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Pope Praying Toward Mecca

Did anybody see the story on the internet today about the Pope's attempt to make peace with the Muslims? While he was in Turkey with the Muslim leaders, he actually visited Turkey's Blue Mosque and prayed towards Mecca with the other Muslims. How do you feel about the Pope praying towards Mecca?

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 ---Holly4jc on 3/6/08
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Alanof UK, the evidence is there for people to read it. You obviously are too scared to look up the appropriate googled websites. Just pick two words that you associate, or that you think could be associated and see what comes up. There IS disinformation about, so you need, as I said to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
---frances008 on 3/26/08

Now I don't know about the pope, but the first churches and by christian laws handed down from the holy spirit during the pentacostal to the apostles, is that the church alter must be facing due East which, I think is the reason why he prayed towards that direction.
---Antonio on 3/26/08

Frances ... You say "Dissembling came in when you tried to use it to put my argument down"
Frances, you know you have not put forward any evidence in support of your argument.
So you had no argument for me to put down.
And you still have no valid argument, for you still provide any evidence, or pointers to evidence
Do you deny my point you objected to: that Jesus said it first?
---alan_of_UK on 3/26/08

Frances "you have been brought up to believe people are generally good, especially the royals etc"
What on earth has that got to do with this discussion?
Henry V111 was not a monster, but nor was he a saint. And the same goes for all royalty before and since, as it goes for all humanity, including you and me.
---a on 3/26/08

Alan of UK, you are older than me, and so you have been brought up to believe people are generally good, especially the royals etc. I respect you. It is hard to change a lifetime's training and belief. But I think if you were willing to put yourself at the feet of the Holy Spirit, you would be startled at what you learnt. It is no small thing to go after knowledge, it is like going to war, and it is equally dangerous.
---frances008 on 3/26/08

No, AlanofUk, you correctly stated what Jesus said metaphorically. Dissembling came in when you tried to use it to put my argument down. Jesuits believe in literally wiping out the person, or persons, who need wiping out in order to achieve their ends. That means they will sacrifice anyone, any number of people, to achieve politically, the New World Order.
---frances008 on 3/26/08

Frances ... Your first half agrees with what I said.
The second half I doubt in modern times. A few centuries ago of course, all religious groups were using that sort of violece!
---alan_of_UK on 3/26/08

AlanofUk, Jesus was speaking a. metaphorically and b. about your own body and disciplining yourself. The Jesuits use it literally and against innocent people. They even use it on Catholics, even Jesuits.. They are treacherous without excuse.
---frances008 on 3/26/08

Emcee ... Clearly there is a physical meaning to the principle, and it wiould have been in use well before Jesus time, for medical purposes.
But Jesus made the point that, in the same way, we need to get rid of things that can hold us back spiritually.
That is the aspect in which it was metaphorical.
To Frances ... it is not dissembling to point out the truth that Jesus said this long before the Jesuits.
---alan_of_UK on 3/26/08

Alan of Uk:: Jesus said if your eye offend you pluck it out or if your Hand offend you cut it off for it is better toget to heaven with one eye or one hand than not at all.where is the Metaphor?in world war 1 many lives were saved by Field surgeons by amputation so also in wwII
---Emcee on 3/25/08

Try and disentangle yourself, Alan of Uk. You seem all tied up. Dissembling.
---frances008 on 3/25/08

Ias a Christian believe that any man of God that is in a leadership role should teach us to as my Pastor does keep your eyes on Jesus not on a symbol like a mosque we as Christians worship a God that was curified and decended to his Father in Heaven on the third day thank you for your precious SON i will always proclaim Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior
---lawe3763 on 3/25/08

Aha Frances ... The point at issue is that it was not the Jesuits, but Jesus who invented this principle "you have to cut off an arm or a leg, sometimes, to save the body"
And clearly they and Jesus meant it in a metaphorical way, since they were not talking about an actual human body
And it is a metaphorical way that it is being used.
---alan_of_UK on 3/25/08

