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One World Church Movement

Do you believe there will be a one world Church? A more or less uniting of all known religions at the end of time? Is the ecumenical movement an attempt to start this church? What church would benefit most from the ecumenical movement?

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 ---Mima on 4/3/08
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I understand what you are saying markv. Yes truth is truth. That is what I was taught. But also, the Word says that we must be patient, kind, gentle, soft spoken, and filled with the WORD. To speak harshly to anyone will only drive them away. Give them the Truth without the "flesh" rising up.
I know this is hard because I am just as guilty at times of it. But we must persevere. Even now, the the exodus of many individuals from large "church bodies" is happening all over, not just in the RCC.
We also must remember that in when the rapture comes some will be left behind to go through the trials and learn the truth.
---ginger on 10/16/08

Ginger, you are new here and I have read almost all of your posts and you are a very kind person wanting to speak logic to the RCC members who answer you here but kind words will not bring anyone to Christ only the Truth will do that.
One of the reasons the Bible was made available to all is because God saw what the RCC had done to His Word and made sure there was always a remnant to continue even by those within that corrupt system. When a body of followers are so corrupt God always makes sure His Truth endures forever. And many that love the Lord with all their hearts, saw what was happening and did something about it, for they were moved by the Spirit to make the Truth available to others, and many died doing it.
---MarkV. on 10/15/08

The answers you are giving right now have been given to them many times already. They will fight you tooth and nails for a lie. I used to do the same thing when I was a Catholic. Even when I didn't know much about the Bible I still spoke on behalf of the RCC. Not realizing how wrong I was. I know how they feel because I felt the same way. Everything is for the mother church and they are always right. The Truth has to set them free. And we don't know how many will come out of there, for only God really knows. There is many great individuals in there whom I love very much but all we are call to do is bring the Truth and God takes care of the rest.
---MarkV. on 10/15/08

The rcc did not write the Bible.
It was written by the apostles of Jesus
and men inspired by God before the rcc was even created.
I believe the apostles because they walked with Jesus, talked to Him, even ate with Him.
The only word I believe is the Bible. There is no other documentation written by the apostles or men inspired by God.
It even says this at the end of Revelations
18)I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book.
19)And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.
---ginger on 10/15/08

you are so right.
That is why we have so many translations of the BIBLE.
Now, We have the knowledge to be able to do direct translations from the original text.
This will continue to bring ALL CHRISTIANS together and to the Truth.
We must consider that when the rcc was created, most people couldnt read. Priest read the Bible to their followers. That is what really started the reformation as some call it. People started wanting to read the WORD of GOD themselves instead of having a priest read it for them. The truth that God exists in HIS WORD, caused them to want access to it themselves.
---ginger on 10/15/08

Mark:- I do not wish to burst your Bubble But the spirit who took you out is not Holy."A house divided against itself cannot stand"Matt12:25-31. Matt10:25. Either way you are trapped.
---Mic on 10/15/08

there is only one church now, satan split it up in the name of religion. using diffrent religions to seperate his people. he never told anybody to be religious just faithful
---robert on 10/14/08

Don't be sorry Mic, I did the right thing. I apostated from your false church and did the right thing. I didn't do it because I knew anything about the RCC at the time, but because the Spirit took me out of there. And it wasn't until I was taken out of there that I learned in what place I was in. No one knows until they are taken out. While there, they are blind to the Truth. I pray one day you too will be guided out and also Nicole and others. That is my prayer for you
---MarkV. on 10/14/08

SORRY Mark :- You apostated Not I you condemn your God and His words NOT I You can change I do not choose to deny My God His teachings .
---Mic on 10/13/08

Mic, Peter was never a Vicar in life. He was appointed vicar by the RCC. You cannot find any Scripture to support your view. There is no vicars in the real Church of Christ, there is only one Head and that is Christ. He is the Head of the body consisting of all born of the Spirit people who have given their lives to Christ by faith and have been united Spiritually into one body who is the Bride of Christ. If you had been studying the Truth you would know that already.
I don't write out of frustration about the RCC claims they wrote the Word of God because they didn't. The Word of God was already the Word of God before it was accepted by the Church. The Word of God, Scripture, is Scripture when God speaks not when men speak.
---MarkV. on 10/12/08

I submit to you that in the end times there will be a one world church and there will be a one world government and there will be a one world monitary system and who will benefit the most,that is easy...the antichrist.As for the rcc,to me they are not that much different than the mormons in that they believe that the priest is your mediator with God but I tell you to refer to 1Tim.2:5.We have Jesus Christ as our one and only mediator with God,we don't need the priest,pope or mary to do what Jesus does for us.
---ron on 10/11/08

Those are the words of my Brother Whom many call Lord
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/4/08
Here again a most evasive statement... whom many call Lord

Do YOU call Him Lord?

I've found many many posts of you refering to Jesus as your Brother...and that sounds SOOOOOOOOO Mormon!

