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Speaking In Tongues Today

Your opinion about "speaking in tongues".

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 ---Chip on 4/2/08
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We must remember there are 2 tongues that are mentioned in the Bible,Unknown Tongues & the Tongues of Pentecost.Now we all know that the Tongues of Pentecost is The Holy Spirit,and all that the other one means is that of an Unknown Language,which means,We must remember that thousands of years ago they spoke different than we do today Tongues=Language,Gauge your eye out=close your eye to sin etc.All the rest is just Babble 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God. Gabby
---Gabby on 6/6/08

I believe speaking in tongue is a gift from God allowing a missionary for instance, to
speak a foreign language without having to study it first.True "speaking in tongue" always involves speaking words WHICH CAN BE UNERSTOOD! Any other speaking in tongues, which leaves most of the listeners wondering what is being said is not genuine speaking in tongues. PR
---Pierr5358 on 6/4/08

melanie, I dont think there is any "fear" about tongues. Just as there is no "fear" for those who go around and "heal" for money, or perform other "miracles" to increase their wallet. Christians dont appreciate false signs and miracles that lead people astray, to put their faith, or boasting, in something other than Christ. There is no scripture for babbling. That does not edify the church.
---Todd1 on 6/2/08

Although I don't believe in speaking in tongues, I do believe in speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. Did that just this morning....and last night....and yesterday morning....and the day before...and so on. Even now, in my spirit, I can hear the river flowing. It's always there, just sometimes don't get quiet enough to hear it. I would say that surpasses a mere opinion.
---Linda on 6/2/08

I love to speak in tongues..have since I was 12. I do not know how I would be able to walk out my salvation without it. I do believe that there is an element of faith in this. My salvation experience began with "hearing" the Word over and over. As I heard my faith grew and I made a decision to believe on the Lord Jesus. I do believe it is the same with tongues..if you never hear any messages on will your faith be built up to receive it?
---melanie on 5/12/08

There is so much fear about tongues. I understand that there are those that have badly misrepresented it. I have met MANY Christians that have been poor representatives of Jesus but never rejected my salvation because of people. Silliness! Since when do we base our faith on "people"..sinful people? I base what I believe on the Word of God and not my circumstances or by goofy people and their goofy stories. Search the bible,pray, read, find out for yourself.
---melanie on 5/12/08

If you've had really bad experiences in your childhood with those who spoke in tongues or were even snakehandlers, it's because of lack of knowledge. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Did you know that according to Hebrew, they shall take up serpents means doctrines of demons, not literal snakes? Yet, people literally handle snakes out of ignorance.
Take up serpents, coming into contact with doctrines of demons, deadly doctrines that can destroy you for lack of knowledge.
---Ulrika on 4/28/08

If someone was raised back in the sticks, where they spoke in tongues, handled snakes and you thought it would be fun to tape record their tongues/interpretations - proving them to be ignorant.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
Mean spirited pranks do little to win favor in God's eyes. How much better to seek the good gifts, the real thing and help those that are not as "spiritually" advanced. I think God would look upon us with favor for helping those who don't understand, don't you?
---Ulrika on 4/28/08

Prophets of condemnation offer nothing, but use their phony platform to speak curses over everyone. It's worthless, we would be better off reading the bible than listening to someone like that.

Tongues are the least gift, but why do those who resent them so much keep asking about them?
That tells me that they're either jealous or sorry that they don't have the "least" gift.
---Ulrika on 4/28/08

Everyone has an opinion. Do opinions really mean that much when it comes down to what God thinks about our opinions?
If God says they exist, they exist.
If you don't like them, I do not think you will ever speak in tongues.
But if you condemn and mock others for it, I also think God will the final opinion about that mocking.
---Ulrika on 4/28/08

Rebecca_D: "God won't...if they don't want them." Where in the Bible does it say that? :)

"The bible says that our spirit will bear witness with other spirits that are of God." No,the Bible actually says: "[God]The [Holy] Spirit...bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." (Ro. 8:16)

