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Is It Jesus Or Yeshewa

Does anyone have any insight to the "real" name of Jesus? The letter 'J' is less than 500 years old? Im currently researching it and would like to know if Jesus is the real name of the one who came died and on the third day rose, or is it Yeshewa?

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 ---rosalie on 3/18/08
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The real name of God son is YAHOSHUAH means YAHAWAH (the name of his father) and YOSHUAH (saveur). Till now Hebrew people don't use the letter 'J' like we know the son of God was hebrew, so it is clear that Jesus won't be his real name.
But the big problem is this, it is written in your bible that only one name you Christian can ask for forgiveness (YAHOSHUAH) so if it is not the real name you ask for forgiveness result noone listen to your prayer and else...and no one will forgive you.
---MamyR on 5/2/11

The Greek "nick-name" for our Savior is Jesus (Gee-sus) However the Hebrew laguage has no J. It is pronounced as Y. Therefore His name in Hebrew is Yeshua, or, Yoshua.
---Danelle on 7/17/08

Yah means G-d - shua - means saves. Yahshua means G-d save for He will save his people from thier sins. There are different spellings - Y'shua, Yeshua and others. His mother would would have called him by his Hebrew name - Y'shua!
---Gophylann on 6/4/08

Jesus is to Yeshewa or Joshua,
as Jehovah is to Yahweh, or YHWH.
The names are the same, just translated into different languages.
Like...John and Juan...or George and Jorge?...Edward and Edwardo, Francis and Francisco, Jane and Juanita, Mary and Maria.

In Jesus' time, they literally called Him Yeshewa (spelling?) like in the Passion of the Christ. There's nothing wrong with saying His name in our own language, though. :-) Or we'd call Joshua the same thing, right?
---Todd1 on 5/28/08

God ain't a Name, IT'S who he IS,
You Figure That Out!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/27/08

Jesus' real name is GOD. You figure it out!+++
---catherine on 5/26/08

Gabriel, Mary & Everyone else COULD'NT have CALLED him "J"esus back then,
The Letter "J" didnt even Exsist until the 1500's and then it wss put into the ABC's.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/26/08

And holy is His name.Lk-1:49-His name was called JESUS-the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb.Lk-2:21 Jh-20:31-but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ-the Son of God-and that believing you may have life in His name.Matt-1:21-And she will bring forth a Son, you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.Lk1:23Behold-the virgin shall be with child-bear a Son-and they shall call His name Immanuel-which is translated-God with us.
---lisa on 5/26/08

Thats Clever Emcee.
If you were a Roman in the days of Jesus you WOULD have called him Le/so/us, IF you were a Jew you WOULD have called him Yahshua,
IF you were Greek you WOULD have called him Le/s/ous, THEN English came along and called Him Jesus when the letter "J" came to be a Letter of the ABC's...
Yah/sh/ua = Hebrew
le/s/ous = Greek
le/so/us = Latin
Je/s/us = English
Everybody DIDN'T speak the Same lang. Like in the Movies.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/17/08

My Bad,
In ancient Latin Jesus is spelled Iesus, in ancient Greek (I-ee-sous),

In Greek it was spelled Isous
the origin of the Greek name Jesus and its erroneous transliteration of the Hebrew name of our Savior Yahshua.

The English name Jesus, which later employed the letter J, is a derivation from Greek Iesous and the Latin Iesus version.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/17/08

Was His name Jesus or "YESHEWA"
---Emcee on 4/30/08

Many believe the Messiah's name was the same as Joshuas, written "vwhy" or "wvwhy" in Hebrew (Strongs #3091). The 3rd letter in Joshuas name (reading from right to left) is the letter vav (w) and a vav cannot be silent. The letter vav must be pronounced as either a "v" or an "o" or an "u." In the case of Joshua, it takes an "o" sound, giving us "Ye-ho-SHU-a."
---AG on 4/29/08

Jesus' True Name is YAHUSHUA. The Hebrew Race was chosen to bring Salvation to the Gentile world. GOD created Hebrew as a DISTINCT Holy Language. "Holy" meaning "Set-Apart". The name "Jesus" is a hybrid of Greek, Latin and English. His Name is a Holy Hebrew Name that is spelled in English as YAHUSHUA. The Hybrid Name of JESUS CHRIST will only be Anointed until the rise of the Anti-Christ. For the Son of Perdition will come in the name of "Jesus Christ".
---Gordon on 4/18/08

