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Soul Winning Outside Church

It is impossible to have a revival among the lost, since there is nothing to revive. Soulwinning outside the church is by far the most effective method. Comments?

Moderator - Most people that go to church today aren't Christians, therefore an evangelist can have a full time job within their local church if it is a large church.

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 ---Mima on 2/28/08
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I strongly agree with pgfdottie's answer to this post.
---Mima on 3/6/08

The Apostles didn't have the advantages we have, all who didn't know Christ were brought the gospel. This is where we are lacking, we don't speak about Christ to non-Christians. Jesus said it is the "sick" that need the physician. We are not seeking the sick as we were told to do. Why are we afraid to spread the "Good News." Will you be able to stand fast when the "real" persecution starts? It is only impossible if you don't try.
---pgfdottie on 3/4/08

The Gospel, heart of all Christian truth. To a Christian, everything of importance in Christianity is summarized in the Gospel.

Passion for keeping the Gospel at the center explains why historic evangelicalism has always been theologically biblically based.

But the Purpose and Plan evangelical movement has become something completely different. They can't agree among themselves what the Gospel is or whether the doctrinal details of God's message are really even all that important.
---Cindy on 3/3/08

Mima::I take it you are a firm believer of Christian net but did you notice the many False thing displayed as well and you agree it is good.??
---Emcee on 3/3/08

I am very impressed with the give-and-take in the answers to this blog. Spirited answers like this encourage me to believe that Christianet blogs do good!!
---Mima on 3/3/08

The time is close at hand when Jesus returns. But who is out there bringing people in when they are all in church? Wherever Chrisitans are, whether standing in line at the supermarket, walking along the beach, waiting tables at a restaurant, assembling products in a plant, Christians are to SHOW others that the Holy Spirit is working through us. How? When we do our job, whatever it is, to the glory of God.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

I'm not saying that the church building is bad, but you should know the word of God within three years and then it's time for you to go out into the world. The only reason denominations try to keep in the church is money. They can't make money if their congregation goes into the world. They tell you how important it is to keep going to church every week, every year until you reach the end of your life. If you haven't developed a strong relationship with God in three years, there is something wrong.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

Home "churches" are good. Well, more than excellent if you are really interested in getting to heaven. They are a small, intimate number of people who are dedicated to keep each other on the right path to the kingdom. The larger the congregation the less important you are. You are only another face in the crowd. Remember: where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, he is there. It could be at a park, in a home, at the local cafe or flying from Los Angles to Chicago.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

Revival. Hogwash!!

To revive something, something must be alive first, then die, then become alive again. A Christian is born again.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

As for "church"...

Christ is to marry the church so therefore Church are the believers. Christ is not marrying a building or a denomination or a non-profit organization.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

There is a two-fold purpose of Christians: one, to invite people to become part of the kingdom and, two, to encourage each other to stay on the path toward the kingdom. The harvest is abundant, the workers are few. A farmer plants the seed, nurtures the crops and harvests it when ready. The plants cannot nuture itself nor harvest itself, it takes people to do it and they can't do it sitting in a church building. Chrisitnas are to go out into the world and do/perform greater miracles than Jesus.
---Steveng on 3/2/08

LOOK AT THE CONGREGATIOM THEN THE PASTOR PLUS THE SAYING "Birds of a feather flock together"Draw your conclusion its 50:50
---Emcee on 3/2/08

It is not possible to measure another persons faith, Faith and a persons relationship with Jesus is not the same as being a Christian. Revivals are a great tool to bring the unsaved to Jesus, besides a wonderful experience for yourself, and just to have worship and witnessing of how great the Lord is.
---Nona on 3/1/08

Without a Doubt the lost are everywhere, Good way to get kicked out of Church is to start telling people that they have it wrong, Look what happens here.
If everyone had their own personal relationship with Jesus like were suppose to,
No one would be led astray by false teachers & such.
If a person is willing to just follow & NOT SEEK God on their own, 8 out of 10 times you'll be misled by the blind.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/1/08

"But some acknowledges that as high as perhaps 90% of church members are lost"
I wonder how they make that judgment?
Sometimes I suspect that it is because the other person does not worship in the same way ... young "happy-clappies" seem to think that if you don't wave your arms about you can't be proper Christian.
Then there are those who might say unless you speak in tongues, you are not "saved"
---alan_of_UK on 3/1/08

Others I have come across think that you have to name the year of being "born-again", and if you just remember the time you were "converted", you're not really a Christian.
And then even on these blogs we have those who say that unless you believe exactly the same as them, you are not saved.
And the little old lady who makes the tea for the people at the drop-in centre can't be saved, as she is doing "works"
It's too easy to judge others.
That's what I see anyway
---alan_of_UK on 3/1/08

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There also "evangelists" being used to urge people to leave their church, denomination.

