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Different Ways People Healed

When illness strikes some people pray that the illness will be removed or that they will be given strength to cope. Others shout out loud, demanding the illness to depart. Are there scriptures to show that both these ways are correct?

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 ---RitaH on 3/29/08
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Michelle, Thank You. Finally, a voice crying in the wilderness. Isaiah 53:5-By His stripes you WERE healed. As far as God is concerned it is a done deal. On the cross Jesus said it is finished. We have to by faith receive all that Jesus has already done for us. No one knows another's faith level for healing. Don't blame it on the person praying for them. Many times in the bible Jesus said "Your faith has made you whole."
---melann on 4/4/08

Michelle, Can you name just one amputee that immediately had limbs restored? Just one quadriplegic that instantly got up and resumed normal life? How about a Downs Syndrome person who next day was normal? Too hard for God? Not at all,just not being done today!.....Well? If you don't admit it then try seperating cojoined twins with just prayer.You know and I know it just won't happen.
---1st_cliff on 4/3/08

I'm taking a break, feel free to use "Michelle", my intitials if you need to.

A change is coming. It is time to pray. God's higher government will come to the Church. There will be a sifting between the greater glory and power in His Church and improper ministries. There will be a buffer zone.
Without faith it will be impossible to tell the difference.

Remember the power of Holy Spirit has not diminished.
The gift of faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit.

---Michelle on 4/2/08

The just shall live by faith.

Without faith is is impossible to please God.

God's Word tells us to pray for our leaders.
I am praying that God will restore favor upon our nation, leaders, and soldiers.
Without faith, it would be a contradistinction to pray for favor, healing or deliverance.

---Michelle on 4/2/08

The mighty men who helped David, had supernatural ability to fight the battles for the Lord. They walked in God's authority to establish God's righteous standards.

Mighty miracles, signs and wonders will return. They will rise above the false miracles, false signs and false wonders that are coming.

The power of the Holy Spirit, the exceeding great glory of God, Holy and Magnificent has never left or diminished since the hour that Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit.

---Michelle on 4/2/08

Without faith, being led of the Holy Spirit, many will not hear the voice of God, telling them exactly how to pray.
Many will not hear the thundering of God's voice in the silent times, when all in your household are sleeping soundly.

Being sensitive, with an astute sense that God is wanting to give you a strategy, a word that is sharper than a two-edged sword, the exact words to receive an answer to your prayer.

---Michelle on 4/2/08

Sin allows demons to have power over you. It gives them entrance and influence in your life. Jesus often cast out demons to cure people, especially of neurological disorders. But also of others. After the physical curing of the man born blind, came the spiritual curing. The order was changed for some reason. In that case sin was not the cause of the disease. Our great hero, St Paul, was afflicted with some thorn in the flesh which was never cured.
---frances008 on 4/1/08

Funny no one mentions what Christ did to heal. Almost all are recorded as having their sin forgiven first. When sin is removed, healing is begun.
---dan on 4/1/08

Michelle ... Chests smashed in auto accidents?
Burns from a kitchen fire?
Broken legs?
Rotten teeth?
Split skull following a mugging?
Ruptured appendix?
---a on 3/31/08

If the Holy Spirit tells you to slap yourself, knock the devil's toehold off of your body, do it.
If He tells you stand up and speak to your bones in Jesus' Name, those bones can hear you, do it. Command arthritis to come out of those bones, it has to obey.

If your brain does not have the proper amount of chemicals, go to the foot of the Cross without fear and face Jesus Christ Himself.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

Ask Jesus Christ to regulate those chemicals, serotonin, lithium, dopamine and many, many others. I don't know all of the correct balances or chemical compositions that should be there, but the Holy Spirit knows.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

It is time to do it God's way. We are healed by faith.

If the Holy Spirit tells you to rush to the hospital, do it.

There are so many different ways to be healed. Jesus Christ is the plumbline, our example.

