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Celebrate The Easter Bunny

Should Christians participate in the Easter Bunny?

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 ---Moderator on 3/4/08
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Lets look at what God's word says about the easter bunny.Passover has been replaced with the easter festival.
Easter & Passover What do they represent
{Easter} new life,hence of the eggs,baby chicks & sunrise services etc.
{Passover}represents a sacrifice{death & blood} given exclusively for Salvation
Matthew 26:17-21
Exodus 12:19
Exodus 12:21-27
and other places
---Gabby on 5/4/08

hey barb,my mom has many big band records.she also has an original gene autry rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
---tom2 on 4/11/08

We have the Easter Bunny in the UK.
Wierdly he (!) lays eggs!
---alan_of_UK on 4/9/08

Should we not celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?
I can't imagine not celebrating it

How sad easter is equated with the passover ...if you read the verses in Ezek God was very sure of Himself when He mentioned this passage refers to the abomination of the easter tradition known today ...sunrise service and all of the traditions of easter are pagan ...easter does not in any way resemble Gods Holy Passover it's just another knockoff superimposed over Christ
---Rhonda on 4/9/08

This blog question should read "American Christians", for in other countries, there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny. Personally I learn about the Easter bunny when I move to the U.S. I my country we celebrate passover and NO bunny.
---Ghost on 4/9/08

Rhondda ... Easter is pagan!!!

Should we not celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?
I can't imagine not celebrating it.

It matters not what we call it.
---alan_of_UK on 4/9/08

Easter is pagan lonely verse in Gods Word mentions easter in Acts only due to an incorrect translation of the greek word for passover and the established church starts another pagan tradition ...

Ezekiel 8:15-17 ...Gods Truth CONDEMNS this pagan practice is hard when so many are programmed from an early age with warm fuzzy memories to let go of something God HATES
---Rhonda on 4/8/08

No, never! Easter is not at all about the Easter bunny, it is about Jesus and what He went through on the cross!
---tabit8547 on 4/8/08

a am looking forwoard
---samantha on 3/22/08

**It wasn't in Jesus' resurrection that HE paid for our sins. It was on the cross.** Susie

It was the cross and resurrection that our paid for our redemption. If Yeshua had only died, then HaSaTan would have triumphed in Yeshua's death. However, since Yeshua resurrected we also have victory over death, hell and the grave.
---Jew-D on 3/16/08

No. true chrisitans should keep the Passover instead of the world view "Easter" Jesus kept the Jewish passover ,so should we.
---Candice on 3/14/08

mikefl....It wasn't in Jesus' resurrection that HE paid for our sins. It was on the cross.
---Susie on 3/14/08

Hi mikefl, great point! :) I had never thought of that but you make great sense--an empty tomb would be a great shape cake or candy for Easter--perfect! :)
---Mary on 3/13/08

NVB:: I bow in admiration of your applause yes you are the whiz kid.:-)X
---Emcee on 3/13/08

Gotch Emcee, that song was released in 1929 on the Columbia label. I have my Mom's collection of old 78s, I have that by Bing Crosby! I'm a walking music dictionary!
"If I had a talking picture of you,
I would run it every time I felt blue.
I would sit there in the gloom of my lonely little room
And applaud each time you whispered, "I love you, love you."
---NVBarbara on 3/13/08

Why would we want a "cross cake" or anything about the cross on Easter? I certainly can see an "empty tomb cake" since that is what the Holy day is all about. Many people, Christians and non were crucified. Only one arose from death and lives forever allowing us to be "in that number when the Saints go marching in".
---mikefl on 3/13/08

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Consider where Paul spoke of offering meat to idols. As long as the practice does not offend someone involved, just understand that as long as we are honoring the life, death, burial, resurection and ascension of the LORD, we are not concerned about the Easter bunny or the occult practices that some do practice. As long as we keep to Christian principles and do not violate the Word, I think this is something that is an individual matter, as long as like other things, does not become a "god".
---Richard on 3/12/08