Yah/sh/ua = Hebrew
le/s/ous = Greek
le/so/us = Latin
Je/s/us = English

In the Original(Greek) Books The name of Jesus is spelt Lesous!
KJV(eng) spells it Jesus!
Hebrew Books spell it Yahshua!
Latin (Roman/Italian) spell it Lesous!
They ALL are reffering to our Lords Name,
NOTHING more and NOTHING less...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/14/08

Ex. 3:2 Jesus is called the "Angel of the Lord". Ex. 3:13,14 Jesus is called "I AM". Dav\n. 9:25 Jesus is called "Messiah the Prince". Dan. 12:1 Jesus is called "Michael, the Great Prince". John 8:58, Jesus called Himself "I AM". Rev. 12:7 Jesus is called "Michael". What people called Him is another thing.
---Dr.Rich on 4/14/08

Yes, GOD is the Great "I AM that I AM", but each Person of the GOD-Head still has a specific Name. And anyone who truly loves Him should have it within them to want to know what those True Names are, and use them. Just as you would for anyone else that you love.
---Gordon on 4/14/08

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CharlaX, May I say WELL SAID! - and a great big AMEN!
---Dr.Rich on 4/10/08

Jesus is I AM.
The resurrected part of earth.
The HOLY piece of life.
The only one who ever lived that loved.
The GOD of Moses was Jesus Am.
When Moses looked at the back of GOD,
saw I AM,
He saw the back of Jesus
the scars and bleedings too.
Don`t seperate the two.
Father and The Son. Holy Spirit too.
One GOD the great I AM.
Moses was the smartest Hebrew in the land.
He served the GOD Great Jesus. Moses of the Ten Commandments
served Great I AM.
---CharlaX on 4/9/08

I must say there are some people whom done their homework on His name. What have read about the J sound of His name? I read that there was no J sound until the middle ages. It was always pronounced with the Y sound.

I don't think it's foolshness to get understanding and grow in education of our savior. It's what we are supposed to be doing. I do agree-know Him personally.
---Yochanon on 4/1/08

gordon-You spoke well of a PERSONABLE and intimate God. His name FOREVER (past all names like Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.) is "I am WHO I AM" (Exodus 3:14). HE sent His son Jesus (and we should imitate "I am who I am" "in my inmost SELF" (Romans 7:22) without any "SELF abasement"/abatement (Colossians 2:18,23) because HE wants a PERSONal relationship with us too.
---greg on 3/26/08

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Pharisee, Right! To KNOW Him. That is why He wants us, His Followers, to KNOW His True Name. Would you want someone that you loved to NEVER care too much at all to KNOW YOUR NAME? Never to call you by your name? Really?? GOD is more personable than ALL human beings put together! He has FEELINGS. He's the CREATOR of our feelings. We're made in His Image. He desires for His beloved ones to call Him by His Name.
---Gordon on 3/26/08

It's foolishness to concern ourselves with what name to call God and here's why:

The Holy Spirit is presented in the life of Jesus and speaks to us from there.
From that point of contact we receive him and he dwells within- no failure!

Hence we open our spirit in prayer to that Spirit, now in the presence of God as he bids us to come, THIS is what he desires, that we KNOW HIM in this way, not through proper name recognition. Which do you think God is most concerned with?
---pharisee on 3/25/08

Jesus' proper name derives from the Hebrew "Joshua", meaning "Yahweh" saves" or "salvation. [Matt. 1:21]. Christ is the Greek term for "anointed", equivalent to the Hebrew Messiah. Paul's favorite term for Jesus was "Kurios" "Lord">>>In time it was thought that the divine name "Yahweh" was too holy to even pronounce. Thus the practice arose of using the word Adonal, "Lord".
---catherine on 3/25/08


"Shekinah" is a Hebrew word meaning presence, settling, dwelling, inhabitation (much like dew settles on grass). It has the feminine gender. It ends in "ah" (the feminine noun suffix), not "yah" (which is masculine). Nowhere in the Bible is it spelled with a Y. It is a description, not a proper name.

