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Obama For President

It looks like Obama is going to beat Clinton? What would Obama do for our country other than his pledge to give the Middle East back to Iran?

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 ---Tammy on 2/10/08
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Nicole,opps,my fingers got in a hurry and my mind couldn't keep up. I meant to say Clinton vetoed the Bill to end Patial-Birth Abortion but Bush signed it into law to prohibit that type of abortion.
---Darlene_1 on 4/29/08

Nicole, Clinton may have vetoed Partial- Birth Abortion but George Bush signed it into law in 2003. People have been so busy downing Bush for what they think he's done wrong,they can't admit what he's done right. Thats certainly a lot more Christian acting than either Clinton or Obama who are for all types of abortion and voted to back them.
---Darlene_1 on 4/23/08

Nicole_I have'nt an oz. of fear in me,
i've been praying & watching for Jesus for over 35 yrs.
My wife would tell you I'm a pretty big guy that looks pretty Intimidating.
Truely, I Fear NO man or Satan & his minions!
I've seen the power of God in my Lifetime More than once...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/23/08

DDM, don't be afraid. We men are slow to listen and act. But, Jesus is in control. He is not letting us defend ourselves, He is over us. McCain is better than Obama. Obama said he will select Supreme Justices to protect Roe Vs Wade. McCain promised the opposite of Obama. BillClinton veto the ban of partial birth abortion. We must stand up and vote to help make these changes. God will ask about our actions. Remember the man who buried the talent. Matt25:14-30. Take action this is required of you.
---Nicole on 4/23/08

You should never count your chickens before they hatch. It looks like you are assuming wrong. Many people do not reveal their true feelings until x marks the spot, when they vote. Straw man polls are polls, but it ain't over until November.
---lisa on 4/22/08

I've asked for guidence on this matter!

By the Sound of this Blog ?,
Obama is going to win, So i will ASSUME that it will be B.O vs J.Mc!
SO, now What?
Enee Menee Minee MOE, Which 1 of these 2 Will End the Show!
Neither of these, HOLD TOO MY VALUES!
(the Border,spending & waste of T-payers money,Gay's, Ect. ect. ect.)
So Convince ME who I should Vote for,
Evil or Eviler?
YOU choose which 1's which!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/22/08

Elder ... What words of wisdom!
If we don't vote. does God manipulate the ballot box? No, He expects us to get involved ... sometimes we are his hands, voice, feet, etc.
And it is good to see you are still around.
And thank you again for the prayers for my friend's son
---alan_of_UK on 4/22/08

Elder_Has God told you who to vote for?
Which one will bring about the things, I long for?
I don't mean some feeling or a thought!
And if God has revealed it to you, tell me, Please!

---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/22/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin, how can God's wi,ll be done if only the lost and confused vote in our country. Render to God His things and to the government take a stand for that which is right. Let our voices be heard. It appears that only the left speaks out.
---Elder on 4/21/08

Ted ... Earthquakes, floods, meteorites, famines, genocide, financial melt-down, wars & rumours of wars, are nothing new.

---alan_of_UK on 4/21/08

That sure would speed things up Would'nt it?
And IF I knew it would Speed things up,
I would Vote for him in a Heart beat!
I've Prayed & Watched for that day since I was 12(1974).
However, that would mean that all the people who have died thus far, would have been in vain...
I can't take part in anything like that!
Like i said in another Blog, I tore up my Voting reg. card, Let Gods will be done!
I'm ready to go...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/21/08

The antichrist will reject all "worldviews" about religion, he'll deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.
He will perform lying wonders and signs.
---Ted on 4/21/08

Earthquakes in various places, famines and troubles. These are the beginning of sorrows, birth pangs.

Remember the rest, they arrest you, deliver you up, brother will betray brother, children rise up against parents - "we will be hated by all men for My Name's sake, but he who endures to the end will be saved."
---Ted on 4/21/08

Hi, okay, Ted, how did you determine that the earthquake was "God's answer" to Jimmy Carter for his actions? Doesn't he live in Georgia anyway? I have mixed feelings about Carter at the moment, but why do people assume every natural disaster is "God's answer" about someone's sin?
---Mary on 4/20/08

Severe weather is an indicator of what's coming.
As I said earlier, J.Carter needs to get on a plane and come home.
God is answering J. Carter's manmade efforts towards peace. He answered today in Chicago with a 5.2 earthquake. Get that man back down on the farm with his peanuts.

