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Decline Of The USA

Recently, it seems that there are been a lot of comments about the DECLINE of the USA. In areas like: economic power, moral decay, environmental issues, etc. Does the United States of America have the world positions that it once had?

Moderator - No, however it is still the lead nation of the world.

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 ---sag on 3/26/08
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Donna66, couldn't say it better. So many have no clue as to what the President can and can't do. If the President could have the power to do all those "things" that he is blamed/applauded for he would have dictatorial powers. The truth is its mostly jawboning, rhetoric and compromise with the battlefield in Congress. Domestically the President has little direct affect and foreign policy "power" has declined through the years. With that in mind, what would Jesus say. I think, he would ask his followers to pray for the Nation and those in leadership positions (whether they should be there or not). People quit complaining and bad mouthing, which accomplishes nothing and wastes your energy. Spend that energy in prayer.
---Robert on 8/19/08

We don't have the positions we once had because we have used up nearly all our own resources - specifically oil. We import something like 75% of our oil supply. We are a fraction of the world's population, and we use a majority of the resources. Still, we have millions of people who think it is OK to drive a SUV at 10 or 12 mpg instead of a large car at 26mpg. The average fuel economy in Europe is over 30mpg. We have been arrogant long enough and our day of reckoning may now be upon us.
---obewan on 8/19/08

All empires rise and then fall. The American Empire just happens to be falling a bit sooner than some of its predecessors.
---bernie_cohen on 8/18/08

God gave the Jews the land of Israel as an inheritance and its borders were broader then than today. He said that He will bless those who bless Israel. The USA influenced Israel to give up some of that inheritance in peace negotiations with Muslim Nations, which is unworthy of Gods' blessings. Throw in all the acceptable "lifestyle" sin, the degridation of marriage, abortion, and everything else and we're the Sodom and Gamorah of the modern world. We've prostituted our nation to the world with more debt than we can ever repay, while we purchase more (especially oil) and make our enemies wealthier, which will eventually make them greater in power.
---Kenny on 8/18/08

Now is the time to pray for our Nation and not only on a National Day of Prayer, but all the time. In spite of what is transpiring prophetically, Christians are to pray out of obedience to God and for the very Country that has protected our freedom of worship. Its sad to see what God had already seen through the ages. We must still hold this Nation up and those that lead it, whether we personally care for their views or not. That is a directive in God's Word. Not much can be said, sin speaks for itself. We must speak louder!!!
---Robert on 8/18/08

The Bible says: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. God is taking our blessings from us because of the multitude of our iniquities.The"stranger within our gates has arisen to take all we have possessed." God says to modern Israel:I will break the pride of your power.I will lay bare your nakedness before all Israel because you have gone have played the harlot.Shall I not visit a nation such as this? The US has become a borrowing nation,whereas we were the LENDER nation of the world.Our enemies now own our banks,and are buying up our nation!Turn,turn!
---Danelle on 8/18/08

Anyone that is observent can see that the handwriting is on the wall, where America is concerned. Forces are at work, night and day, to remove the glory that she has walked in. Every nation that forgets God, comes to the same place. Read the word.
---gayla on 8/17/08

Congress voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq war.

Very true ...what majority FAIL to comprehend in their very limited thinking is Patriot Act was constructed MANY years PRIOR to 911 ...ironically Bush Sr during his reign talked about new world order in a speach delivered on (of all days) September 11th

president has such limited powers that he cannot come anywhere near doing everything he imagines would be beneficial.

very limited thinking when one believes that any president "imagines" beneficial changes ...presidents play a role designed by their parties its all a horse and pony show ...part majority will NEVER comprehend

MoreExcellentWay provides insight most choose to ignore
---Rhonda on 8/15/08

Augie-- I can't think of any democracy that did NOT come out of violence...ours didn't.
Israel's didn't. Western Europe would have lost theirs had the allies not won WWII.