"When is alright to leave your church?"

I see that agenda being pushed here every day, preachers are lost, so forth. It's a very real purpose driven agenda with a strong driver behind it.
---Cindy on 3/1/08

These new agey type evangelists are urging people to come over to their church. They've adopted a purpose that coincides nicely with alternative chinese medicine, such as Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind.
"When should you leave church?" They'll help you. It's really the in "thing", this type of soul winning. It's effective and many are falling for it. Are you?
---Cindy on 3/1/08

There are unsaved people inside and outside the church. I believe we are all called to evangelize, though we may not have the specific gift of evangelism or be called to do it as a "profession".
Within the church, the word of God should be taught so those who are saved can grow, while also preaching the gospel so those who aren't saved can hear and be saved. We should never abandon the teaching of the word, but also never abandon the preaching of the gospel, inside or outside of church.
---Deanna on 3/1/08

Moderator's title is very accurate for this new agey soulwinning, OUTSIDE of the Church.

It's becoming a new culture unto itself, but then again, there's nothing new under the sun. This is under the sun, but not the Son.
---Cindy on 3/1/08

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"Soulwinning" is like "How to Win Friends and Influence People" in intellect. But doesn`t it sound like we`re not ready yet, in language of God? Because they don`t look like normal people yet to be in the Gospel. Because I don`t know what it is that we`re worshiping. As this isn`t a normal world. But we still think we can be Christians too, and live in it as well. We`re not supposed to want to live in it. And we`re not supposed to get upset by death.
---Mitchell on 3/1/08

Alan and Donna,

Most people that call themselves Christians today are living like devils and are not remotely following the Bible. Click on the Apostate Ecard collection to view the most common false gospels within the church today. It's no wonder people are confused as most pastors are not saved themselves.
---Moderator on 3/1/08

Margaret ... You say: ... I would agree that the majority of people that go to church are not Christian. To say one is a Christian today is way to be "in."

Clearly you don't live in Britain, where to say one is a Christian today is a way to be "OUT"
---a on 2/29/08

How can you tell what is a true Christian and a pretender is difficult. But some acknowledges that as high as perhaps 90% of church members are lost. So look around you in church and ask, "why the world is so messy? Ofcourse, false preachers are everywhere. That doesn't help at all either.
---catherine on 2/29/08

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Moderator-how can you tell that most people that go to church today aren't Christians? I agree with you, but how can you tell who are the real ones?
Mima-We were all lost at one time or another and we were revived, so how can you say there is nothing to revive? It is the Spirit who gives life...we just plant the seeds, water the word, tell people they need a Savior and the Holy Spirit does the rest, amen?
---Donna on 2/29/08

Moderator is correct.

Many are going to churches driven by purpose and mammon. They're going for their great transfer of wealth. Going to get and getting zip.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

Let's refine the gospel, let's tweek God's Word and add HUMAN DOING.

An evangelist that refuses to compromise God's Word is a full time job, swimming upstream, fighting complacency, idolatry, and sin.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

Correct. You can't have a revival amongst the lost because you can't revive something that fist hasn't had life. Revival is for the Church. That is, the saved people, not the building or the religious organization.
---john on 2/29/08

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Good Job Robyn,
When my family on my dads side came here in 1748 some of them did exactly as you have said, went from town to town spreading the Gospel.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 2/29/08

I believe that there isn't too many souls being saved today. One reason could be most preachers are not saved. And anyone who is in church and is not saved, but are found guilty of pretending, is well, God hates that kind of stuff. Think about it, what are the saved doing today? Also, the world is so messy worshiping false gods, instead of the true God. False gods is also found at your ball games. Hooping and a hollowing.
---catherine on 2/29/08

I would agree that the majority of people that go to church are not Christian. To say one is a Christian today is way to be "in." Should persecution come, the wheat would be separated from the chaff. Agree with moderator that soul winning is something even inside the church, but also believe that the purpose of the church is to build up believers in the faith, not have a service catered to the lost.
---margaret on 2/29/08

I agree with what the moderator says above. If a minister is preaching ONLY to the converted then his job has been done and he should move on. He continues in his job because he knows that many who faithfully come every Sunday (and often to weekday meetings as well) do not know the Lord. Going to church regularly has become a tradition to them or has always been a tradition in their family. These people are a mission field in themselves.
---RitaH on 2/29/08

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Mod you say "Most people that go to church today aren't Christians"
Can you justify that statement?
---a on 2/29/08

Evangelists are not pastors,counselors,bishops etc..Their ministries are to move around from city to city town to town winning souls for Christ.We all are called to do something for Christ but each of our ministries/gifts are different. That's the beauty of Christianity. Everyone is important and valuable to the Lord.There is much work to do.But the laborers are few,indeed.
---Robyn on 2/28/08

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