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Have You Seen A Miracle

Have you ever seen a miracle?

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 ---Moderator on 3/13/08
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For those that have asked how my daughter-in-law is doing, she is doing very well. In fact the doctor that was sitting on her chest for 90 minutes, as he put it today when visiting her, while she was without a pulse called it an outright miracle. He asked her today if she knew what she was. Everyone is amazed that she is doing as well as she is. Thanks for your prayers and please continue praying.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/14/08

My hearing! Ear doctor said there was no medical explanation for me being able to hear. He said it is miraculous!
---Nellah on 5/10/08

Debbie Jo,how is your daughter in law by now? I as a retired nurse have seen many miracles medical and through prayer.I know of 2 brain dead men(all the tests said they were) who recovered after the machines were removed and they were prayed for.Many of the miracles on medical mission trips I was on.One was a little girl with spina bifida and after prayer she could walk and the hole in her spine closed up without surgery.Two individuals who had strokes and hadn't walked in 2-3 years did so after prayer.
---shirley on 5/9/08

My child while in utero had 3 factors going against him for having Down's. My age (40), nuchal fold thickness (an indicator for Down's), and had a 2 vessel cord (r/t anomalies or defects). Last Mother's Day, I asked our church & Pastor to pray & believe for a miracle. The Pastor after that turned to me and said that he believed God WAS going to give me my miracle~my gift from God for Mother's Day. About 4 months later, my son was born without Down's or defects! Thank you Jesus! :)
---iloveHim on 5/9/08

Please excuse my bad english. At four in the morning can't expect much. I hope that it is better at four in the afternoon.+>>>Find not found.
---catherine on 5/9/08

Jerry>>>For some reason I found you most delightful to kid with!>>>When Jesus saves you, He raises you from among the dead. You must be born-again to ubderstand. Have a great week-end.++
---catherine on 5/9/08

Catherine: Thank you for the compliment, although at 65 years of age I rarely get called a "lad." I'm sure you are a fine lady yourself, but I must admit that having a discussion with you is a bit like the computer voice menu you get when you try to get an answer from a government agency. All you get is "press 7 for more options," and can never get to a thinking human being capable of answering your simple question. Quite frustrating!
---jerry6593 on 5/8/08

There you go again Jerry. I am too mature to argue with such a fine lad as yourself.
---catherine on 5/7/08

catherine: Do you regard the quoting of scripture as "temptations?"
---jerry6593 on 5/6/08

Oh Jerry not this again. I thought that we had put this to rest! We are not suppose to argue. Stop with your temptations.>>>There, I guess I told him!
---catherine on 5/4/08

Catherine: You seem to be dodging my questions. God has already revealed His secret - He said "the dead know not anything." (Ecc 9:5)
---jerry6593 on 5/3/08

Debbie Jo_ Praise God, I will Pray for her & your Family.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/3/08

#1 - I have seen numerous miracles in the last few days. My son took his wife to the emergency room on Wednesday because she had not been able to get over a sever case of bronchitis. Five minutes after she was put in a room she went into cardiac arrest. They worked with her for over 45 minutes trying to get her heart going again, they were doing compressions nearly all of that time. She came back and they were able to get her stable enough to air lift her to a larger trauma center - miracle #1.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/2/08

#2 - She made the trip without any problems - miracle #2. Minutes after she was placed in ICU, she went into another cardiac arrest and they revived her again - miracle #3. Then not long after that she went into a third cardiac arrest. She was without a pulse for 90 minutes and she came back again from this one - miracle #4. Keep in mind that she is over weight, diabetic and is a stage three kidney disease. When this happened, her kidneys failed along with the heart failure.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/2/08

#3 - Two days later, she is in ICU and the doctors are telling us it is a miracle that she is still with us, but not only is she still with us but she has been taken off the ventilater and is getting very little assistance with her breathing, her kidneys have started working (not as good as they should be, but they are working) after only one dialysis treatment on Wednesday. Her heart shows damage but it is beating 80 beats a minute and her blood pressure is good.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/2/08