I don't know who said the 50's were all about Jesus, God, loving other nations...nor WHY. In the 50's God and Jesus were pretty much taken for granted by the average American, Many states had "blue" laws that prohibited businesses from operating on Sunday. Pres. Eisenhower inserted "under God" into the pledge of allegiance that was recited daily by millions of public school students. No one thought to protest this.
We were in the "Cold War" with the Soviet Union, preparing our defenses should they attack us.
---Donna66 on 8/14/08

C'mon. Bush hasn't single-handedly torn apart the USA. He's had lots of help. There is NO way he could ruin the economy...his control over that is extremely limited. Congress voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq war. Their knowledge and the President's, as well as much of the western world's, was faulty, but Bush couldn't act on either one without approval from Congress.

Also...if you believe presidential candidates will do everything they say, you probably believe in the tooth fairy. The president has such limited powers that he cannot come anywhere near doing everything he imagines would be beneficial.
---Donna66 on 8/9/08

Bush isn't taring apart the USA, he has already torn it apart for the last eight years, not just with the Patriot Act and the economy, but the war that should never have been.

Put in your search browser

National Debt Clock wikipedia

The USA can no longer have "The American Dream".

There is a scientist (Forrest) that suggested years ago that the human population should reduced by 90% (culled). Kissinger had been submitting plans for that since the 1970's (this is the New World Order's goal).

Christians need to get serious with God NOW.
---more_excellent_way on 8/6/08

...warning that our nation would not be defeated militarily, but would fall from within.

US fell from within more than 50 years ago ...takes time for all actions among large groups of people to take place ...Federal Reserve Bank mortgage industry are frauds ...Fed owned by private organizations collectively worth billions ...14th amendment crafty piece of legislation designed to work with Patriot Act (developed DOZENS of years prior to 911) ...most have NO CLUE about Patriot Act ....US in its final downward spiral may take years won't go away as a "government" but freedoms existing today will slowly be taken away it's happening now wakeup to new world order - it's not about freedom and justice for all
---Rhonda on 8/4/08

We are still the most powerful country in many ways, and the country other nations love to well as some of our own But I see everything deteriorating..morally, spiritually, even to the founding principles of our nation. In my opinion we have become a basically selfish people. The only question we ask of our leaders is, "What can you do for me?" If they give the answers we want, childishly, we follow them. I still rise for the national anthem, respect the office of the presidency (no matter the man..or woman..who holds it)and recall when EVERYONE did. I'm old enough to remember Nikita Khrushchev warning that our nation would not be defeated militarily, but would fall from within.I truly believe he was right about that!
---Donna66 on 8/3/08

Thank God for the Democratic Congress took over Gov two yrs ago. Our economy has flourished since then. N.O.A.H.: More ICE at the poles now than there has been since records have been kept Thanks AL for changing everything. Diesel fuel$4.35 a gal. Thanks Liberals for strangling energy in the U.S. You have now shown those mean capitalist that you can destroy any Nation, even the U.S. 35 billion a month to support illegal aliens. Thanks Liberals for Abortion on demand. 50 million dead American baby's.
---frank on 5/8/08

Soon food and housing will be for the rich only....290 million of us will be living in the streets soon. Finally, the world can come to a complete halt and the strong can rise to absolute power.. I have put forth this message for 20 yrs. I don't hear anyone laughing except Liberals.
---frank on 5/8/08

I don't follow politics too much. They report what they want you to know or what they think you want to hear. How many stay honest after elected anyway? Has the war in Iraq kept us safer? The US used to be a feared country. I don't think so anymore. We rely too much on other countries for our livelihood.
---melann on 3/31/08

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George W. Bush once stated that he was going to bring "Democracy" to Iraq and the Middle East. "Democracy" seems to have come to both Iraq and Hamas. With all the violence?

I think that the reason for the decline of the USA is the decline in the nation's leadership integrity. A lot of what George W. Bush told us turned out to be nothing but lies.

Remember MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? Why is the USA still in Iraq 5 years (and $500 billion) later ?
---Augie on 3/31/08

I've always watched to see how a, newly elected, president would treat Israel because i believe the truth of the Word that you've mentioned.
When Clinton became president, I wondered if the end were near. Then, he supported Israel and we're still here.
---Gary on 3/31/08

We need to repent of our misplaced courtesy that we show towards our enemy, the devil.

We need to reconnect with the heart of God.
We are experiencing firestorms. The enemy is standing up and opposing Christians everywhere.