Aha Frances ... I am not criticising the principle, just pointing out to you that it was Jesus'.
As for me being a Jesuit, the idea is laughable ... I was raised strongly Protestant, and remain so. And I never had the opportunity to take any university course.
Why are yuo so suspicious?
For your own peace of mind you ought to take others here at face value. Why should we lie?
---alan_of_UK on 3/25/08

Aha! Alan, I did not say it was on this blog or even this week. You did say that the Bible was metaphorical and you did say that was the verses that shows it. Or do you think it literal. And why are you swiftly and deftly changing subjects as it becomes you so well. Jesuit training again.
---frances008 on 3/24/08

AlanofUK, I would love to have the time to play your little mind games with you and prove that you are wrong. However, I feel that you have been through psychotherapy university courses and in the interests of my own peace of mind I am cutting all future conversation with you. Sorry. You did it yourself.
---frances008 on 3/25/08

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Frances 008::The early rising sun is clouding your vision, "sin on a mouse with Judas"=Jesuit Please explain.I thought a Jesuit is a priest who belongs to an order in the RCC called The Society of Jesus"
---Emcee on 3/24/08

Frances ... You say to me "Alan, it was YOU who argued that those verses were metaphorical"
Your imagination knows no bounds!
I have never, on this blog or elsewhere, referred to these verses before.
"Why do you suddenly turn on a dime and change your views?????" This was my first contribution to this blog ... how can I have changed my views?
---alan_of_UK on 3/24/08

Frances ... "Why do you pervert God's word for your own agenda?"
The usual accusartion is that I do not support my views with specific scripture.
I don't see that by commenting that Jesus referred to cutting off the part that offends can be said to be a perversion of the Word.
---alan_of_UK on 3/24/08

Frances: "Look up the word Jesuit in a few old dictionaries, it is synonamous with Judas"
I suggest tghis too is in your imagination, although I have not been able to check, since you have not told us which old dictionaries contain this definition.
The worst my dictioanry says of the jesuits is the deroragatory term "dissembler" ... but that is hardly a Judas, the betrayer
---alan_of_UK on 3/24/08

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Alan, it was YOU who argued that those verses were metaphorical. I agreed with that perspective. Concerning cutting off YOUR OWN body parts. Why do you pervert God's word for your own agenda? Why do you suddenly turn on a dime and change your views?????

It is because you are Jesuit trained, isn't it?

Look up the word Jesuit in a few old dictionaries, it is synonamous with Judas.
---frances008 on 3/24/08

frances ... "As the Jesuits say, you have to cut off an arm or a leg, sometimes, to save the body"
Actually, was it not Jesus who first said something liike that?
---alan_of_UK on 3/24/08

As the Jesuits say, you have to cut off an arm or a leg, sometimes, to save the body. Only this doctor is figuring on how to destroy the whole body. Moslem extremists could be any religion or no religion wearing headdress and makeup. Janet, you need to study about warfare.
---frances008 on 3/24/08

Do you that Christians are being persecuted in Moslem countries especially in Iraq where the Chaldean Bishop was recently kidnapped by Moslem extremists and found dead and many others have been murdered, churches destroyed and shouldnt we try to find a means of promoting dialogue with the Moslems to facilitate peace? We are all relatively safe here in the US but what are we doing to help our Christian brothers and sisters besides critisizing the Pope.
---janet on 3/24/08

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It's ok,
alot of my friends & Family call me Dudley!
It was/is my grandpa's 1st name.
I have obviously heard all of the jokes too,
Thank You for considering my feelings,But you don't have to feel sorry, OK? I'm tougher than Nails & Wear my Armor well.
What we've really Done Sis, IS remove the Cloak from which many hide behind, we have made sure that none that hear us will have an Excuse, Becuase when the Books are opened, Our conversation will be used against them!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/24/08

