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Christians Watch American Idol

Do you think it is wrong for Christians to watch American Idol? Or do you think it is neither wrong or right-it depends on the individual?

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 ---Kella3336 on 2/22/08
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This reminds me of II Cor.,6:16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?, (etc.) an idol is an idol now matter what else you call it. Too bad people don't put that kind of effort in things that are pleasing to God. He doesn't like pride. Isaiah 2:18 And the idols he shall utterly abolish.
---trish on 10/8/08

love AI..*gasp* :)
---melanie on 5/26/08

The " Idol" word is a bad way to put it. The name should be called something else like the "Greatest American singer" or "Americas next top Singer" or "the top new vocalist of America"

otherwise God has given us all each unique talents, and it is good to demonstrate this publicly. Singing is a wonderful gift from God. Rejoice!
---lisa on 5/26/08

I have found Mark 4:118-19 to be helpful. If we spend more time in anything than in the word of God, then that thing becomes dominant in our lives.
---melann on 3/28/08

Rebecca, I have read some of your other blogs and it sounds like you might be a spirit-filled believer?! If you are why would you want to watch anything that involves another spirit other than the spirit of God? Maybe thats why you haven't done all you've wanted to for your family? Just a thought.
---melann on 3/28/08

Susie, just like Rebecca, I watch shows like Charmed. But I don't have any interest in learning spells or the like, because I know I have God to guide me. And besides, it's entertainment. You may not find it entertaining, which is fine, because each person has his/her own likes and dislikes. And I'm sure there are things you read/watch that you find entertaining that I probably won't, but I'm not going to say you can't read/watch that.
---Katie on 3/28/08

Susie: I find nothing wrong with me watching TV shows like Charmed, Sabrina, Bewitched. It is not like I engage in these shows. Say the spells or the like. I don't do any type of witchcrft.
---Rebecca_D on 3/11/08

Katie: I have learned to overlook people who judge me for what I do. Because chances are they are doing the same (or somewhat) if not worse. And some people aren't happy unless they talk about someone or judge someone. I'm not saying people here are like that, but alot of them have a degree in judging.
---Rebecca_D on 3/11/08

Susie: I don't see anything wrong with watching TV shows like Charmed. Betwitch, Sabrina. I am not engaging in any way shape or form in Witchcraft. If I was engaging in witchcraft, then yes Susie I could see where it is wrong. But I am not. And besides I don't watch tv all day long everyday.
---Rebecca_D on 3/10/08

Why do we judge others based on what they watch? Or read? Or wear? Besides, if one has a problem with watching certain programs such as AI or Charmed, then don't, but don't try to force your beliefs on another person and tell them they are sinning. Aren't you sinning just by being judgmental?
---Katie on 3/10/08

I once heard someone say:
Aspire to inspire and transpire so you don't expire.

Aspire to go higher.
Take in (inspire) those things that will take you higher.
Fellowship with others who will share and impart the Christ in them.
You won't expire (fail to move on in the things of God).

What you take in either takes you higher or drags you down.
---Linda on 3/7/08

Rebecca...Why are you so enthralled with witchcraft shows?
---Susie on 3/7/08

Cindy: Talk to me, not about me. Okay? I know how to discern spirits, for I have that gift. By me watching shows such as Charmed, does not interfere with my walk with God. Why? Because I don't let it interfere with my walk. I have met the Holy Ghost and I am filled with the Holy Ghost. There is a difference in a person watching TV shows and acting upon them. I don't act upon what I watch. Satan knows that Jesus came in the flesh, so why do you say he don't?
---Rebecca_D on 3/6/08

Robyn~I have thought about never leaving the apartment-:-) not really.I watch AI and I do not see anything wrong with the show.I wondered how others felt. I enjoy the show and find it more familly friendly than much of what is out there. But then again, I don't know it all:-). That does not mean, of course, I will read one anti AI comment and decide the show is bad because they say so. I guess I'm rambling here. Take care
---Kella3336 on 3/3/08