Yes, we're to try the spirits as stated in 1 Jn. 4:1-6. Based upon God's Bible (Word), Believers can know the spirit of truth & the spirit of error.
---Leon on 4/28/08

Some people do not have any of the gifts but pretend that they do. They've never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but pretend they're God's prophet speaking anything that comes out of their mind. It means little but makes them feel important somehow.
Someone using only their common sense, mind, can tell that there's nothing super spiritual about those prophecies. They have nothing to do with scripture, offer little if any direction. The prophecies of condemnation are the very worst.
---Ulrika on 4/28/08

Leon: It is from the bible. God won't give anyone gifts from the Holy Ghost if they don't want them. Too many people shout out they have the gift of tongues or the gift of prophecy, etc, when in truth God didn't give them that type of gift. The bible says that our spirit will bare witness with other spirits that are of God. We are to try the spirits to see if they be of God or not.
---Rebecca_D on 4/28/08

Chip: Since the two men (as revealed on your film) didn't speak English, did the film also record you & friends speaking the Japanese language (tongue) with them? I ask because your story makes it sound as though the two men had the gift of tongues enabling you & friends to understand & be understood by them. The Bible shows God only gives the gift of speaking in tongues to believers for the sole purpose of evangelizing the unsaved.
---Leon on 4/27/08

Please read Chip's answers to this question. Here you see exactly what took place on the day of Pennecost. The people are speaking a certain language with the listener is hearing a different language. Absolutely God ordained action. I have had like experiences in China.
---Mima on 4/24/08

Why do so many people assume they know what gift God will give to whom, when, why & how??
---Chip on 4/24/08

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Rebecca_D: I'm not sure I get where you're coming from (your 4/24 comments). Is that opinion or Bible? Should we base our understanding of what is the valid gift of speaking in tongues on what we see & /or experience or should we put or trust solely in what God's word (the Bible) says? Thank you. :)
---Leon on 4/24/08

God won't give any of the gifts to someone whom don't want it nor will he give any of the gifts to a person if they don't understand them. Many people do not understand the gift of tongues that is why they say they are false and say they are devilish. While some claim to have gifts from God, the spirit don't lie. If a person has a gift from God, it will show. And if a person doesn't have gifts from God but claim they do, it too will show.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/08

lisa, I DO believe in the gift of "tongues". I have actually seen & heard it in action. That is why I say that person was putting on a show. I, being in the military, was in Japan. My friends & I (4 of us, all christians) went to a village in the mountains to film us in the beauty of that country.
---Chip on 4/24/08

lisa 2
While doing that two men approached & ask if we knew about God having a son & is he in America. They spoke very good English. We told them the entire life, death & resurrection of Jesus. When we later viewed the film we were shock to see & hear that they never said one word in English. THAT is the gift of "tongues".
---Chip on 4/24/08

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I never have spoken in tongues, or heard one priest speaking of the matter. But, I have a good friend who speaks in tongue every Sunday and I guess at home as well. Because I know her very well, and she is one of 7 holy persons, a godly and pius woman, I just don't know. I know she will be in Heaven, because of her fruits. It has to be from God. No evil(demons) can come close to her home or her heart. So I am silent on the Matter.
---Nicole on 4/24/08

I usually pass over the comments about the trinity being false, no such thing as tongues, etc.
Really chip, if you don't believe it, you don't ever have to worry about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is received by those who want Him, invite Him in. Those who really don't understand that He's part of the Godhead or even believe in Him, I pray that God have mercy on your understanding. I personally couldn't talk about Him the way that you do.
---lisa on 4/23/08

I've been in church houses where preachers have seemingly spoken spontaneously in unknown tongues. Then, a moment or so later, he/she would interpret what "he/she" had said as being revealed from God. Often, there was no interpretation by anyone.