If he thinks that messing with God's business doesn't have any effect, he's mistaken and the rest of us should be paying attention.
---Ted on 4/18/08

The early church gets the Holy Spirit, the power of God but we get the anti-christ and no power to overcome? Not so. God is the same and He wants to pour out His spirit just as He did to the early church. We need it as much as they did. Will we receive it or be too busy to alter our schedules for Almighty God? Fear God.
---melann on 4/18/08

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It isn't about what Obama will do for our country. It's about how many true Christians will rise up and call for the power of God to be manifested in this hour. For His kingdom to come and His will to be done. He is coming back for a powerful church, mighty in His strength and power not a weak, defeated church, which is the way it is being presented.
---melann on 4/18/08

Many churches in this country don't want the presence of God. Not if it means staying longer than an hour, singing for more than 15 minutes, or wavering from their agendas. We need God in His fullness.
---melann on 4/18/08

Darlene1, I agree with the point of your post. However, don't overlook the fact that people that really ARE Christians, will DO the right thing. Some people like the guy mentioned below, confuse nationality with religion, some confuse religion with faith, some confuse nationality with faith. To believe is nothing to do with the other two.
---frances008 on 4/17/08

Alan,ha ha,thats how it is. I wonder if thats how people go to their grave unsaved because some of them think its what they "are",instead of something they "do",repent and live for God,which saves them.
---Darlene_1 on 4/17/08

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Rebecca & Darlene ... I remember once, as a young & inexperienced Christian, asking someone whether he wasa Christian.

His answer was "Of course I am a Christian, I am English"

That I think is how your 89% arrives!
---alan_of_UK on 4/17/08

Rebecca D,I know what you mean about the 80% Christians,one does wonder,but a person can believe in the concept of Christ which makes them a Christian to secular surveys. Only Christians know exactly what being a real Christian is all about. Total commitment and service to God through Jesus.
---Darlene_1 on 4/17/08

I honestly believe that God won't have his hand into who the people wants elected. This is a nation that has left God out of pretty much everything. Even if God showed people who would be the right person in the office, most of them which will be almost all of the U.S. will ignore what God shows them and vote for "who they want". God is neither a Democrat or a Republican for he is just God. If the U.S. has 80% Christians as they say we do, I'd sure would like to see where and in whom.
---Rebecca_D on 4/11/08

We can cast our votes, but God is going to give us the President that we deserve.
So working ourselves up into a dither over which one is right is exactly what everyone did 4 years ago. We have the President we deserve.

Patriotism is not repentance and politics does not bring the favor of God upon a nation. Hanging your hat upon your favorite politician, God will have the final say. Thinking one of the three will have all of the answers, only God does.
---Ted on 4/11/08

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Putting all of your trust in a politician, how like us.
God has been trying to show us for about 20 years, those days are over.
---Ted on 4/11/08

I think we're in for more of what we deserve, regardless of the candidate. All three regard politics as the cuisine that reigns supreme.
---Ted on 4/11/08

Somehow it seems as if the election is already over and we're being confronted with stronger hardships. Severe weather is an indicator of what's coming.
---Ted on 4/11/08


Change everything you said to past tense, change the name from Obama to Bush, and you've got current reality. Why not rail against what we can see is happening now rather than suppositions about the behavior of someone in the future?
---matthew on 4/11/08

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I'm a Reg. Independant,
I tend to lean to the "Right" most of the Time.
I live in Az. and I have voted for a Rep. since R. Reagan's 1st term.
As a marine(1979) I seen how the Dems. tried to dismantle the Military & PROMOTE ungodliness.
I've ALSO noticed that the Reps. Like to put band-aids on things and not stop the Bleeding of America!

If judgment comes to America,MANY will turn to God, So I will vote for Judgment!
It's Time!
ANY of the 3 will do!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/11/08

Everyone PLEASE pray, and make yourself fully aware of a candidate before you cast your vote. Allow God to lead you.
What happens will happen. All the arguing about the candidates is slanderous and much of it 'selective' reading of what you already think is true. Listen to God and HE will do the choosing. We could argue all day and accomplish nothing. God bless all.
---NVBarbara on 4/11/08

Obama's pastor is a close friend of Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan who said, "Hitler was a very great man."
---Ktisophilos on 4/10/08

While Obama denies much that his pastor & other questionable associates hold, one cannot really trust him as his goal is to be president and will say anything to get elected. Once elected we may very well see how much venom those snakes he associated with got into his blood.
---Lee on 4/9/08

