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Are Some Miracles Fake

I know that there is a God and there is a satan and that super-natural events do happen. "However"...I do not believe everyone today doing these large scale "healings" are truely people of God or these healings are real. Am I alone in my thinking?

Moderator - As always some are from God, some from Satan and some imagined. Nothing has every changed.

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 ---Dana on 3/26/08
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Believe me, if one of the faith healers is injured, and they see what looks to them like a lot of blood, they eagerly come to the emergency room, rather than rely on God alone to keep them from bleeding to death.
---Donna66 on 5/24/11

Are Some Miracles Fake? No!
If a miracle happens, its a miracle.
If you are being fooled than its not a miracle.
I cant blame them, as must as you!
For believing you must go to a particular man to perform miracle(for you foolish).
Act 14:11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men.

Men cannot perform miracles, only God!
Mat 9:29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.
Thy faith hath saved thee, go in peace.
Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.
Mat 17:20

People dont honor God, they honor men!
---TheSeg on 5/23/11

Well Willa you and I and many others seem to agree here. Many of these so called faith healers are in to get rich and not true followers of GOD.
---Samuel on 5/23/11

I have seen documentaries on several of the most popular "faith healers" and wasn't suprised at all. One particular person had people flopping on the ground like fish out of water! Another claimed the ones he touched were healed, but when spoken to later there was no change. When a man becomes rich off of people who need healing, make false prophecies and never teach the scripture, then I can say for certain they are not of God and are false prophets. I have not seen one of these men or women who do not fit into this category. They are LYING signs and wonders.
---willa5568 on 5/23/11

Yes all of the miracles are real read the bible jesus told his deciples that if they followed god they too would be able to do miracles.remember they saw jesus in person and had a very strong faith that helped them greatly to be able to do miracles also never question any pastor because if he is a fraud god will not be happy and that pastor will not last long
---clark on 5/21/11

I have been to several churches. I have heard tremendous praise and worship that brought me to my feet, my hands upraised to Him. At the last, those who wanted prayer went up and waited. As they were anointed,they were forcibly pushed backwards,some even resisting.There were men stationed behind to catch the person so they would not fall heavily, but, be gently laid down and a blanket thrown over them until they were ready to get up. I don't know if anyone was healed.This practice has become very prominant among the Pentecostals and Non-denominationals.Personally,I avoid these churches.
---Danelle8439 on 8/5/08

Yea, just watch the TBN...Trinity Broadcast Network, there's plenty on there!
---Shiloh on 7/1/08

I agree with you,your right and many of these Puffed up Revs. want to believe that they are healing people.Just watch T.V. where people are pushed,knocked down,and leaping out of wheelchairs.My sister had gotten Baptized on T.V. which was suppose to be a Blessing instead they almost drowned her in the pool,and then screamed PRAISE GOD,and for what,for almost drowning her?...Go Figure
Mark 13:Let no man decieve you
---Gabby on 7/1/08

No you are not alone. The bible says that when Jesus comes back some will say that they cast out demons in His name and healed the sick. Jesus will say to them that He never knew them. They did not know Jesus when they used His name to do miracles for selfish reasons. We have many impostors today:)
---jody on 5/14/08

Fake doesn't take, or last. They are temporary.

True miracles or miracle prayer. If there is hatred, resentment or unforgivenss behind the prayer, you will not receive a true miracle. Any hatred, resentment and unforgiveness? All are oppositional to a true miracle.
Listen to gut-wrenching prayer requests that go unanswered for years. Without repentance, no miracles, no answers.
---Ted on 4/4/08

I am not aware of anyone being "charged" for their healing. I know they ask that if God puts it on your heart to join them in spreading the gospel to do so. When I gave my offering it was because God told me to, not a man, and God blessed me, not a man. On a different note, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, all the silver and gold are His, why shouldn't His children have some instead of the devil's crowd?
---melann on 4/4/08

Scripture says "Beloved I wish above all else that you would prosper and be in health as your sould prospers." I pray that Benny Hinn is an upright man. I do not know him personally. I do know that God is the healer, we are just the vessels He uses to heal people.
---melann on 4/4/08

Christ never charged he healed out of love. We are healed through our faith and the faith of the one that prays for our healing. No money could ever pay for healing your money lines His the BANK balance. google his name and follow the links concerning his earning and read for yourselves the curse he cursed those that BIBLICALLY challenged him, and measure his ways against what it says about when your enemy curses you, it don't add up! and if they wern't his enemy they were his brethren.
---Carla5754 on 4/2/08

Melann: If Benny Hinn and some of the other Evangelists claim to truly be one of God's then they wouldn't charge an arm and a leg just to be prayed for. I understand it takes money if one is an Evangelist, but they don't need a million dollar home and a few Condominiums in different states. A person doesn't need to send in a pledge of $100 or more a month just to receive a bottle of holy water or oil. That is where it becomes absurd, and not of God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/1/08

Does anyone personally know that Benny Hinn is a fraud? Because if not, be careful. God says to not touch His annointed. Check your source to see if It is true and not an assumption. I have been in one of Benny Hinn's services and the presence of God was there. The offering God told me to give, God returned to me more than 100 fold.
---melann on 3/31/08

