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Hell Bound Due To Divorce

I got divorced and remarried and so did my new wife. We both serve in church on staff and counsel others to try and stay married. We love God and each other but are we now going to hell?

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 ---Brian on 2/27/08
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Carla, We do not know when the first divorce or the second marraiges took place. Perhaps both happened prior to this couple coming to know the Lord. In that case, do you honestly believe they should get a legal divorce and return to their first spouses?
Regardlessw of when the divorces and marraiges took place, God is a merciful and loving God and is able and willing to forgive. God forgives and forgets, but from what you are saying christians should not try to do the same?
---Christina on 5/5/11

The bible said repent is to turn around, retreat, go in the opposite direction.

when the bible says Jesus said to Mary sin no more, she sinned no more, she left her state of sin.

If you steal,then you do not take what does not belong to you. Okay you used to take what does not belong to you, now you have changed direction and you do not take what does not belong to you, you no longer steal.

If you are in adultery you get out of the adultery and do not go into adultery anymore. ''Okay you steal continue to steal and say I am forgiven but keep ''stealing''.

So Ginger which is it? Blaspheme I understand is a different ball game. Was that not clear for you?
---Carla on 5/5/11

Divorce is not the unpardonable sin. God's mercy and grace are sufficient
---Christina on 5/5/11

We don't know when this couple divorced.Perhaps it was before they were saved. In any case, God DOES forgive.If their sin is under the grace of God,then I see no problem with them counseling others. They know better then some the heartbreak of divorce. Often those who learn from the error of their ways are awesome at teaching and leading others in the RIGHT way. Many great drug and alcohol counselors are former addicts/alcoholics
---Christina on 5/5/11

Are you saying that people who are remarried cant be forgiven of it?

According to the Bible the only sin that is unforgivable is the sin of unbelief.
Are you saying that they have to divorce to show repentance?
The bible does not say that either. It says that if you get married again you cannot go back to former spouse. but it does not say that it getting married agian is unforgivable.
Suggest that you read deut. 24
Please explain your stance and how you come to your conclusions.
Thanks and God bless!
---ginger on 5/5/11

alcoholics counseling other alcoholics...understandable.

divorcees counseling others to stay married...interesting.

how can i counsel my children not to repeat the many flaws in me that made them?
---aka on 5/4/11

If you know you should not take another man while your husband lives and breathes why do it.

So you make up your mind you are going to remarry, then accept the consequences.

No people want to sin and revoke the Law of marriage to suit their adulterous life.

The bible states it is not possible people hear and agree to ignore this rule as if they cannot read!
---Carla on 5/4/11

Richard, I disagree with you on John 14:21 is speaking about habitual obedience to His commandments. We should never question anyone's salvation just because they sinned. God does not expect any of us to be perfect. Would God suddenly save us, give us the Spirit, seal us for eternity, and suddenly finds out we sin, and so turn around and returns us back to been dead? Removes His own words that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ, and sends us back to hell? When He says, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Some times we do make judgments because of their answers. But if they are truly saved, their conduct will show in how they answer. Some are very vengeful and its hard to believe they are even saved.
---Mark_V. on 3/28/11

JOHN 14,21 He who keeps my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me, And he who loves me will be loved by my father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him. ( The thing with this is that a true believer will want to stay true to the word of GOD,Not that sin could'nt happen, But if a person has sin in their lives, the question really becomes is that person really saved,)
---RICHARDC on 3/27/11

Carla, what you posted from Scripture is true. The "does" and "don't" are given to us by God for Christian living. Many things we are taught through His Word. What sin is, is explained by God's Word. Yet what you suggest is that if someone has committed this sin, they are condemn to hell. Even if they repented, there is no forgiveness. Which is not Biblical. In their case, no matter how much they repented there is no salvation. Plus, suggesting they lose salvation when Scripture tells us there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. The view you gave would be a legalistic view of the Law to those in Christ. While God is very much against sin, there is forgiveness to those who repent.
---Mark_V. on 3/25/11

Many may think that this is my opinion it is not.

I have to say what I find written on any matter I quote scripture on or I will say this is my opinion. That is different.

