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Why Were There Dinosaurs

Were dinosaurs Satan's/Nephilim attempt to mess with genetics? Why would God would create such ugly creatures?

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 ---R.Bock on 2/28/08
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frances008: "We should trust God alone, and not men, Steveng. And if you want people to trust you, criticizing every word they say is not going to help your case. However, I am grateful that you are not a wolf in sheep's clothing, but a wolf in wolf's clothing."

"I don't trust liars, Steveng. And I don't trust you. Any more questions?"

I didn't mean me. I meant what I said in a general term like "do you have any close friends you can trust?" You would learn a lot from doing an online Bible search for "each other" and "one another." These verses will help you find fellowship among Christians.
---Steveng on 7/30/08

We should trust God alone, and not men, Steveng. And if you want people to trust you, criticizing every word they say is not going to help your case. However, I am grateful that you are not a wolf in sheep's clothing, but a wolf in wolf's clothing.
---frances008 on 7/27/08

I don't trust liars, Steveng. And I don't trust you. Any more questions?
---frances008 on 7/27/08

frances008: Do you trust anyone?
---Steveng on 7/25/08

Consider this quote: "It was exactly like looking at a slice of modern bone. But, of course, I couldn't believe it. I said to the lab technician: 'The bones, after all, are 65 million years old. How could blood cells survive that long?' "
Mary Schweitzer Montana state University. Museum of the Rockies, Science 261:260, July 9, 1994

You see she is demonstrating that her bias forces her to ignore the obvious. And in doing so gives us wonderful evidence that this dinosaur bone (T-Rex) is indeed still bone, with blood cells. This is strong evidence that this creature lived in relatively recent times.

I did not mean to mock you and apologize if I have done so.
---Warwick on 7/25/08

Warwick, you know as well as I do that there is an atheistic/Satanic attack on the truth, by which I mean many many areas of life. The proof is that nobody has heard of these new bones, otherwise it would be big big news that dinosaurs were recent animals and not the usual millions and millions of years old story. You ignore all the signs of deliberate lies that are going on, and deny that there is anything odd about the different stories going around. You scoff at the idea the Jesuits control most of the many hoaxes. You continually attack me (oh so politely) just for pointing out the glaring facts that somebody is lying in big ways. I tend to think you are a liar due to your discrediting, mocking attitude.
---frances008 on 7/24/08

God created everything for His pleasure. This includes the dinosaurs.
---catherine on 7/24/08

Frances it's fact, viewed by many, both Christians and others that dinosaur bone with blood cells was found. Further a creationist colleague went to Umiat (Alaska)with Prof. John Whitmore (geologist) where they found frozen un-permineralized dinosaur bones. By un-permineralized I mean it's still bone. This isn't some Jesuit inspired conspiracy but eye-witness scientifically verified fact. One of the bones was identified as from a Lambeosaurus.

Frances you have ignored facts I have supplied because of your belief that almost everything is Jesuit conspiracy. But a direct question:

If it can be verified that frozen dinosaur bone has been found will you accept this is proof that dinosaurs were real creatures?
---Warwick on 7/24/08

Sorry for mistake below. God created the animals before Adam and Eve. But only one day before. The day before that there were only animals with fins and feathers. The day before that there were no creatures at all. So it is against the Bible to say that dinosaurs existed before Adam and Eve.
---frances008 on 7/23/08

Danelle, there is no mention in the Bible of God creating dinosaurs. He never created any animals before Adam and Eve. Don't you BELIEVE the BIBLE???? You are right that dinosaurs (whatever you call figments of fertile imaginations) never existed with men, because they never existed on earth at all as far as proof goes. The evidence could point to anything you like. Don't underestimate the power of the Jesuits. They mapped the moon, so they would know how to deceive people into faith in dinosaurs. Teillhard de Chardin SofJ had a lot to do with disinformation in this area - rock formations and the age of the earth.
---frances008 on 7/23/08

Supper42: "he wasn't saying that to someone that was ignorant of what death was or ignorant of what that meant."

