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Wearing Jeans To Church

I have been wondering if it's ok to wear jeans when going to church. We had a debate on this and I would like to get some ideas from you members.

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 ---sungani on 2/29/08
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in Deu 22:5 I look it up in the Bible dictionary, and the history of clothes and I didn't see nothing that mentioned Pants once again this is Tradition of Church Values. Pants wasn't around at that time.
God law is love: Love the Lord with all thy heart and love thy neighbor as thyself 2 commandments matt 22:37. "God isn't Strict"
---Ernest on 4/1/09

In Deut 22 v 5. In discussions,people say,ah,
that's in the Old-Testament,Yes it is. I'l say,in the beginning God created the heaven & the earth,later Adam & Eve etc. These are in the Old Testament also & you believe these right? Deut 22 v 5(pants-slacks that fastens in the front,back or the side pertains to man's clothing) & even elsewhere the teaching about the longer hair for women is Right. If your not going to take accept the whole role(The Whole Word of God)you cant take it at all. God & along with His Word is Strict. It's The same with God's Salvation Plan that is in Acts 2 v's 37-41 that Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20 & The Whole Lot of God's Word we should live up to. Any other teachings is Matt 15 v 9.
---Lawrence on 10/1/08

yes, this is a Western World View of Tadition not a Eastern World View.
In biblical Times they wore a undershirt, tunic coat, & Girdle, and a Robe.
Jeans didn't come into play until the 18th Century.
Ps 51:17 Come to God with a humble and contrite (regretful) mind.
Remember Adam & Eve didn't have to wear clothes until they sinned.
---ernest on 7/13/08

You can wear whatever you want to church, on the condition that it does not distract others from the Word of God. This applies to both genders, women, say no to the short skirts and tight tops with chests gasping for air, men, wear shirts not muscle shirts, we are in church not the club. We come for the Word of God in church, is that what we are getting? Clean jeans, no holes, good wear. God bless.
---aime on 6/7/08

In the church people should be more concentrated on the souls than the clothes. What's the use of looking the part on the outside when your inside is not right. Do you belong to a traditional church? Then maybe that's what it is.
---senya on 5/28/08

Yes, in fact the RCC would rather allow jeans instead of the short dresses some wear. We kneel a lot and wearing jeans is better. But, I do agree with Todd 1, we should wear our best.
But, If you go to Daily Mass, jeans are okay as well.
---Nicole on 5/28/08

Yes!!!! Do you think God would not want you in church because you can't afford a dress! This is just another problem with christians judging one another! What a sad thing you should feel the need to ask.I know why you ask.Things need to change we are all going to be judged! 1cor 1:27-30
---Eileen on 5/28/08

I think it's appropriate to wear the best garments we have. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

Nowhere in the Bible are we given the divine length for a woman's hemline or for that of a man's haircut. In first Corinthians Paul covers everything concerning the church problems, including dressing properly in the house of God.+++ Study it:
---catherine on 5/9/08

Your clothes should match the culture of the congregation you attend, to the extent which your budget allows, so not to distract from the service.

But if casual dress is common in your congregation (as is the norm in tourist and some retirement communities), or if working-class values encourage jean-wearing, by all means wear them.

Just keep the cut modest and the cloth clean. And wear the best day-shirt you've got with them.
---Nancy on 5/2/08

Jesus didn't care what people wore as long as they followed him. I wear jeans to my church when I have to work in the nursery because I crawl on the floor with babies. Occassionally my daughter wears jeans. I don't see anything wrong with it.
---Flo on 5/1/08

more silliness -
if a women wears jeans to dress like a man - that would be inappropriate for church.
But if she is wearing women's clothing then that is fine.
---Andrea on 5/1/08

Catherine you can cause somone to stumble suggesting they go to church---naked! That is wrong to do that. Especially to a baby christian. WE are not to do this.We are never to suggest evil to anyone because we all are desperately wicked and are always looking for ways to disobey and do our own thing. Christianity is not about individuality. We can't just do what we want to do. As Christians we are called to a higher standard than is the world. Dress modest and cover up, we will do ok.
---Robyn on 5/1/08

