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Didn't Have A Car Seat

A woman asked me to give her, and her friend, a ride home. The friend had a 3-year old child. I explained that I didn't have a car seat, as required by USA law, for the child and couldn't let her ride in my car. This made them all upset and they walked away. Did I sin by following the law?

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 ---sag on 4/2/08
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the frieds should have understood that you did not have a carseat,if they do not understand the law then they must not be smart.
---julie on 4/17/08

No, you did not sin. While it's a shame we have to be so careful in obeying the law - it has to be that way. Had you been in an accident with that child as a passenger, you would be responsible, not only to the law, but to the parents. A question you might ask yourself is: "How would the parents react if I had an accident and their child was hurt or killed?" While I'm not sure of this, your insurance may also not be good since you were not in commpliance with the law.
---wivv on 4/15/08

I have an answer to my own question.

I don't get along with some Pastors. The car seat incident was where I felt very hurt by the Pastoral comment:

"As a Christian, you shouldn't have said NO. The Bible commands you to care for single mothers. You are going to answer to GOD for saying NO to a great opportunity."

The next time I have a Pastor tell me something like that, I'll just tell them:
"Instead of me, why don't you do the dangerous, and illegal, work?"
---sag on 4/6/08


But it would have been nice to have offered bus fair, if possible.
---Nancy on 4/6/08

Sag, you did a great thing. Not only did you follow God's expectation of wanting us to follow the law of the land, after your friends cool off, they'll have something to think about. Your decision could save that child's life.
---deb on 4/3/08

Rebecca D and Catherine:

Thanks for your replies.

I had Pastors give me tongue lashings for what I did. And didn't do.

In the USA, at least, a man's refusal to help a woman, for ANY reason, seems to be worse than beating, or even killing, them. I'm not sure why this is.

I'm very careful about who I give car rides to now. If someone doesn't like obeying the traffic laws, they can just forget riding in my car and call a taxi cab instead. It will just cost them some $$$.
---sag on 4/3/08

Sag: If you feel justified in the choice you made, then that is great. But don't beat yourself up or let anyone else if you feel in your heart you've done the right thing. Technically you did do the right thing.
---Rebecca_D on 4/3/08

You did not break God's laws nor man's laws. You did the right thing. I must say, your friend is one selfish lady. Find a new friend.
---catherine on 4/3/08

The law requiring car seats for young kids was designed to protect these folks from being injured and/or killed.

Drivers who violate this law get a $300 (USA dollars) ticket and a misdemeanor (minor) criminal charge.

My friend knew what he was saying when he scolded me for ridiculing traffic laws:

"Laws are meant to protect us and should always be followed."

I think that it is easier, and cheaper, to obey the law. I believe that that is what GOD wants me to do.
---sag on 4/3/08

I understand your reasonings of not giving them a ride home, but they were in need. If caught by the law, the driver (you) would have gotten a ticket, not the parent. And those fines don't come cheap. Even with my husband being a Police Officer, my kids and I needed a ride home cause our car broke down. The elderly couple saw us walking and offered to give us a ride, I didn't have car-seats. They asked, it was raining and we needed to get home.
---Rebecca_D on 4/3/08

You did absolutely the right thing. The law is the same here in the U.K. The only exceptions are in emergencies (if you need someone who's car does not have a child seat to take your child to hospital e.g.) and taxis I believe. It is sad when people criticise when right has been done but your conscience should be clear. Eventually the lady will realise that you were right I'm sure.
---RitaH on 4/3/08

no, that is not a sin. But if you were in that situation, what would you want someone to do for you? I would have personally looked at it as this: -you are Helping someone with a child. -They are the one breaking the law not you. (the parent is ticketed, not the driver) -I am still alive and they did not have car seats when I was a child. I have 3 children of my own and I know how hard it can be. I would have given them the ride. only because that is what I would hope someone would do for me.
---Debbie on 4/3/08

Sag I wouldn't make a habit of bending the law, but if the need were greater than I could live with in denying them (blizzard 25 miles perhaps) it'll being broken.

My granny gave great advice "get caught doin what your supposed to be doin."

There's a line to be drawn on both sides to stay in the word, but for a short trip they could borrow one or call a cab that could provide one or better even still if you have the cash go get one and come back.
Give what you can when you can.
---pharisee on 4/2/08

You made the correct decision.
---notlaw99 on 4/2/08

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