The Holy Spirit manifests a presence, but is not, itself a presence.
The Holy Spirit manifests wind, but is not, itself wind.
---StrongAxe on 3/25/08

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Wow thanks for your replies to this blog. Im not exactly the sharpest knife in the draw so this has definitely confirmed a lot of material Ive read. This was a simple question that the Holy Spirit laid on my heart that received answers of all shapes and sizes from my fellow brother and sisters but I guess ultimately the real answer lies with Him. Thanks again.
---rosalie on 3/25/08

StrongAxe, Let yourself believe the Truth. Women take on their husband's last names when they marry. The Holy Spirit has the Name "YAH" in Her Name, for She is part of the GOD-Head. YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) has the Name "YAH" in His Name. "YAH" is in the Father's Name. There are so many MORE THINGS to learn about GOD that we haven't hit upon for thousand's of years. We are learning some "new" things now in the End Times. At GOD's Timing.
---Gordon on 3/25/08

How about Na na na na na na Hey Jude
Or how about Jesus, I like that better.
---exzucuh on 3/24/08

The proponents of the name Yahshua claim the Messiahs name was the same as Joshuas, written "vwhy" or "wvwhy" in Hebrew (Strongs #3091). That may be so, but the problem is that neither of these spellings of Joshuas name can possibly be pronounced "Yahshua."

Part 1
---AG on 3/24/08

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The third letter in Joshuas name (reading from right to left) is the letter vav (w) and a vav cannot be silent. The letter vav must be pronounced as either a "v" or an "o" or an "u." (In the case of Joshua, it takes an "o" sound, giving us "Ye-ho-SHU-a." Strongs confirms this pronunciation.) For a name to be pronounced "Yahshua," it would have to be spelled [wv--hy, and no such name exists in the Hebrew Bible.

Part 2
---AG on 3/24/08

Names and varying spellings are very important. With the internet, they are moreso.

For instance, people have invented nice names for the devil.

Also Yisrael is an important name - it brought up some interesting facts.
---frances008 on 3/24/08


How about "Jehovah"? That has "yah" in the first three letters, they're just pronounced slightly differently. (J is pronounced Y in many languages, English, French, Spanish and Portugueses are exceptions).

In the Greek word "iesous", the "ie" is "yah" (since Greek has no letter for H
much like Hebrew does not write out vowels).

Also, the Hebrew word "Shekinah" doesn't have a "Yah" at the end.
---StrongAxe on 3/24/08

StrongAxe, The Name "YAH" must be in it. THAT is His Name. And you can never get "too obsessed" when it comes to GOD. The MAJORITY of times that GOD's Name(s) are used in the AMIGHTYWIND Prophecies, it is AT LEAST 99% YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and SHKHINYAH (RUACH HA KODESH/Holy Spirit). The Lord DOES have a True and Specific Name. And He is GOD, the Almighty Creator and LORD of all, WHY NOT find out His True Name and USE IT?! You are on the Right Track by looking up that Prophetic Website!
---Gordon on 3/24/08

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Frances008, There are Three Persons within the GOD-Head. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When YAHUSHUA (Jesus), the Son, came and walked the Earth in Flesh and Blood, God the Father was still sitting on the Throne of GOD. YAHUSHUA the Son, is God. YAHUVEH the Father is God, SHKHINYAH the Holy Spirit is God. All Three are GOD. GOD is ONE. Yet, GOD is Three in ONE. We don't have to understand it in order to simply believe it.
---Gordon on 3/24/08

Jesus's name was an Aramaic name Aramaic being the root of all languages including hebrew. His name in Aramaic was pronounced "ISHOO MISHIECCKA" Ishoo being the name we know, Jesus, and MISHHIECCKA which in Aramaic is from the word mishhcka(oil) hence "The Onointed One".
---Antonio on 3/23/08

** Jesus was completely human, and then,**

Jesus IS completely human AND completely divine.

He is God Incarnate.

The more I see of frances008's posts, the more I understand why St. Paul did not allow women to presume to teach.
---Jack on 3/23/08


In one of her prophecies (#87), Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah said:
"MY NAME is YAHUVEH and it matters not to ME how you spell it or pronounce it as long as you acknowledge MY NAME has YAH in it and so does MY Son the only MESSIAH his NAME is YAHUSHUA it matters not how you spell it as long as you keep MY NAME YAH in it."

