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Should I Leave My Job

I need advice. I am miserable at my job. I work with two girls that are so mean and they do and say whatever they want because they feel like they have earned it having been there for 7 years. I have only been there for 5 months and am criticized for every mistake made.

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 ---Tanya on 3/13/08
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Ask God why you are there. Maybe He wants you to show His love to these girls. Pray for peace in the midst of this. God knows the beginning from the end, ask Him. All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. If this is an assignment from God, and you do it as unto the Lord, it might change things? You are who God says you are not what they say you are. Be strong and courageous, you serve a Mighty God.
---melann on 4/19/08

Oh, I empathize!!!!! I'm sorry you're enduring this, and I will be praying for you! Have you talked to your manager/supervisor about this issue? If that doesn't help, go to the next person up on the chain of command, and keep going until it's resolved.
---tabit8547 on 4/8/08

Start looking for another job, but don't let it be known to nobody and I mean nobody. In the mean time say your prayers before you go to work at work and after work. Exercising after work will help relieve some stress while you are still at that job. Remember you were looking for a job when you found this one. Chin up and don't let wickedness get the better part of you. Something great is headed your way.
---Antonio on 3/23/08

If you enjoy stress then stay put. As always, if you are a true believer, pray before taking any, at all, action.
---catherine on 3/17/08

You are the new kid on the block! As far back as I can remember the new kid was always picked on until they proved themselves, changeing jobs may not be the answer. These girls might feel you are a threat to them, and point out your faults to cover their own mistakes. What I would suggest, and have seen work, is ask them for advice, even if you know the answer. What I tell people who do this to me is if you can do it better, tell me how to do it better, don't just critize me for the way I'm doing it.
---wivv on 3/14/08

Speaking with 40+ years of working in offices, as soon as a new employee is hired, your coworkers will forget about you and go on to the new one. I expect they are also comparing you to the last person who had your job. And, when you leave they will compare the new person who takes your job to you.
---Susie on 3/14/08

Do you blog regularly?
If so, I know you're strong and tough enough to handle this situation.
Yes, there's always a bully in the workplace, everywhere you go.

God can even use the bully to make you stronger. Someone that's tough as a boot can motivate someone else to become stronger without falling apart with every trial that comes our way.

Iron sharpening iron.

Those girls may have some great skills and work ethics they can share with you, something valuable to be learned.
---Cindy on 3/14/08

Here's a few things I've learned from my mother about the workplace.

Are you addicted to sympathy?

If so, this has to go or you will not survive in the workplace.

Women that are addicted to sympathy, use it as a device to release themself from all responsibility.
---Cindy on 3/14/08

If we all left jobs every time we were criticized or corrected for mistakes, the workforce would dwindle to a shoestring operation, and our resumes would reflect instability.

Sympathy addiction, bad habit #1 that has to be thrown out the window. Crying or boohooing on the boss's shoulder might work once or twice, but ultimately, that device recoils back. Prove yourself strong, that's what they're looking for.
---Cindy on 3/14/08

Hi, Tanya . . . please stay with us a while. There are lots of things to learn, not just how to deal with some more painful problem.

If it's a real mistake, admit it and learn from it. Work with whoever is helping you to see how you have made a mistake. They haven't fired you, they're working with you, so talk it out, I'd say. If they show you a real mistake, make sure you respond *positively*.

Be an example of how to relate, like I think Cindy is saying (1 Peter 5:3)(o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/14/08

Caddy, I didn't know they carried clubs around the office. I suppose some swing a big club, carry alot of clout around the office. I would watch out for those caddies with big clubs.
---Mark on 3/14/08

Can you afford to just quit your job? Usually the answer is NO. So you should pray for these girls. Try hard to ignore their mean behavior and just be really polite to them. Isn't it sad that people feel the need to behave this way just to feel important? Be glad you don't have to act like this and if you are still working there when a new person is hired, remember to treat them kindly.
---Sue on 3/14/08

"remember that the measure we mete out is the measure that is returned." This is not always the case Cindy. Your comments seem to be almost saying to Tanya "You are getting what you deserve". People are picked on, undeservedly, in many situations and this could well be one of those situations. Christians are picked on simply for being Christian. Shy people are picked on by bullies and there are racist and gender bullies etc. Good is not always returned with good.
---RitaH on 3/14/08

How old are the "girls" that you work with?

How many more years experience do these "girls" have over you?

How do you take correction from these "girls" when you have made a mistake?

Why do you call the adult women that you work with "girls"?

Who decides whether or not you are miserable at your job?
---Susie on 3/14/08

Start praying for them. Ask God to soften their heart towards you. Women can be so caddy, but God's grace and love can warm their hearts to you. PRAYER is the best thing to do. Don't quit, PRAY!!!!
---Donna on 3/13/08

On the job tenure is earned and it comes with perks.

Are you mean? Do you rub them the wrong way?
If you are nice on the job but mean every where else, remember that the measure we mete out is the measure that is returned.
---Cindy on 3/13/08

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Leading by example. My mother is one of my heroes. She's a leader on the job and off.
God has always blessed my mother to be the chief, wherever she goes.

Her attitude, not giving to get, or looking out for #1 or being easily offended is very effective.
---Cindy on 3/13/08

I do not need to know, but how many jobs have you left in your lifetime?
Is there a common denominator of misery and unjust treatment and always picked on?
If so, what is the common denominator at every job that you've left or could not stand?
---Cindy on 3/13/08

2 Timothy 2:24-26 shows us the spiritual reality for anyone behaving unseemly.

You have to reconcile yourself to the truth that you are a part of an unseen spiritual war for their souls.

Troops that cut and run under fire abandon the ones who go to war with them, gain some ground for God today even if it means being carried from the battlefield. Pray for them, show kindness even when they don't, people who only care for themselves need the reminder that there's a high road.
---Pharisee on 3/13/08

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