#4 - They were concerned about her mental status because of the long time period without a pulse, but she is doing good in that area as well. She has a long way to go but God is faithful. We are believing for a total restoration of all her organs and that she will be in better shape than before she got sick. Please pray for her, her name is Jewell.
---Debbie_Jo on 5/2/08

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HA, HA, Jerry. If you don't know I guess it will be just mine and God's secret.
---catherine on 5/2/08

catherine: So how did you die, and how long were you dead? Also, did you know anything while you were dead?
---jerry6593 on 5/2/08

Well, some people are preaching both physically and spiritually. I was just DEAD.
---catherine on 5/1/08

catherine: You were dead? Physically, mentally or spiritually?
---jerry6593 on 5/1/08

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Oh my yes! The moment God's power raised me from among the dead.
---catherine on 4/29/08

I have seen numerous miracles. I think that blatant answer to prayer is always a show of a miracle. As Christians, we live in a world of miracles every day. Miracles bring glory to God and He does not hesitate in answering prayers/requests when it brings Him glory.
---jody on 4/29/08

Here's a true miracle.
When the ground is shaking all around and underground miners are given a way out that cannot be explained by engineers, but the miners know it was God alone that saved them from dying underground.
---lisa on 4/29/08

A true miracle of God is that God allows the spacestation to stay suspended in the atmosphere, watching us take all of the credit for such an abundance of intelligence.

A true miracle of God will be watching the awesome wonder on people's faces when we see what His idea of what an all time peace plan will be. The Prince of Peace.
---lisa on 4/29/08

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A true miracle of God, placing my entire trust and faith in Jesus Christ, believing that Jesus can move mountains, move obstacles, move politicians, move presidents, and move events along that will reveal Jesus Christ every step along the way.
---lisa on 4/29/08

A true miracle of God would be to see Jesus Christ move over His people in a way that reveals He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
As the economic times hit the skids, price of gas may never go below $4 bucks, food storages dwindle, God will be able to perform miracles once again like He did when Jesus walked among us.
---lisa on 4/29/08

People do not need miracles when they live in the land of plenty and excess. No, their own intelligence and pride can pull them through.

But when things hit the skids, that's when we will finally see people crying out for the presence of God once again. That's when we will see true miracles of God, true signs and true wonders once again - when God's people are ready to come out of bondage to the world.
---lisa on 4/29/08

True miracles, like the sea splitting, food multiplying in cupboards where there is none, demon possessed people coming into their right minds, blind eyes opening, lame walking and God's presence/protection being made known to the entire world for His favorite city - that's what I'm waiting for.
---lisa on 4/29/08

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I'm waiting for a miracle, for God to step in where no man dare to tread.
When's theres not a politician in sight that can solve a rubic's cube puzzle let alone perform economic/political miracles.
---lisa on 4/29/08

I'm waiting on God's miracles.
He's trying to tell us that they're on the way. He's shaking sleepy mens heads out of their beds - and His wind is blowing our shopping malls and wealth all around.
He's talking because even greater miracles are on the way. He's going to the let the world know once again Who's on First and where He likes to rest His feet.
---lisa on 4/29/08

I don't know if the constant earthquakes in Nevada are God's idea of a foot massage, but He is trying to tell us that greater miracles are only a tornado, tsunami or hurricane away.
---lisa on 4/29/08

A miracle is an event that doesn't have man's hand in the middle of it, trying to take the credit for it.

A miracle is from God. Anything that man can meddle with or try to take God's glory for is not a miracle, but man's attempt to acknowledge his intelligence, which is also given to man from God.

When man's intelligence seems like a miracle to man without giving God the credit or glory, that's all man, selfish, self-centered man.
---lisa on 4/29/08

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A miracle of God defies all of man's logic, reasoning and intelligence.
A true miracle supercedes man's attempt to copyright it, duplicate it or conduct one at the hands of man. It can't be done.

