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How To Get To Heaven

What does a person need to do to go to heaven?

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 ---janet on 2/14/08
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My answers come from Scripture not from any denomination. If Mary was born, created, to be the person in Gensesis 3:15, she is the mother of the children of Satan. If she is not, then Eve is the mother. Take what makes you feel good and go with it. I will stand on the word of God that the person is Eve.
---Mark_V. on 3/19/08

#2. How does predestination play a part in this? Mary, from all eternity was predestined to be the mother of Jesus. God made sure of that from all eternity. Just as God predestined Christ to be the atonement for our sins and just as "He chose us in Him before the foundations of the world." No different.
---Mark_V. on 3/19/08

HelloChristina:Blessings- I note your remark and ask in return do you think God is incapableof this miracle,which He declares in Genesis and produces by confirmation of His angel. The answer in your Belief of His Greatnes His power and MIGHT, with History to back up the accepted event by millions.What more can I add.
---Emcee on 3/18/08

Alan of UK::I have a problem with your idea of Predestination.I do not believe in Predestination as that outcome lies in the hand of The Almighty who knows everything, This is as far as I am concerned with Predestination.The continuing battle you describe is our striving for Perfection to defeat Satan by overcoming our weaknesses and defeating Satan, same as Jesus did when He was tempted.I hope I have cleared the air .
---Emcee on 3/18/08

Emcee, it's been a while, as I've had little time to spend here, but, wish to comment on your idea of God propelling Mary forward in time. Didn't she have a mother who birthed her? Was it a natural birth? What does the Word say about being born into sin?
---Christina on 3/18/08

Emcee ...#2 .. Meaning that we do have to battle with Satan (with God's help) becasue Satan wants to stop us claiming Salvation
---alan_of_UK on 3/17/08

Emcee ...#1 .. You say "You do battle for predestination that is your thing by Choice" ... I see the self-contradiction in that, but it is completely wrong. As MarkV knows I do accept nor do battle for Predestination.
What I said was "Emcee ... we don't disagree! But there is a continuing battle for us ... Jesus has made salvation available to us, but Satan does not want us to accept it. So unless you beleive in Predestination, there is still a battle for us"
---alan_of_UK on 3/17/08

Alan of UK ::That is absolutely right my friend I shall not disagree with you.anything Tarnished cannot be made originally pure again it has a history of Stain or sin.Just like your white new shirt if stained its stained even if you wash it a trillion times.But I say that what God concieved in Genesis can be propelled a trillion years into existance pure spotless untarnished and fit for the vessel to bear His son.You do not agree with this concept.Gen3:15
---Emcee on 3/17/08

Acts 8:
36 And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water, WHAT doth hinder me to be baptized?
37 And Philip said, IF thou believest with ALL thine heart, thou MAYEST. And he answered and said, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God".
38 And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch, and he baptized him.
10 simple words!
NOT all your HOG wash
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/17/08

Alan of UK::You do battle for predestination that is your thing by Choice I choose the way as he says "He who eats my Body and drinks my Blood I LIVE in him and he IN ME"He lives in Heaven,we walk the walk,Follow, my friend.Why use the staircase when there is an elevator available, so to speak.Matt16:17-19
---Emcee on 3/14/08

MarkV::You use the word of God as You see it but do not accept the word of God as He tells it Matt16:17-19But if you want the last word It is your prerogative.Only God can set you straight if you will let Him.His word is everlasting.Forget what you think,as you define HIS CHURCH, which is guided by the H/S again HIS word."Not your interpretation" of His word.
---Emcee on 3/14/08

MarkV::Purity 'cannot' come out of sin.God is Purer than pure, Gen3:15needs comprehension,the woman,was Concieved BY GOD, propelled into time. Remember HE is GOD.The doctrine is old,the concept to you NEW because of disbelieve, disclaiming HIS power.He parted the waters,what is it for Him to propell one Pure human into time as a pure vessel fit for HIS son.The mould was broken.but the unit remained.You want Jesus then take MARY to be on the right side of the prophecy of "enmity".
---Emcee on 3/14/08

Mark V ... Emcee probably thinks that you beleive Jesus to be "with sin" is that you (and I for that matter) do not believe that Mary was sinless.
Emcee cannot accept that our sinless Jesus could have been born of a woman who was not sinless.
---alan_of_UK on 3/14/08

Mary conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, a baby named Jesus, but just His flesh, for His Spirit was eternal from the past-the Second Member of the Trinity. Just like you and me, our parents did not conceive our spirit (soul), for that was created and placed inside our conceived flesh by God Himself. So Jesus (in Spirit) entered in the instantly conceived baby.

