men do, because the men are 100 per cent devoted to it and do not have to keep house, worry about children, worry about clothes, etc.etc. I get audio sermons and all of them are good, and they are all men. Obviously women are not in demand because they are not matching up, and I am not surprised.
---frances008 on 4/19/08

Makes me see RED, HOT, FIRE. God used many women in the Bible. Judges and so forth. Earlier, I did a good blog on this subject and the importance of women in the church and how God will use women as He sees fit. And if you really study Paul's writings, he was never against women doing whatever for God in the church.
---catherine on 4/19/08

Pastor is suppose to be the head of the house
and the bible said the man is the head of the house
---Newton on 3/17/08

p.s. RitaH - thanks for your offer to help. I found a new proxy and I think I am / free!
---ShaunT on 2/29/08

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Rita - it is not me with the / it is a proxy server I am using and for some reason it inserts them. It annoys me as much as I always remove them but they come back. The program is inserting them as an escape character. I will have to see if I can find another proxy server.
---ShaunT on 2/29/08

Darlene - In one sense I will agree with your post. The modern version of feminism (at least in full bloom) in America may be 50-60 years, but the spirit has been at work since the day of the garden when Eve came out from under Adam and hearkened unto the serpent. Adam, likewise rebelled against God and followed his disobedient wife.

Women wanting to be pastors is plainly rebellion due to their chafing at being under authority. They are not satisfied being women but rather want to be a man.
---ShaunT on 2/29/08

#2 Darlene - Woman who want to be men in dress, style, attitude/demeanor and now roles. Soon, if genetics allow it, I am sure there will be some who will try to grow a beard. For these, raising children, being meek and quiet as Scriptures teach, raising children and teaching the younger women to love their husbands and submit to them as Christ did the Father is not enough. Instead, more must be had with the pastorate being the brass ring.

Plain and simple this is the spirit of Jezebel.
---ShaunT on 2/29/08

ShaunT could you explain the reason for all the \\\\ \\\\ you use in your posts. If they are there just to emphasise certain words of phrases why not use italics, underline, bold, any of which would make your words stand out better and be easier to read. If you don't know how to do these, please say and one of use will tell you how. It's easy.
---RitaH on 2/29/08

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To everyone: The answer is yes women can preach. I know what Corinthians says but don't forget about the old testament. The oldtestament was before the new one. In that time man was ahead of woman. Now, we are equal. God says he only does what is fair and right. Being equal is fair and right. Hope that helped.
---Purunematu on 2/28/08

Shaun T you are so wrong about feminism having anything to do with women preachers. There have been women preachers and Pastors,deacons,prophets for centuries. Some men just don't want to admit the truth and grab onto reasons for them now,it is the same as it was always they received a call from God and obeyed. I was saved in a church with a woman Pastor,and baptised in another church by a woman Pastor,that was 58 & 46 years ago,before feminism took hold.
---Darlene_1 on 2/28/08

#1 Darlene - No, I am not missing the point but rather it is you. What I am sharing is the doctrine of the church for 2000 years as well as that of the the Jews. It is only in our modern feminist driven culture that the accepted truths and Biblical roles for men and women in Scripture are being overturned. I am in no way degrading women nor ignoring the fact that women have gifts and roles in the NT church of Jesus Christ. But, the truth of Scripture is that it is not to be elders over the flock.
---ShaunT on 2/28/08

#2 For this is given to solely to men. Anything less is denying the Word of God and reinterpreting to fit our God hating uni-sex society. God made them male and female. The more female \\\"pastors\\\" we see it only equates to more judgment upon us for this is systematic of the same problem where now many children rule over parents. This being another violation of Godly families and the order that should be.
---ShaunT on 2/28/08

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#3 \\\"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.\\\" (Isa 3:4,12)

I pray there will be a remnant of women who will shun Gloria Steinum and her disciples and seek the old paths where women actually desired to be women and not men. Where femininity was cherished and taught to the younger women training them to be godly wives unto their husbands.
---ShaunT on 2/28/08

michelle - thanks for your words. FYI - I do not believe it was I who responded to your \\\"basket\\\" post as I\\\'m totally in the dark. Must be someone else...I may need to change my ID so as to not be confused with someone else.
---ShaunT on 2/28/08