Tepid sermons, powerless in these times.
Captains preaching on the Titanic, telling the passengers, "we stopped to get ice."
---Rachel on 3/30/08

In Genesis 12:2-3, GOD makes it clear that nations that bless Israel will be blessed. Nations that don't, will be cursed and decline.

The USAs support for Israel's peace treaties has weakened both nations. GOD doesn't like those treaties. Exodus 23:31-33.

The USA seems to be more concerned with being able to purchase oil from the Middle East than with defending Israel.

Strange, but the Bible says that such situations will happen.

---Augie on 3/29/08

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In the past, way in the past, we had some men in leadership in this country who had the fear of God. They worshiped God. In some of their speaches these strong leaders would use God's name in them. Not so now days. I am warning you: "God won't share His glory with no mere human". "ALL Man's plans will come to a naught". It is time that this country stopped bragging about how great it is. "Without God it will never be a great nation".>>God will see to it.
---catherine on 3/29/08

**I don't remember America in the 50's being about Jesus and God's peace and loving all other countries as ourselves.**

VERY good point, Bill! :-)
---Jack on 3/28/08

Barbara, Augie's manner seems unique and new. case I'm right (o: welcome, Augie (o:

God's Spirit of peace is everywhere. So, any of us who seek first the kingdom of God can have this peace. And, most of all, we need to be concerned about pleasing God.

I don't remember America in the 50's being about Jesus and God's peace and loving all other countries as ourselves.
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/28/08

Very sad, but true Augie. We are becoming a 3rd world country. Our National debt is atrocious, we're even in debt to China! We definately DO NOT have the standing we once held.
BTW Welcome Augie, I haven't seen you here before, unless you were using another name. I gave you your first vote.
---NVBarbara on 3/27/08

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For years and years all I heard was the
us is the greatest nation on earth. Her
sins have reached into heaven.(murders,
greed, pride ect). Mystery Babylon is the
us. God says this,"For so much have you
glorified yourself and said in your heart,
I sit a queen and know no sorrow. I will
bring your destruction, and the merchants will weep and howl when they see your burning and the smoke of your burning, for they can't
sell their goods to you anymore."
---michael on 3/27/08

We are No longer the Christian Nation we once were. It pains my heart to see the moral decay. I lived in the 50's and know that comparing then and now is like comparing good and evil. Being a Christian in todays USA is being called, intolerant, unbending, and a Faith of Hate. When we are just the opposite. We love our fellow man and want to keep them from hell. But we are "politically incorrect".
---pgfdottie on 3/27/08

A couple of years ago I read a news article that stated that the USA was #1 in some areas. Including:

Consumer Spending
Energy Usage
Family Breakdown
Infant Mortality
Health Care Costs

I'm sure that there are others areas. The author of the report probably wasn't trying to be "negative" or bad-mouth the USA. They were just trying to give report readers "a picture" about what the spiritual health of the USA.
---Augie on 3/27/08

Know we no longer have favor with God. Our hour has come. There will be no recovery. The slope is slippery and will only get steeper, but never fear. If the Spirit of Christ is in you you will not be here beyond the rapture. If you fail to make the rapture and I suggest you prepare for death by beheading!!!!!!! if you dare witness for Christ.
---Mima on 3/27/08

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There is nothing new under the sun. I am more interested in America's position with God. As a nation we need to turn to God not away from Him. There is a remnant rising to see God's Glory manifested in this hour.
---melann on 3/27/08

The main problem with we Americans is that we think we are the center of the world. We aren't!
---Susie on 3/26/08

The problem is what some people call decline others call progress or "freedom."

It's a very sensitive issue with me, I've cleared my post now about three times, but you just can't cut the line cleanly, bad or good.

Freedom is an ideal both positive and negative moral aspects of civilization thrive under. When the moral decline occurs any nation will begin to self destruct one human relation at a time and it's poor will feel like slaves. In our case much of the world hates us too.
---pharisee on 3/26/08


I firmly believe that we need to pray for ALL the nations in the world. That their people will repent and turn back to GOD.

We have no other choice if we want to prosper. I just hope the nations come to realize that before Jesus Christ returns.
---sag on 3/26/08

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A lot of Americans think that the USA is the prophetic and spiritual center of the universe.

It's not.
---Jack on 3/26/08

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