By all means do as you please. Who cares how God feels about your dressing. I have a question for all you church goers> Do you have the conviction of the Person of the holy ghost? Go ahead go naked I do not CARE.
---catherine on 5/1/08

Like I said about hair, what condemns someone is not what he looks like or what he wears, but what comes out of his mouth and what is in his heart. It had better be real truth.
---james on 5/1/08

It's okay to do anything you want ...wearing jeans if it's the only thing you own that is nice or cannot afford nice clothes that's all you can do ...but one should strive to aquire one nice suit or dress to wear in Gods presense ...He is God Almighty the giver of life and the creator of ALL things ...if you were to greet a King, President or other important person on earth would you show up in jeans in a tshirt or put on something nice
---Rhonda on 4/30/08

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Jeans are acceptable to God. I believe. But not to man and all of their holy roly evil religious spirits. We should dress decently and in order at all times. As becoming for men and women of God. We do know right from wrong.Or should know.
---Robyn on 4/30/08

Just imagine how counter-productive this thread must be to non-believers who are following this!

Why in the world would God care whether we wear jeans or a kilt to church? Isn't He only concerned with the heart, not appearance?

Please come to our church in bare feet and a pink turban if you like. You can even wear a suit. I am sure God won't care so why should we?
---Warwick on 4/30/08

Judy, who decides what belongs to men or to women? In the past, men used to wear "dresses" with long skirts then they switched to pants.

Stating that women cannot wear long pants to me is paranoia.
---Caring on 4/29/08

(kjv) Deut.22:5 states That a woman shall not were that which pertaineth to a man,neither shall a man put on a woman,s garment:for all that do are abomination unto the lord thy God. at my church we do not wear paints.
---judyw3988 on 4/28/08

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My Brother told people/Everyone, Not to WORRY about WHAT to WEAR & NOT to adorn themselves in fine clothing, jewelery, Down even to the Platting(fixing) of your Hair!
After 70 AD.,
Christian Gatherings "church" was in caves & homes.
Not Until Constantine came along did Christians "Openly Gather" Again W/O the Fear of Being Killed.
Now that were Civilized, God Requires that WE Dress Nicely? NO!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/27/08

caring ... Its all in the grammar books, if you can find them nowadays

I too wear jeans to church ... t is too chilly here for horts even in the summer!
---alan_of_UK on 4/27/08

What's missing is the condition of our hearts. If you are casual dressers wherever you go, then there is no harm dressing casual. But if you dress up for things you deem as special and won't dress up for God, something is wrong.
---melann on 4/27/08

Alan, I have to think about what you had said. "Do not weareth jeans....."

Anyhow, I wear jeans to church and so does my wife. I wear jeans most of the time - I like to wear casual clothes.

In summer I do not use shorts to go to church.
---Caring on 4/27/08

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It doesn't matter what you wear to church as long as it is neat clean and decent.You can wear a long outfit that is tight and revealing you know.Jeans can hardly be indecent unless they are a size to small.Being clean is important.
---shirley on 4/27/08

Noi, caring ... "weareth" is gramatically incorrect after the "shalt not"

If you insist on using the verb "wear" as opposed to my more elegant "clad oneself in", it should just be "wear"

Afrer all, it is "you went" does not becom "you did not went"

But maybe we should both go back to school!

I get my jeans second-hand in the charity shop where I work
---alan_of_UK on 4/27/08

Alan said: "Thou shalt not clad thyself in jeans when thou goest to church"?

Slight correction my friend. "Thou shalt not weareth jeans when thou goest to church"
---Caring on 4/27/08

Alan, do you wear Levis jeans or you buy them from the Dollor Store like I do? :))
---Caring on 4/27/08

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About jeans in church, I grew up in the Episcopal Church in Nags Head, NC and we have a sign in the front of our church that says "Fisherman come as you are". The point of it is that God is not a fashion critic although some people may be, Our Lord God is just happy to see you there in worship and not just there looking like your coming off the red carpet to impress the fashion police. It's what's in your heart while there in worship, NOT what's hanging on your skin. Hope this helps.
---William on 4/26/08

Caring ... "Thou shalt not wear jeans when you go to church"

Of course i was not able to look it up to check the terminology, but surely that should be "Thou shalt not clad thyself in jeans when thou goest to church"?
---alan_of_UK on 4/26/08

Caring: There is no Acts 33:21.