Are you worshipping the American Idol? That is what is sin. Aside from that, it's a singing competition.
---j._nonymous on 2/29/08

The one thing that comes up repeatedly in the Old and New Testament, is the danger of idol worship. Why would anyone want to worship any person, any Apparition, or any box of electrics, when with the time they devoted to that, they could be expanding their faith, praying or becoming further educated and more use to society?
---frances on 2/28/08

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Greyrider....Little House on the Prairie is my absolute favorite show. I'd watch all the reruns more, but my husband would get sick of them. The messages of that show were always positive and uplifting no matter what the theme of the show.
---Susie on 2/28/08

Only if the Holy Spirit convicts you it wrong, there is no cooky cutter when it comes to a relationship with Christ.
---rosalie on 2/28/08

I watch very little "modern" TV. I prefer reruns of Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith, the Rifleman, and other oldies. American Idol is tame by today's standards. I have wondered how many Christians watch it though. I've noticed the last few years that when the women start to dress sleazy, they usually get voted off. Are Christians doing this? If so, it sends a good message.
---Greyrider on 2/28/08

Mary, The curly odd guy has an understanding partner lol. I see how my husband has to put up with me-ha. If I were as smart then that odd would be worth it lol.
---Kella3336 on 2/28/08

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Kella now you know better than that. I hope. If you turn off American Idol you may as well turn off the news,the View, all the Jerry Springer style shows.Everything. Just throw away the whole darn thing. Then you still won't be safe. Throw away the computers,radios etc..while you are at. We are in this world but not of this world. You choose who you will serve and don't worry about Simon and his gang.
---Robyn on 2/27/08

Wow Frances! You're blaming television for a lot of things. How about blaming backsliding Christians for their own actions!
---Susie on 2/27/08

I am very old-fashioned. I believe the television is responsible for the destruction of the family, the producing of remote-controlled sheeple, and a host of other evils. Not to mention temptation, bad examples, etc. Christians should switch OFF the television. Old fashioned or not, that is my humble opinion. I think God is old-fashioned too.
---frances on 2/27/08

Hi Kella :) I think my favorite is also the CI ones, and the funny thing is, I love the weeks Chris Noth (wow! hottie!) does it, I also love the weeks when the curly-haired odd guy does it--almost more--the odd guy is sooooo good at it lol :D
---Mary on 2/27/08

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Those of you who noticed probably realize that I meant Satan and not Santa. Until now, I didn't realize how close those two words are to each other. Maybe a Fraudian slip there to open my eyes.
---Susie on 2/27/08

No one is talking about worshipping angels.

We're talking about those who cannot discern a familiar spirit from the Holy Spirit.
Those who are charmed with Charmed, and quite possibly have not yet met the Holy Spirit. When they do, they will not be charmed by Charmed or Sabrina the teenage witch.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

No one is talking about worshipping angels.

Santa? I suppose Santa does know some things.
Testing the spirits, for some it is important to know what kind of spirit you're messing with. Some of us know how to test the spirits - do you?
---Cindy on 2/27/08

Cindy...Even Santa and his demons (fallen angels) know that Jesus came in the flesh. Worship JESUS, not the angels.
---Susie on 2/27/08

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Angels do not turn on radios...

Angels do whatever God tells them, and in my case they turned on the radio to preaching, that's how I got saved, that's how the late dr. D. James Kennedy got saved, that's how one of my best friends ever got saved as well.

I don't mean to butt in, but Cindy you don't know what you're talking about.
---Pharisee on 2/27/08

If anyone thinks that these programs (withcraft) are entertaining they obviously need to have their eyes spiritually opened. One can always encourage others into thinking witchcraft programmes are harmless, It's fun now wait until the spirit behind it turns on them and ultimatelty You, I hope you have someone willing to fight for both your/their sanity when it go's for possesion. It is either Good or EVIL. Woe unto who calls it good.
---Carla5754 on 2/27/08

No one has compared A.I. to Charmed, you have to flow with the blogs.