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Let's also not forget that for 20 years, he has attended a black supremacist and Jew-hating church. The pastor who married him to his America-hating wife and baptized their kids supports Farrakhan and Hamas and blames white people for AIDS. He also said that 11-9 was America's chickens coming home to roost. Do you really want him as Commander in Chief?
---Ktisophilos on 4/8/08

Gordon,didn't mean anything wrong with Races having own churches. It's ironic after fighting to intergrate they choose to segregate. Blacks I understand why,their form of worship is more lively than mainline churchs and others want places they can hear in their own language. As for languages, used to everyone who came to America wanted to learn English,could go anywhere and understand. Don't now,"own pot" not "melting pot". Country's now compartmentalized not intergrated.
---Darlene_1 on 4/4/08

I would never vote for Obama. He wants to raise taxes. He wants immediate withdrawal from Iraq, baaad idea. I fear that if he or even Clinton were to get into office, we're going to lose many of the freedoms we have, especially freedom of speech. One can see it already. Also, if either gets elected, you can bet we're going to be headed towards a Socialist economy. I sure don't want that!
---Katie on 4/4/08

Darlene 1, There's nothing wrong with different races having their "own" Churches. GOD made each race special, unique, with different cultural customs and language. Each race understands each other and can relate to each other better. GOD intends for the races to be separate, TO A DEGREE. We can still have cities and PLACES where the different races can meet and form relationships and live together. If all races got "mixed together" you'd merely have CLONES with different skin colour.
---Gordon on 4/4/08

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Shirley, I think what you heard was confused. If you read the dialogue from the interview what he said was that he wanted JOBS to stay here and not sent to foreign factories, this would boost jobs and economy here at home.
---NVBarbara on 4/3/08

Lee, I have to ask..of what race would Obama be a racist for or against? Since he is of mixed races, would he be racist against whites or black? He is half n' half!
We ALL need to get past the colour barrier! I believe Obama has.
---Steve on 4/3/08

I heard Obama on TV today.He is going to make it exspensive on those factories who locate in other countries.Putting many people out of jobs.
---shirley on 4/2/08

Darlene = *People used to see USA as a melting pot of races now every race wants to have only their own pot.

Isn't that really the truth!

As for Obama, I would fear that if he were elected, we would have our first black racist is the White House and his efforts were all be for his own people.

---Lee on 4/2/08

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Barbara Sunday is segregated because the Black People do it themselves,also Hispanics. There are many intergraded churches in my area but there are also many Black Churches,Hispanic,and Korean. Racism may still be alive I'm sad to say but when Blacks have their own Chamber of Commerce,Coming Our Ball, Beauty Contests-Miss Black America,you can't blame other races for what they have choosen to do. People used to see USA as a melting pot of races now every race wants to have only their own pot.
---Darlene_1 on 4/2/08

I work in the medical field, and I heard a
doctor who preforms abortions say,"where are
all the christians,they all want to stop
abortion,but not one is willing to adopt
a child."
---Michael on 4/1/08

All the nominees are from the same stables. All the horses are owned by the same top illuminati. A little sign that someone is against them, would be that they disbelieved the 911 Commission, and brought justice for the 911 Victims Families.
---frances008 on 4/1/08

I am so sorry to find such negative comments about Sen. Obama on this blog. My Bible tells me that we are not to judge anyone. I think that the real reason that the bloggers dislike Obama has nothing to do with religion. In all honesty, I think it has to do with his race. You see, Sunday is STILL the most segregated day of the week. White people go to their churches and Black people go to their churches. Racism is alive and well. Okay. Now do we see the elephant in the room?
---Barbara on 4/1/08

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Andrea,I looked it up. Doctor reaches into womb,pulls all of the baby out but the head,they open a space at the bottom of the skull,use a suction device to suck brain out of live baby with no deading given to ease the pain. It's murder plain and simple,anyone who would vote for such torture to a humanbeing is as guilty as the murderer doctor that does it. Bush signed a Bill in 2003 to stop it and Supreme Court ruling agreed,now it's suspose to be law to stop it.
---Darlene_1 on 4/1/08

Obama is pro-death - when you vote for him -- you are voting to put liberal judges on the bench and supporting abortion on demand.