You see Rhonda :Gods word NEVER conflicts its the interpretation of man and WOMEN that cause the justification of Pauls statement 1 cor14:34
---Emcee on 3/23/08

Rhonda :: In your desperation to shew that Matt16:17-19 is wrong you cite 1cor10:4 but look at 5.Jesus said This is Real food and drink.not spiritual.I say this in support of HIS TRUTH,not your interpretation.What amazes me is your interpretation against Gods word.OT is different than the New Testament.But you may continue to stew in your dilemma.
---Emcee on 3/23/08 apologies my previous post I called you Dudley. Sorry!
---Holly4jc on 3/23/08

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Holly, I also want to thank you for your impute on Scripture. I as a Catholic at one time lived for a time a blameless life. I conformed to what the RCC required of me in the belief that I was doing the will of God. I went to confession, received Holy Communion, observed the regulations of Lent, and believed all the teachings of the RCC without question. I believed that I was right with God because I was faithfully doing my religious duty.
---Mark_V. on 3/23/08

#2. As I look back I realize now that in the RCC religious duty seems to be the yardstick by which the faithfulness to God is measured. The rich young ruler in Luke 18, was a good, moral, upright man. He was religious and was confident he was right with God. But he didn't have a heart committed to God alone, a heart that had no room for anything but God. The tragedy for him, and for many religious people, is that they go through the external rituals of religion. They resembled those of whom Jesus said,
---Mark_V. on 3/23/08

#3. "These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me." Matthew 15:8. In the RCC their hearts are for Mary, saints, popes, etc. They are in the same category believing that faithfulness to their Church makes them right with God. And that is a big tragedy. The same can be said about the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. We just have to keep praying for the Spirit to bring light to many who are deceived.
---Mark_V. on 3/23/08

Emcee, I would not have you any other way than honestly yourself!! You are a funny chap, and make me laugh out loud. But I really worry about you going to Hell when you die for the way you are helping the devil get so many souls into the Catholic occult.
---frances008 on 3/23/08

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Thanks Dudley...I have such an urgency to see the Truth of God's Word told, especially to those who are in deception. No matter what, I will not let up. May you also keep up the good work...and keep the Truth of the Word of God coming, for the Bible says that His Words shall not come back void, but will accomplish that for which they were sent forth! And HIS WORD is Truth! Hallelujah!!! :-)
---Holly4jc on 3/23/08

The pope is not a Christian so no relavance.Niether are the Muslims they believe in God but not Jesus.The pope worships Mary and the saints.
---benja5736 on 3/22/08

Holly, Rhonda
Your wisdom on of the Church,
NOT Being a Building.
IS absolutly the TRUTH,you Do our Father a good thing for standing on HIS Truth.
I have 20 verses that say "WE" are the Church
( Bride), "WE" are Spiritual Stones that have built upon The Rock and our Lord & Brother is the CornerStone(strength),
Some of YOU ar Pillars and one day a name shall be written upon you!
You bring a smile to my Fathers Face...
Mine Too, Truth!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/22/08

Holly & Frances:: God speaks TRUTH once and so this repititous statement from me cannot change.I am sorry "take me as I am or leave me" Thus says the lordI believe he says that inJn6The bread of life.when they walked away and did not understand same as you do not understand Jesus word in Matt16:17-19I also pray for you more than you know.
---Emcee on 3/22/08

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Holly::You are like a daughter to me I digest every word you say .I would like you to know that I speak from my Heart knowing what you have suffered for 18 years.The love I share is not Mine, But His to soothe your aching heart.all I can say is You must Trust HIM Your work to Him is never lost "He who does this to the least of my Brothers does it to me"These words do not flow from me but in sponteniety .ask yourselfwhat would I gain?just your respectwhat would you gain His love we share.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