So obsessing over just how each letter is spelled and pronounced is a waste of time, and distracts us from more important matters.
---StrongAxe on 3/23/08

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Names in the Bible follow the vernacular (that is, the language of the people to whom it is addressed). The exact spelling of names varies drastically between Hebrew and Greek (due to differences in language), and there are even differences between Hebrew and Aramaic, and sometimes even two authors using the same language. What is important is that we know just whom we are talking about. The exact spelling and pronunciation are less important (they are different in every language anyway).
---StrongAxe on 3/23/08

I think it all comes down to growth in sanctification and Holy Spirit. It not just about gifts, it's also about relationship and knowing His name. It is improtant to learn what the translators left out. Think about it-You miss so much in English or Greek. If you want to wait. It's your choice. Blessing
---yochanon on 3/22/08

Now I see where the puzzle all comes togethet H & F are of the same class, spurious contenders vie for hiss time sweet next venomous rattlers.
---Emcee on 3/22/08

Now I see where the puzzle all comes togethet H & F are of the same class, spurious contenders vie for hiss time sweet next venomous rattlers.
---Emcee on 3/22/08

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You better make sure your talking to the right Jesus. you have to have authority to even call his name.
Acts 19:14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
These guys tried to use Jesus name but the Devils knew they did not know Jesus. They beat the living daylights out of them.
We have authority or the devil in Jesus name.
---exzucuh on 3/22/08

This question is much ado about nothing. It is equivalent to asking which name is proper: John, Juan, Jan, Jean, Ian, etc. The answer is: It depends on where you live or what language you speak. So what?
---jerry6593 on 3/22/08

Good Job Frances!
The truth on this matter is truely within you!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/22/08

Frances :You twist like an eel,so let me add a correction to your spurious question instead of Emcee put Jesus said "The Father and I are one"Matt11:27
---Emcee on 3/22/08

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Malachi::I am not greek or arab but a transalation can be the error.The angel says His name will be Emanuel which means "God is with us "or Jesus "at this name every knee shall bend:which transalated in a sense means we shall ALL ADORE WORSHIP HIM as our One and only God.
---Emcee on 3/22/08

YAH-HU-SHUA.-(HEBREW)- Yeshua. Jesus(greek)

you can't see God's name in Greek. The translators used the best words they thought which is Lord or God. Christians are saved in YAH'S NAME through His Son. Look back at every scripture and see YAH or YHVH and think about it...
---yochanon on 3/22/08

Chasing down alternate names of the lamb of God is unecessary and would be better used to seek the "living water" (like the woman at the well) that was mixed with Christ's blood at the cross (and that Jesus said was necessary, John 7:38).

We must ALSO drink of The Lord's spirit (Revelation 7:16) and let His spirit purfy our conscience (Hebrews 9:14) so that we can HEAR His voice (John 10:27, this is the word that we should LIVE BY.
---greg on 3/21/08

As to any identity that would be beneficial to be discovered and has been overlooked, "I am" is not completely sufficient a name for our heritage (as you say, it is "shortened"), the father's FULL name is "I am who I am" (FOREVER) and in order to combat the doctrine of "self abasement" (Colossians 2:18 and 23), we must imitate that.
---greg on 3/21/08

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The identity crisis of Christianity is that WE cannot truly relate to The Lord PERSON ally and be intimate with Him because we have been encouraged to wish that God will relieve us of SELF discipline.

The Lord also wants to have a personal relationship WITH "you" (the REAL you). Don't refuse Him that joy.
---greg on 3/21/08

The three acts of God's grace to humanity are...creation, salvation, and spiritual guidance by His spirit.

If we allow His grace to be sufficient for us, we will return to live with Him forever. God all inclusive ("God is ONE", Gal. 3:20) is our common heritage and will also be our destiny if we simply "rest in The Lord". There ARE "better things that belong to salvation" (Hebrews 6:9) and "depths of God" (1 Corin. 2:10) that can be discovered.
---greg on 3/21/08

Jesus says he is God's son, and Emcee says Jesus is God. Who is correct? I believe Jesus was and is God's Son, and that we can become brothers and sisters of Jesus and fellow heirs of God's glorious promises. If Jesus was God, then God would have been absent from his throne when he came down to earth. No, Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus was completely human, and then, God was in Heaven in charge still. Jesus is and was with God from the beginning, except when he came down to earth and was with men.
---frances008 on 3/21/08