NVB::"You will never grow old as long as theres love in your Heart"what about that?or "on a bicycle built for two"You are not old I saw your Picture. How about This "If I had a talking Picture of Youoo"
---Emcee on 3/11/08

I recognize your song Cindy, with its few changes. Remember I'm an old chick and I remember Edwin Starr singing that song "War"!
I also remember 'Ray'! You can call me Ray, you can call me Rayjay, but never call me Mr.Johnson!
My age is showing! LOL
---NVBarbara on 3/11/08

I always had baskets for my kids, but they were from me, not the bunny. If I could find it, I would get a chocolate lamb or cross for their baskets, but never minded the bunny for the sake of eating him. My sis-in-law always made a cross cake for our family dinner.
---Trish9863 on 3/11/08

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Amen Jew-D! Because of people in the church conforming to the world in order to reach the world and make the church look more appealing, we have many, many huge "user friendly" churches that have lots of members but their teachings are lacking in the complete truth and white-washed with the world's standards.
---Holly4jc on 3/11/08

Again to each his own. I dye eggs,buy candy and just enjoy the day. I most certainly focus on Jesus and the Resurrection.This is the reaon for the day,actually. I don't lose sight of that,for sure. I attend church, we have communion,daybreak services,easter breakfasts. Christians do many wonderful things to commemorate our Risen Saviour.
---Robyn on 3/11/08

The Easter Bunny is no more....
My young son and I were out hunting rabbits when he came up with this song, just before he shot... "There goes Peter cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail .... BOOM!" Poor Peter, He tasted good though. now we can be free of Paganism and get back to Jesus Christ.
---Jim on 3/11/08

As for the Easter Bunny, can anyone show me in the Bible where it is mentioned regarding Easter Sunday? I believe this was started by the pagans and we as Christians aren't pagans.
---Norma7374 on 3/10/08

Can you show me ANYWHERE in the Bible that mentions Easter??? Easter is based on pagan celebrations.
---NurseRobert on 3/11/08

Send a Free Thinking of You Ecard

Cindy.Like wow, cosmic. fer sure. Far out dude(ess). Cool poetry but what did you say? Are those prescription medications you took to be able to say that? (pun intended). 8)
---mikefl on 3/11/08

Who writes these questions?? How do you "participate" in the Easter Bunny??
---NurseRobert on 3/10/08

**While the world system has these events, why not simply join in and at the same time use these events as a means of witnessing to others about Christ?** Lee

Because we should not be CONFORMED to this world: but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. We witness to the world by being different than it. You can not call someone out of the world if you are in the midst of it.
---Jew-D on 3/10/08

We are to imitate Christ, like Paul did. Christ was a Jew and celebrated Jewish feasts. We should, probably, do the same as far as we can. A thorough understanding of the Jewish faith would do Christians a world of good. It is two thirds of our Bible.
---frances008 on 3/10/08

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Gee Ray.....why don't you tell us how you really feel? Sounds like someone needs a nap to me. In my humble opinion, your type with rants and "thumping" if you know what I mean is what turns people OFF to Christanity. I am glad you are so "spiritual" that you can give advice that YOU have the only "truth" to all of these people. I am sure God calls you up and asks for Ray's opinion before he acts!
---Richard on 3/10/08

Don't have to call me, Ray.
Don't have to call me, Jay.
Don't have to call me anything but Cindy, because I am not afraid to be my self.
I don't have to hide my light under a bushel or behind anyone. I'm free. Jesus Christ sets the captives free.
I don't think anyone here gives one jot or one twittle about Peter Cottontail.
If times get tough, you end up looking like a plucked chicken, a ruptured duck, or a cooked goose, you might have to serve Peter Cottontail for your Sunday dinner.
---Cindy on 3/10/08

Role playing...