This blog reminds me of Alice at the tea party. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
---Deb on 2/28/08

There was this statsu thing in Biblical times, women weren't worth much. But there was a status equal to men called a "free women", a women not dependant on a man. Mary Magdelene, Lydia, are two examples. Look at the role of MM in the gospel, she led Peter to the tomb, she spoke the truth. She was relied upon by the early church heavily. Christ and Paul both used women in leadership and teaching.
---dan on 2/28/08

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Ramon no I didn't forget. Read my comment which the verse says "if a man",man means whatever or whoever. I covered following verses of that by saying "The rest of verses would be changed to agree with the choice of gender.". God set a pattern in the Bible and there were many women prophets and those who even traveled with Christ and the Apostles. Paul himself called Junia,a woman kinsman,an apostle of note. Phebe was a deconess. You are teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.
---Darlene_1 on 2/28/08

Women accept all of Bible and they aren't feminist. Galatians 3:28There is neither Jew nor Greek,there is neither bond nor free,there is neither male or female,for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. It's not the vessel which is important but the obedience of that vessel which matters to God. We're all one in Jesus,one in Bapism,one in empowerment by Holy Ghost baptismn,one in the Gifts of the Spirit, and thats the way God made it,then it follows we would be one in Gods use of us to further the Kingdom.
---Darlene_1 on 2/28/08

In Judges God used a woman to tell a man what to do. And this man was leader of a bunch of people. You will find this in Judges 4 v.6. Miriam took a tambourine in her hand and they danced. She sang what is now the word of God. God goes more for wisdom than gender. What can I say, if you got it you got it.
---catherine on 2/28/08

the first to carry the word of Jesus ressurection was a woman.this is a plus but not permission to usurp the authority of man over woman.woman usurping mans authority is not a biblical teaching.mans authority over woman is not license to dictate.Womans disobedience brought us to this state for acting alone in authority over man when tempted of the serpant
---Raymond on 2/28/08

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Shaun T, you are right on the money. I totally agree. One of you responded to my comments about changing times. About the food in baskets. That's different. God didn't COMMAND us to use baskets for the administration of food. That was a tradition. And a different period in history. Yet he felt it important to explain women aren't to usurp authority over the man. Like I said, the world changes, the BIBLE and GOD doesn't.
---michelle on 2/28/08

Ramon and ShaunT make good points ...if Christ wanted women to lead he would have made one or more of His Apostles a women (to give an example of what He wanted for His Church)

everything Christ did was for an example to mankinds - Christ didn't need Baptizism (He was Baptized to show us)

no examples of women leading the flock ...women who want leadership do so today out of their own self interest following traditions of equal rights for women in the laws of the land (not of Gods Word)
---Rhonda on 2/27/08

Paul wrote the woman being deceived was in the transgression and just like Adam, men today follow the deceived women preachers. They are what the GLBT community call female to male transgenders and condemn themselves when they speak out against the GLBT community.
Too blind to see a spirit of perversion.
---Frank on 2/27/08

Darlene 1. You forgot to mention that in 1 Timothy 3 "Male" pronouns are used (i.e., He not she). The Bible is clear and the consent of the Early Church is clear: Women cannot be bishops/pastors because this one of the roles that God gave only to man.

God can and use women, but the Bible declaration that only men can be bishop is solid proof that your belief are nothing more than "feminists ideas".
---Ramon on 2/27/08

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Rebecca. If it wasn't for Jesus and the God-fear man like Paul and Peter, we wouldn't have a Church. Who started the whole Church? Jesus and the Apostles not a group of women. Do not flatter yourself Rebecca.

The Bible and Church History refutes women being Bishops.
---Ramon on 2/27/08

Shaun T,you and others miss the whole point,yes,yes, the "man" not men is head of the "woman" not women. It's to husbands and wives not all men over all women. Women can't usurp authority away from men who never had it over them to begin with. The curse was husband and wife,be silent,ask husband, was to husband and wife. Men took verses to married couple and stretched it to mean all men over all women and that's a fallacy. God gave women Gifts of leadership which you are now ignoring.
---Darlene_1 on 2/27/08

Much of the ministry of the church depends on women. Women in the church are not restricted to public praying or prophesying (1 Corinthians 11:5), only to having spiritual teaching authority over men.The Bible nowhere restricts women from exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians chapter 12). Women,just as much as men, are called to minister to others, to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and to proclaim the Gospel to the lost (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 1 Peter 3:15).
---Court7646 on 2/27/08

#1 God\\\\\\\'s words is the standard and anything in opposition to it is not of God not matter how \\\"anointed\\\" one says it is.