We should always wear our very best to church because we esteem God above all others. If jeans are the very best we have, then by all means, we should wear them to church.
---jerry6593 on 4/26/08

Acts 33 doesn't exist. Wanted to declare it just in case someone might believe what you typed.
---Sharlene on 4/26/08

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I don't think it matters as long as it's modest dressing- no low necklines, no hip huggers- that how I determine what to wear not only to church but anywhere's else I should go.
---Lynn on 4/26/08

Acts 33:21 -
"Thou shalt not wear jeans when you go to church"

The above contradicts what Alan said.
---Caring on 4/26/08

A friend gave me this great idea. If I bought some new clothes I was to wear them for the first time at church. So I got into the habit of regarding Church as a place to wear your best clothes. On the other hand one letter of St Paul says 'dress ready for service'. I suppose you should dress the way you feel Jesus and his disciples would dress for the Synagogue. (Smart)
---frances008 on 4/25/08

Sorry Alan. I was trying to agree with you. I guess I should have said it better.
---Alicia on 4/24/08

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Catherine: Just because you wouldn't feel right wearing jeans or slacks/shorts to church that doesn't mean that everyone else has to feel the same way. I wear dresses/skirts to church, but that is me. There are people who wear slacks/jeans to my church, and they can reach and worship God just the same as I can. Not everyone feels the same as you do.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/08

Yes Alicia ... no need to convince me!
Tell Catherine!
---alan_of_UK on 4/24/08

When Jesus wrapped his towel around himself to wash his disciple's feet he was wearing a wrap-skirt.
Clothing is so overrated.
Boaz covered Ruth with his skirt.
---Alicia on 4/23/08

Catherine, at what point in history did it suddenly become essential for men to wear trousers when going to worship God?
---alan_of_UK on 4/23/08

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I live in a hot climate. When I go to church, it's usually in T-shirt and shorts (and so do many others). When I look at myself in the mirror, I am content that I am myself. Not immodest, so it would distract me by feeling lustful or self-conscious, nor ostentations so it won't distract me by feeling smug - But just honestly myself, so I can approach God as just who I am.
---StrongAxe on 4/23/08

Catherine, I just wonder why you think jeans are indecent?

Mine are just like trousers, except for the material, and the position of the pockets, and of course they are a bit more durable.
---alan_of_UK on 4/23/08

Stand infront of a mirror, in your short clothes or your jeans if you belong to God, ofcourse, and listen to your spirit. Not the flesh your spirit.>>>All you have to do. If you have the money spend it on decent clothes for church and other functions instead of on other things. Why not? The movies can go by the wayside. God first, including your dressing. And ofcourse you may ask God for more money. He might tell you to give up something, too. So, there you go.
---catherine on 4/23/08


What clothes do you consider holy?

Suits (like businessmen wear, who earn millions while swindling consumers)?

Tuxedoes (common among entertainers, especially in places like Las Vegas)?

Jeans (worn by farmers working hard producing food that nourishes us all)?

I think Jesus would be comfortable with common people who treat all days equally holy, rather than those who dress up once a week, but other days it's just business as usual.
---StrongAxe on 4/22/08

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In James 2,the Bible instructs us not to give attention to what type of clothing people are wearing to the meeting. We are not judges.
We are intstructed to wear proper, modest clothing and jeans fit into this category just a well as a suit and tie or fancy dress. Some say they wear their best to church, but what makes something the best? Just because you wear it the least? Jeans are just as strong and durable.
---john on 4/22/08

Where in the Bible does it say we have to "dress up" to go to church? The "world" would certainly tell us to dress up. Jesus never said any such thing, but it's the custom of the "world" to dress up for church or other events they attend. The disciples never dressed up. The only people Jesus addressed that "dressed up" were the Pharises/Sadducces and you know what He had to say about them. It's our hearts that need to be prepared for the Lord, not our clothes.
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

Catherine ... My jeans are proper modest & discreet.

If I went to church dressed as Jesus was dressed, I would be probably thrown out or taken to a mental hospital.