You have greatly erred in spelling the name Yehoshuah which is the birth name given to Jesus by his mother after an angel of the LORD had spoken to her and commanded that be His name. Jesus is the Greek equivalent of Yehoshua which in english is Joshua meaning Jehovah is salvation!
---malachi on 3/21/08

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Howbeit argumentitive for some it's educational for others and this is a site where you learn a great deal, about each others character, understanding / wisdom which can give you a starting point of who to approach if you need help understanding the Word of God. Just like the pulpit you accept the word and bin the rest!
---Carla5754 on 3/21/08

Rosalie::The gospel is the word Mattsays Emanuel "God is with us" LK says Jesus The old testament says "I AM"in short He is God SUPREME a divine spirit. If we call on HIM with Love and respect acknowledging HIM as OUR Lord, Saviour, Redeemer He is GOD of ALL"ONE' as in TRINITY He answers to the Name of reverence you bear for Him in your Heart, in the language of your choice.IMHO.
---Emcee on 3/21/08

Greg, GOD has a Name. GOD is a Personable and Intimate God. GOD Loves His own. GOD wants His own to love Him IN A PERSONAL WAY. GOD wants His people to know Him by His Name, not just by His Titles (GOD, LORD, MASTER, etc...). What does wanting to know the Name of the Lord GOD have to do with sinful Vanity? Aren't you a personable person when you're with your loved ones? Don't you want your loved ones to know your name, as well? GOD is Love. GOD wants His Name, His Real and True NAME, to be known!
---Gordon on 3/21/08

StrongAxe, These Names are revealed by GOD to His Prophet: Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah. In Ephesians 4:11-12 it says that Prophets are just as much a part of the Church as Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and Apostles. There are MANY false prophets around, undoubtedly TONS MORE false prophets than True Holy Prophets. But, it doesn't matter, GOD STILL has some Prophets today. GOD DOES have something particular to address to specific people, churches and countries that He simply didn't address in the Bible.
---Gordon on 3/21/08

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Rosalie, in my version, we have 1 Corinthians 6:17 > "But He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him." And James Strong says the original Greek word for "joined" is "glued".

How does your Yahwist scripture translate this Greek word, please? If we believe in not changing names in translation, why change a word like "glued" to "joined"? "Glued" can better clarify "one spirit with Him", I think.
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/21/08

YHWH is YESHUAH: Jesus is God.
---Eloy on 3/21/08

Pt 1: Jehovah was nonexistent in the original Hebrew scriptures, but later introduced in about 1270 A.D. by a Roman Catholic Spanish Monk, named Raymundus Martini, in his book Pugeo Fidei (Dagger of Faith). It is a latinized or anglicized transliteration, for there is no J nor V in the Hebrew alphabet, and in the Greek alphabet there is no letter J. The name Jesus literally means Salvation. Jesus is Yeshuah in Hebrew (similar to Yehoshua, which is Joshua in English), and correctly it is Iesous in Greek
---Eloy on 3/21/08

Pt 2: Hebrew has no vowels, the ancient Hebrews had YHWH for the sacred name of God. In public dissertation or discourse, the Hebrew word for Lord (Adonai) or God (Elohim, plural of Eloah) was used to prevent taking Gods name in vain. [ref: El-Elohe (God)- Genesis 33:20, Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34. Emmanuel (God with us)- Isaiah 7:14, 8:10, Matthew 1:23. Yah (Lord)- Psalm 68:4. Hallelujah (Hall elu-yah, Hail God, Praise you the Lord. Greek: Alleluia)- Psalm 106:1, Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 19:1].
---Eloy on 3/21/08

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Pt 3: Martini substituted the sacred term for God with the consonants JHVH (possibly deriving this from the common latin term Jove), he then inserted the vowel points of Adonai or Elohim to contrive the first use of the term Jehovah. The Scripture reads, Blessed is he who comes in THE NAME OF THE LORD. Now the Lord is God, and the Lord is one, and the Lord is Jesus, and there is no other Lord God but he.
---Eloy on 3/21/08

Greg, the quest for knowledge in never vanity weather in the secular or ecclesiastical environment.
---notlaw99 on 3/21/08

Rosalie . . . LOVE gives me the authority to translate my name with people I am sharing with who speak another language. My ego does not have any say. Because I love people of other languages, I enjoy introducing myself by my name in their language, to show I appreciate sharing with them and love them. And Paul became "all things to all men", we have in 1 Corinthians 9:22. So, I can see he might have become as a Greek, for example, by using the Greek translation of his name.
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/21/08

If everybody would stop for a second and think of what you're doing when you search for fancy names and special wisdom, you'd notice you are building VAIN ego (vanity, many good deeds are done for ego, but VAIN ego is WRONG). Have you forgotten humility?