The Bible says that the the world was created perfect. Death is the result of sin. The Bible teaches that the actions of Adam brought death into the world (Romans 5:12) and that the entire creation has suffered the consequences.
---Steveng on 7/22/08

steveng: Beasts were not created in God's image and only God is immortal. Man was created in God's image with immortality intact, until the fall, then death took effect in man, in the same way that it worked in the beast. When God told Adam that he would surely die if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he wasn't saying that to someone that was ignorant of what death was or ignorant of what that meant.
---Supper42 on 7/21/08

Ecc 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be, and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
Ecc 1:10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.
Ecc 1:11 There is no remembrance of former things, neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.
---Supper42 on 7/21/08

Danelle: "Steveng where did you hear that oil is "naturlly occuring?" ..., you should read more on the subject of fossil fuels before jumping to the conclusion..."

Recent scientific studies and experiments (since 1998) proved that oil could not have come from living things. (I'm credible: Amatuer scientist, 1968 to 1989: Technical and investigative writer, 1974 to present, college instructor California state certified, 1990 to 1993)

"Furthermore, the Dino's were created long before Adam, and were destroyed by God..."

You are then calling God a liar. If He says that death didn't come into existance until Adam and Eve sinned, how could the dinosaurs die?
---Steveng on 7/17/08

Steveng where did you hear that oil is "naturlly occuring?" You say my theory "doesn't hold water". No, you can't mix the two, but you really should read more on the subject of fossil fuels before jumping to the conclusion that the extinct dinosaurs are not the source of the crude oil that is being pumped from the earth. My statement IS NOT a theory! It is FACT. Furthermore, the Dino's were created long before Adam, and were destroyed by God in a sudden cataclysmic event,some of which died with food in thier mouths.God destroyed them to make the earth habitable for man. We could never co-exist with Dinosaurs!
---Danelle on 7/17/08

Frances ... Yes I was not shouting!

But maybe it was the caps locks demon that caused it!
---alan_of_UK on 7/17/08

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Danelle: "Why the Dinosaurs? Ever heard of Fossil fuel? He created them for future use,latter day use as there was no need for fossil fuel in the Beginning. The people burned olive oil in thier lamps. But, the ALMIGTY, knowing the End from the Beginning, foresaw automobiles and other uses.The greater volum of this fuel, which the world needs so desperately now,in at the bottom of the seas."

Nice theory, but it won't hold water. Didn't you hear that oil is naturally occuring (without dinosaurs help) like water and other liquids in the earth.
---Steveng on 7/16/08

AlanofUk, I am glad you just had caps lock on and are not really ready to burst a blood vessel. I thought it was unlike you. LOL.
---frances008 on 7/16/08

Why the Dinosaurs? Ever heard of Fossil fuel? He created them for future use,latter day use as there was no need for fossil fuel in the Beginning. The people burned olive oil in thier lamps. But, the ALMIGTY, knowing the End from the Beginning, foresaw automobiles and other uses.The greater volum of this fuel, which the world needs so desperately now,in at the bottom of the seas.
---Danelle on 7/16/08

frances008: Allow me to put it another way: God created everything, and everything is to the good. (I didn't say it, God said it.)
---Steveng on 7/15/08

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Steveng, what you say is interesting, but I don't necessarily agree.
---frances008 on 7/15/08

frances008: "Obviously God did not like them or he [God] would not have destroyed them."

He didn't destroy ALL of them. We still have over 4,000 different species of lizards akin to the dinosours. We have the Komodo dragon (known to stalk, attack, and kill humans), Gila monster and the beaded lizard, the alligators and crocodiles, rhinoceri, the elephants, the hippopotamuses, the peccaries, and even the pigs. Maybe the dinosaurs, in your way of thinking, evolved into today's more kinder and gentler dinosaur/mammal.
---Steveng on 7/14/08

RitaH ... To be really honest, I did see it on the previewe, but my keyboard was giving such trouble I was not prepred to risk losing evrything by trying to change it.
So I decided to post, and apologise later.
---alan_of_UK on 7/13/08

Alan, I guess you press 'preview' and 'submit' without reading through your contribution. You were obviously never employed as a proof reader!!! :-)
---RitaH on 7/12/08

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Oh dear I must have had the caps lock button on!!
---alan_of_UK on 7/11/08

Perhaps because they were monstrous and ate everything in their path and were going to destroy God's masterpiece, which was humanity. So ask God why he destroyed them, AlanofUk. Obviously God did not like them or he would not have destroyed them. You cannot say some human group decided to cruelly send them to the concentration camps and murder them. No. It was God. He wiped them out mysteriously, overnight.
---frances008 on 7/11/08