Familiar spirits will tear up your life and mind.

Angels do not turn on radios or play with electricity, but demons do.
Angels, when asked, "Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh", will always say "YES, JESUS CHRIST came in the flesh.

Satan, disguised as an angel of light, will not do that. Test those familiar spirits.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

I've remember when someone was having "radio" trouble.
Now, I don't know if that was really happening. But if it was, that was familiar spirit/demonic activity.
Yes, they like electricity. No big surprise there.
Jesus Christ saw Lucifer fall like lightning.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

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If one is charmed by Charmed or any other shows that familiar spirits like...

Before you know it, they've invited all of their buddies over to watch it with you, at the appointed time. Familiar spirits become very angry if you don't treat them like the hostess with the mostess.
They might get mad and turn the radio on to get your attention.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

Why those little imps might be watching all of your reactions and habits.
That is why they're called familiars, they are familiar with every aspect of your life.

Familiar spirits do not soul sleep, they are awake 24x7.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

I have just begun to watch American Idol this season. I do like Law and Order. My fav is CI. Mary which is yours?
---Kella3336 on 2/27/08

To compare American Idol with witchcraft is nonsense. The Bible clearly states we are to avoid "familiar" spirits and witchcraft. Harry Pooter, Samantha, Charmed, etc., all fall into these categories. Does anyone ever question why they have so many problems in their life when they watch this stuff that is straight from Satan???
---Susie on 2/26/08

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Hi Cindy :) I'm assuming you're being sarcastic in your last post? It was quite funny but I wasn't sure if you were serious or just kidding sorry lol! :D Oh and as for me, I refuse to watch stuff about witches, personally. I will confess to being a Law and Order fan but everyone has some weakness :)
---Mary on 2/26/08

If you don't turn Charmed or Sabrina on at the appointed time, they may get mad and turn on your TV for you. Familiar spirits like electricity and electrical appliances.
The Prince of the power of the air figured out lightning long, long ago. After all, he did fall like lightning, did he not?
---Cindy on 2/26/08

American Idol - why watch an adult talent show contest may be wrong if it's one of 20 reality shows weekly's been written many times Americans know more about celebrities lives then they do their next door neighbors ...Avg American spends 35 hours a week in front of the mind-numbing tv-box (almost a full-time jobs worth of tv) is entertainment when it's a few hours a week - it's an obsession when you can't live a day without it's not the program it's the use of tv
---Rhonda on 2/26/08

How would it be wrong? They only way for it to be wrong for a person to watch a tv program is if God himself shows that person it is wrong and they continue to watch it. I watch it and I find nothing wrong with it whatsoever. I also watch Charmed, Sabrina the teenage witch and Bewiched reruns. I don't see where it is wrong. Why? Because God hasn't showed me it is wrong. It doesn't matter what other believes or thinks, it is what God thinks and says.
---Rebecca_D on 2/25/08

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Whats different these TV Evagelists or American Idol ? LOL
---Carla5754 on 2/23/08

I see nothing wrong with American Idol. It is fun to watch these young adults grow and blossom into stars. If it became an obsession, then it would be a problem.
---Susie on 2/22/08

It's better than watching Charmed, Buffy, Sabrina, Teenage Witch, or Bewitched reruns.
It's better than playing with Dungeons and Dragons, and your Teen Witch Kit.
---Cindy on 2/22/08

It is neither right or wrong to watch American Idol.

I just don't like reality television shows and quiz shows in general and don't watch them, but it is a mater of personal preference only.
---notlaw99 on 2/22/08

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American idol is all about talent which i believe is God given, personally,i don't think watching or participating in it is wrong, i remember the first australian idol had a strong christian faith, Australia voted for him because he was talented/gifted....i guess the question is, is the promotion of this talent/gift out to glorify God or not?
---liza on 2/22/08

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