What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again
Role playing...
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing

Role playing
Its nothing but a heartbreaker
Friend only to the undertaker
Handed down from generation to generation
Induction destruction
Who wants to die
Playing a role....
---Cindy on 3/10/08

Ray, aren't you being a little harsh? Everyone has their own opinion and I think we should be able to express it without being critized. As for the Easter Bunny, can anyone show me in the Bible where it is mentioned regarding Easter Sunday? I believe this was started by the pagans and we as Christians aren't pagans.
---Norma7374 on 3/10/08

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It makes me sick to my stomach to hear the excuses that some of you twits use to justify your disobedience to Gods word.And I assume you consider yourselfs christians and still wish to eat the vomit you just purged. unless you are hot for Christ he will vomit you out of his mouth. Then you can go and celebrate your pagan festivals you apostates.and if you are offended so be it. I judge not it is Gods word that judges you as apostates.
---Ray on 3/10/08

Easter bunny symbolizes paganism and is against God's will to indulge in any sinful practice just because it feels and tastes good.
---ansha5385 on 3/10/08

** Absolutely Not! Its totally pagan in origin. If you do some research into the origins of so called christian holidays you will find paganism tightly wrapped up into all of them. **

This is a good example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.
---Jack on 3/10/08

I have rabbits--dust bunnies! :D When I clean house, it's like mass murder lol! :D
---Mary on 3/9/08

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This Easter lets all buy rabbits and have them hopping around right after church. Have people leave the service early so they can hide boiled/colored eggs for the kiddies to look for and find. Oh, yes, no mind the time and cost of this ritual it's for the kiddies. After all it teaches them about how Jesus lived, was tortured and killed. And how He arose from death for all of our sins and did you count the eggs? Who has an extra basket...for the kiddies??? I can't wait for Halloween and Santa day. Oh my.
---mikefl on 3/7/08

Should Christians participate in the Easter Bunny? Perhaps we should ask a similar question, should Christians celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial day or other days set aside?

While the world system has these events, why not simply join in and at the same time use these events as a means of witnessing to others about Christ?
---Lee on 3/7/08

Cindy, I like your humour!
---John1944 on 3/7/08

Fried rabbit tastes better than chicken. For years, when I went home to visit my mom she always fried rabbit for me. It wasn't the easter bunny though cause we needed the eggs.
---Susie on 3/7/08

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Fried easter bunnies taste like chicken.
Use enough lard and everything tastes like fried chicken. Frogs legs, sushi, squid, all of those barfy deli foods.
Things get tough, people start looking liked plucked chickens, scratching around in the gravel, you can eat anything. Fry it in lard and it all tastes like chicken. The secret's in the sauce and spices.
---Cindy on 3/7/08

Fried rabbit is good too.
---John1944 on 3/7/08

NONONON. You had better be celebrating Jesus. Can you not find something else that is more fun than drooling over a rabbit.
---catherine on 3/7/08

Absolutely Not! Its totally pagan in origin. If you do some research into the origins of so called christian holidays you will find paganism tightly wrapped up into all of them.

Ask yourself if you want to please yourself OR God ??
---aleia8534 on 3/7/08

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While we are banning pagan things we might as well ban wedding rings which are grossly pagan in origin.
---John1944 on 3/6/08

I love cute fuzzy bunnies!
---John1944 on 3/6/08

PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN all holidays are of pagan Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven, for the heathen are dismayed at them.
If you really want to tickle your fancy look up the origin of them.
Look up what easter in the websters dictionary - chilling
---rosalie on 3/6/08

It's kinda silly, but most little kids love silly stuff. As long as the kids know exactly what Easter is REALLY about, and make sure they understand that there is no connection, I see no harm in the rabbit.
---sue on 3/6/08

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absolutely is a pagan Bunny NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR GOD WHAT AN INSULT TO CHRIST WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT..C'MON CHRISTIANS..Whom do you worship, lucifer or God Almighty..Easter Bunny is a bait to drag you away from Christ..easter egg is pagan also..wake up wake up christians, you are being deceived..wake up.,.
---POP on 3/5/08

Susie: Harry Potter makes more sense rather than the Easter bunny, which makes no sense at all. I didn't make a statement just so someone can point fingers at me. Give it a rest and stick with the subject please.
---Rebecca_D on 3/5/08