As usual, AlanofUk, you miss the point completely. I don't dislike dinosaurs, but I dislike the way people use them to promote the religion of atheism. Dinosaurs are a major factor when people dispute the Bible, no matter what Warwick may have turned up. People are not interested in creationontheweb because their minds have been destroyed by the likes of Attenborough (David), the parish priest, the History Channel, Fox Channel (666), etc. All these avow an ancient ancient zillion trillion billion year old earth. With cave men dotted around it. I am against brainwashing, not dinosaurs.
---frances008 on 7/11/08



wHY, OF ALL OF THESE, ARE DINOSAurs either bad or just a man-made lie?
---alan_of_UK on 7/11/08

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Warwick, my comment on policemen and judges is to prove that when there is an event, or a discovery of a body of a creature, we do indeed have science available to us. We can deduce a lot about the circumstances of death. But some people in very high positions, and this includes the obvious categories of Police and Judges as well as others like some scientists, are Freemasons. If all the people at the scene are freemasons, then they can invent any kind of story and ignore the scientific evidence. Why would they do it? That is the question. Since it is definitely done, we need to get answers pretty quickly. One in four cops are freemasons. Judges are frequently freemasons. Some careers only allow freemasons to get to the top.
---frances008 on 7/10/08

No, AlanofUk. I have not explained why the Tooth Fairy is bad either. I know nothing of the Tooth Fairy except that it is some kind of trick done on children. The bad ones are humans who use dinosaur 'bones' which sometimes amount to one tooth, and draw large pictures around the tooth. Even though that tooth is later dismissed as belonging to a normal animal. Richard Owen, the inventor of the word 'dinosaur' - I was not able to find one nice thing written of him, everyone disliked him, distrusted him and even hated him. Bad, is when people have hoaxes, like Piltdown man, and Nebraska man. It muddies the water and makes people like me throw out all evidence that comes along, as some kind of deceit or other. That is bad for science.
---frances008 on 7/10/08

Frances ... You have not explained why dinosaurs are bad
---alan_of_UK on 7/10/08

AlanofUk, just because it is not in the bible, like computers, does not make it evil, nonexistent etc. Simon the Magus is in the Bible and he was evil. The Bible is a book of instruction, a spiritual journey (the history of the collective human spiritual journey). It is factual. It is literal. Why are dinosaurs not mentioned as roaming the world in vast herds? Giants are mentioned over and over again. I believe in giants (in those days). And indeed some people are HUGE, even in Japan, they cannot sit on train seats they are so tall and they cannot stand straight on the trains. So giants exist, but not dinosaurs, and I think they are a mystery. I have not concluded anything for sure about them.
---frances008 on 7/9/08

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frances008: "Steveng, it would delight me if you so disliked Information Technology, that you decided to sell your own computer. If it is so evil, then why are you dabbling in it? I personally think it is just a tool and that humans can use it for God or against God, as they wish."

Whatever gave you the impression that I dislike technology? I agree with you (which doesn't happen too often) that it can be used as a tool. It's just that people misuse it to accomplish their own, or Satan's, evil agenda.
---Steveng on 7/9/08

Frances I do not follow what you are referring to or getting at as regards your comments about policemen and judges. Please explain.
---Warwick on 7/9/08

Who says that dinosaurs were bad?

I don't think the Bible referred to domestic cats ... Does that mean that my cat Mary is bad?
---alan_of_UK on 7/9/08

Steveng, it would delight me if you so disliked Information Technology, that you decided to sell your own computer. If it is so evil, then why are you dabbling in it? I personally think it is just a tool and that humans can use it for God or against God, as they wish.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

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Warwick, policemen and judges are well known to be a large portion of freemasons. In fact it was the death of one woman that set me out on my journey which led to the truth about so much else. She was murdered, and the detectives investigating concluded that the only group that could have done it (and also did leave marks on the ground to declare themselves) were freemasons. The reason being that a whole lot of different groups would have to be involved. British Telecom, the Police etc. Her name was Hilda Murrell. Freemasonry draws together a lot of different people with a common agenda....Satan worship.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

Jay said, "Now the Earth was formless." Read the footnote. "Was" could be "became."
Hey Jay, which Apostle, under the inspiration of God, wrote that footnote?
Then... Antoa, yes the Bible does say that God created the Dinosaurs. God created them and Adam named them. Get back to Genesis. Also know this, Satan has no creative power. He cannot create anything and never has.
I have no idea where you got such information but it shows you really need time in the written Word.
---Elder on 7/8/08

antoa7855: "In the bible, does it says that God created dinosaurs?