Facing Jesus Christ Himself by the power of the Holy Spirit will increase your faith in Jesus Christ to heal you and move your mountains.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

Remove the mountains of illness, mountains of turmoil in marriages, remove mountains of distance between parents and children.

Remove mountains of indecision, remove mountains of legal troubles and debt.

Faith in Jesus Christ, our Healer, our Deliverer can remove mountains of mental or physical illness that is standing in our way of having good gifts, and walking with God.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

God wants to heal. Why aren't there more miracles today? If we approach God with a doublemind, we do not hear or receive healing.
Anyone who humbly approaches God will be heard.

Unbelief hinders the Holy Spirit's power to heal.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

If the Holy Spirit tells me to slap the flu virus out of myself, I will joyfully do that.

Sickness, illness, disease, broken hearts, wounded souls.

Everything we ever ask God must be asked from the foot of the Cross. It is here and here alone that we fully see the Father's heart towards us.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

God gave His Son for us and He will not hold back anything good from us.

When we return to the Cross, the Cross settles the question of God's willingness to heal and redeem.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

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All miracles, all healings begin and end with God.

False miracles are the fool's gold, counterfeit of what God can do.

The Cross reminds us that God cannot lie.
The Cross reminds us that God does not withhold or deny us good gifts or healing when we need it.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

What is the greater sin.
Is it worse to teach that the Holy Spirit power gifts stopped back in Acts or to be a Christian that denies the Holy Spirit power in services used up by a modern program that benefits man and bores the congregration?

---Michelle on 3/31/08

Crusades or church services can be harmless gatherings, where bored saints may get self-absorbed personal words but go home battered, depressed and sick.

God's Voice Thunders. Can you hear it?

It's time for battered saints to become mighty warriors with the power of the Holy Spirit to believe for miracles of healing.
When we pray for others and believe for others to receive their healing, God heals us.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

We are different.
The Holy Spirit knows us better than we know ourselves.

He wants to take over our case, our illness and bear us up, removing all fear so that we can face Jesus Christ Himself.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

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We are healed by faith.
Jesus Christ is the giver of all faith.

Go to the courtroom and present your case.
The Holy Spirit wants to take over your case.
Go to the foot of the Cross, lose all fear and face Jesus Christ Himself.

He wants to heal us.

---Michelle on 3/31/08

God has often healed by the way He has led dedicated Scientists into the discovery of body functions. Jesus used prayer, laying on of hands, anointing with oil, and assurance of forgiveness of sins. Jesus did not use healing as a means of gaining attention but tried to keep the experience private. [The church continued to use these methods]. >>>Now, private does not necessarly mean you must wait behiund close doors. But wait for the power of God to come upon you.
---catherine on 3/31/08

Most Christians believe in healing through faith, but trying to decide what techniques are scriptural, decorous, and psychologically helpful confuses the believer. Jesus used different methods in His healing ministry. 1. The Bible clearly states that Jesus believed in healing of the body. 2. Jesus spoke of doctors in a positive way as He compared those in good health who have no need of a physician with those who do. [MATT. 9-12, Mark 2:17]. God has often healed by the way>>>More
---catherine on 3/31/08

Michelle: You actually slapped yourself? Was the Holy Ghost asleep? (just having fun) Or were you trying to slap the sickness out of you? If so, don't come near me. I'm full of kidney stones. And you can't slap them out. If anyone has any unrepented sin in their life at all or have a grudge against someone, then they don't pray for anyone. The best thing to do is make sure the heart is clean before praying for anyone. If a person can't pray for themselves, then they can't pray for anyone else.
---Rebecca_D on 3/31/08

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Whosoever shall 'say' unto this mountain-whatever looms before us that is contrary to covenant-be removed and casted into the sea-out of sight and mind-and shall not doubt-waver-in their heart-focused desire-but shall believe-rely, depend, and trust-that those things which he 'said' shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says. Mark 11:23. It is a matter of declared faith-unwavering confidence- in our Father and His promises. Not a demand or request, but rather a declaration of a reality.
---josef on 3/29/08

The Holy Spirit tells me what to do and He can tell you, too.