Susie, I am just surprised to see you investigating and finding conspiracies, after all you have said against me. You mention Benny Hinn deceiving people in a pre-planned way. Get this: HE is a 'Christian' so what do you think the non-Christians might do? Billy Graham also conspired with Rome to return all Roman Catholics and others (even Jews) to their churches and synagogues, and not try and convert them.
---frances008 on 3/31/08

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Jesus asked, God "willed it", & the "action" was done. Jesus had no power to do any thing, he was just as "human" as we are. He had no power over death, if he did he could not have died for us. He had to have faith to believe that he was sent to die for us & that God would raise him from the dead.
---Chip on 3/31/08

Frances008....This question is about the so-called healers who are false prophets and are saying they are of God when they are not. Satan is such a deceiver.
---Susie on 3/31/08

Ya know, it is easy to tell someone just have faith to be healed, when their not the ones with the problem/illness. I imagine if some of these Evangelists on TV would go into a hospital in the cancer ward, they'd still say, "Get this Holy Water brought back from Jerusalem, only $19.95 and receive your healing today". And if they don't pay, the Evangelists will say, you must not want a healing from God. And the people will think, since when did God put a price on healing?
---Rebecca_D on 3/31/08

Amen Jesse and Jan! Jesus is the HEALER!!!
---Susie on 3/31/08

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All miracles Jesus did were real healings. Because He was the Son of God.
Today U can see miracles too, because Jesus is alive.
One og the Holy Spirit`s gift is healing.
So God can give the gifts of healing to persons so they can pray for sick people and they can be healed.
You can read a lot of books about this.
Be blessed.
---Jan on 3/30/08

In those cases, when the cameras stop rolling, the miricles stop. I would love to see Benny Hinn, (not to mention any names) spend the day at a hospital in the emergency ward!
---Jesse on 3/30/08

Conspiring to deceive people eh?, Susie. I refer to the information you give us about Benny Hinn. Interesting. I did not think you were interested in conspiracy rubbish.
---frances008 on 3/29/08

healings are good if a pastor prays over you.if it is like witch craft it is not.from julie3664
---julie on 3/29/08

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If a person is of God, their whole lifestyle will reflect it. Do they seek justice in the world for the poor and oppressed, do they want the truth, do they believe the whole Bible? Jesus said many would cast out demons in his name (healing people) and yet he would call some of them 'evil-doers' because they were not with God from the foundation of the earth. Just imitators.
---frances008 on 3/28/08


Satan will do wonders powerful enough to "decieve the very elect, if that were possible".

There are many prohibitions in the Old Testament against false prophets. These would not have been necessary if some of the false prophets didn't actually produce genuine prophecies.
---StrongAxe on 3/28/08

Could it be that the Name of Jesus heals, the name above everyname? The bible says there will be those who do wonders in my name but I never knew them. Matthew 7:22-23
---melann on 3/28/08

There are many people who claim to be healed. At that time I don't question it, until the next time you see them and they have the same symptoms as before. They say well, I guess God didn't heal me after all. Either he did or he didn't. God doesn't do thing halfway. Some people just go through the emotions. Do things in self and scream the Holy Ghost was all over them. Yeah the Holy Ghost was all over them, trying to straighten them up.
---Rebecca_D on 3/28/08

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The Greeks of Jesus's time sought WONDERS to stimulate their intellect (for the sake of their ego)1 Corinthians 1:22, Matthew 12:39. Both groups simply wanted entertainment of their fleshly/carnal pursuits/desires (they had no "HEART") and knew nothing of true LOVE (GODLY Christianity is not a "faith", it is a LOVE). The Lord said that NO signs will be given except the sign of Jonah (Matthew 12:39, a sign that he should repent of his rebelliousness and cry against Niniveh???).
---greg on 3/27/08

Satan does have counterfiets but those healings don't last and their have always been pretenders and folks who do anything for profit.If they don't repent I would hate to be them when they finally face God.
---shirley on 3/27/08

Sad to say..some of the miracles in conventons are not real.but meant to draw the crowd..Miracles are connected to money due to those who promise a miracle if you give all your savings..The truest miracle is the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ..a miracle from God Himself
---Donna on 3/27/08

It is of course true that God has the ability to perform miracles, but you have to always ASK yourself "what would be the PRACTICAL reason for Him performing the particular miracle that is being claimed at the time?" AND "would anybody else have a reason for CLAIMING that God performed it?". There were Jews in Christ's time and there were Greeks also. The Jews wanted "SIGNS" because they lacked true faith.
---greg on 3/27/08

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Some that are televised are fake. If you don't believe me, do some searches of Benny Hinn videos where the same boy is healed in several different countries.
---Susie on 3/27/08

** Since when does Satan heal?**

If you were familiar with Church history, you would know about a deacon Secundellus in Gaul who was deceived by a demon and went around healing people "in the name of Jesus."

I'm happy to say that he later repented.
---Jack on 3/27/08

Since when does Satan heal? Never. Have you ever been to a healing service? The one I went to was real. Some may be for show. Only God knows. God heals but it has to be received. If someone gives me a gift but I never open it, it's still mine but I can't benefit from whatever is inside it.
---melann on 3/27/08

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

The proof for the source of any sign is two-fold:

1. The doctrine that comes with it.
2. The fruit it bears in the life of the people involved.

(And I'll probably say it several more times in the future.)
---Jack on 3/26/08

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