\\\"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God.\\\" (I Cor 11:3)

The problem is that these woman do not want to submit God\\\'s word plain and simple. Defend this disobedience and you establish a new standard per the feminist culture.
---ShaunT on 2/27/08

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#2 A feminist culture that mocks Godly values and has led to the decline of the western family and women being \\\'women\\\'. Also,many
women rule the roost with their neutered husbands following passively behind. Children in many homes are treated like liabilities where raising a child is no longer a noble job but rather a burden. The end goal not a Proverbs 31 woman but rather an executive who climbs the ladder or now one that climbs the church ladder to get the coveted pastorate.
---ShaunT on 2/27/08

*When humans bow to God's anointing will it is God who moves not man and it doesn't matter male or female God is in control*

God is always in control ...mankind still has free will - women believing they're being led by Holy Spirit allow themselves to disobey Christ doing as they please ...many verses already given on blog that are very clear - women do not pastor or lead the flock ...they can minister and teach in many wonderful ways but Gods Truth plainly states women do not lead
---Rhonda on 2/27/08

Women are not permitted to teach the Chruch to be SILENT asking their husbands when they get home if he's saved that is, to teach women to be obedient to their husbands/ children ONLY. The rest you Treach is accursed oppinionated and misuse of scriptures not recognising PAUL who spoke as Christ Taught Given to Christ by God. Are you actually READING the subject related scriptures or History?
---Carla5754 on 2/27/08

I won't be getting into No debate as this always turns into ungodly debate and sin. The scriptures are plain and simple to read while women like to debate that Paul wasn't referring to women in general, your ears as the word say's become itchy and open only to what you want to here.
---Carla5754 on 2/27/08

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There is no anointing attached to sin.

The gifts and callings are without repentance, but if there is sin, there is no anointing attached to it.

This is where you will find preachers involved with sin, they may be able to preach but it will be dead. Eventually it turns desperate, sow your seed, sow your seed, get your return, so forth.
Eventually, those funds dry up and/or the sin is exposed in the bright light of the Son.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

Divorced women and men are not to pastoring a church. It doesn't mean they cannot assist the pastor in administrative helps or running the soup kitchen, food closet.
A divorced woman pastor may prosper for a season, but the anointing is gone. If they work it up in the flesh, it's of another spirit.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

The purpose driven appoint themselves endeavoring to fulfill their purpose.

But I'm seeing something happen, the pastors that are being blessed today, have one wife/ one husband. I am seeing a switch from glitzy sow your seed ministries, people are now turning to ministries where there is no sin in the camp. I am seeing it happen in churches and even on the TV.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

Something wonderful is happening in Christianity. While many are leaving churches where they could not find salvation, they are turning to churches where they can, and I'm not talking churches led by man's purposes.
No, there are spiritually undefiled pastors that are being blessed and the Light is shining brightly upon them. They have humbled themselves, through prayer and fasting. Jesus Christ is their focus and they're being blessed for it. It is wonderful.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

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In Gods eye there is neither male nor female, he searches the heart. So, whatever is in your heart God know and whatever your mouth reveals man know. So bridle your tongue and pray that the woman evangelize as the spirit of god would have them to do so. Bless the women pastors, preachers, teachers and mothers of the gifts of god his people.
---gary on 2/27/08

"if it wasn't for Eve we wouldn't need a church." Does the bible say this? Does Romans 5:12 say this?
---RitaH on 2/27/08

What God appoints God anoints. Commited Christians seek God's leading and through the empowerment of the Holy Ghost they move only according to God's will. When they allow the HG to move through them whatever they do is by the direction of God. If one is tuned in to God He gives the sermons,and if one covers all things done with prayers and obedience to God the church is anointed. When humans bow to God's anointing will it is God who moves not man and it doesn't matter male or female God is in control.
---Darlene_1 on 2/27/08