And my suit, which is now so respectable, could have taken me to the hangman or at least to the colonies in the 16th & 17th Centuries.
---a on 4/22/08

We are not to fashoned ourselves after the world. The world's system is an evil one and is dominated by the god of this world. Here is the bottom line>>>We are to dress holy when entering into God's church. If you consider wearing jeans to go and worship the Lord thy God in church as holy you are WRONG. The church is in the world but is not to conform to it. In 1 Tim. we are to dress properly, modestly, and discreetly. We are in church to worship God.
---catherine on 4/22/08

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I'd be happy to see what Paul said on the subject.

2 Corinthians is a large book, however - can you be a bit more specific (at least which chapter you're referring to, and hopefully verse as well?)
---StrongAxe on 4/21/08

God has to look at us on the outside, too. We do represent God. I am not talking a fashion show either. All of these excuses are crazy. I have seen girls going to church with short, short, skirts. How impressive. Yes sir. WOW! I will stick with Paul the Apostle who wrote on the subject about proper dressing for going to church. In first or you may find it in 2 cointh. I shall stick to what God gives me to write everytime. Thank you.
---catherine on 4/18/08

We should wear the best we have.
It shows the Lord he's first in our lives.
Not dressing better for work or recreation than church.
That would show a lack of fear, love and respect for the Lord.
Pants, dresses and skirts shouldn't be the issue.
"That which pertaineth unto a man" and "a woman's garment" are really for deeper spiritual things and even nature shows us that certain items like athletic supporters and bras are items of a given sex.
---Frank on 4/18/08

I'm not sure if God cares what we wear to church but rather that we go. Our family has decided that we will wear our best for God because He gave His best to us through Jesus. Most people dress up for a special occasion or for someone special. That's how we view it for ourselves. It's really between you and God and for no one else to judge.
---melann on 4/18/08

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Maybe Adam and Eve being "naked" before the Lord is a type and shadow of how God wants us to come before Him...naked, totally open and real, with absolutely no pretense or hiding behind anything, but baring it all. Perhaps it's only when we come before God without trying to impress anyone (including Him) with outward appearance, that we can then have the kind of relationship that Adam/Eve had with the Lord before the fall. Just something to ponder. Afterall, the Bible is full of types/shadows.
---Holly4jc on 4/17/08


I said I couldn't find any scriptures talking about wearing "proper attire" for worship. I believe it's all traditions of men.

You say that it's in the bible, at least the concept is. If so, it shouldn't be difficult to find a passage that talks about it, even in generalities. Please enlighten me.

I have my opinions (which I belive are based on what is the Bible (and what is not)), but I'm always glad to be proved wrong, because doing so improves my understanding.
---StrongAxe on 4/17/08


Yes! How interesting it is that the very first notion of "being improperly attired to face God" happened as a result of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And what was the VERY FIRST INDICATION that Adam and Eve fell? They were fretting about clothing!

So, of ALL the sins caused by the Fall, the FIRST wasn't murder, or lying, or theft, or any of the other Big Ten - it was obsessing over proper attire!
---StrongAxe on 4/17/08

Isn't it funny that the two people (Adam and Eve) who walked with God in the Garden of Eden and had the most undefiled relationship with Him (before the fall) were NAKED? They certainly did not worry about what the proper attire was to wear when being with God. Besides, WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit and worship should be an all day event, not just saved for Sundays. Everything we do should be an act of worship unto Him. God resides in the believers, not in a building made of stone.
---Holly4jc on 4/17/08

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Strongaxe>>It is in the Bible. At least the concept is. Why do so many unbelievers as well as believers seem to know so much and no absolutely NOTHING.
---catherine on 4/17/08

Yes jeans are ok for church, Jesus would rather see you at church in Jeans any day that not going because you felt that your clothing was some how not the clothing, and who gets to chose any way. Jesus wants a relationship with you, all the time not just when you can dress to meet someone else's standards.
---Nona on 4/16/08

Isn't it amazing that people make doctrines of that which the Lord told us to take no though of and plan meals which he said take no thought of and overlook a false witness which is listed as an abomination?