He even supports late term abortions where they slice the babies throat on the way out of the birth canal. And denies medical care to live birth abortions - even comfort care
---Andrea on 4/1/08

Don't get me wrong. I don't vote by party but by the spirt and very much in support of that bill against abortion. My issue is some of these way out comment (like the Anti-Christ joke)we find it acceptable because we claim to be christians and it's ok to judge another person by our flesh eyes and not have to use our spirit to reveal the truth.
---david on 4/1/08

Even Jesus saw the spirit inside of the harlot and leper when the world about judged them according to their fears and righteous indignations. Our love and the revelation of spiritual truths is what is to set us apart. Not walking as the world with gossip and slanders at what you what you really don't know about your neighbors so you find it ok to believe and spread slander (well lies) when you've bit more heard God tell you any of this was true than you heard men walking on Pluto.
---david on 4/1/08

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Christians (translation: Christ-like, representations of him and his actions) are to see others the way he did and not be a party to the ways of the world. The world drags our President through the mud but just the same do you hear them praising him on the partial abortion bill. Same token. Be of the spirit to all and not of the flesh.
---david on 4/1/08

NVBarbara,In 2003 Bush signed into law a Bill which had been passed by Congress to stop Partial Birth Abortions. Less than an hour later a Federal Judge,Richard Kopf,filed a temporary restraining order against it. April 2007 the Supreme Court upheld Federal Ban on Partial Birth Abortion. So that is what Bush did about one kind of Abortion. Similar laws had been vetoed by Bill Clinton in 1996 & 1997.
---Darlene_1 on 3/31/08

A lot of these responses seem to be out of fear and therefore speak in folly. Walk in the spirit and not fullfill the mind of the flesh. We give more credit to polictians who have used offices for personal gain and faked Christian values while being christians slander the reputation of a man without alsolute assurance through your Godly eyes on the truth of his heart. Do you see the splinter in the eye of others and not the mote in your own? Last i checked only Jesus is pure enough to cast stones.
---David on 3/31/08

Thank you, Tommy3007. Well, what more proof do we need? Obama has already proved that he's a liar. He doesn't even believe the Basic Tenets of the Christian Faith. The AntiChrist himself will claim to be a Man of Peace. He will claim to be Jesus Christ, to be GOD Himself. Do we really want him as leader over the United States?
---Gordon on 3/31/08

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Matthew, Yes, GOD must be taken in Faith. No, one can't "prove" that GOD exists as if He could be "produced for viewing" for all to see. BUT, the Scriptures are clear that mankind KNOWS that GOD exists by the very existence of His Creation. The Bible states that GOD created everything in Six Days. The Bible DOES say that to GOD a Day is as a Thousand Years, but, that's under a completely different context. It wouldn't have been impossible for GOD to create all in six literal days.
---Gordon on 3/30/08

"his pledge to give the Middle East back to Iran"

Care to give a reference on this?
I know you wouldn't want to be responsible for bearing false witness against another person...
---beth on 3/30/08

I think people need to wake up and see the real Obama. He commented recently in an interview or speech that He was a christian and knew he was going to heaven because the blood of Jesus had washed his sins away(which is an accurate definition of a christian) but, he also said that he would see his mother there who wasn't a christian(his words) because she was a "good" person, and that Muslims and Jews who don't accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God would also be in heaven, which isn't true.
---tommy3007 on 3/29/08

Thank You, Gordon. Have you read 'War on the Saints'.

I think it perfectly describes some people on this forum when it says 'Goodness is no gauruntee of protection against deception.'

There are many good people here, but some of them are deceived.
---frances008 on 3/29/08

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Alan, By showing a person the truth, that is prooving the truth. Now if a nonbeliever chooses to reject the evidence, that is the nonbelievers condemnation for their foolishness, but the fact remains that you have presented proof and the nonreceptive one continues in their folly inspite of the clear proof given them. God word says, they have no excuse for their rejection, Please Read- Romans 1:20.
---Eloy on 3/29/08

Ktisophilos, I understand what you are saying about the Democrat's voting records, this is not news. But I must ask, what has Bush done in the last 8 years? Did he make any steps towards curbing abortion? In addition to all the other messes he has gotton us into. Obama has closed the chapter on his past pastor. He said he would have left if he had heard such inflamatory remarks, but no plans of leaving his home church now since Wright has retired. Bush has 'said' he is a Christian, no evidence.
---NVBarbara on 3/28/08

Yes Eloy ... We see those things, and see God at work.
But it is not proof to the unbeleiver, or those who do not want to believe, because they will find some other explanation.

The other side of the coin are those here who refuse to accept that I am a believer, because I do not share their detail understanding (and I probably do not share yours) of how God made this spinning ball.
I can't prove to them, if they don't want to beleive me.
---alan_of_UK on 3/28/08


Why do you think that Obama agreed with his pastor about 9-11?
---StrongAxe on 3/28/08

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You said:
"Obama went to Kenya. Not long after that Kenya errupted in violence"

Similarly, Jesus came to Israel, and soon afterwards, Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome. Does that make it his fault?