God created ALL animals.

"Do the bible talks about them [dinosaurs]? No."

On the contrary, you must do some research on the words "tanniyn" (occuring 31 times in the Bible and is normally translated "dragon," "serpent," "dinosaur," and "reptile"), "behemoth" and "leviathan."

God didn't create Dinosaurs or any bad creatures. Why do we blame God for what the devil is doing and creating?"

There are many carnivorous animals in the world including lions, tigers, bears, dogs, foxes, raccoons, and cats. God created them. Are they bad?
---Steveng on 7/8/08

Antoa does the Bible say God created the ring-tail possum, wallaby, kangaroo, tasmanian tiger, tasmanian devil? By your reasoning they must also be of the devil!

God doesn't even describe them but he does describe a dinosaur Behemoth and an aquatic reptile leviathan.

Why is there this panic over dinosaurs? why do some people here see them as a threat to the Bible?

Seriously what is the problem?
---Warwick on 7/8/08

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In the bible, does it says that God created dinosaurs? Do the bible talks about them? No. They are satan's creations if they were real. God didn't create Dinosaurs or any bad creatures. Why do we blame God for what the devil is doing and creating?
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

Steveng, should I always, sometimes, or never listen to the advice of people who do not repent of their involvement in the occult arts?
---frances008 on 7/8/08

AlanofUk, I can see why you might think that. Here are some of my heroes who died fighting for freedom and for exposing the truth: Alberto Rivera, Joe Vialls, William Cooper, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Stanley Kubrick, Aaron Russo, Anne Boleyn, Alfred Delp. (I really do not recall the many others but they are available on BushBodyCount and ClintonBodyCount.) Now there are many millions of others whose names I hardly know. Some were punished in other ways, like their family members died violently. Some I know personally. Others I read of in the newspapers. So you see the truth is hard to get because most people refuse to take such big risks. Others do take risks and speak out, and are alive, but I won't name them.
---frances008 on 7/7/08

frances008: "I am naturally distrustful of any information unless I found it by googling."

So, you depend on googling to receive your information. Just to let you know, as a technical writer and having a strong background in research (and probably doing it way before you were born), I have found that 99.99% of the information on the internet is wrong information, twisted information, misinformation other than the truth. Unless you were persoanlly and intimately involved with your conspiracy theories, you don't have a leg to stand on concerning truth or even finding it.

My suggestion, if you are Christian, is to sell all your possessions except your KJV Bible and meditate on that for a couple of years.
---Steveng on 7/7/08

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Can anyone on these blogs who has lived among the dinosours tell me if the T-rex was as ferocious as scientists claim? Could scientist say for sure of the personalities of the animals and humans at that time?

I wonder if people two hundred years from now watching the old Jack Benny TV programs believe that he was really stingy with his money?
---Steveng on 7/7/08

Ahhh...great point Steveng! :) And I have to add that anyone, human or anything else, that has the misfortune to see me before my cup of coffee would truly agree! :O Ty-rex has nothing on me in the ugly department before I get human in the morning! :D
---Mary on 7/7/08

Frances forensic specialisis, Christian and otherwise, can look at any bone and tell what creature it came from. Police turn to such as these when suspicious bones are found, to establish if they are possibly human. These same specialists were given this 'fresh' bone and in their expert opinion it was from no living creature, but identical to T-Rex bone. These are not people trying to prove evolution, demonism or Christianity but experts of the same order as those who test blood to see what disease the owner is suffering from.

The Bile describes creatures which fit with what we know as dinosaurs but obviously they aren't called dinosaurs as the name had not been coined. The Bible doesn't mention the dodo either. Is it also mythical?
---Warwick on 7/6/08

First-- Humans are sinful. We judge based on outward appearance. We all know this is true. Remember high school? God, however, looks at the heart.

Second-- I think that the bones are evidence of something. Can't say what.