When you are dealing with the word, it is not my words or your words we are dealng with Gods words, that has the power to chastise, to gain knowledge , to live, to love, to hate, ..... to judge with (right)eousness.

You cannot change it we have to live/die by it or rewrite it and live by those consequences.
---Carla on 3/24/11

Carla: I also understand your comments, but it not up to us to decide. While you list the two well-known comments, there are two things I would like to mention: one is right after to comment in Cor: if the wife (o husband) is not a beleiver, the beleiver is not bound (you can check that) if the unbeleiver leaves. The other is listed by you: 'will be called' - not 'is' an adultress.

It is odd, is it not, that only the wife is listed in the sermon on the mount?

I wonder why.....
---Peter on 3/24/11

Hell and divorce are very different. If you don't love someone anymore you shouldn't have to spend the rest of you'r life together!!!
---Lilly_Funk on 3/23/11

Carla: I do understand the Word but we should leave the judgement to God. There are many sins we commit daily, that will not send one to hell. Only God can make that judgement. Being good and doing things right does not send one to heaven, either. David was a murderer and Moses was also. God used these men,mightily. Job was a perfect and upright man and he suffered,tremendously. So my point is: we do not know how God is going to judge certain issues/people. We do the best we can in this life. Try not to deliberately sin and keep moving ahead. If you stay in a bad marriage,beloved, you are in hell already. On earth. I don't know if you understand what I am saying to you.I hope so.
---Robyn on 8/12/10

on divorce:
''You and your wife need to take your spouses with you. Go to a different church and start over again''

The word:
Rom 7:3
So then if, while [her] husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law, so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.

1Cr 7:39

The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth, but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will, only in the Lord.

Mat 24:11
And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

The WORD, the WORD, The WORD,


---Carla on 8/7/10

Brian: Your post is confusing. You and wife are divorced. But you counsel others to stay together.But you still love your wife?You and wife still belong to the same church? Does the new spouse(s) belong to same church? If these are the facts. I don't think this will send you to Hell(divorce) You just sound plain confused about a lot of things.You and your wife need to take your spouses with you. Go to a different church and start over again. All of you need counseling,yourselves! Stay out of others lives until you are straight with the Lord. Or you just might be in danger of hellfire.
---Robyn on 8/6/10

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Carla raises good point asking what type of example you give as remarried divorcees counselling others in marital difficulties.

People who are in that destructive state of wanting to end their marriage look to any example available to justify divorce. For counselling staff within a church to be divorcees who married another gives a very bad example to these people.

Of course we don't know the circumstances of your divorces. Perhaps your previous partners were unbelievers who left you (then you are not bound to them). But reality is the majority of divorces are unjustified being simply from hardness of heart and clearly God has no part in the subsequent marriages of such divorcees.
---Haz27 on 8/5/10


Put it like this: Mat 19:9

If we are reading the same bible, you probably are, whist you may not have been in adultery if you did not divorced you wife for being sexually unfaithful married to a woman who never married this woman is not loosed from her former husband if he is still alive.

the bible states your both committing Adultery!

Now what kind of example are you?

Serial adultery, is a problem in the church today and you need to sort out where both your priorities lay, chose you today whom you will serve, you cannot serve both masters!
---Carla on 8/5/10

Brian. Although divorce and remarriage are wrong things to do they do not send people to hell.
King David committed adultery and murder and he didn't go to hell for that. God chastised him instead so David suffered losses in other aspects of his life from his adultery and murder.

It is unbelief that sends people to hell.
---Haz27 on 8/5/10

Steve says, " If God forgave all sins, then there would be no reason to fear him ". Steve, I think you should go back and read your Bible again. God does forgive all sins, Read Mark 3:25-3:30! It clearly says, ALL SINS WILL BE FORGIVEN UNTO THE SONS OF MEN, except ONE. What is the one sin that has no forgiveness? It isn't divorce! It's Blasphamy of the Holy Spirit, which is speaking and, saying that God is evil, or something of the sort. In that particular situation, Jesus used the Holy Spirit to cast out demons, and they said Jesus was a worker of evil and he was only able to cast out because he was the prince of demons. Jesus said they had no forgiveness. So anyone who says divorce is unforgivable, is a false teacher!
---Charles_J._Brailey on 8/4/10