"ALL IS VANITY", but gains nothing spiritually (except spiritual death) Ecclesiastes 1:14.
---greg on 3/21/08

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Where do you get the pronunciations "Yahuveh" and "Yahushua"?
I have never heard anyone else pronounce these names this way.
---StrongAxe on 3/20/08

WHAT would you like to call the Lord?
---Shawn.M.T on 3/20/08

Actually Christ isn't a name at all,
it means Messiah,
It's strange how alot of people think thats his last name or something.

Saying God is like saying Dad, Not his name but what he is!!!
Do you call your Dad by his 1st. name?
IF not, show your FATHER in Heaven the same Respect!
Like i said God has 70 differant names in the Book of Psalms Alone, SO PICK ONE AND GET OVER IT!
Theirs more important things you should be WORRYING about!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/20/08

I have a question, my name is Rosalie in English, Japanese & French. If mine doesnt change so why should His. Who gave man the authority to change or translate His name or any other names in the Bible? Take proverbs 22:1 for example. Why has this changed? Why can we now call our Saviour by any old name and justify it because its translated. Who gave us the authority? Is it the devils plot to get us off Him and preying to a name which has pagan roots?
---rosalie on 3/20/08

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The true Name of Jesus Christ is YAHUSHUA. God the Son was named after God the Father YAHUVEH. YAHUSHUA means "YAH saves". The Name "Jesus Christ" is anglicized Greek. YAHUSHUA is Jewish. The Bible says Salvation is "...of the Jews FIRST, then to the Greeks (Gentiles)." The Name "Jesus Christ" is Anointed NOW, but, during the Tribulation, the Anti-Christ will use the name "Jesus Christ" for himself, and YAHUSHUA will THEN be the Name of Salvation.
---Gordon on 3/20/08

(1) "And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." (Colossians 3:17) Ah-hah . . . so it says to do everything you do or say "in the name of the Lord Jesus". So, does this mean you must *say* (or think) "in the name of the Lord Jesus" whenever you do or say something? His name is not just an outward pronunciation, I offer, which humans can hear. > (2) >
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/19/08

(2) I now understand that Jesus' real name is not just some correct pronunciation for people to hear and squabble about, but Jesus' name is the standing He has with our Father because of being absolutely submissive to Him and so pleasing. And *we* also are in His name, by being absolutely submissive to our Heavenly Father. . . the way His Holy Spirit makes us sweetly sensitive and submissive and pleasing to Him. . . and giving Him thanks...being pleasing to Him, by enjoying Him, I consider (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/19/08

1)Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua. Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus. Thus, the names Joshua and Jesus are essentially the same, both are English pronunciations of the Hebrew and Greek names for the Lord. (For examples of how the two names are interchangeable, see Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8 in the KJV. In both cases, the word Jesus refers to the Old Testament character Joshua.)
---Court7646 on 3/19/08

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2) In German, our English word book is buch. In Spanish, it becomes a libro, in French, a livre. The language changes, but the object itself does not. In the same way, we can refer to Jesus as Jesus, Yeshua, or YehSou (Cantonese), without changing His nature. In any language, His name means the Lord Is Salvation.
---Court7646 on 3/19/08

3) We refer to Him as Jesus because, as English-speaking people, we know of Him through English translations of the Greek New Testament. Scripture does not value one language over another, and it gives no indication that we must resort to Hebrew when addressing the Lord.
---Court7646 on 3/19/08

4) The command is to call on the name of the Lord, with the promise that we shall be saved (Acts 2:21, Joel 2:32). Whether we call on Him in English, Korean, Hindi, or Hebrew, the result is the same: the Lord is salvation.
---Court7646 on 3/19/08

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