However, the Bible is only our human history. There is nothing on what came before us. God may have created other worlds on the same rock we are all sitting on. Those bones may be from another world's history.

The notion of Earth being a billion years old may not be far off the mark. Genesis 1:02--"Now the Earth was formless." Read the footnote. "Was" could be "became."

All remains speculation and interpretation until explanation.
---Jay on 7/6/08

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Warwick, since I have been on the computer the past day or two, whenever it relates to dinosaurs and creation, my computer goes crazy. I could not get onto creationontheweb at all. (Which makes me think it might be the truth.) However, I found out (when studying micro-organisms that can travel through space, that a lot of earth's rocks originate from other planets or flying rocks, and I don't see why fossils could not have come from other planets. This would be one explanation as to why we find them. Maybe God wanted to give the atheists reasons for rejecting the Bible. So that only those who have simple faith, or do a lot of research, can hold on to their faith. This assumes nothing about the age of space or earth.
---frances008 on 7/5/08

Frances ... You arguments are frequesntly on the lines of "If I cannot see it, that is proof that it does not exist. If I do see it, it is proof that someone has faked it"

It's the same as if you said when crossing a busy street ... "if the light is red, that means it is unsafe for me to cross. If it is green, someone has set it at green to decive me into thinking it is safe to cross, therefore it is unsafe"

You, and the sites you rely on, so often claim that the presence of evidence is proof that it is faked, & the absence of evidence is proof that someone has stolen it.
---alan_of_UK on 7/5/08

Going back to the original question: "Why would God would create such ugly creatures?"

Ugliness, as is beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Probably in the eyes of the dinosaurs, humans are ugly. In fact, many animals and insects living today probably think that humans ARE ugly. They were not ugly in the eyes of God. Besides, there must be a reason to God, but is a puzzle to humans for His thoughts are not our thoughts. We humans could never comprehend what reasons for anything He does or allows.
---Steveng on 7/4/08

Warwick, I am sorry if I ever offended you. I am naturally distrustful of any information source unless I found it by googling words myself, as I have found out what its all about. It is about Satanism. Satanism in the church. So I should not feel any better about a 'Christian' site. However, independently I am coming around to the possiblity that dinosaurs did exist. Today I took another look at the 'Evolution' book in the Japanese book store. Very expensive and full of photos of bones in wierdest shapes. It is a very big, thick volume. I am beginning to believe that the fallen angels 'sinned against' fish, birds and reptiles and these are the resulting offspring. Devil's children so to speak, only half animal/reptile/etc.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

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Warwick, Jesus never mentioned dinosaurs, and neither did the tribes of Israel. Sorry. It does not fit in with the Bible. The fact that blood was found in some bones proves that they were young bones and came from other animals. No human records, physical or oral give any hint that there were other animals apart from the ones we know of. Even if you accept it, Darwin did not. He disbleieved that dinosaurs and men coexisted and hated Richard Owen intensely. I think Darwin was incorrect on his own theories, but I prefer him as a character to Owen, who was, to my mind, simply evil.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

Marcia, it must be lovely to exist in fairyland where everything is just whatever you believe. Unfortunately planet earth, whilst it could be the Garden of Eden, has been looted, plundered and destroyed deliberately for many centuries. The main victims are human beings. This is due to the Bible Truth that the Prince of this world (Satan) is currently roaming around the world organizing his demons to do his bidding. You may not like the truth, and prefer fairy tales, and indeed the truth has three stages to it. Ridicule, Anger and then Acceptance. I can understand those who do no research ridiculing it. But intelligent people pass through that stage quite quickly.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

Frances over and over I have told you that 'fresh' dinosaur bone exists, and with blood cells therein. Therefore it is both real and excellent evidence that the bone is only thousands not millions of years old or it would have been permineralized and the blood cells long degraded.

This is foolish Frances, as you bring no credit to Jesus because you ignore reality.

Go the the Christian site creationontheweb dot com and type 'blood cells dinosaur bone' into the search box and have a read.

This is a first class Christian site. I know these people well and they are Bible believers, right from the first verse of Genesis.
---Warwick on 7/4/08

frances, T.F., EVP and RS, alternative belief systems. No absolutes. All the lines are blurred, life is but an illusion and up is down and down is up.

