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Repent Of Sinful Thoughts

I know we are sinful in nature, but it is so embarrassing to repent a sinful thought when you know you will do it again. The accountability is overwhleming and causes a distant realtionship with God....Sad!

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 ---William_T._Taylor on 3/17/08
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There is an old proverb : " It is ok if a bird flies above your head but do not allow it to make a nest in your hair ".

The battlefield is our own own body and mind. Thoughts could assail us but put on the whole armour of God and fight. Remember Jesus , was like us , in all points tempted like us but he won with the grace of the father and with the sword of the Word. We are all warriors for Christ and the battle filed is our own flesh and mind - let us fight this battle and die honourably in this battle bearing the Flag of our savour and messiah - Jesus.
---Joy on 7/8/08

Without reformation-intent to make a striking change for the better concerning ones attitude or actions, trusting the empowerment of the Father to do so-there has been no true repentance-recognition of error as reveal by truth, which in and of itself, produces within us a godly sorrow leading to an empowered change of mind and/or attitude. As far as thoughts are concerned we are instructed to cast down any thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God we have been blessed to embrace.
---josef on 3/30/08

P.S. Yes, I realize that the verse actually reads "high thing" however that high thing is always the results of a thought or way of thinking that exalts it in our mind. Submitting to Christ within, will bring every contrary thought or way of thinking under subjection to the obedience of Christ, the power to cast it down. Let every man that thinks he stands in his own strength, take heed lest he falls. We are only alienated from the Father in our own minds.
---josef on 3/30/08

Another way to keep these thoughts out of your mind is to watch things on television that are not of Satan. If you constantly watch shows about killing, sex, witchcraft, etc., that is what is going in your mind.
---Susie on 3/19/08

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God,...

"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ,"

Bringing every evil thought into captivity. Entertaining lustful, angry or sinful thoughts can lead to following through.
Thoughts become actions or strongholds that influence your heart.
---Cindy on 3/18/08

God, will not hold you responsible for the rotten thoughts that Satan puts in your mind as long as you do not dwell on them or act on them. If you do these things depression can set in and also sadness because you are in sin. Learn to push them out just as quickly as the devil can give them to you. You will be okey with God, If you are truly Born-again. At first it may seem like a full-time job. Ask God to help you. He will. Also, ask God for forgiveness just in case.
---catherine on 3/18/08

Everyone has thoughts they shouldn't have. If they say they don't, they are not human by no means. The bible says we are to renew our minds daily. Meaning put more word in our hearts and mind, so when a thought comes to mind, that we shouldn't have we have the word to rebuke those thoughts. Our mind will play tricks on us, and if one isn't careful they will do what the mind says to do or say instead of rebuking it.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/08

Another way to avoid these "sinful thoughts" is to get the Word of God in your mind. Read the Bible and pray constantly!
---Susie on 3/18/08

You know Satan comes to steal,kill, and destroy. What you do is resist the Devil and he will flee from you. You do that by saying to the thought "Spirit of lust(whatever it is) I command you in the name of Jesus to leave,and go to realm of darkness,and be bound there." God I don't receive this but please forgive me. Do it every time it happens and you are prayed up,forgiven ,protected and ready to have fellowship with God. Then Praise God,He inhabits the praise of His people.
---Darlene_1 on 3/17/08

Jesus says, WE Christians have power OVER the Principalities of Darkness & Have POWER over Satan with HIS Name.
Shame, is coming for those who are like ships without rudders.
LEARN to Bridle your thoughts & your Tongues,
Love God w/All your H.M.S, Love your Neighbour, LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS "THE LORD" HAS LOVED US.

I Believe this is what my Brother would say to you...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/17/08

Being born again doesn't mean that you are an adult Christian. You need to crawl before you walk. If you can consistantly meditate on the word of God for two months, and pray often, you will have formed a habit of meditating on the Word. It is written that you must train up your child in the way he should go - morning, noon and night. The more you keep God's word on your mind with a lot of praying, evil thoughts will not enter your mind. But sometimes evil thoughts do slip in, that's human, just repent.
---Steveng on 3/17/08

Recently an elderly Christian said some very flattering things about me and my ministry. Immediately pride swelled up inside me. Many people were standing by, many people heard this man. And quickly, I was ashamed of thoughts that came to my mind. And I truly repented of my sinful thoughts. All men are subject to flattery. The Christian must recognize it for what it is simply the sin of pride show it's ugly head.
---Mima on 3/17/08

No one is perfect or without sin. You repent of sinful thoughts and if those thoughts come back you just push them out. Everyone has sinful thoughts, even small ones. You get mad because someone cuts you off while you are driving and you might want to call them a name. Just repent, and yes you might think something again. As long as you are truly sorry for the thought and Try not to do it again. But you have to really try not to have those thoughts.
---Mary on 3/17/08

Repeated sinful thoughts can become a stronghold.
True repentance means to turn away from and stop it.
If you are unable to stop sinful thoughts and they are a stumbling block, you need to be delivered from whatever is causing them.

Example: Lustful thoughts, a spirit of lust can lead to adultery, acting out what you're thinking about, over and over.
---Cindy on 3/17/08

Debbie Jo :: That while being true do you have to go play the game too?If you walk away you have foiled the devil.Jesus was tempted, but he said "Be Gone satan"Temptation is NOT a sin Harbouring and participation IS.
---Emcee on 3/17/08

2Cr 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ
---RitaH on 3/17/08

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Our mind is the biggest play ground the devil has. We have no control over the thughts that come in to our mind, but we do have control over what we do with them. As I have heard it said, You can't stop a bird from land on your head, but you can prevent it from making a nest there. Judge your thoughts whether good or bad, keep the godly thoughts and rebuke the devilish ones.
---Debbie_Jo on 3/17/08

You shouldn't take this too hard.

I have sinful thoughts so does anyone else.

It's what you do with them that counts.

You don't need to repent of being tempted by your flesh, it'll happen the rest of your life without fail, and it's not a sin, but a result of sin in the body.

Use the word of God against any unholy thoughts, eventually the devil will stop trying to use that one and move on to new territory. "resist the devil and he'll flee from you..."
---pharisee on 3/17/08

Good Job, Susie!
The truth on this, is truely within you.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/17/08

Susie>>Amen! well put. I am so thankful that God knows His own.
---catherine on 3/17/08

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There is no repentance if you know you are going to do it again. True repentance is when you know you do not want to do it again. The Bible says that if you are born again you are a "new man" and that means you don't want to do the things you used to do.
---Susie on 3/17/08

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