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Does God Use People Today

Do any of you believe that God uses people today to show the world that He still performs miracles, and do you believe that He tells you specifically what He wants you to do?

Moderator - Yes and yes.

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 ---pgfdottie on 3/26/08
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Absolutely! God has not changed!
---deb on 6/6/08

YES God still uses people today,and YES He will show you what is to be done or not done.I've seen and heard many miracles.What an Awesome God we serve
---Gabby8758 on 5/8/08

God still heals through humble servants, by faith and grace alone.

Jesus referred to us "the Church" as His disciples also. So disciples would include us. Operate out of authority in Jesus Name, by the power of the Holy Spirit and trust in His written Word, the Bible. Focus on giving God the Glory and God will use you.
---Michelle on 3/31/08

God absolutely enjoys useing the weak things of this world to show His power through them. And yes absolutely, I hardly breathe without God telling me to. If He didn't tell me to, I couldn't.>>>Satan is always wanting to know, "why I don't do this or that". I know what God wants me to do because, He will give me desires, His strength, and His power, and His words, if words are to be spoken. So what is the devil's problem?
---catherine on 3/27/08

i had a pretty old carpet in my living room lounge room and i was getting fed up with it so i took it up and threw it out the back, that day my daughter had been helping a dear friend out clearing up in her house , and they got talking about this carpet that was in her shed discarded from her shop, she offered it to my daughter but she said no but my dad could do with one so they loaded it in the car , its in my living room now a beautiful carpet in wool with patterns worth $3.000 isn't God good ?
---ron on 3/27/08

ron You move first then God moves,if you ask for a house then you will get a house, be specific in what you want ,
---ron on 3/27/08

ron i was by the Suez canal in the 50s we went to Ishmalia a town on the canal, the arabs were out to kill any brits , i missed the duty truck to take us back to camp, i had to walk a long way along the canal rd i could have been killed in the pitch black, i never knew about God then but i believe that His protection was on me that night i am now a Spirit filled christian after 30 years
---ron on 3/27/08

ron i,m aSpirit filled christian now and i was in a rented house with a landlord to pay rent to, i was on the housing list for a trust house so i began praying specifically for the house that i wanted ,in less than a month i was told that i was to go pick up the keys to view and the house was exactly what i asked God for. Praise His name
---ron on 3/27/08

ron i was hit by a mad driver one day but i was able to drive home, i took it to the assesors and they wrote it off, so i said to Jesus ok i got no car now, so once again i prayed specifically for what i wanted which was a camper van i felt to go to the auctions and there was my van i got it very cheap and still going good Praise God
---ron on 3/27/08

i was going home with a lot of shopping when i found i left my keys inside the car a man came and tried to help but no use , he had a friend who was a security guard and he worked there , he rang on his mob and the man came and unlocked my car in ten mins yes God is still using ppl praise His name
---ron on 3/26/08

Years ago I was at a Christian Women's meeting,a message in tongues was given,I got the interpretation but didn't obey God since it was the first time He'd used me in a service. I felt aweful,prayed for God to forgive me and give me another chance. Quickly another message in tongues came,I gave the interpretation. A friend had missed giving the first message in tongues was praying for another chance too and she gave the second one. God is patient with His newbies. Whatever miracles God did,He does.
---Darlene_1 on 3/26/08

YESSSSSSSS! My father who was dying did NOT want me to tell my sister who had been estranged from him for 20 years. The unction of the Holy Spirit was so strong in me that I ran to her house when he went into intensive care. Due to me obeying the Holy Spirit, she got to see him and he squeezed her hand and the miracle of reconcilation happened that day. By me forgiving her for hurting my father-the family is now in awe of how God can change people's hearts.
---Donna on 3/26/08

Rebecca D - You sound like someone I'd like to fellowship with. I bet we'd have some great times of fellowship together. I am in awe of your post here (((huggs)))).
---Donna on 3/26/08

Yes. God is constantly using people to show that he can still perform miracles. But there are very few people who will allow God to use them. God will tell a person what he wants done. Sometimes when God tells me to do something, I don't mean to do so but I'll say, You want me to do what? I don't mean to question him, I do it without realizing it. Once God tells you to do something, and you don't, you won't have peace until you do what he says. Been there, done that, lesson learned.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/08

If God has not laid out what we are to do then he would have no cause to punish our sins as there can be no sin without law. (Romans 5:13)

God uses the scriptures to speak with us, he calls them to mind instantly through the Holy Spirit as Jesus had said in John 14:26

This is to be our joy, comfort, conviction, and call to action.
---pharisee on 3/26/08

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