If it makes you all that happy - you wouldn't be here - asking for prayers, every day. Regardless of what RS has to offer, it doesn't have any answers anchored down in reality. It's all subject to change and change it does. If it was all that fulfilling, you wouldn't need anyone on this site or Jesus Christ, but we all do.
That's why I have prayed for you, not because I'm smug, self-righteous or a 'reptile'. I am a believer that follows Jesus Christ and I'm not ashamed of His gospel. I hope one day you'll be set free from all of those other alternatives.
---Marcia on 7/4/08

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Frances, I am trying to picture in my mind what your day-to-day life must be like. You seem to see conspiracies, lying and cheating everywhere. Is there anyone or any piece of information that you can actually trust and accept? I just cannot imagine how you can get up in the morning and enjoy a happy day with all these things bothering you the way they do. Also, I wonder what you dream about!!
---RitaH on 7/4/08

Frances, in a very recent television programme viewers were told that DNA has been found in a part of a baby mammoth. Even those who found it were astonished that it had survived that long (and we do not all agree on how long is 'long'). You probably wouldn't have believed it if you'd seen it and I can only tell you what was shown in the programme but I had no reason to doubt what I was being told. I just hope that no-one gets carried away trying to copy Jurassic Park!!
---RitaH on 7/4/08

(2)My internet investigations confirm that we do not have originals to speak of. Just reconstructions based on assumptions. Imagination. I cannot prove my theories because I have no authority to go and inspect relics, and no access, and no knowledge. But some people do have. These experts are all pro-dinosaur people. Are other people allowed near the originals? I bet the answer is 'No!' As for cutting them up and examining them 'Definitely not!'. By the way DNA does not survive for the time that they say these bones were in the ground, which is really convenient for them.
---frances008 on 7/3/08

Donna, we all saw the 'plane' fly into the Tower, only there were no planes. We all saw the Apollo land on the moon, only there was no moon landing so far. Often looks are deceptive.

Steveng, I am glad you will have your excuse ready when God reviews your life and sees that you did not repent of your dabbling in the occult. ('It was only work.') I stand by my belief that you have been influenced very strongly by deceiving demons.
---frances008 on 7/3/08

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Even if the moderator was one of my family members, I would not necessarily trust that they knew everything. We are all equally unknowing, until we die. I happen to seek out more facts than many other people, but I don't claim to know the truth, just have an opinion, based on the Bible and the Holy Spirit.
---frances008 on 7/3/08

frances008: "Warwick, I see you siding with someone who admits to going to seances."

Twisting truth is what you are good at just like Satan did to Jesus.

When you say "He goes to seances," most people will believe that he particpates - meaning that he sits at the table.

On the contrary, I attended (I no longer go, haven't gone to one in over 30 years) only as an observer on an investigative writing assignement.
---Steveng on 7/3/08

The animals you mention were well known among the tribes living in the countries where those animals are. Nobody, to you is 'nobody worth a certain amount of money in the bank'. Nobody to you is 'no white man'.

Second, to use a negative argument like that is pointless. It neither proves nor disproves an existance of a creature. You cannot say it adds to the list of 'reasons I believe in them' - unless you are extremely short of evidence.

IE: I believe in 'x' because nobody had heard of 'Y' and 'Z' before someone brought back drawings of them from their expeditions. Therefore, nobody having heard of 'X' before, is irrelevant.

Finally dinosaurs were a worldwide (as the story goes) phenomenon.
---frances008 on 7/3/08

Warwick, did you know that we have no Peking Skull at all, only a cast, because the relics of their idols were 'lost in translation' to America. So why could they not create a cast of 3 metre long thigh bones? When we go to museums, or other places, eg, in Ueno I noticed some fossils in the Zoo. These were reproductions not the real things. So how do we know if there were any real things to begin with? Go to (2)
---frances008 on 7/3/08

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Frances Owen only coined the name dinosaur in fact he coined dinosaurus, to describe already existing creatures. Adam did likewise naming already existing creatures. Adam did not invent these creatures,as your reasoning would claim.

You say they took the bones of other animals and faked dinosaurs. From what animal did 3 metre long thigh bones come? From what animal did they get the complete heads of creatures such as T-Rex. Your overwhelming conspiracy theories are making you blind to reality.

