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Today's Overlooked Sins

Which sins do you think are overlooked the most by Christians?

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 ---Kella3336 on 2/18/08
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One overlooked sin is dealing unkindly with other people when trying to get a point across.
---JS1234 on 6/26/19

My God is a God who hates sin or He would not be God. He has already pronounced you guilty. His judgment will be harsh. God is love scripture is only for His ELECT. Come down off your pedestals.
---catherine on 4/2/08

Not praying.
---catherine on 3/4/08

Easily offended- slow to forgive and quick to judge. Jumping to conclusions and holding a grudge.Lack of compassion. Self esteem above Christ.
---Kella3336 on 2/27/08

Lying. Lies of all kinds, little lies or on a grand scale, lies of every kind seem to be acceptable to some Christians.
---Bob on 2/26/08

Not keeping the 10 Commandments. Lieing, stealing (including tithes), lust = adultry, hating/being angry with someone = murder, using God's name as a cussword (blasphmy), pride/selfish/greed = idolitry, making a god to suit yourself or putting things/people first = idolitry, being controling/manipulating = witchcraft, and not obeying the command to go out into ALL the world and preach the Gospel. Also not doing something that God asks (sins of omisstion).
---Leslie on 2/23/08

Not staying in prayer.
---catherine on 2/22/08

Envy is perhaps the most widespread sin we overlook: not wishing people well whom we dislike or disagree with.
---InimicusStultitiae on 2/22/08

sinners overlook sins, not Christians.
---Eloy on 2/22/08

1.) Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.
2.) Do not covet.
3.) Love your neighbor as yourself.
---joseph on 2/21/08

what about pastor/teleevangelist love of money, greed & hypocrisy. $7800/month salary. where does it say in the bible pastors should be paid that amount & where did they get the money. TITHE?
---mikehow on 2/20/08

how about so many christians, and I say that lightly, that seem to think they can have one foot in the world and the other in heaven?live your life as jesus did,in submission to god after accepting jesus as the way to god.
---tom2 on 2/19/08

There really is only one sin, and it produces all sins, and that's not living for the truth at the deepest level of self.

Isaiah 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
Isaiah 59:15 Yea, truth faileth, and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.
---Pharisee on 2/19/08

dear,they are so numerous and rampant that their noy enough space or time to discuss them on this forumn
---tom2 on 2/19/08

The only gossip that I see, is from the person that berates her husband every chance she can. She somehow has imagined that inside of these blogs is a cocoon that she can hide in, not looking at the big picture. That outside of the four walls of the reply text box, is an entire world that can read what is written here whenever they choose and they float out there in cyberspace until the internet runs dry.
---Cindy on 2/19/08

It is that very gossip that puts her testimony of her marriage in the spotlight by her own doing.
As there are so few on here, it's highly apparent that particular woman is miserable and while trying to maintain secrecy, the more she gossips about her life, the worse it becomes.
---Cindy on 2/19/08

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Gossiping. As the bible calls them is busybodies. No matter where you go or what you do, someone, somewhere is talking about you. When you obey the spirit of the Lord and help someone it isn't acknowledged. But as soon as you slip up and make a mistake you're the talk of the town. Shame isn't it? Whatever happened to pick up your friend when they fall? Now they kick them while their down.
---Rebecca_D on 2/18/08

The most popular of the Seven Deadly Sins among pop-evangelicals, yea, even encouraged by them, is gluttony.

If you don't believe me, you've never attended a parish pot-luck or dinner on the grounds.
---Jack on 2/18/08

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