A Servant of Christ.
---Mark_V. on 3/14/08

OH Emcee, you are just too much, but you give me a continue reason to speak on behalf of the Word of God and not your Churches interpretation of the Word. I never claimed that Jesus was with sin." Just another blaspheme statement you make and you have made a lot of them. You want so much to make Mary sinless that you scoup that low in trying to justify your believes of Mary.
---Mark_V. on 3/14/08

Endure till the end and ye shall be saved. For that is written.
---catherine on 3/14/08

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Mark 16:16. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not, shall be damned. Not only is baptism necessary for salvation, but also following a Christian life just as Christ did. It is not enough to be baptized or to say "I believe". Salvation requires a Christian life everyday, all the time.
---Stacy on 3/13/08

Emcee ... we don't disagree!
But there is a continuing battle for us ... Jesus has made salvation available to us, but Satan does not want us to accept it. So unless you beleive in Predestination, there is still a battle for us.
---alan_of_UK on 3/13/08

Alan of K:: Maybe I did not express my self clearly to your satisfaction as I was more interested in explaining the word FIGHT.HE triumphed over evil and made available to all who desire to follow Him to salvation Yes he did win,But now if we must follow then must we not also triumph over sin?that was really my point.God never fights His is always a win win situation.
---Emcee on 3/13/08

MarkV:: I too amswered you with scripture which you did not even care to analyse if you read the verse I gave you, you would have noticed it was a rebuttal,you claim that Jesus was with sin from eve, is utterly False. Because HE is GOD! if you deny this then you are not of His Flock.Even I recognise that, then who or what are you?
---Emcee on 3/13/08

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markV::Read my reply to Mimaand try to forget the BIAS that exists in your mind that I am RC.I cannot expect you to understand something beyond your comprehension.Some day You may discover, when you learn to reverence Her,but for now your disbelief lies in the fact of the word in Matt11:25
---Emcee on 3/13/08

Emcee, I have answered you with Scripture, I have given you the Word of God. You assertions that I study the Koran, and that I should read the Bible, is a smoke screen when you have no Scriptural answers to defend your false teachings. Your teachings on salvation are of the Koran, for they are by works. You teachings of Mary, are not biblical for she was a sinner. Your view is distorted because you are in bondage to your church. You need to be set free.
---Mark_V. on 3/13/08

A person needs to believe in Jesus that He died for his sins and that Jesus rose again.
Bible says" Whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved"
---ansha5385 on 3/12/08

MarkV::Even if I showed youscripture You would not recognise it WHY because you do not look at it or else You cannot read ENGLISH to comprehend.Sorry for Being abrupt.Jesus is God and NO ONES seed but His own alpha -Omega."who do men say I am?answer Matt16-Verse 16-17For YOU and MIMA to not believe this.You are of another Faith who have the koran as guidance so are NOT CHRISTIAN.
---Emcee on 3/12/08

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Emcee ... Why should a fight have to be visible? Maybe it is a spiritual fight.
Jesus did win, because He made possible our salvation. And that was in spite of Satan's attempts to prevent Him sompleting His mission ... see the Temptations.
That is how we can have victory over sin, or over the rewards for sin.
Jesus was victorious over our (spiritual) daeth.
So yes He did win.
---alan_of_UK on 3/12/08

Emcee, Mima is correct, the humanity of Jesus was from the seed of Abraham the seed of David, the seed of Eve. For all living came from Eve. The Deity of Christ has been from all eternity for He is God. That is why we believe in the Trinity which you should also believe because Catholics believe in the Trinity. While it makes you feel good for whatever reason, you give the glory to Mary and not to the Lord. So you are wrong again, since God' Word says,
---Mark_V. on 3/12/08

