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Signs Of God's Calling

When God calls an individual out from society to preach his word, what are some of the definate signs/convictions that the person has indeed been called by God?

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 ---Greely on 3/21/08
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If God is truly calling you to preach,He will make it easy.Where there seems to be no way GOD will make a way.and never be long winded
Humbly go to The Father in Jesus Name and ask Him if He is calling you,and then be silent,because we do not serve a Quiet God and He will answer you when the time is right which means .In His Perfect Timing,not ours. Gabby8758
---Gabby on 7/9/08

The third horseman of the apocalypse has recently ridden out, what with the price of bread and oil skyrocketing around the world. Re-read Revelation chapter 6 and compare the rise of George Bush with the First horseman, 9-11 and the "War on Terrorism" with the Second horseman, you can see the pattern that is now manifesting. Notice that this horse is black, the color of petroleum, notice the warning about "Damaging the oil" all fits. Are we looking and listening for the truth?
---Kevin on 5/8/08

Cathrine ... Yes I wtched the evening news both on British BBC and worldwide, CNN.
So much there!
What item do you want us to consider?
---alan_of_UK on 5/8/08

I rather have ten good God-fearing cops out there, than 50 devils.>>>Did you watch the evening news tonight?
---catherine on 5/7/08

God gave me dreams from time saved at 11 years old. Forties,had nights dreaming I was preaching,to gangsters,I realized God was doing something I wouldn't do on my own,since I was very shy as a young person. I never considered myself a preacher,although some Preachers I knew did,to me I'm a teacher, although I did become a leader and God did give me the same messages/sermons he gave preachers across denominational lines,the same week. Sign,I could open my mouth and God fill it with a complete message.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/08

A friend that I witnessed with has this to say about the "calling". Whenever we are at loose ends, do not know what to do, he will say, we'll soon see if the Lord is in this work are not. And no sooner will he say this when suddenly the problem or situation will open up to us like a flower, and we know exactly what to do. Praise the Lord!!!
---Mima on 4/30/08

A congregation will always love someone who sinks to their own level, who does not judge them, who tells them what their itching ears wish to hear. A real preacher does not care if his church is filled with one person, or ten thousand people. He is not a crowd pleaser.
---frances008 on 3/28/08

Imagine a preaching perverting the gospel on one side of the road, and one trying to lead the people back to God on the other side of the road. Which one will attract the biggest crowds do you think. God does not care about number of people, or number of votes in this world. Just try and save ONE soul from perdition. Start with your own.
---frances008 on 3/28/08

1st_cliff on 3/25/08
Every Christian has an obligation to witness(preach) even children can witness to friends, but they are not "called",just talented!

I cut out the middle of what you said. I totally agree with the first part, and totally disagree with the latter part. There is absolutely a calling, because God does not let up until you say yes. He consumes your entire life, if you are truly called.
---pgfdottie on 3/28/08

The true sign that you were called will be at the awards dinner, the Wedding Feast.

Prosperity doctrine will be of none effect there. Jesus is determining the seating arrangement now.
---Cindy on 3/25/08

The anointing of God is on them and the Glory of God follows them and manifests in his/her ministry - God shows up and what God orders, He pays for!
---Donna on 3/25/08

Greely, Every Christian has an obligation to witness(preach) even children can witness to friends, Get off this "clergy-laity" class of "special" calling.EVERYONE can witness to some degree. Some are gifted with a charismatic personality that draws people,but they are not "called",just talented!
---1st_cliff on 3/25/08

Two signs that you have not been called.

When the people go to church, they can't stand the pastor.

When the pastor goes to church, he can't stand the people.
---Cindy on 3/25/08

To begin with, I cannot emphasize the importance of knowing and understanding Jeremiah chapter 23 enough. Additionally, it MUST align with God's word. Maybe I asked the question wrong. Maybe my question should have been asked as to how God "Impresses" upon an individual the urgency of their ministry, especially pertaining to preachers. There are already enough false prophets among us. The question remains as "God Called", not "College Degreed". Does this help any?
---Greely on 3/25/08

People who put out fleeces can become fleeced.
Anyone who denies the Holy Spirit is God is practicing a form godliness.

Many are deceived by outwardly visible signs.

Preach without the Holy Spirit, on their own.
Holy Spirit is not received from religious studies.

God calls those to preach His Word by His Holy Spirit.

Personal desires/purposes are of self. Personal purpose can be a driver.

Those who are called by the Holy Spirit know God is in the driver seat.
---Cindy on 3/24/08

Amazing how quickly people will call the power of God the power of Satan.
Isn't that what they did to Jesus?
That's when Jesus told about blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

And yet the warning goes ignored. Encouraging the opposite seems to be the way for some.