A true miracle of God is above every thought a man could ever have, and above every way a man could ever try to manipulate.
---lisa on 4/29/08

A true miracle of God would be to see Jesus Christ walking across the water, speaking to the storm, and being in one place one minute and somewhere else the next minute.

A true miracle would be to see Jesus in the townsquare healing the women who touched the hem of His garment, while a child was waiting to be resurrected - and her patient father, filled with faith in Jesus Christ...knowing that if Jesus would only speak the words, his daughter would be healed.
---lisa on 4/29/08

Miracles are for today.
A true miracle of God would be to place all of your faith in Jesus Christ, not relying on our amount of faith, but having faith in the faith without end that Jesus Christ has, at the right hand of God...placing all of our faith in Jesus to believe that Jesus still performs miracles of God.
---lisa on 4/29/08

ask any astronaut who must take air with them when rocketing into space, if breathing air is a miracle, for there is no air to breathe in outerspace. Yes it is a miracle that billions of people and life and water cover a round circle, and this circle both spins and revolves and hangs upon nothing in space. And that standing at mid-latitude on earth, the earth spins one mile for every four seconds, and that the earth revolves around the sun about 1,600,000 miles every day or 1111.1111 miles every minute.
---Eloy on 4/29/08

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whom keeps the deep oceans from overflowing boundaries of the land and swallowing up the earth? whom hangs the stars in the sky, and keeps the earth at just the right distance from the sun so as not to incinerate the earth? whom provides the air to breathe?Jesus the Christ, he alone holds the life of every creature in his hand, and he can withhold the very next breath a person needs to breathe, so thank him for your life and your breath which he has created, and give him the glory due his name.
---Eloy on 4/29/08

As the weather breaks, and I start witnessing, I'm beseeching God that more souls might be won to his kingdom. I realize that every soul won is a miracle. For we all deserve just punishment. But praise the Lord He has provided a way of escape. Do not be foolish and turn the Lord down, but rather run quickly into the shadow of salvation. Thank you Father thank thank you for the Son!!!!
---Mima on 4/28/08

.markv, God himself turned the pages of my Bible with his own hand as I read, and no there were no windows open in the house...also God caused it to hail in sunny southern california in the middle of the summer as I read about the hail coming down in the Bible. Know that these are supernatural occurences and miracles of God. But if you choose to dis, then that is your own dissing, and your dissing does not change the fact and truth that God performs miracles for me as well as others whom draw near to him.
---Eloy on 4/28/08

DDM, I think it is sad that you have lost the sense of childlike wonder at the greatness of God. He creates every little creature. Can you make a fish? I mean with the raw materials....can your fish live, breath, move and reproduce like God's can?
---frances008 on 4/27/08

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DDM, In my humble opinion, when God makes life out of an egg and sperm, that is miraculous. Even if it is done in a test tube. God is the one who gives life and nobody else. Man cannot control the process, otherwise every IVF would have success. It doesn't. Everything is subject to God's approval.
---frances008 on 4/27/08

Giving birth is no more a Miracle than a fish laying eggs.
Why? God made us Able to do those things,
Is breathing air a Miracle?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/27/08

When the Holy Spirit of Truth suddenly descends upon a person for no apparent reason, when their eyes which were spiritually blinded by the god of this world, are suddenly opened....that is the biggest miracle of all.
---frances008 on 4/27/08

When a woman gives birth to a child, is that not a miracle?
---frances008 on 4/27/08

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.markv, I held a dead infant and prayed, and the baby came back alive...I prayed for a college professor who had aides, and he was completely cured...I prayed that it not rain until I get to my destination, then after miles of walking, at the exact instant I arrived, there was a loud thunder and a heavy downpour...on my death bed Jesus Christ physically came to me, touched me, and healed me of a fatal disease, and made me born-again all over say no, but there is documentation proving Yes.
---Eloy on 4/27/08