Bluntly, he/she was "putting on a show". Why would God have to resort to sending a "coded" message to one that is suppose to be delivering a message from God??
---Chip on 4/23/08

Holly4ic: Thank you for your reply. :) I've been in church houses where preachers have seemingly spoken spontaneously in unknown tongues. Then, a moment or so later, he/she would interpret what "he/she" had said as being revealed from God. Often, there was no interpretation by anyone.

Please help me understand. Do you believe speaking in "other tongues" (Acts 2:4) & speaking in self-edifying (1 Cor. 14:4) "unknown tongues" are one & the same? Thanks!
---Leon on 4/23/08

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Thank you for your post Leon...and that is exactly what I do, listen, hear and adhere to what the Bible teaches and when I am unclear, I pray and ask God for revelation according to His Holy Spirit. I listen to God above what ANY man or woman teaches. :-)
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

Mima, Holly, etc. Please give a serious hearing to what the Bible actually says on this subject. Howbeit you're mixing counterfeit "unknown tongues" with biblically valid "other tongues [languages]"? Regardless of what your flavorite pastors say, it is vitally important we listen, hear & adhere to what the Bible (Word of God) says above all else.
---Leon on 4/22/08

True, the Spirit is the interpreter and reveals.
There is the evidence of tongues whereby the Spirit makes intercession and the gift of tongues whereby there is an interpreter, or one that the Spirit reveals the meaning to.
May God bless,
---Frank on 4/18/08

2) Of course, you would have to speak with pastors who actually believe in speaking in tongues and that they are of an unknown, heavenly language, not with pastors who teach and say tongues of an unknown heavenly language do not exist. It is the Holy Spirit that revealed this to me...I HAVE tested it. :-) (For those who have their doubts, seek God on this and ask Him for His revelation on this matter, just as I initially did).
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

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1) Thank you Mima...that is exactly what the Holy Spirit showed me as far as what was happening in Acts 2. Many people cannot see it and refuse to see it that way because they are stuck on the teachings of their church and cannot allow anything outside of that box to enter into their understanding. I have spoken to more than one spirit-filled pastor about the interpretation that God shared with me regarding this scripture and they were in agreement.
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

Do it if you are given the GIFT. It's one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you believe in the first seven gifts, why not believe in the rest of them? It's a GIFT and not everyone has rec'd this Gift..there's a difference between speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit. I do both. It's a wonderful Gift to have.
---donna8365 on 4/18/08

Holly, Act 2:8-11 people from all of those places understood in thier own language "where in we were born". That was the amazement. Most spoke several languages & understood in all the languages they knew.
Remember, the gifts are not for the person, they are for the body of Christ. You don't earn or beg for the gilfs, they are given when they are needed to educate (perfect the saints) the body of Christ. IN ALL cases it is to teach someone that speaks a different language
---Chip on 4/18/08

The answers given here by Holly is exactly my understanding from experience about unknown tongues. What the listener hears is not what the speaker is saying when he is engaging in unknown(unknown means unknown or interpreted by anyone). The listener actually hears in their own language. The things of God that God wants the hearer to know.
---Mima on 4/18/08

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1) Cindi, as I said before, you have a right to your understanding and opinion. God is not contradicting His Word as you claim He would be by giving someone the ability to hear and comprehend an unknown language. A contradiction of anything is only a contradiction if it is the opposite of what is written or spoken. God NEVER said He would not do such a thing, so there is no contradiction at all. God can do anything He wants, even if it has not been written in His Word.
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

2) But I do agree with you, He will not do the opposite of what He says He will not do, such as He said He is not a liar, so He will not lie. He never said He would NOT give a person the ability to understand a language they never learned. So...He has not contradicted anything in His Word.
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

Rebecca, My point being made was that God doesn't give any gifts that aren't GOOD. So why would anyone not want something that God gives. And then my other point was that when we are born again we get the gift of holy spirit inside without any asking or working for it. It is automatic. You just don't have to do anything with it if you don't want to.
---Cindi on 4/18/08