Amen Jew-D. I am looking forward to Passover and the wonderful celebration of our Messiah it brings every year. The children at my synagogue always have a wonderful time - they love to search for the afikomen and get the reward that comes from finding it. What a treasure and blessing to see Messiah in the Passover and celebrate his death, burial and resurrection.
---Gophylann on 3/5/08

Holidays or HOLY DAYS isn't about children, it is about G-d. Does that mean that holy days can't be fun? NO! My kids enjoy passover and are already talking about it with excitement. My kids don't miss any easter candy because i think there is more chocolate at Passover than at easter. Perhaps, if many "christians" would step outside of western christianity they would see the joy and blessing that comes from observing G-d's holy days.
---Jew-D on 3/5/08

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As much as I love little bunnies (they are so cute), I say a big, resounding NO to anything to do with the "Easter" bunny. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus dying on the cross and being resurrected on the 3rd day. Down with the Easter Bunny!!! However, feel free to enjoy bunnies on any other day...afterall..they are God's creations. :-)
---Holly4jc on 3/5/08

You are either in one camp or another. Having said that, there is a time and place for everything. If your village celebrates a pagan festival with pagan rituals and it does not harm your relationship with God then so be it. But we are not supposed to conform to this world. I advise against the bunny part of Easter and would (if I celebrated it at all) keep it for God.
---frances008 on 3/5/08

**This is one of the great reasons that we have freedom of choice. NONA**

G-d has always given people freedom of choice. But making the wrong choice to worship pagan gods an state that it is in honor of the MOST HIGH is the reason why G-d scattered his people amongst the nations. 1 & 2Kings. It is also the story behing G-d's wrath at the golden calf.
Be careful with your freedom of choice because many will say to Him Lord,Lord, didn't I...(MT7:22)
---Jew-D on 3/5/08

Jew-D (Judy, Jude?): Very true, it doesn't get any clearer than that. Thank you! :)

For Jew & Christian, Jesus is our "Passover" from death to life. Jew & Christian should celebrate "Passover" (not Easter). The Old Testament Passover conceals Jesus, but the New Testament clearly reveals the "First born, resurrected Son of God".
---Leon on 3/5/08

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Rebecca...My point was that you want nothing to do with the Easter bunny, but have the other stuff (Harry Potter, etc) at your house. What's the difference?
---Susie on 3/5/08

Easter is in the bible. In the KJV bible, Acts 12:4 talks about King Herod taking the life of James, brother of John. And Peter was in prison and Herod was going to take his life after Easter, meaning the Passover.
---Rebecca_D on 3/5/08

1) If the person is truly a child of God then they know in their hearts {John 4:25} True worshipper worship (participate) in Spirit & truth.

The intent when participating in Easter Sunday is to observe the glorious rising of our Lord. On this day like every day our sole interest lies in the worshipping & serving of our living savior. So the tangible things that may be around us when we do this are irrelevant and became insignificant when we are worshipping in Spirit and truth.
---Shawn.M.T on 3/5/08

Susie: Their both fiction. What does Harry Potter movies have to do with Easter bunnies or Easter for that matter? Let's stick with the subject and not get off track on something else.
---Rebecca_D on 3/4/08

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***make it more fun for our children by introducing Santa or the Easter Bunny I dont what the problem is**

Adults send mixed messages to children with this absurd tradition ...what they do 'for fun' (their fun) is at the expense of a child

Adults teach children not to lie and cartoons are make-believe

THEN they turn around out the other side of their mouth MAKING children believe in tooth fairies, santa, and a bunny that lays eggs

truly just another wicked pagan practice
---Rhonda on 3/4/08

Rebecca....What is the difference between the Easter Bunny and watching Harry Potter movies, etc?
---Susie on 3/4/08