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What part of "What Therefore God Has Joined Together Let NO Man Separate" do we not understand. Jesus said "No one shall try to undo the One Flesh relationship which God has united. The question here is, did God tell Moses or did Moses make the exception reguarding hardness of the heart?
---Steve on 5/11/08

If we all thought that God was a forgiving of all sin God, and that all we had to do was repent when we sin, then what will make us be accountable for our actions. We are taught to fear God. If God forgives all sin then there would be no reason to fear him.
---Steve on 5/11/08

There is NO sin that God won't forgive here on long as we repent for it.God says in His Word that a man is to treat the woman as though it were his own body,and that she is to obey him.I'm not giving Divorce thumbs up,but lets say if one partner is getting beat up,do you really think God wants them to stay together?? I think not........but I do know this, in a marriage it's God,Man,Woman and in that order
---Gabby on 5/8/08

Janet, methinks you're making lots of sense.

God bless you.
---Caring on 4/8/08

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-Mark_V. on 3/28/08
You just reminded me of Pope Leo V in 903.
118.Leo V (903-903)
It was a period of such great moral decadence and corruption that Leo, weak and indecisive, was not at all a personality suited to his high office. His spiritual assistant, Cardinal Christopher, had him deposed by force and closed him up in a monastery. Christopher governed for one year. (see just men)
I don't think that was biblical either.
---pgfdottie on 4/2/08

Jesus did not establish the vicar of Christ. The RCC did. At one time there were three popes, other times two. Wonder which one was the main one? Maybe neither one. Popes many times came to be popes by their fathers or nephews of someone who was already a pope. The seat was bought many times with money. Some were murderers and some adulterers that had children. I don't think Jesus would wanted those people to be the head of His Church. Just not biblical.
---Mark_V. on 3/28/08

janet, I mean no disrespect. The Pope is no closer to God then I am. Do you remember the Greeks that were preached to by the apostles? Dating back the first New Testament is to the Greeks, and the old testament from the Hebrews. In all actuality the Pope is no more then a Pastor is to a protestant church. No more, no less. Stop putting a man on such a pedestal, you are turning him into an idol to worship. Dangerous path to take.
---pgfdottie on 3/28/08

Simply put NOOOOO, repentence from the two of you will be enough, for our GOD is forgiving GOD.
---Antonio on 3/23/08

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Jesus established the Pope as His Vicar and The Pope is the visible head of the Church on earth. Peter and his successors have been given authority on earth to bind and loose, Peter was given the keys to the Kingdom and Peter is the rock on which Jesus said he would build His Church. Jesus is the Head of the Body of Christ, but he established the Papacy and the Catholic Church almost 2000 years ago. Because of this the Church could decide decide on the Bible Canon and can teach with authority.
---janet on 3/10/08

How is Salvation obtained anyway?
ADMITTING your sins to God, then turning away from them. (1st John 1:9 Acts 3:19)
BELIEVING ON The Lord Jesus, Christ as the payment for you salvation. and then being
Acts 8:36 + 37
BAPTIZED as an outward sign of an inside event.
CALLING on the Lord, Jesus to come into your heart to live in you. Rev.3:20
DEVOTING the rest of your life to God.
ENJOYING HIS forgiveness, Blessings and Promises. Philipians 4-all, Romans 8-all.
---timotheus on 3/4/08

Emcee ... So Jesus gave Peter authority ... to over-ride Jesus' authority & teaching? Go on!!
And then still more incredibly. you say that gave Peter's successors as leaders in the Church to change Jesus's rteachings, and even Peter's!!
Jesus addicated any responsibility!
---a on 3/5/08

What is important for each of us to remember, that in spite of man's mistakes, sin or no sin, He forgives us.

Sometimes our choices are not wise, and we suffer from our decisions. However, God has a way to not only forgive us, but to give us a new start in life!