As with your 'siding' comments I am not siding with anyone, just agreeing with some people on some issues. I suppose I would even agree with Adolph Hitler on some things. He made great roads!
---Warwick on 7/3/08

frances, that is ridiculous.

Ask the Moderator. I believe he has seen dino bones with his own eyes. I know that I have.
---Donna on 7/3/08

AlanofUk, yes, there were giant skeletons found all over the world. Why do you think nobody has talked about this to you? Why is it not on television? Do you think someone might be trying to keep information from you? There is a lot out there to be discovered by any keen investigator.
---frances008 on 7/2/08

frances008: "Steveng, if you had not been to seances and exorcisms, I might treat you more seriously. "

You're joking. You "know" everything there is about conspiracies by reading and hearsay evidence. I do my investigations by personal observation and interviewing. I do not rely on hearsay or gossip. A person cannot truly get the true story of a seance, exorcism or anything else for that matter by just reading or watching TV. That's probably why companies pay me as an investigative writer.
---Steveng on 7/2/08

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RitaH, Yes, I believe they got odd bones from other animals and created them. I have often explained that I have seen the photos of these jigsaw puzzles they created and the bones do not look as if they fit together properly. Some only show two legs. Obviously man has been so dumbed down we accept anything that other people, not even experts, say.
---frances008 on 7/2/08

A recent exhibition at a world famous museum used the word 'inventor' to describe Richard Owen, not in the text of some biographical account, but in the title of the exhibition. The clues are everywhere, you just have to listen to the perpetrators of these hoaxes. Out of their own mouths they give themselves away. Many of the key figures had the biographies that a travelling salesman would not want. They just came from nowhere with their great inventions. Often crowds of scientists dismissed them out of hand, because in those days the scientists had more brains. Today, science is run by people from Hollywood/ the BBC. People with money or titles. Not brains. It comes from places like Oxford/Cambridge the centres of deception.
---frances008 on 7/2/08

Warwick, I see you siding with someone who admits to going to seances. Never mind that, about nobody having heard of d-i-n-o-s-a-u-r-s before Richard Owen invented them, nobody had heard of any, or seen any, or had any distant ancestor who had even seen a drawing of a large reptile that had gone extinct, anywhere in the whole wide world, even though, according to Darwin, and others, man must have been through stages before we learnt to talk, read and write. When we were living in caves (Not) there were no drawings. One lie is heaped so well on top of another even the conspirators are at each others throats because the various revisions of history cancel each other out. The Bible is the Truth. Dinosaurs are pictures for children.
---frances008 on 7/2/08

Frances, whatever is this supposed to mean? "The only thing that the dinosaur hunters ever had was their 'evidence' and nothing else." What do you expect them to have other than evidence. Are you suggesting that all the skeletons and parts of skeletons are home-made plaster models?
---RitaH on 7/2/08

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Stevenq I agree. I don't believe I was judging but rather discerning error. I will leave the judging up to God, as in the sense of pronouncing sentence as I am not qualified to that. It's like in a court when the jury decides on guilt, upon the available evidence,the Judge gives his judgement regarding penalty or sentence.

Frances accuses me of judging her then, by her own definition judges me! Interesting logic.

Frances wrote 'Nobody had heard of dinosaurs before the invention of them.' Obviously not and nobody had heard of a platypus before a man gave it a name. Owen didn't invent dinosaurs, only gave them the name meaning terrible lizard, to describe the amazing creatures which were being discovered in the fossil record.
---Warwick on 7/2/08

Steveng, if you had not been to seances and exorcisms, I might treat you more seriously. I have nothing to say to you. Discerning is not judging. The word 'judge' has many USAGES. Look it up in a dictionary. My challenge was not to you, but to Warwick.
---frances008 on 7/1/08

frances008: "Warwick, how dare you judge me, Let God judge us... Or you might be one of those double agents that they plant like Martin Sheen or Alex Jones, whose job is to be a gatekeeper... The only thing that the dinosaur hunters ever had was their 'evidence' and nothing else. Nobody had heard of dinosaurs before the invention of them.

The people involved were all very dubious characters and some were also involved in the Missing Link scandals which proved hoaxes. Others were just very bad people by all accounts, like Richard Owen."

Now who is judging? Besides the Bible clearly says we are to find fault in others and tells us how to approach it.
---Steveng on 7/1/08

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