Many people die after going to the hospital.

Just because two things happen at the same time, it doesn't always mean that the first is the cause of the second.
---StrongAxe on 3/28/08

Frances008, Thank you for your vote of confidence. YAHUVEH Bless you, as well. You're also doing your Homework! In these End Times, GOD's Words and Truth need declared more and more.
---Gordon on 3/28/08

Alan, not quite. God proves himself to his creation on a daily basis. Can you imagine me saying, Alan does not exist, when in fact you do, and you prove that you do by making your presence known through your words your and actions? God does this also. When there is a miracle, God. When the dead come back alive, God. When there is a rejoining, God. When billions of people and life and water cover a round circle, and this circle both spins and revolves and hangs upon nothing in space, God.
---Eloy on 3/28/08

Obama is more pro-death than NARAL. He voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. He also supports gay marriage.

And can you trust him as Commander In Chief, if he agrees with his pastor that 11-9 was just AmeriKKKa's chickens coming home to roost, and with his wife that he wasn't before proud of his country?
---Ktisophilos on 3/27/08

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There are certain people I do not respect and will not address on this forum, even in response.
---frances008 on 3/27/08

The Illuminati have chosen the next president already. It is either one of the three Clinton, Obama, and McCain. It makes no difference. The end is going to be that the Jews will be persecuted in Jerusalem, all nations fighting them. These things are in the Bible. It is already as good as done.
---frances008 on 3/27/08

I believe this man would destroy our biblical country and when America takes their eyes off God we will fall. Muslims and others have entered our country and want to dictate our country. We do not go to Muslim countries and tell them how and when to pray. This man has used his percentage of blackness to manipulate black churches and pastors. We perish for lack of knowledge.
---Lisa on 3/27/08

Obama went to Kenya. Not long after that Kenya errupted in violence. ---frances008 on 3/27/08

Frances, are you blaming Obama for the violence in Kenya?
---NurseRobert on 3/27/08

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Obama went to Kenya. Not long after that Kenya errupted in violence. Strange that. By their fruits you will know them is one of the most misapplied verses of the Bible together with the Judge not one. Fruits can be deceptive. Fruits can be secretive. Trees can look one way and be another. Like a Christmas tree with apples as decorations. So we should look very carefully at fruits. Anyone denying Christ, or his teachings about abortion, sexual morality etc. is not of God.
---frances008 on 3/27/08

Eloy ... What you are saying I think, is that if you have the experiences you talk of, you can prove to yuorself that God exists ... and that really is the same as Faith, cos Faith says "I beleive"
But Matthew is surely right that we cannot prove to someone else that God exists.
---alan_of_UK on 3/27/08

I am so scared to think that Obama could become president, because in my heart I believe that his winning the presidency will be a sign of the end of our time, and too many people still need to come to God. I believe that is one of the signs that Jesus was referring to, when he talked about reading signs of the pending weather as a parable.
---pgfdottie on 3/27/08


What evidence that Obama is a Muslim? It is because of his words, or deeds?

"By their fruits you shall know them". Has he ever produced any Muslim fruit?

I don't understand why so many Christians act on rumour and innuendo. Not only believing every accusation about people, but imagining evil that isn't there.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Would we like others to believe such innuendos and unfounded accusations about US?
---StrongAxe on 3/27/08

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My point:Faith is what is needed to believe in God. Physical proof will never exist. Mixing the kind of physical proof used in science and interpretations, literal or metaphorical, and somehow pretending that they are equivalent is foolishness.
I believe in God because I do. There is no proof of his existence. I believe that God made the world, but not in six days because the science does not agree. Science cannot prove God does not exist.

Some things are and will always be a matter of faith.
---matthew on 3/27/08

The proof really lies in the difference that God has made to people who have acceptted Him. We see or experience that difference and see God's hand at work, so it is proof to our sartisfaction.
But the sceptic will see something else ... perhaps a person who is so happy, but because he has been suffieciently gullible to beleive some fairy story about a happy afterlife.
So in the end it comes down to Faith.
---alan_of_UK on 3/27/08

.matthew, It is easy to prove the evident, tangible manifestation, which a person witnesses and hears and feels, like the substance of God. But it is foolishness to deny the reality of anything that is evident and tanglible which a person witnesses, hears and feals, like the substance of God. Jesus is physical like you are physical: He walked and talked and bled, he also walked on top of water and dematerialized and rematerialized and physically ascended back up into the heavens in front of eye witnesses.
---Eloy on 3/27/08

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