With every mistake people make, There is a way to regain our relationship with God and He knows how to steer us in that direction!
---Don on 3/4/08

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Alan of UK::Friend,IF God came and gave you 'that authority' what then would you say "I deny"or accept Matt16,17-19Peter was a ordinary Fisherman.It's His word-would you deny. if HE called you friend?
---Emcee on 3/4/08

"What can seperate us" from the LOVE of GOD?

Don't confuse the HOLY SPIRIT's teachings with man's doctrine.
---Steve on 3/4/08

Janet ... Surely you don't mean that a man or woman will take the place of Jesus, and will have greater authority than Him?
---alan_of_UK on 3/4/08

janet...I am well aware of the history of the Bible. I also know that there are numerous books which were not included in it. I also know that Jesus is still the final authority. The Pope ain't!!!!
---Susie on 3/4/08

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With sin comes atonement and restitution, forgiveness needs Complete and genuine sorrow- Contrition. Hearsay mouth or liptalk is not a condition .Mortal Sin grevious,not forgiven takes you to hell or any sin not absolved gets you Purgatory, which Christians do not believe: Gods word "Nothing defiled enters heaven"That is Gods LAW.Brian your fate lies in HOPE and Gods MERCY.He is the one to decide wait till you get there.
---Emcee on 3/4/08

With sin comes atonement and restitution, forgiveness needs Complete and genuine sorrow- Contrition. Hearsay mouth or liptalk is not a condition .Mortal Sin grevious,not forgiven takes you to hell or any sin not absolved gets you Purgatory, which Christians do not believe: Gods word "Nothing defiled enters heaven"That is Gods LAW.Brian your fate lies in HOPE and Gods MERCY.He is the one to decide wait till you get there.
---Emcee on 3/4/08

The Bible didnt drop out of the sky. There were many letters, gospels etc. The Catholic Church's authority decided which were divinely inspired and should be included in the Canon. This is historical fact. Read the book Where did we get the Bible. Without the Catholic church the other denominations would not have it.
---janet on 3/4/08

Janet...You have been duped! Jesus is the authority in scripture. No man or woman will ever take HIS place.
---Susie on 3/3/08

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(1)God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). (2) God is merciful and forgiving. Each and every divorce is a result of sin, either on the part of one spouse or both spouses. Does God forgive divorce? Absolutely! Divorce is no less forgivable than any other sin. Forgiveness of all sins is available through faith in Jesus Christ (Matthew 26:28, Ephesians 1:7).
---Court7646 on 3/3/08

It takes much than a divorce to send you to hell. People has been placed there for less reasons. The only way you can go to hell would be to reject your only means of Salvation, and that is the Blood of Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 3/3/08

If you do not accept the doctrine of infallibily why do you accept the Canon of the NT which was determined by the Catholic Church. The doctrine of infallibilty is based on scripture and is necessary in order for the Church to teach on faith and morals without error.
---janet on 3/3/08

The problem is that the "magisterium" of the Catholic Church is not infalliable as they believe. Jesus Christ is the only infalliable authority. No man could ever measure up that HIM. After all, any man who thinks he measures up to the SON OF GOD is surely deceived.
---Susie on 3/3/08

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"we who are not Catholics can read the Bible for ourselves and decide what it says." Susie, if this is so why do the other christain denominations have conflicting beliefs and practices? Every time there is a dispute there is no authority to resolve it so they form another church. Thank God, we as Catholics do have the teaching authortiy of the magisterium which was instituted by Our Lord.
---janet on 3/3/08

Shouldn't we use our God-given common sense sometimes? I mean, if something is not mentioned in our Bible, ie: getting beat up by one's spouse okay to divorce, shouldn't we then first pray about it, then use our God given sense?
Lots of things are not mentioned in the Bible, but we still do them. Plus, lots of things ARE mentioned in the Bible and we DONT do them anymore due to differant customs of the generations
---sue on 3/2/08

Thank the Lord that we who are not Catholics can read the Bible for ourselves and decide what it says. Praise the Lord that the Holy Spirit leads us in an understanding of the scriptures. Thank God for HIS WORD which is true which is available for ALL to read.
---Susie on 3/1/08