---Frank on 4/16/08

A cowboy visited a church in boots & jeans. People looked down their nose, the pastor advised him to "pray about what is appropiate wear for church". Three visits same way, finially pastor ask if he had prayed about it. He said yes, pastor ask what did Jesus say? He replied Jesus don't know either, he has never been in your church.
---Chip on 4/16/08

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LOL! Jesus wore a skirt had sandals with dirty feet.

I guess he wouldn't be allowed to come in either.

Is righteousness solely what you put on your body?

Let's grow up in God and realize that it has nothing to do with what you wear. Jeans, a suit and tie, who cares?

The real question is HOW IS YOUR HEART WHEN YOU GO?
---Ardith on 4/16/08

Hi at the church that I am a member of, we have had the same debate...our answer has always been, It is not about what you wear it is that " You " are there, God loves everyone despite what they have to wear. Also that you should never look down on someone for not dressing better," Fashion " That is not what worshiping is about. God Bless & Take care ..... Amy Sue
---Amy_Sue on 4/16/08

I don't believe that God really cares what you wear to worship.
---D on 4/16/08


If I was going to dinner with the governor, I might probably dress up, because I would want to impress him.

On the other hand, I have no reason to try to impress God (in fact, any attempt to do so would fail, since God can see through all pretense).

And since Christians are not supposed to judge by appearances, dressing up in Church to impress everyone else is also an exercise in vanity and/or futility.
---StrongAxe on 4/16/08

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I don't recall any scripture that commends us to "dress well" to disinguish ourselves from the heathen. If there is one, perhaps you could enlighten me?
---StrongAxe on 4/16/08

Considering all the heathens that are in the churches today, I wouldn't be surprise if they went naked. We, God's people, are to represent God whereever we go and whatever we do. This certainly means to dress well. As for all the hypocrites that are in God's chuirches, Hell is hot.
---catherine on 4/16/08

Appropriate church attire: God is the Royal King, but also he is the Shepherd, and most shepherds do not wear tuxedos and rolex watches, if you get my drift.
---Eloy on 4/15/08

If you were going to a meeting with the Govenor of your state would you wear jeans? Is not God more important? I agree God does not look on the outside, but I do believe that we should be at our best when we come to worship. If jeans are the best we've got then we should wear the best pair of jeans we own. We're going to House of the Lord not to the farm to milk the cows.

Do you agree?
---trey on 4/15/08

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We go to church for worship, not a fashion show.

Years ago, a friend told a story he saw:

Two sisters. One in the choir, other backslid into the world. Years later, she felt drawn back to church. An old lady took her aside and said "Don't EVER come into the house of God dressed like that again!". She left. Her sister saw from the choir and left too. Neither one darkened the door of that church again.

This is what obsessing over proper dress can lead to.
---StrongAxe on 4/15/08

God looks at the heart. If he can tell that you don't feel that the house of God is imporant enough to dress up then he will know. It is funny how people will dress up for anything else but do not feel like it when it comes to the house of God.
---Angie on 4/15/08

Amen Bish! I wear jeans to church all the time. Actually, anytime I do not have to dress up (as I do for work) I love to wear jeans. Besides, as Bish said...God looks at our heart. From my experience, some of the most "dressed up" people I have seen come to church are also the most "ungodly" people and on the other hand, some of the most "dressed down" people have been the ones with the real heart for God. Jesus and His disciples were never dressed up.
---Holly4jc on 4/14/08

I wonder if hats and gloves were worn by the women in Jesus' time when they attended worship?
---alan_of_UK on 4/14/08

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The answer is NO!. Paul was addressing this problem of the church in the way people would dress in 2 Corinthians among other problems in the church. How about hats and gloves coming back into style? PLEASE.++ Praise GOD.
---catherine on 4/14/08

Simple: man looks at the external, but God see's the heart.
---Bish on 3/15/08

Many years ago as a teenager I was taught to put on your best for a job interview as what showed on the outside reflected the inside. Years later I was told to just take a good resume' and a firm handshake. Today I see people interview in tee-shirts & Jeans (both with holes in 'em). I guess we have lost respect for not only those we woo but ourselves as well. Sure you CAN wear whatever you want. But does it hurt to make church a special Holy place by dressing the part?
---mikefl on 3/7/08

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