As if an acute paranoia brings us closer to God somehow...just another unfounded fear and perfect love has no fear. Matt.5:48-perfect your love, without it perfect doctrine/gifts are useless. (1Cor 13:1)
---pharisee on 3/24/08

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God sent and others went.

A witness or minister for Christ tells the Truth.

If the truth is not in them, their desire to be used and/or the need for attention and recognition is far more important than being called - that one has not been sent. They simply went.
---Cindy on 3/24/08

Many have fallen that were not sent, but had desires for recognition or control over others.
A man fell last year over a large ministry and 1000's followed him, but they did not know what they were following.

Perhaps, there were some close to the fire that did not witness to this manmade calling, but it was too late.
I could not listen to it, but many did. Outwardly visible signs mean little, very little.
---Cindy on 3/24/08

So an EVIL SPIRIT possessed me to list all my sins on a piece of paper and go out looking for people to show that God will love them even if stuff like this is true about them...that's when these things started happening, I followed an "emotional calling" to tell someone about Jesus today.

Yeah, that sounds real unholy and demonic to me. God revealed to me what I was gifted to be (won't say it) and I didn't even want it, when I obeyed I had a new outlook toward it, and it came naturally.
---pharisee on 3/24/08

Jesus personally called people to serve Him while He was on this earth. And He is still doing it today. The word of God [written] can not tell someone if what job God has for you. Prophets of old, God spoked directly to these holy men and women. Please do not speak on things you know absolutely nothing about. Is anyone out there doing a special calling and you got this calling from scriptures? I want to know.
---catherine on 3/24/08

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Being "called" isn't just an emotion. No one has yet addressed that a calling MUST be subject to the Word of God. When Jesus called the Apostles, it was the "Word" calling them. (Jn.1:14). We are all subjected to emotional convictions and callings. If we relied on them alone, there would be chaos and a return to the dark ages. Search the scriptures to see your gift and ministry (calling). Go to the Bible for the truth, emotional or not.
---mikefl on 3/23/08

What I mean by commanding spirits, is not the way you made it sound.

There's no reason for a man to command Holy Angels anyway, they have their orders already.

The power is to turn hearts of any who'd have ear to listen, and to frustrate evil spirits even Demons through a myriad of gifts.
---pharisee on 3/22/08

Only God is in control of all angels, heavenly hosts or spirits.

Man has been given authority by Jesus Christ, but man must never forget that God, and God alone, is in control of spirits.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

Lest we forget, the devil can quote scripture verbatim and has false prophets that quote it verbatim, also.

It is called channeling. They usually go into a demonic trance, but can quote God's Word verbatim. You have to listen to the additional falsehoods that are thrown in, added to or taken away from the Word to see where it's coming from.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

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The strongest indicator that it's coming from an unholy spirit is their denial that the Holy Spirit is God.

If they deny the Power of the Holy Spirit, equal to God, they've added additions or subtractions, you are listening to a false prophet, or unholy spirit using someone.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

God does call men/women to specific kinds of ministry. Read the calling of Jeremish and Isaiah and Paul. Also read Ephesians 4:11, 1 Cor.12:27-28. Sometimes signs may be subjective because preachers have good and bad days in the pulpit. However, there should be a consistent manifestation of the Holy Spirit in their lives when they preach. If this is your own personal struggle, I recommend Sorting It Out:Discerning God's Call to Ministry by Alice Cullinan.
---pg1 on 3/22/08

First of all He tells you. That is what happen to me when I was out walking one day... When I said" I do not feel like ect., I don't act like ect, I don't look like ect." And He said, "I know, that is the beauty of it". And He has confirmed it a couple of other times. This is the best sign I believe there is. Also, the other day I asked Him more or less for conversation. This time He said, "to serve me". Our highest calling, period.
---catherine on 3/21/08

I'd say God does not "clone" us with some set predictable way of calling us, a way which ones would fake. But Jesus called each of the twelve Apostles in a unique way, "that they might be with Him, and that He might send them out to preach" (in Mark 3:14) > NOT just to preach or "serve" Him, but to "be with Him", each enjoying personal unique sensitively sharing relating with the One who called them (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/21/08

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An equipping.

There's a gift a man receives where he becomes a literal commander of spirits, all kinds, and it's because the Spirit that he's sealed with is not only KING OF THE JUNGLE, but because the understanding of the workings of that Spirit along with it's mastery have been given to him by God.

I was preaching Bible verses and NEVER read a Bible before. It may be something you continue to doubt, but You'll KNOW and God will confirm it.
---pharisee on 3/21/08

Greely, EVERY Christian has been "called" to witness. Some are more gifted and do it better than others. Jesus did not call a "clergy" class when He said "Go therefore make disciples,of all nations.. teaching them..."Mat.28.16
---1st_cliff on 3/21/08

You will know the person by the spirit they bare. If one really looks they can distinguish between someone who is called by God and someone who is just self called.
---Rebecca_D on 3/21/08

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