First, sexual sins bring instant judgment, that why sins outside the body is one thing, sexual sins are against yourself and your one-time life partner. If you are with anyone else besides your life partner then you are living in adultery and practicing fornication. God does not recognize any other marriage, you or man, have put together. Unless your life partner dies. Repent or be apart of the great falling away from faith. Following doctrines of men, and not God.
---Anthony on 3/1/08

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You are not going to hell. A favorite saying I use all the time is, "Show me chapter and verse." (It's not there.) The ONLY thing what will cause a person to go to hell is not knowing Christ as Savoir. Divorce is never pleasing to God and it is a sin, but one that can be forgiven, It will NOT cause a person to go to hell. If you are feeling guilty about your divorce, look for another source other than God. God will convict but once you ask forgivness, He will not make you feel guilty.
---wivv on 2/29/08

The Bible does not specifically address many subjects, but as Catholic Christians we recognize the authority of the teaching Magisterium of Rome to provide interpretation of Biblical texts and guidance in making moral decisions so that when faced with questons such as abortion, divorce, contraception, and other social issues we have other sources to rely on other sources such as papal encyclicals, The Catechism of the Catholic Church and Conference of Catholic Bishops. .
---janet on 2/29/08

Jesus addresses the subject of divorce directly two times in the Bible when the pharisees ask tell him Moses allowed a man to divorce his wife and he says the man or women are guilty of adultery if they remarry so why do protestant churches allow divorce?
---janet on 2/29/08

---Purunematu wrote this,"There are certain types of problems in a marriage that if you got divorced it wouldn't be a sin. Like is a husband or wife was beating the spouse and they wanted out of the marriage that would be ok." Where does the Bible say beating of one's spouse is cause for divorce?
---Mima on 2/29/08

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Is there Scriptural back up of the (false) claim that someone who is divorced should not be a leader in the church? A sin is a sin, no matter what the sin. So are church leaders sinless? NO. Quit holding divorce in such a way that you are making it somehow a worse sin than others.
---Debbie_in_Ohio on 2/29/08

Well, as you all should know, divorce is against God's word. There are certain types of problems in a marriage that if you got divorced it wouldn't be a sin. Like is a husband or wife was beating the spouse and they wanted out of the marriage that would be ok. Still they should have waited to get married to see this coming. Marriage should take time.
---Purunematu on 2/28/08

Pastoring, not a job for the fidelity challenged. I've yet to see a divorce that was all one sided, especially when adultery is the cause.
When more Christians will take a stand for the Bible for order in the church, they'll see greater blessings because of it.
It's happening for Pastors that follow Scripture. The wheat and the chaff are being separated. It's wonderful that God is giving His approval to those that reject compromise.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

Pastors leading while in the midst of adultery, or finishing up their last adulterous affair....
sin only prospers for a season. Those that have that history, oft times have difficulty not repeating that history. It's a temptation they fight and that one does not belong in the pulpit.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

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I'm giving you what the Scripture says, and if it makes you mad as a hatter, or mad as a hornet, the desire to lead, driven with man's purpose is not the same as God's Word.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

Cindy...If a person who has been divorced could never do "any" kind of ministry, then there wouldn't be much ministry getting done. Witnessing to a non-Christian about what God has done in a divorced Christian's life is sometimes one of the ways Jesus comes into peoples' lives. What would you do with divorced people when they get saved? Would you just have them sit on the back pew and "pay" for their pasts sins? I'd rather know that Jesus paid for them on the cross.
---Susie on 2/28/08

Praying for people to die, hating their very being also disqualifies a divorced pastor from leading others. Those sins will not be rewarded either.

Leading by example. God's Word is sure and true.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

You can be the leader God's Way or have it your way.

There are other positions besides pastor, preacher, minister that a divorced individual can hold in the church.
"God anoints whom He appoints", if you adhere to that phrase, you must believe that God honors the leader of one spouse or you have added your ways to God's Word.

Divorced/remarried leaders lead by their example.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

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Compromise. It's called compromising the Word of God.