#2. "I am the Lord, that is My name, And My glory I will not give to anyone, nor my praise to carved images." Isaiah 42:8. His glory is not shared with anyone. Your comments always deserve an answer from Scripture for they give glory to Mary and your worship is to idols and saints. Nothing that is biblical at all. Jesus bruised the head of the serpent not Mary. You of all RCC's make the biggest reason why this information has to go out.
---Mark_V. on 3/12/08

Alan Of Uk :: YOU may call it a fight, my Friend, but was it visible? this is what a fight is an affrontation, face to face.If you say HE WON, then why is there so much suffering and SIN TODAY? He died on the cross, in obedience to His Fathers WILL out of LOVE for Humanity, to open the gates of Heaven to those, willing to repent and FOLLOW in His Footsteps to Perfection.This then, in Hope,on approval,Heaven is theirs- not OSAS
---Emcee on 3/12/08

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MIMA::Thank you for condescending to reply.You ask many questions to stir the mind of the masses ,but fail to see the truth because of your deep misconceptions .Instead of saying I am mistaken show me.I do not know which class of christianity you embrace but if you were Catholic you would at least prove how wrong You are READ Matt.16:15-17and Lk9:23-27Your post denies the fact that Jesus is the son of God.If this is what you minister then you need to change or the word in Luke takes effect.
---Emcee on 3/11/08

MarkV::I cannot force you to see what you cannot percieve with your eyes.But remember "the blind man saw"and rewarded.God's ways are DIFFERENT than Man's ways so are his actions and meanings.What you fail to see is the Magnifence of God, as you limit Him. Be like a child.If you pray hard enough your eyes even if Blind will be opened.Mary uses Children in all Her apparations WHY?God uses children in HIS examples.Forget your adult wisdom, if you want His mercy.
---Emcee on 3/11/08

1) LOVE God (with ALL heart and mind)
2) dedication to truth and justice
3) the PRESENT heaven in your heart
4) ALSO TRUSTing (faith) Jesus to have the authority to forgive your sins/imperfections.

but LOVE Him FIRST and foremost (the GREATEST of these, 1 Corinthians 13:13) God is LOVE. "walk by the spirit" Galatians 5:16 and 25.

Read "the word of truth" 2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13.

We read the INTRODUCTORY doctrine of Jesus, Hebrews 6:1.
---greg on 3/11/08

Are you saying that all you have to do is believe because the devil does that much?
---janet on 3/11/08

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Actually, Jesus did fight Satan, and won ... on the Cross.
Satan tried to stop Jesus in His mission, but failed.
---alan_of_UK on 3/11/08

Emcee ... Actually, Jesus did fight Satan, and won ... on the Cross.
Satan tried to stop Jesus in His mission, but failed.
---alan_of_UK on 3/11/08

Emcee...once again:

Romans 5:12
Therefore, just as THROUGH ONE MAN SIN ENTERED THE WORLD, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men...

Romans 5:18-19
Therefore, as through one man's offense judgment came to all men, resulting in condemnation, even so through one Man's righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life. FOR AS BY ONE MAN'S DISOBEDIENCE MANY WERE MADE SINNERS, SO ALSO BY ONE MAN'S OBEDIENCE MANY WILL BE MADE RIGHTEOUS.
---Holly4jc on 3/11/08

Emcee...Eve was not mentioned as having been the responsible party of sin entering the world...God says through one MAN sin entered the world...not through one woman. As head of the household, Adam is responsible, just as Head of the Church, (His household of believers) Jesus eradicated sin.
---Holly4jc on 3/11/08

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Emcee your statement,"Jesus was God he created Mary she was NOT of EVEand neither was Jesus.They were a unit" clearly shows the mistaken beliefs you embrace. Your statement denies that Jesus was the seed of Abraham. I'm still praying for you. I know you're a hardened Catholic still you could be a saved Catholic it is possible .
---Mima on 3/11/08

Alan of Uk::Just a thought in passing,When Nations go into battle do the top echelon like kings queens Prime ministers and Presidents actually Fight each other? so why would Jesus fight Satan??but the followers sure do, to fight for the RIGHT of the cause.:apply that to Gen3:15, who is the seed of satan who are the followers of Jesus and Mary!Does that Fit the equation.
---Emcee on 3/11/08