No, we do not all agree with you, not by any stretch of the imagination, Scripture or by any hair of any chinny chin chin.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

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Actually, Paul referred to Moses and the church in the wilderness!
If it weren't for THE LORD, MOSES and other MEN like Paul and Peter there would be no church!
Mary might have went to the tomb but Peter had the faith and guts to enter it!
Don't flatter yourself or other women.
---Frank on 2/27/08

When I told my wife of the female arogance here and how if it wasn't for the sacrifice of Jesus there would be no church she laughed and said "if it wasn't for Eve we wouldn't need a church." At least one woman still has common sense. The Lord told Peter he would build his church on him. Not Mary at the tomb. If she believed the Lord she wouldn't have returned to finish anointing the body!
---Frank on 2/27/08

all seems interesting to me, still the question rises, Paul who was so much against women pastors, bishops elders includes in one of his salutations an apostle called Junia, wich is the feminine form of Junio (anyone who knows latin and Greek sufficiantly will agree on this point.
---Andy on 2/27/08

I believe that every scripture is inspired by God. If you discount the Apostle Paul, you eliminate about 1/3 of the New Testament.

I do not believe women are called to be pastors. Pastoring and preaching are two separate gifts. If I preach on the streets, it does not mean that I am a pastor.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 2/26/08

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For those of you who believe a woman shouldn't speak in church. The next time you have church, let the men sit on one side and the women on the other side, so the preacher can only preach to the men. If the women can't hear the Preacher just let them cause confusion and let them holler across the church asking their husband what the Preacher had said. Paul was meaning that some women caused confusion in the church. If it hadn't been for us Women, you men wouldn't have a church.
---Rebecca_D on 2/26/08

Michelle ... The principles of the bIble don't change.
But look at so many things in the Bible which relate to how we used to live.
The sower sowed by hand ... and fish and loaves were carried round in baskets ...
I wonder how your food is grown, and brought to you?
---alan_of_UK on 2/25/08

Women can be anything God says. In Genesis 3:16 when God cursed Eve he said,And thy desire shall be to your husband and he shall rule over you. That is the only person God said would rule over a wife/woman. 1Cor14:34 women keep silence,-,as also saith the law. The reference in Bible for law, in this, goes right back to Genesis3:16 shows 1Cor 14:34 is refering to the law of the husband and curse. This bears out in 1Cor14:35 tells woman to ask her husband at home. Not all men over all women.
---Darlene_1 on 2/25/08

to katie below. Honey, you said take in to consideration when Paul wrote that, and that women were 2nd class citizens. THE BIBLE DOESN'T CHANGE. EVER. That's a very scary thing to change the BIBLE to fit our times.
---michelle on 2/25/08

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Continued:1 Tim 3:1-,if a man desire the office of a bishop,-. Man in Strongs 1536 means whoever or whatever. "Whoever" can be either male or female,not just man as was translated in KJV Bible by Men. The rest of verses would be changed to agree with the choice of gender. God's will shown by example in OT and NT of putting women in leadership positions. Greek- women's names end in "ia" so shows Junia,a woman, Strongs 5428 agrees, Paul spoke of her as of note among the Apostles.
---Darlene_1 on 2/25/08

continued,Strongs 652 apostle,delegate messenger,one sent forth with orders specifically applied to twelve of Christ,in a broader sense applied to other eminent Christian teachers. So you see if you study in depth you find the truth,women can teach and lead,even preach since preaching is teaching with fire, truth which has been skillfully hidden from women to make them subservient to all men.
---Darlene_1 on 2/25/08

I don't believe Christ intended for women to be preachers. Not to say that they aren't able and willing. My husband is a preacher. I have a friend who is a woman who is also a preacher. I don't agree with the fact that she's a preacher, but let me tell you, she knows her bible probably better than most men, and I've read some of her devotions, and she's truly an inspiration. God is the judge, remember that. He was the only perfect person who ever lived.
---michelle on 2/25/08

I believe that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to. Why are we limiting what God can call us to do? Ramon, if you look throughout the Bible, God used women in so many ways, why can't he use them to be pastors? You also need to look at the context of when Paul was writing. He was writing in a time where women were considered second class citizens. They didn't have a say in anything. I'm glad things are different today, that women can be whatever they want to be, even pastors.
---Katie on 2/25/08