I think you should be doing some 'trying' of the spirits that you're talking to. God will NEVER contradict His word. If you're getting messages from somewhere that you think are answers to prayers, you better test the spirits to find out their origin and cast them out. You're listening to some perverting spirits trying to twist God's word in your mind.
---Cindi on 4/18/08

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Frank: Agreed. Tongues are not to be denied but rather "Tested" as to whether they agree with Scripture or not. There are false "tongues" and True. Only by knowing your Bible will one be able to distinquish between the two.
---SeventhSeal on 4/18/08

1) Thank you Frank! I'm glad you got it! Actually God showed me that deeper revelation of the scriptures in Acts after one night I was listening to a very well known Baptist preacher on the radio, preaching that all those in Acts 2 were speaking in a language only already known on earth, and that there was no such thing as an unknown, heavenly language. I was very upset, because I knew this seemed in error, so I went home, got down on my knees and prayed and asked God to show me if I...
---Holly on 4/18/08

2) ... perhaps was wrong in my understanding and this preacher was correct. God told me to read 1 Cor 13 where the Bible speaks about man speaking in either tongues of man or tongues of angels. God then told me that they were speaking in tongues of angels and that the emphasis was that HE gave those in attendance the ability to comprehend and HEAR what was being said in those unknown tongues, but in their OWN language. :-)
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

And thank you Chip for that great example!
---Holly4jc on 4/18/08

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Cindi: I never said I didn't want any gifts from God. Someone made a comment saying that God gave them a gift that they didn't want. I was saying that God won't give a gift to someone if they don't desire it. Re-read my post and you'll see I never said I don't want any gifts from God.
---Rebecca_D on 4/18/08

Holly #1
You do not understand what the manifestation of tongues w/interpretation really is. You do NOT understand what you are speaking, God spirit in you gives you the interpretation one word at a time AFTER you've spoken in tongues. You do NOT understand the language. That is NOT in the Bible. It says that 'no man understandeth'.
---Cindi on 4/18/08

Holly #2
And to address your statement that God can do anything... you're very right on that BUT He will NOT contradict His word. He has given that to us to live by, He can go far beyond what His word says, but He cannot and does not contradict His word. God does NOT want His children confused by His word, He wants us to be set free by it, and to be able to trust it without reservation. What He has promised, He WILL do.
---Cindi on 4/18/08

Chip, your view of speaking in tongues has no biblical merit. It is NOT for missionary work. Read Acts 2 and then read I Cor. 12, 13, and especially 14!!

And for the 15th time at least... tongues is NOT a gift. It's a manifestation of THE GIFT that God gave on the day of Pentecost, holy spirit inside us.
---Cindi on 4/18/08

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Frank, people are not the interpretor, the Holy Spirit is. Read chapter 2 of acts & notice the languages they said they heard them in. Read John 20:21-23, They were filled w/ Holy Spirit then but no "tongues", no "babel". There is a gift of tongues. It is mostly given to missionarys when they don't speak the language or dialogue but they don't realise it unless it's tape & seen later.
---Chip on 4/18/08

I understand what Holly is saying.
The Spirit gives her the understanding of what is spoken in tongues just as it reveals the deeper things in the word that glorify Jesus from the laws and prophets.
It is as when a person has the gift of tongues and one can interpret, knowing what was said because of the gift of interpretation of divers kind of tongues.
Which is different from the evidence of speaking in tongues which needs no interpreter where the Spirit makes intercession.
---Frank on 4/18/08

Seventhseal, #1
I agree.
Sadly, some have allowed conventions and internationals rob them of the blessing of going farther.
The Southern Baptist church I attended 20 years ago is still preaching the same things.
The Pentecostal church is still preaching the same things.
A song and dance around Acts 2:38 every sermon.
The Baptists, Matthew 28:19 when there is so much more.
---Frank on 4/18/08

Seventhseal #2
The Southern Baptist church I attended denies the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues but when I said "let God be true and every man a liar" and poured my heart out to receive what the scriptures say is given, I did receive.
Yet, they will try to instruct me on the Holy Ghost.
The Southern Baptist Convention has robbed them and hindered them greatly and that is sad.
---Frank on 4/18/08