This is one of the great reasons that we have freedom of choice. That means that we can choose if we want to participate, or not. Because we celebrate a time of importance such as Christmas or Easter and we choose to make it more fun for our children by introducing Santa or the Easter Bunny I dont what the problem is as long as. Children are taught that Santa has nothing to do this Jesus or that the Easter Bunny has nothing to do the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Tooth Fairy is just cool.
---Nona on 3/4/08

What I think is so amusing is that many "christians" will fight for celebrating Easter, but will condemn those who observe the G-d ordained Passover (which has always been about death and resurrection) because we are "not under any law". Yeshua (Jesus) died at Passover-not easter. Is man's desire to celebrate Easter really important to G-d, or is G-d's own Holy Day of Passover important to Him. What important to G-d should be important to us. Think about it.
---Jew-D on 3/4/08

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My kids and I color eggs for Easter, just for fun. But at my church we have an Easter Sunrise service. We eat before we leave the house, so when 6:00 am rolls around, we are ready to worship Christ. Afterwards we may have an Easter dinner in our basement. But as far as an Easter bunny, no there won't be any there.
---Rebecca_D on 3/4/08

children are used by adults at easter

adults teaching children to not lie ...telling them cartoon characters are make believe

THEN (contradicting themselves in the name of fun?) creating santa, tooth fairies, and easter bunnies (who are special bunnies that lay eggs) MAKING children believe they are real while they are young

easter is just another pagan concept superimposed over Christ blurring out His message ...and so many will claim they do this all for the love of Christ too
---Rhonda on 3/4/08

From Wikipedia....."In English, the word "Easter" etymologically comes from an ancient pagan goddess of the spring named Eostre, related to German Ostara. According to a popular piece of folklore, Eostre once saved a bird whose wings had frozen during the winter by turning it into a rabbit. Because the rabbit had once been a bird, it could still lay eggs, and that rabbit became the modern Easter Bunny[2]."

Think about it!!!!!
---Susie on 3/4/08

2) Who cares if we eat chocolate candy shaped like a bunny or wear loud clothing and carry colorful baskets or have egg hunts or keep furry animals (fake or alive)? All that matters is to be obedient to what our Heavenly Father is seeking from us (John 4:23)

Some people are fearful of doing the wrong thing and no one want to sin but this is only accomplish by seeking & understanding what it means to serve & worship our Heavenly Father and being obedient to that only.
---Shawn.M.T on 3/4/08

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All things are clean.

Is that a yes? NO.

All things aren't profitable. Christians should renounce the easter bunny and his pagan ancestor.
It's a sad commentary that we need an easter bunny to fill festivities for the greatest holiday we could possibly celebrate.

The theme is our blessed redemption is Jesus, and the day should be used to come closer in worship.
---Pharisee on 3/4/08

Each holiday celebrated is a personal choice, but if you truly are following bible standards then no. Passover is the correct day we should observe, & it is in April this year, not a pagan made into a Christian holiday. If you have children you can still spoil them everyday w/o the man made holidays.
---Candice on 3/4/08

If it's looked upon as no more than a seasonal game and not what Pascha is really about.
---Jack on 3/4/08

Absolutely not! Children should not be taught about pagan things like bunnies, eggs, etc. They should be taught about Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.
---Susie on 3/4/08

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Parents having difficulty with children's music/instrument lessons.

After listening to M. Manson, "well, at least they're developing an appreciation for music."

The Easter Bunny egg hunt, a great place for gorging and feasting.

Leprechauns, fairies, easter bunnies,
ghosts, voices, table knocking, seances, dracula, vampires, werewolves.
"well, at least they're finally taking an interest in spiritism."
---Cindy on 3/4/08

(1) The name Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre) who was celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox by these people to honor her. The goddess Eastres earthly symbol was the rabbit, which was also known as a symbol of fertility. Originally, there were some very pagan (and sometimes utterly evil) practices that went along with the celebration.
---Court7646 on 3/4/08

(2) In our day, Easter is almost a completely commercialized holiday, with all the focus on Easter eggs and the Easter bunny being remnants of the goddess worship.
---Court7646 on 3/4/08

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