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1cor14:34Let your women keep silence in the churches, for it is not p,ermitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.Eph5:22Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord 1Tim2:12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to USURP AUTHORITY OVER THE MAN, but to be in silence..that alone is simple english all should know..WOMEN DONT SPEAK IN CHURCH PERIOD..
---pal on 2/25/08

Ramon ... In the firsrt of those verses, I note Paul's use of the word "I",
And that "women are to be in silence" ... that will not allow them many "roles in the Church"!
I don't think Paul would have regarded his then restrictions to be binding on future generations in a changed society,
And I don't think he would have been so arrogant as to say his thoughts were scripture & God written.
---alan_of_UK on 2/25/08

Paul did not totally reject women as leaders, in Romans 16:1 read his recommendation of Phoebe, a deaconess? As the deacons role is as much spiritual teaching as mundane, not only a teaching position but one of great responsibility. Also Priscilla a couple of versus later.
---dan on 2/24/08

alan of Uk. Based on Scriptures, women cannot be Bishops. This is not to say that women does not have roles in the Church, but based on Scriptures and Church History, they cannot be Bishops. Notice, that in 1 Timothy 2:12-13, that Paul directly relates the authority issue with the created order.

The Early Church has always held that ordinances belong to man only, and there was no women Bishops in the History of the Early Christian Church (1st-8th Century).
---Ramon on 2/24/08

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Leslie. #2 All I read is your opinions. You have not once given any Scripture [s] to back up your belief. All you saying that it is not God's will to limit the "bishop role" to man alone, but this is still your opinion.

You do not know God's Will [opinion], because you are not God, nor are you his secretory. You do not believe the Bible is 100% true and God's Word, because you wish to assign Paul's declaration as "his opinions" not God's. The Bible is not man's opinions.
---Ramon on 2/24/08

God is a God of order and balance. He has established order within the family (Gen. 3:16, 1 Cor. 11:3, Eph. 5:22-33, Col. 3:18-21 ) and the church (1 Tim. 2:11-14, 1 Cor. 11:8-9). Even within the Trinity there is an order.

In the creation, women was created to be man's helper. It is this order that Paul mentions in 1 Tim. 2:11-14 when speaking of authority. Being a pastor is to be in the place of authority. If a women is a pastor, it contradicts 1 Tim 2:11-14. Case closed!
---Ramon on 2/24/08

Leslie *the scriptures that are written about women not being pastors, were written based on a man's opinion of it (and recorded), this is NOT God's opinion*

How can you say that? The Bible IS God's Word. All Scriptures are God-breath, and none are man's opinions.

The Bible makes it clear that women cannot be Bishops, and since all authors were inspired by God, it cannot err. Like Darlene 1, you pick and choose which Scriptures are "God's Word" and which are not (like cults)
---Ramon on 2/24/08

did more digging Phil.1:1 seems to be the only text where the concensus is on the word 'bishop' most translators use it in term of overseer.

My point is today a bishop is a paid adminstrator given authority by man. By reading Acts we find that there was no paid clergy or any kind. That these responsibilities were 'lay' positions. By modern elevation we do ourselves a disservice. Bishop today and yesterday two different meanings.
---dan on 2/24/08

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It's time we realised that men and women are made physically different so they perform different physical functions. Their role in the child production area is the most noticeable, but this goes further into who is usually most appropriate to do the childcare, and who the hunting.
Sadly, marriages break down and women often have to adopt both roles
---alan_of_UK on 2/24/08

Mentally, educationally & spiritually there is no difference between men & women. God is no longer limited (***) by the social restrictions that Jewish society placed on women, and it is right for them to take on pastoral roles.

(***) I am sure this post will produce an angry strong reaction and rebuttal!!
---alan_of_UK on 2/24/08

I don't beleive the Bible says women should never be pastors, even bishops.
What Paul said was for that time, and was entirely appropriate in the context of social conditions then.
The rule that bishops should have one wife, if taken literally, meant that single men and widowers would be disqualified. So it can't be taken literally.
What it means is the the bishop should have one spouse.
Paul did not put it that way because it was not the practice then for women to have any authority
---alan_of_UK on 2/24/08

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