Emcee, you say Mary was the women concieved in Genesis 3: is such a rediculous false statement. You are speaking like the popes. How can she be conceive in Genesis? She must have been very old. If you mean she came from God and not Eve, then she really had no parents. Another false statement. She appeared out of nowhere? That is why you are so wrong Emcee. You want her to be the way you see her, but she is not. You need a reality check.
---Mark_V. on 3/11/08

Mary was not of Eve? What in the world are you talking about Emcee. You are so distorted with the Word of God you have no idea what you are saying. That is what happens to people when they began to believe a lie and that lie turns to many lies. Covering up one lie after another pretty soon there is no truth at all. Every time the church made a statement that was not Biblical, it brings consequences to the truth of God. Then by covering it up with another statement not biblical,
---Mark_V. on 3/10/08

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Emcee you say she was from Eve? you are got to be kidding? That is the problem with the RCC, when the make a statement that is not biblical, they cover it up with another none biblical statement and pretty soon you cannot find any Truth of God. One false statement by the Church has brought many false statements after in order to cover up the first one. One leads to another and another and pretty soon, there is no truth in the whole church. I believe if Mary was alive today she would humble herself
---Mark_V. on 3/10/08

#2. before her Lord and Savior and tell the RCC to stop making her someone she is not. She would never take the glory away from her Savior. To say she was created by God without sin, is also so false for she admitted to be a sinner and all sinners need a Savior and all come from Adam and Eve. If she didn't consider herself a sinner why would she call Jesus, My Lord and My Savior? Only a sinner needs a Savior. One lie after another and this is not her fault, the fault lies in the RCC.
---Mark_V. on 3/10/08

PS Emcee, Go real slow with the mathematics because I always struggled in that department.
---frances008 on 3/10/08

Emcee, Come again? I don't seem to be able to make head or tail of what you are saying.
---frances008 on 3/10/08

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Holly :: There you go again Twisting. THIS is not what I said those are your words NOT mine .
---Emcee on 3/10/08

Holly:It is true That while God held the man responsible. It was the woman who FIRST disobeyed introducing sin to the world.Adams sin was in his non acceptance by trying to shift the blame,He was present.He was created by God.Read the whole incident.Your quote of Proverbs30,6 is therefore unjustified where is the addition?
---Emcee on 3/10/08

MarkV::You like all others believe that the statement She is the mother of the livingapplies to every one But you do not see the exception to the rule.Jesus was God he created Mary she was NOT of EVEand neither was Jesus.They were a unit by themselves so if you want to bestow your acceptance of JESUS you must also take MARY she is the Common Denominator to the seed, and part of the fraction.Can you have a fraction with just one number? NO b/C then it would be a whole number.
---Emcee on 3/10/08

Jesus said it simply...
(In Prayer, Tell God you...)
BELIEVE on Jesus for the payment for all sin
CONFESS your sins and sinfulness to God.
INVITE Jesus to live in your heart.
DEVOTE your life to God
Be BAPTIZED to show your identity is in Him.
ENJOY ALL His Blessings and Gifts He gives.
---timotheus on 3/10/08

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Alan of UK:: I was not talking about your seed.We are all undoubtedly the off spring of EVE but Not Mary , she is "the woman"concieved inGenesis 3:15. To be acknowledged as Part of Marys seed in conjunction with Jesus you must accept Mary who is Jesus earthly Mother,if not then you become the opposition, which gives rise to enmity, which is separation in thought and spirit, hence not congruent with the prophecy in Gen3:15 till she Crushes his head.IT WILL HAPPEN.
---Emcee on 3/10/08

The woman in Gen 3:15 is the same woman mentioned in Rev 12:17, not Eve. Mary is the new Eve. The devil went out to persecute the woman's other offspring who is seen bearing the child (Jesus) who would rule the world with a rod of iron. (Rev.12.5)The prophecy in Genesis is fulfilled in Revelation. The devil persecutes the womans other offspring who are all Christians who accept Mary as their spiritual mother.
---janet on 3/10/08

The Commandments were not numbered in Genesis or Deuteronomy. Catholics and then Protestants numbered them differently. The first Commandment includes idols so it's not necessary to make that two Commandments. It's redundant. Catholics dont see coveting your neighbors goods in the same category with coveting your neigbors wife because she is not property.
---janet on 3/10/08