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Seventhseal #3
The Pentecostal church I attended still preaches the same sermons as they did 20 years ago about Acts 2:38.
Yet the Spirit of God has revealed so much more.
They have allowed the United Pentecostal Church International to rob them of the blessing of going farther.
Rather than follow the example of those who were blessed when they went farther they stop and make gods out of their bylaws in unawares.
They need to go farther as those did whom's views they follow.
---Frank on 4/18/08

Seventhseal #4
If they go farther and it goes beyond the doctrinal limitations they should follow the Lord and get out of the boat like Peter did and let the eleven sit where they are.
The Lord honours faith.
He won't let them sink.
As long as they allow these man made doctrines hinder them the Lord won't take them farther. They make their own limitations as to how far he will take them.
They should not give advice on what they refuse to acknowledge and experience.
---Frank on 4/18/08

Holly, you are correct. The Holy Spirit is the interpretor.
Cindi, The gift of "tongues" is a known current language. If you were visiting in Germany & Jesus wanted you to witness to someone, you would speak English but they would hear German. If they responded you would hear English although they were speaking German. The Holy Spirit is the interpretor.
---Chip on 4/17/08 are entitled to your opinion, but I know what God showed me through prayer. God can do anything He wants at any time and if He wants to give someone the understanding of a language they do not know, whether it's the tongues of man or of angels, He can. He gives people the understanding to interpret tongues, is that not giving them the ability to hear and understand that which they do not speak or know? And that is in the Bible, the interpretation of tongues.
---Holly4jc on 4/17/08

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Holly, you are clearly confused. There is no manifestation of the spirit called HEARING IN TONGUES. The reason the multitude could understand the apostles speaking was because they were speaking in their language!! It was tongues to the men speaking because they did not know those languages, but it was known languages to the multitude. That was the miracle of Pentecost.
---Cindi on 4/17/08

Chip, I believe that if you read my earlier posts you will see that I said that tongues was a language. Someone else had tried to say that babbling was speaking in tongues. The Bible clearly says in 1Cor 13:1 that speaking in tongues is either the language of men or of angels.
---Cindi on 4/17/08

Scripture says it is a gift. People spoke in tongues on Pentacost. Scripture says to not forbid it in the church. I'd say it is legitimate.
---greg on 4/17/08

1) Quite simply, the Bible use the word "tongues" as "languages". Read acts 2:5-11, it tells you all the "languages" that they understood them speaking in.
---Chip on 4/17/08

Chip...what the Lord has shown me during prayer and seeking Him for truth and understanding, is that the emphasis in that scripture is on the fact that God gave all those who were there "hearing" what was being said, the "ability" to understand in their own language...
---Holly4jc on 4/17/08

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2) ...what was said by the believers, since the tongues being spoken were a heavenly language, not an earthly one. It's not that they were "speaking" a known language, but the people were given the understanding by God to HEAR in their own language. And as for me, I do speak/pray in my heavenly language (tongues). :-)
---Holly4jc on 4/17/08

Frank: My point is that most here spout Opinion without a Thus Saith the Lord and are Eloquently Wrong. Where are the Scriptures folks?

1Cor12:28 And God hath set some in the church, FIRST apostles, SECOND prophets, THIRD teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, (LASTLY) diversities of tongues.
---SeventhSeal on 4/17/08

Cindi, someone has taught you misinterpretations. I doubt if it will keep you out of heaven but it can not be back up with true interpretation of the Bible. Quite simply, the Bible use the word "tongues" as "languages". Read acts 2:5-11, it tells you all the "languages" that they understood them speaking in.
---Chip on 4/17/08

Thanks Frank. It's always good to be able to give people a visual to help them to understand scripture. It doesn't take the place of reading God's Word, but it sure helps some people understand better. Myself included!
Glad it blessed you.
---Cindi on 4/17/08