A demon possessed person that comes back into their right mind is a miracle.
---lisa on 4/27/08

I don't know if reading the bible can be considered a miracle.
The greater miracle would be to actually understand what one is reading.
The hailstorm, common enough, where the weather can change on a dime.
No, I think a miracle is like Jesus walking on water, water into wine, multiplication of loaves and fishes, resurrection of the dead, those are miracles according to the Word.
---Mark_V. on 4/27/08

I remember when I was reading my Holy Bible for the first time in California, the pages would actually turn by themself when I was ready to go on to the next page...and when I got to reading the part about the 10 plagues upon Egypt, specifically the one about the hail coming down, I started to hear a very loud noise outside. I got up and looked out the window, and here it was hailing in the middle of summer in sunny southern California.
---Eloy on 4/27/08

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I don't think this is a Miracle,
However it's pretty Cool,
I have a picture of me when I'm 7, standing in my G-ma's yard and the End of a Rainbow is on me & I have my hands up in the air.
No pot of Gold, Just Me!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/26/08

the birth of a butterfly, watchin it change from a catepilar, to crystalis then butterfly..nature is awesome and a wonder..
---operatpr on 4/26/08

michael: What were you doing in 1990 just prior to two demons entering your body? God does not allow demons in without being invited.

Yes, I've seen many miracles. Every Christian should have several "miracle stories" to tell.
---jerry6593 on 4/26/08

My mother is sober. And wiser. It's kind of hard to take since I was used to growing up with the drunken lunatic. I seriously cannot thank anyone else BUT GOD for accomplishing that. Now I'm working on praying that my dad comes to a relationship with God/Christ too. Prayers Appreciated...aka: HELP!!! ,D
---Nicola on 4/26/08

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Aug 1990 two demon spirits entered my
body to kill me. The lord protected me
till some people took me to church and they
were cast out. The pastor said that I was a
threat because the lord was going to use me
in some way. The story is too long for here,
but The expierence so horrible I thought
I was going to die.
---michael on 4/25/08

The day before yesterday, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to fast all day and pray for a man in the ICU thousands of miles away. I got word that he was out of ICU and looking forward to having an operation to relieve the problem with his intestines. (He had just had a kidney removed which was covered in something that could not be removed.) Thanks be to God. It was miraculous. Jesus answers prayers.
---frances008 on 4/24/08

INside the rooms of a certain 12 steps fellowship, there's an old saying: "Coincidences are miracles that God does anonymously."
---Randall on 4/24/08

Yes yesterday, witnessing to 20 year old college student. I ask are you sure you will go to heaven? Yes, he said, I am Catholic, been baptized, and sometimes go to church. After witnessing to him. I asked him did he want to pray with me about his salvation. After a long wait he said yes. As we prayed I saw him fall under conviction, when I ask him if he felt different he said, yes, I certainly do. I then informed him that he had just been born again and he became very happy.
---Mima on 4/24/08

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Yes and yes again. When I wake up in the morning, that's a miracle. When I look at the sky,flowers,sun,moon. These are miracles that we often overlook and take for granted. My salvation is a miracle. What Jesus did for me on the cross is a miracle. The great love God has for His creatures is a miracle to me. The list goes on and on. To see people of all races,creeds and colors worship together and truly love and support one another, would be the greatest miracle in my lifetime.
---Robyn on 4/19/08

oh yes,when you believe God they are everywhere.both physical and supernatural.look at the heavens,stars,galaxies,the earth and all its fullness.all miracles.
---tom2 on 4/19/08

That God would die for a sinner like me.I think that's the biggest mirracle.Although I did shatter two vertibrae in my kneck and walked away.
---Ben on 3/22/08

Yes, I've seen miracles. I used to go to the children's hospital in NC and pray for the sick kids. I saw many of those kids healed immediately and some a few days later. The same God that healed back in the Bible days, still heals today!
---GODSWOMAN_SANDY on 3/21/08