Emcee, I knew my post was in vain to you. I didn't expect it to convice you. My explanation was for the whole. If you want to make Mary the woman that God was talking about, then you made made Mary the mother of all the children of Satan. Now read verse 20, "And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living" All come from her, Satan's children who are unbelievers, and the Seed, Christ who's children will be all those who believe by faith in Him along.
---Mark_V. on 3/10/08

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Emcee ... I am no closer to the truth!
What I said, I have said many times before, so my stance is not shifting.
I am from the seed of Eve, and so there is enmity between me . and every other human ...and snakes.
The prophecy refers surely to mary's seed, and His battle with Satan? It would not refer to us, since by ourselves we could not fight Satan
---alan_of_UK on 3/10/08

1) Emcee states: Holly:: what you cut and paste is like MarkV bringing up quotes that have no relevancy to the subject on hand but you forcefit them. This is called Twisting the debate and is UNTRUE. can say the Word of God lies if you want to...but I would not want to be you when it's time to face the Lord and explain how you did not believe His Word.
---Holly4jc on 3/10/08

2) What I cut and pasted was relevant and true and God's written Word.

Prov. 30:6
Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.
---Holly4jc on 3/10/08

Alan of Uk:,My friend you get nearer the truth with each passing Phase .The dilema is your equation you have to solve .This is done with seeking the truth.The answer lies in "HIS SEED and YOUR seed"Discover the factions and you will be one with Him.
---Emcee on 3/10/08

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The effects of the fall reached well beyond the man and woman. The animals also suffered through the Edenis curse. [Jere.12:4,Romans 8:20] It recognizes the essential conflict between Satan and the Lord and indicates that this conflict also involve the people of God and the followers of Satan. [Acts 13-10, 1 Jn. 3:10]
---catherine on 3/10/08

The seed of the woman is a clear reference to the Messiah, the Lord Jesus. [Gal. 3:16,19, Rev. 12: 1-5] who came to destroy the works of the devil. [Heb. 2:14, 1 Jn. 3:8] that Christ would deliver a death blow to Satan but in so doing would suffer death Himself. "Seed" may refer to only one person of sometimes to many individuals and the culmination of this promise with reference to Christ in [Gal. 3:16].
---catherine on 3/10/08

All of this should be understood in the light of the New Testament's total revelation of the ramifications of this prophecy. Certainly, Adam and Eve were not aware of any of this future revelation. The End.+++
---catherine on 3/10/08

You don't GO "TO" a "location" (heaven). The PRESENT heaven must exist in your heart before you recieve any "reward" from God. If you are sad/sorrowfully disappointed (low in spirit) about this lying, cheating, corrupt world, then "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of...", Matthew 5:3.
---greg on 3/10/08

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MarkV::Your post is all in vain as it is flawed with your interpretations so please do not try to explain something you don't understand.Please give reference to the 'spiritual DEVIL.' Jn8:44 Jesus is showing the difference between true believers(Disciples) as opposed to those who were trying to put him to death just like you.You use a plural for women there is a singular WOMAN.Your comprehension is lacking as is your interpretation that is why you had to be slow.
---Emcee on 3/9/08

Holly:: what you cut and paste is like MarkV bringing up quotes that have no relevancy to the subject on hand but you forcefit them. This is called Twisting the debate and is UNTRUE.Satan is adept at this ploy.why follow HIM and then cite it as The word.There are many who do this.You cannot disprove4 MATT16:17-19 or Gen3:15 these are irrefutable facts just because you do not understand markV calling Jesus with sin as he was Eves line of answer is Balderdash.
---Emcee on 3/9/08

Here's what I read of Genesis 3:15 The first fact is that enmity was promised. The text begins, "I will put enmity between thee (serpent) and the woman, (Eve). If you read the story the woman and serpent had become friends. They had conversed together. Eve thought at the time the serpent was her friend, and she was so much his friend that she took his advice in the face of God's precepts and was willing to believe bad things about God because of the insinuations of the wicked crafty serpent.
---Mark_V. on 3/8/08