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I liked your examples! That was pretty awesome. I'll have to remember them to use some time.
That really blessed me!
---Frank on 4/17/08

Many translators took liberties with the Word of God. We don't have originals anymore but we go back to the uncials (sp) and cursives, and alot can be seen also when you compare our english versions to the Greek. Get yourself a good Greek Interlinear Bible and read a bit and see just how much has been added and changed. You need to be able to study the Word for yourself and not just take what your pastor or denomination teaches. Denominations were man-made you know. (cont)
---Cindi on 4/17/08

God wrote His word to say what HE wanted it to, not what man wanted it to say. In Timothy (I think, I'd have to look for sure) it says that no prophecy of the scripture is of any PRIVATE interpretation. So God must have a way for us to read it and let it interpret itself. Picking and choosing is NOT the way to go with God. And adding words and punctuation where ever one wants to is NOT the way to go with God either. Once we are born again we are responsible for how we live our lives.
---Cindi on 4/17/08

Frank, Great analogy you gave about the child birth. I usually use one about a car battery when trying to get someone to understand the difference between the gift of holy spirit and the manifestations of that gift. The gift of holy spirit is like having a car battery hooked up to your car and standing there thinking that it will MAKE the lights come on or the radio play or any of the other things that a battery can energize. (cont)
---Cindi on 4/17/08

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It doesn't happen until you get in the car and turn things on yourself. The energy is there and available, but it doesn't MAKE you use it. It's free will, just like with God.
---Cindi on 4/17/08

Some appear foolish in the eyes of those who have laboured and received when they advise sharing what they are told by a preacher that allows doctrinal limitations.
We are to be sober minded as well.
They make as much sense as a man telling a woman there is no pain in childbearing because his preacher, convention or association says so.
She would think he's nuts and wonder just how do you know?
---Frank on 4/16/08

Seventh seal,
I did.
The husbandman that laboureth must first be a partaker of the fruits.
You cannot speak against that which you do not experience in your life when others have trusted and received.
Only they have room to speak from experience.
Any other explaination would take far more than 85 words so I won't frustrate myself.
Sorry you didn't see the scripture.
---Frank on 4/16/08

If God has to send you a "coded" message & either you or some other the interpretation then you really need a pastor that God can get through to.
---Chip on 4/16/08

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Frank: How about giving advice from the Scriptures?
---SeventhSeal on 4/16/08

Rebecca... Why in the world wouldn't you want a GIFT from God. God only gives GOOD GIFTS according to His word!! Anyway.. the holy spirit that God gave to us you cannot decide to NOT TAKE unless you give your soul to the devil or just don't get born again. You get it automatically when you get born again.
---Cindi on 4/16/08

BUT, you only manifest it if YOU CHOOSE to. That's what makes it a gift. You don't have to do it if you choose not to. Personally, I choose to manifest as much of the gift as I can. That means that Yes, I speak in tongues, if I'm in a meeting and it's appropriate I will also speak in tongues and interpret, I will bring forth a word of prophecy if it's appropriate, I'll receive Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, exercise Faith, perform Miracles, and minister Healing as well.
---Cindi on 4/16/08

What ever God gives me to do via the spirit he put inside me, I'll do. Whether you operate that spirit or not, if you're born again, you have it. You just choose not to manifest it. And that is your privilage, God gave us FREE WILL. But it will be your loss.
---Cindi on 4/16/08

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Cindi, who told you that the "old text" was altered? The itallics is "added for clarity" not to alter meaning. It appears that your "teacher" choose to believe only parts of the Bible that prove your doctrine correct & alter what doesn't fit.
---Chip on 4/16/08

Frank .Are you a lexicographer for those who speak in tongues?
---earl on 4/16/08

How many giving advice on this speak in tongues?
How many don't and are giving advice on what they do not experience?
The word says let the husbandman that laboureth first be a partaker of the fruits.
It's like childless DCFS workers trying to tell parents how to raise a child.
Utterly useless.
---Frank on 4/16/08

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