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I see miracles every day and give the Glory to God for it, remember God wants us to have Faith IN all season's of our lives. He is not saying that all is good, one needs to look for the miracale, at times its hard to see (you have to look under rocks) others the miracale is waving a flag.
---Nona on 3/18/08

Yeah, my husband found a job. Now THATS a miracle!
---sue on 3/17/08

Michelle,just information. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Miracles don't fail but the person who has a miracle can fail. I read the story of someone who had a miracle but turned their back on God,went into a sinful life. Seems God even warned them to repent or they would loose their miracle,they didn't repent and became sick again,only worse. Everthing God does for us is to further His Kingdom,if we don't, I can see how He could repent of good He did and take it away. Sowing and reaping.
---Darlene_1 on 3/16/08

yes, many miracles.
---Eloy on 3/16/08

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yes, brother was one.doctors told him too get his things in order,he was full of cancer ,just months too live.he was prayed for ,and hands layed on him .several days later he felt so good he went back too doctors,NOTHING COULD BE FOUND ,it was gone.
---tom2 on 3/15/08

also once in a service in a church in el salvador, I personally experienced the holy spirit as a rushing wind ,which no one around me felt.I thought afterwards a hurricane had blown by me.
---tom2 on 3/15/08

Frances . . . In Genesis, God blessed the creatures when He made them. And creatures are still going as well as they are, now, so many years since God blessed spite of all that evil has done to destroy them and make species extinct > this shows me how effective blessing can be. So, when we bless people, we should consider how much we can be accomplishing. And Jesus says, "bless those who curse you," in Matthew 5:44. So, we can be effective to help anyone (o: God bless you, Frances (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/15/08

I have been walking with the Lord, since June of 1985, my life has been full of his supernatural interventions. One, just a week after I was born again.My family is very small,with all of our children in one car, it was broadsided, by a dual wheel truck pulling a cattle trailer,going 65mph, according to police records, our kids walked out, safe & sound,my mothers car was replaced, and she only had liability ins.I could write a book after this, and may one day. Thank you Jesus, for your faithfullness.
---Gayla on 3/15/08

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Last year God came and shook this Earth then He healed me and some other people I know of. Yes I truely have seen miricles happen here. June of 2007
---Sheshalla on 3/15/08

I woke up this morning.
---dan on 3/15/08

I have seen lots of miracles. I am a miracle. I know when God touches my body for a healing. God has his hand upon me every hour of everyday. I'm sure there has been countless times that God has protected me over something that "could have" happened to me, but didn't. We serve an Almighty God. What burns my butt is a person wants to be healed so they won't have the pain, but yet they don't want to be healed cause they will lose their disability check. Either you do or you don't.
---Rebecca_D on 3/14/08

I saw my own personal miracle when God healed me. All tests and xrays showed calcifications in my breasts. When surgeon did the biopsy, he found nothing! Praise the Lord!
---Susie on 3/14/08

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Emcee, you sound like such a nice person. Why don't you Come Out of Her and join the rest of us excapees. We would welcome you with open arms.
---frances008 on 3/14/08

Miracles>>Events which unmistakably involve an immediate and powerful action of God to reveal His character or purposes. Includes: sign, wonder, work, mighty work, portent, power. God's pervasive activity in nature, history, and people. God gives demonstrative miracles when, for reason known to Himself, He chooses to do so. Now a days, God prefers to work through the miracle of grace. the witness of the spirit, answered prayer, and supremely ,the written word.
---catherine on 3/14/08

We are ALL miracles! The hands that shaped us in our mother's wombs is an amazing miracle! I almost lost my son on 2 occasions, but by the grace of God he is alive and well! I was clinically dead in an ambulance in 1985, but here I am to thank God for 'bringing me around.' Praise His name!
---NVBarbara on 3/14/08

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