***These are not My words These are GOD'S words", HIS unerring Universal Church NOT MAN's, as you surmise***

Gods Truth does not "surmise" ...being a slave to religious systems choked off from the Very Truth in Gods Holy Bible defiant lying perverting Gods Word holding fast to your religious teachings (Mark 7:7) what you claim in Matt 16:19 DELIBERATELY CONTRADICTS Gods Word in His Holy Bible
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

Matt 16:17-19 ...any religious system could use this verse to its own end ...and religious systems have - twisting this verse to "FIT" their organization they have managed to DECEIVE MILLIONS

Matt 16:17-19 tells mankind Christ is the Rock ...and this is CONFIRMED in Corin 10:4 a spiritual rock ...and that rock was Christ
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

Corin 10:4 ...and did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

...Christ is the ROCK this verse CONFIRMS Christ is NOT a building, religious group, "universal church" ...minds steeped in religious brainwashing could only SURMISE Christ is the rcc

...loving a man made religious group and its teachings MORE than Gods Truth seeking to destroy and deny mankind the spiritual drink
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

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As for "joining forces with Holly" ..Holly and I agree in this matter and PROVIDE Gods Truth ...Gods Truth is more powerful than any religious system ...we didnt "team up against you" ...youre just defending yourself AGAINST GODS WORD NOT US
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

...the Pope praying towards mecca ...those who have Gods Truth KNOW God forbids His People to "mimic" or "play with" or "entertain" ANY prayer other than to God The Father through Christ ...true Christians don't pray towards mecca was religious politics ...for future use ...we do live in the end times of the Bible ...not long before Christ returns to set up His Kingdom on Earth
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

Dear Emcee, I know you are an elderly citizen, and therefore I have to respect you and be nice to you. But you are deceived. So deceived, that no matter how many times we show you step by step, how you have been deceived, you are incapable of receiving the truth, so well have they brainwashed you. You are only capable of repeating the same verse (which you misuse blatantly) over and over again, hoping to trap more and more unsuspecting Protestants and get them into error like you.
---frances008 on 3/21/08

1) Emcee...I have prayed about your interpretation, many times, because I am one who does not want to be in deception, but I truly DO want to know the truth, no matter what it is. And God has confirmed to me over and over (through His written Word/Scripture), I am NOT believing a lie, I have the truth of His Word in this matter. I pray that you also will have the courage to truly pray and ask God for the truth,
---Holly4jc on 3/21/08

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2) to put aside your beliefs and be willing to hear something different than you might now believe. It takes real humility to be WILLING to be wrong and to admit that. I'll be praying for you.
---Holly4jc on 3/21/08

Frances:The quotes that you say the Devil uses in his craft of guile and deceit is AGAINST the word so those who are NOT congruent with HIS word, must automatically be in Cahoots with the devil and yet not Know it.I quote Matt16,17-19 as His truth .Thought I would add this FYI.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

Frances:The quotes that you say the Devil uses in his craft of guile and deceit is AGAINST the word so those who are NOT congruent with HIS word, must automatically be in Cahoots with the devil and yet not Know it.I quote Matt16,17-19 as His truth .Thought I would add this FYI.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

Rhonda::Again you misunderstand.I cannot make it Plainer,"These are not My words These are GOD'S words" against YOUR insistent interpretation (and Now that you have Joined Forces with Holly) you may have the privilege of asking Him.Such stubborn resistance denies what you claim,But then you exercise your free Choice same as I do mine,which is Matt16,17-19and the Descent of the Holy spirit in Acts 1.1-2, to strengthen the Guidance of HIS unerring Universal Church NOT MAN's, as you surmise.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

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The devil does not care how much you miss eternal life by, just so you miss it. We argue over who has the right interpretation and don't bother to let God explain it through His Word. Put away the dogma, study the scripture as if it was your first time, then decide who agrees with that more. Don't defend, know.
---dan on 3/21/08

***The Holy Spirit does guide Gods church Matt28:19You have this bias against The Pope and the RCC.You need to reexamine that Bias for your own spiritual Health if it means anything to***