God takes the enemy by surprise and knocks him for a loop, we can't give him any place in our bodies or minds.
I love to see God heal people in the unique, creative Way He chooses, and I like to pray for the healing of others, too.
Telling you about God's healing power fills me with joy.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

Some can't make it to a healing service because they are too sick, unable to leave their beds.
We are God's servant and He can use our hands and our faith to believe with them for a healing. He can send us to the hospital with our faith and we can encourage, edify and build that one up who's standing in the need of God's healing.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

I've not ever prayed for someone to cope with illness, I have always prayed for them to be healed.
I contend for God's healing power without doubt. I know the day is coming when we will see incurable diseases healed right in front of our eyes. We have to be bold in our faith when we contend for the healing power of God.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

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A person can shout and pray for their illness but if faith isn't behind that prayer, it does not good. It takes faith in everything we do. Most people have more faith that their vehicles will start more than they do in God to heal them. One can't demand anything from God. We should however come to the thrown boldly.
---Rebecca_D on 3/29/08

God's wisdom is infinite and omnipowerful.

If we are led by His Holy Spirit, He will tell us exactly how to pray for someone. It may be different every time, but being led of the Spirit will always keep us out of the mechanics of man's methods that gives glory to man, instead of Glory to God.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

God looks upon the heart of the one standing in the need of healing.

If a child or adult, filled with faith and trust in Jesus Christ, enters a healing line with a false "healer" who has a plate of cookies handy for the those born without taste, and perfumed hankies ready for those without smell - God's Holy Spirit may heal that child regardless of the false "healer".
---Michelle on 3/29/08

Being led of the Holy Spirit is the only Way we should follow, to pray for others, or to receive our healing.

Jesus Christ is the Healer, we pray in His Name. He heals. To God be all the Glory.

God may heal someone on the operating table undergoing open heart surgery while the family is praying in the waiting room. Jesus is the Healer and He can heal without anyone laying their hands on, slapping, shouting or working it up. Jesus can heal anyone, at any time, in any way, He chooses.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

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God created us and He knows the exact material of our makeup. Dust is of every color and chemical property. If one of your organs is not producing the right amount of chemicals, such as lithium in the brain, God can restore that in an instant.
If someone needs more insulin, God can restore that. He can use the miracle of insulin from medicine or He can restore your pancreas. He can do it.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

God can lead you to the right physician, hospital to find your healing. We can take medicine and one day wake up and no longer require it. God is without boundaries, methods, or scripts when it comes to healing. He is unlimited in what He can do.
He may creatively reconstruct a faulty joint or body part, arteries, cells, regulate heartbeats, remove tumors, anything you need.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

Being led of the Holy Spirit, He gives us His wisdom to know when we must rush to the hospital with our children, family members.
He can tell us which healing line to stay away from where temporary and false miracles are being played out for money.

He can tell us how to pray the prayer of faith and exactly what to say or if we should lay hands on that person. Holy Spirit is the power of God and only God alone can tell us the right Way to go about it.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

I've prayed for myself and sometimes I have even slapped myself, telling that spirit of infirmity to come out, in Jesus' Name.
God has not told me to slap anyone else.

One time at work, I felt the flu coming on, I went into the bathroom, slapped myself and commanded it to leave in Jesus' Name. It did.
Everyone in the office was sick. When it tried to come back, I did it again, and did not get the flu.

I pray for myself when no one is around to pray for me.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

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Jesus Christ is the Healer.

The recent death of the young girl who died of diabetes because her parents were relying totally on their measure of faith is Christian Science, whether the parents admit that or not.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

Christian Science uses methods and a script for healing, which is unscriptural.

Jesus Christ is the Healer. Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit.

Without God's healing power over sickness and disease, with or without medicine, doctors, surgery, many are not healed. Jesus Christ is the Healer.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

God alone decides who will be healed.

If we pray for someone and they are not healed, with medical intervention or not - the gift of healing, God's power over sickness and disease is a gift.
---Michelle on 3/29/08

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