If you believe that compromise will be rewarded because it fulfills "your purpose", the rewards of sin last only for a season.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

Over the years, I've read enough on the blogs from married/divorced pastors, preachers/preacher's wives that has reinforced the Word of God.
God's Word is sure, it's true, it's infallible.
God's Word is the Voice of "reason" for those who love reason. It is sharper than a two-edged sword cutting through the malarky, separating the sheep from the goats.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

If you're married, divorced, remarried, having adulterous affairs, in the ministry... that is a sham, a con, and sin that permanently disqualifies you from being the pastor, the preacher, a bishop, a shepherd.

You can forge on without the 'anointing' and answer for it at the Great White Throne of Judgment, or you can step down, repent and serve in a lesser capacity. It will bruise your ego, hurt your pride, but better to live in Humble, TX than convince yourself that sin will be rewarded.
---Cindy on 2/28/08

If being divorced disqualifies you to be a leader in the church. Perhaps we need to check further into our pastors past.Some of them are not even saved! Many have divorced and remarried sisters in their churches? Umphhh! I would not let one mistake keep me from serving the Lord. Many pastors, the catholic church etc...are going to pay very high prices for what they have done. Now if I fell into these categories, I would be very concerned.Teaching persons to pray to Mary and so on.
---Robyn on 2/27/08

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Peter denied Christ three times and he walked with Him. Yet, Peter continued to minister for the Lord after His, death, burial and resurrection. Is divorce more of a sin than denying Jesus Christ? If Jesus told us to forgive 70 times 7, will He not forgive that much? There is nothing in this post that says that either this man or his new wife committed adultery on their spouses. However, last time I checked adultery is also a forgivable sin.
---Susie on 2/27/08

Who better to counsel couples to do anything it takes to stay married than ones who have been through the torture of divorce?
Our God is a forgiving God.
---NVBarbara on 2/27/08

I think you know you're not hellbound.
Although God forgives divorce as any sin. It does disqualify you as a leader in the church. Your did not live what you are asking others to.

I find many divorced christians thinking they have to prove they are forgiven and accepted by feeling a need to be in a position of leadership. What's the deal? Does that mean all the lay people are not really forgiven and accepted?
---Virga_7458 on 2/27/08

I'll try and be short with this one. It's
easy to get critical or legalistic. One thing sends people to Hell and that's not
being in a right relationship with God where
Jesus Christ is Lord and saviour.
---Gye on 2/27/08

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Even if one has no right to make an oath, when he vows his vow it is binding and a shame to him if he breaks it.
This is why Jesus told us not to emphatically swear on anything- while our spirit loves the ideal of words carried out in action, the process belongs to God and flesh stumbles at keeping up.

Christians- stop killing the wounded:
Matthew 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men:
---Pharisee on 2/27/08

No. Can you find any scripture that says you will? There isn't one.
---Rickey on 2/27/08

To my point of view is that the issue of a divorcee and remarriage persons eternity is up to God, but to hold an office in church is not to be practiced. So my issue is that the qualification of the one that need to hold position in church is there in the pastoral epistle.
---TEVITA on 2/27/08

Did Jesus forget to include divorce in the sins forgiven on the cross of Calvary? Consider these verses in Matthew 5:27-28 "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. " Based on these verses I know of no adult heterosexual man that is not guilty of adultery!

---Mima on 2/27/08

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Scripture says that there will be many false prophets in the end days. They'll tweek the Scriptures, use the gospel for personal gain, and develop new and unscriptural ways to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Far better for you to step down while you can before God helps you step down.
Better to have God's blessing upon your family now than to have to answer at the Great White Throne of Judgment.
---Cindy on 2/27/08

Brian: Don't listen to Donna or people like her.All sin is sin before God.If you have sincerely been born again, confessed and repented of your sins. God has forgiven you. You do not need to answer to anyone but God. If we are convinced in your heart that you love the Lord and are led by His Spirit.I think everything will be ok.You are doing a great work for the Lord.Learn from your mistakes, repent and move forward in your life with God's blessings.
---Robyn on 2/27/08

Brian, just curious, why don't you practice what you teach? How can others take you seriously when you tell them to try and stay married and yet you got divorced and remarried. What was the reason for your divorce? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You may want to fast and pray to Jehovah God and ask him this question that you are asking us human beings...only God knows your destiny, not man.
---Donna on 2/27/08

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