The Holy Spirit guides EVERYONE and DWELLS within those who believe in Christ ...there is NOTHING in GODS TRUTH that tells mankind the Holy Spirit is in the rcc
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

..sorry you "feel" there is a BIAS towards the Pope ...honestly it's not personal

...but Gods Truth is VERY PLAIN which is why those who have The Holy Spirit dwelling in them don't believe the deception of a religious organization twisting scripture
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

Nope Emcee...I'm all for Jesus/the Word of God...just not your word or your idea of truth.
---Holly4jc on 3/21/08

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Salvation is in CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE ...not via rcc - beliefs brainwashed with religious teachings SERVING their religious system NOT CHRIST

Christ was VERY CLEAR in Matt 6:24
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Nobody can SERVE religious organization and Lies it spreads that are contrary to Gods Plain Truth AND SERVE CHRIST
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

I would be interested in knowing where Jack got those interesting quotes from (?) version of the Bible. Also, let us remember the devil loves to quote bits of the Word, out of context and with no reference to the times it was written in. Would we expect Christians in those days to wear bikinis and skimpy trunks. No. Things change. For good or for bad.
---frances008 on 3/21/08

**There is no way out Holly The only denial is your -dare I say PRIDE?***

Emcee Holly IS NOT ABLE TO DENY something that IS NOT IN GODS WORD

Christs Church is built ON HIM

Christ didnt build His Church on a flesh and blood man or any religious (man made organization) filled with the lustfull pride of power can believe the lies your organization tells you or Gods Truth

Gods Truth stands the religious organizations (OF PRIDEFUL MEN) do not hold up to Gods Truth
---Rhonda on 3/21/08

Oh Holly::You so want to be right,you cant see the TRUTH in Matt16.17-19.If you claim this is a deception,By Satan, then Apostolic sucession is a myth and it never Happened. BUT it did and Is continueing till the end of Time .So who is right "His word" or your belief in deception?-There is no way out Holly The only denial is your -dare I say PRIDE? Jesus loves you Holly do you deny Him still and His word.?
---Emcee on 3/20/08

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The only thing I "hate" is the deception and the lies of the devil leading people astray. It is a lie from the devil that the RCC is the church that Jesus was speaking of when He referred to the Church. The Body of Christ aka born-again Christians is what the church is made up of. It's not a building or a religious system, but a people, sold out to Him...the true body of Christ.
---Holly4jc on 3/20/08

Holly :If my words are an opinion and yours are IPSO FACTO then the word of God as stated in the Gospels are all untruths Unless as Jack says you pick and Choose what you believe to be true.Holly The Holy Spirit does guide Gods church Matt28:19You have this bias against The Pope and the RCC.You need to reexamine that Bias for your own spiritual Health if it means anything to You.The secret is love, not Hate and disagreement.It shows dear lady.
---Emcee on 3/20/08

**I am in agreement with God's Word.
---Holly4jc on 3/20/08**

You mean, you are in agreement with what you THINK God's word says and you happen to like it.

Are you in agreement when it says women are to cover their heads?

Are you in agreement with God's word where it says that bats are birds?

Are you in agreement with God's word when it says "Baptism doth now save us"?

Or do you pick and choose what you agree with?
---Jack on 3/20/08

I believe and have for many years, that Constitines vision of a cross & the words he heard, Was Satan as an Angel of Light.
Satan seen he was'nt accomplishing anything by trying to kill us from the face of the Earth.
So you know the old saying, If you can't beat them Join them!
He did and man has been following him ever since then!
Not much he has to do these day's, but sit back and laugh at you all as you stumble into Hell.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/20/08

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Well Jack. if the pope teaches something that is biblical, then I would agree with him because he is not teaching the doctrines of man but he is teaching what the Bible teaches and I am in agreement with God's Word.
---Holly4jc on 3/20/08

Jack, Satan is VERY clever. All he has to do is take the Whole Truth and mix just A LITTLE BIT OF A LIE IN IT, and instantly that Truth is turned into a Lie. Yes, the Pope declares that YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) is both God and Man. But, Satan knows that much, too. And, the former Pope (John Paul II) spent more effort and time HONOURING "Mary". Putting her in a position where she never belonged. The offices of the Pastor, Teacher and Apostle are in the Scriptures, but the "Papacy" isn't.
---Gordon on 3/20/08

**I totally disagree with the teachings of man (the pope).**

Do you mean such papal teachings as Jesus Christ is true God and true Man in one person?

That Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God?

That Jesus rose from the dead for our salvation?

All these and others are taught by the pope.
---Jack on 3/19/08

So what: What are you doing yourself? Are you doing anything to further God's kingdom? So what indeed..Its what he sees fit to do so what..Please dont tell us when he turns to go to the Loo thank you...
---operator on 3/19/08

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That's your opinion Emcee and the RCC's opinion and since I am not a follower of the RCC...I totally disagree with the teachings of man (the pope).
---Holly4jc on 3/19/08

Holly :: I do notice your adroit acquience of the subject.leaving me in doubt of Your answer.But the TRUTH does Not change.His Church and handing over His keys in the hands of one who was selected by the Father.Matt16:17
---Emcee on 3/19/08

Greyrider, do I have to go to my files and search out the last person who cleared up this point. Even in Aramaic, the term used for Peter was 'a hollow rock' which is not, I think, what God would found his church on. I will go not and look for the term in Aramaic.
---frances008 on 3/19/08

An interesting bit of information in Strongs is that Cephas,which is Aramaic for Peter doesn't just mean rock but root word it comes from,Aramaic,also means a "hollow rock". The implications of that definition is Cephas-Peter the "hollow rock" wouldn't be suitable foundation,a hollow rock will give under pressure-weight and crush in on itself. (continued)
---frances008 on 3/19/08

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The keys to the Kingdom of God are belief in Christ-God's son,faith to the Kingdom of God are belief in Christ GOd's son, faith to follow, prayer to reach God in Jesus Name. The Gospel of NT.
Darlene1 1.31.08

---frances008 on 3/19/08

***The denial of Peter as the "rock" of Matthew 16 is a relatively "new" interpretation**

It's only a "new" interpretation" if your mind is closed down to Gods Truth holding fast to religious teachings
---Rhonda on 3/19/08

Believing Christ built his Church "on a man" of flesh and blood is contradiction to what is pure and Spirit in Gods Word ...if flesh does not inherit the Kingdom of God Christ would be a liar building His Church on a mortal man

DENYING Christ BUILT His CHURCH would be a more weighty matter than what you deem as correct interpretations of ancient scripts
---Rhonda on 3/19/08

**I see no further use to this discussion But you may continue to seek HIS Truthful answer to your denial of YOUR truthful interpretation**

there is no further use of this discussion for anyone who hold fast to their religious brainwashing (truths held in pride and lust of the religious organization one represents) and the deception from these false teachings is POWERLESS and limited when discussing Gods Plain Truth - CHRIST IS THE ROCK no man is worthy of this honor NONE
---Rhonda on 3/19/08

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Peter is always first when the apostles are listed. He is mentioned 150x in the NT more than any other apostle. He is given the Keys to the Kingdom of God, John allows Peter to enter the empty tomb before him even though he arrives first.Peter calls the meeting to appoint the successor for Judas (apostolic succession). Peter has been given the knowlege of who Jesus is by the Father (infallibilty). There has to be a leader among the apostles just like any organization has a leader to make decisions.
---janet on 3/19/08

The Pope as the Christian spiritual leader of all Christians should facilitate dialogue between other religions and show respect for their religious practices.
---janet on 3/19/08

Yes, Emcee...only Jesus can open the eyes of the blind and I'm so glad He opened mine. It keeps me away from deception and exposes the false teachings of man.
---Holly4jc on 3/19/08

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