#2. The moment that God spoke, the friendship between Eve and the serpent had already ended. She accused the serpent to God, "The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat" So far the friendship was no more. Satan on the other hand counted on all of man's (from Eve) descendants to be his children because they would all be sinners, But God would brake up this covenant and raise up a seed from Eve that should war against the satanic powers. So we have God's first declaration that He will set up
---Mark_V. on 3/8/08

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#3. a rival kingdom to opppose the tyranny of sin and Satan. "That He (God) will create in the hearts of a chosen seed an enmity against evil so that they shall fight against it and with many struggles and pain overcome the prince of darkness." The Holy Spirit has abundantly achieved this plan and purpose of the Lord. Eve forever more was to hate the evil one. She had abundantly caused everything. The woman's seed, has also had enmity against Satan. I do not mean the carnal seed, for Paul
---Mark_V. on 3/8/08

#4. tells us, "they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the Promise are counted for the seed." Romans 9:8 The Seed of the woman, that Glorious One, you know how He abhorred the devil and all his shcemes. For Christ came to destory the works of the devil and to deliver those who are under bondage to him. For that purpose He was born, He lived, and He died, and has gone into the glory and for that purpose He will come again.
---Mark_V. on 3/8/08

Matthew 18:2: And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in
the midst of them,"
Matthew 18:10: "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little
ones, for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always
behold the face of my Father which is in heaven."
Answer this: How is it that "Devils" have their angels always
beholding the face of Jesus's Father?
---Nana on 3/8/08

An unbeliever is one that denies an evident truth. Children are not
born believing and some and all, "How then shall they call on him
in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him
of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a
preacher?", Romans 10. And what is there to believe when what is
preached is falsehood?
---Nana on 3/8/08

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On another note, to get to heaven listen to Moses and the prophets,
Luke 16:29.
---Nana on 3/8/08

John 8:44 do NOT speak of all unbelievers, only of a particular type,
namely the Pharisees first and then some Jews. The same Jews
that "believed on him" in verse 30. THOSE Jews like the Pharisees
knew as truth that they had lineage and birthrights in Abraham. In
no way John 8 speaks of all unbelievers or that all "unbelievers"
are "the Devils children".
---Nana on 3/8/08

MarkV::If you read your post you will find several flaws but I shall leave you to find that out. Jesus IS God, was, is, always will be. His incarnation describes His birth as a human. He came to save the ungrateful HIDE of mankind who protest Him.Hope you get the picture, You could not explain Gen3:15 to me because you are too proud to accept His Divine Sonand the conception of "the Woman"who bore him.
---Emcee on 3/7/08

Holly :since you are self,home schooled adroit at parrying, then Kindly Explain Matt16:17-19 in the manner God intended also explain Gen3:15 cause if you deny then explain History and why The prophecy was fulfilled.Satan was presentHe should know the truthful answer but like many here who denyand evade the TRUTH.The man blind from birth saw But those who had eyes COULD or WOULD not.
---Emcee on 3/7/08

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Mark V ... I agree with you, but would add an additioanl simpler and more prosaic interpretation of Gen 3.15
There was to be enmity between the serpent and its seed (i.e. actual snakes) and the seed of Eve (future humans) And so it has been ... a mutual enmity.
And I think that it can also be a prophecy (but not creation) of Mary and her seed (Jesus) There would be enmity between Mary, and more particularly her offspring Jesus, and the Satan.
---alan_of_UK on 3/7/08

Emcee, with respect to you I will explain Genesis 3:15 again but very slow. I know your teachings very well and your love for Mary, but verse 15 is not Mary. "And I will put enmity between you and the women and between your seed and her "Seed," here after cursing the physical serpent, God turns to the spiritual serpent. The seed of Satan, are unbelievers who are mention in John 8:44 as the Devils children.
---Mark_V. on 3/7/08

#2. Emcee: The children of the devil come from Eve. They are those who are condemned already. They follow the course of this world children of wrath. They were not born of Satan, they came from Eve after the fall. Also notice in the KjV. Satan's seed has no capitol letter. Then it speaks of "Her Seed" Jesus Christ is also the Seed of the Women Eve, but His children are those who believe in Him. If the passage had spoken of two women then you would be right.
---Mark_V. on 3/7/08

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