What say you???
---kathr4453 on 10/10/08

..discussing anything with the RCC members is what is most important...Any time we discuss passages it will not matter to them whether something is in the Bible or not. The reason is, they believe the RCC Church came first and then the Bible. Under those conditions,..If it is not found in the Bible then they have authority to call it Truth---MarkV 10/9/08

You are RIGHT.
We do not believe in Bible alone, esp since this method of belief isn't in the Bible. Jesus set up His Church before His death, not the Holy Bible before His death.
He gave Peter the final Authority in 'whatever', including interpretation of the Bible. Whatever is endless.
A blank check except the Signature of Jesus on the check.
Thank you for explaining it.
---Nicole on 10/10/08

Mark says "the RCC wrote the word of God"Mark did you write this out of frustration b/c You cannot Prove this untrue statement. The RCC and the whole of Christendom KNOWS that the word was inspired by the Holy Spirit to Holy men.The only alerations made were By Reformists called Protestants.Do you side with Them?This is the book they used its a Look alike But NOT the same.MHO.You insist that the Rcc follows MenThis is totally False Read from Genesis till today a see how God Used Men, to continue His work, which he solidifys by appointing Peter as His Vicar.
---Mic on 10/10/08

Of course you say it is supported by the Word of God, the RCC says they wrote the word of God. What else can anyone say? If they wrote it, they have every right to remove any part they want as was done with the second commandment. They can take and make new rules as they go along as they have done through the centuries. They pronounce themselves as authoritive, but everyone else knows God inspired writers of Scripture to write what they wrote and they were before your RCC ever became RCC. Like you once said, the blind leading the blind.
---MarkV. on 10/9/08

Mic, God did give us the Holy Spirit to guide us without fail. Therefore there is no need for priests and popes. All that men will do is to try and deceive us any way they can (please look for these promises in the New Testament). I hope that you are learning that it is not men, but God that we should trust on.
---frances008 on 10/9/08

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MarkV:-Thank you for trying to clear up a dilemma .But it is not only Belief BUT "A FACT in time" supported by the Word which is in God.Matt16:13-19. God uses strange ways to proclaim HIS TRUTH.A small correction: The Inspired word was of God By God using men as He used Peter.After all it is "Mans salvation", must he not work to comprehend God's wishes and Edicts.?He did leave us the H/S to guide us with infallibility, "through HIS church".He never speaks of other man made Doctrines or alterations or additions.His words are from Genesis, with Prophetic spiritual endorsements.
---Mic on 10/9/08

What many of you are forgetting when discussing anything with the RCC members is what is most important.
Nicole gave us a clue and so does Ruben many times. Any time we discuss passages it will not matter to them whether something is in the Bible or not. The reason is, they believe the RCC Church came first and then the Bible. Under those conditions, they say what is inspired because they wrote it. If it is not found in the Bible then they have authority to call it Truth since they made the Bible. So any Scripture passage you give means nothing to them since they have the authority to interpet what they made.
Been polite will not change anything. It might teach others the Truth but not them since they are the Truth who wrote the Bible.
---MarkV. on 10/9/08

Perhaps Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' has occultic meanings. Maybe it means that when they come to take Christians to put them in camps, they won't leave any children behind. Maybe it means that when it comes to brainwashing into the New Age One World Religion, they won't leave anyone behind. And on the other expression, maybe 'Left Behind' could refer to those who won't take the Mark of the Beast, and so are left to fend for themselves.
---frances008 on 10/8/08

Ginger "My words were read Gen3:15 to see Jesus and Mary as a unit.Not worship Mary,this twisting of words lend no credibility, to the conversationat hand.WORSHIP is of your making My mind is Clear.Thanks for blessing
Bernadette:-"Mary was favoured not sinless"are you saying that God Favours sin?and she concieved while in sin, by the power of the Holy Spirit it would seem that you have forgotten that God ABHORS I guess you are wrong.Truth- Mary was sinless that is why she was Favoured BY GOD.But believe what you desire.All idle words are accountable.
---Mic on 10/8/08

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I have read those scriptures and they don't say anything about what I asked you for. I am still waiting on the scrpiture that tells me I am suppose to worship Mary and Jesus as a unit.
Bless you brother
---ginger on 10/8/08

Mike stated: .. anti christ will control everything by using christianity as a universal religion. after that, the head of the universal religion will make laws that will govern this world & nobody should oppose him. that' what's going to happen
---mike on 9/29/08
Mike You pretty much nailed it down. Universal religion u used above. Roman Catholic(universal)Church. My first problem with RCC. Second problem is going through intercessor priest. Against scripture.
someone wrote: I see the this church as an open door to Jesus. No where is this stated in Scripture that the church is the door. Christ is the door, and you can go directly there. Bypassing papa pope and priest.
---Trav on 10/8/08

April, the rapture will not have taken place. Which Bible do you follow? Is it the latest popular film, or video game. The Left Behind Series. What a laugh!!!!. You will be deceived, my friend. The Bible says that the 'snatching up' happens when Jesus comes for the Second Coming, after the man of abomination sets up in the place he ought not to be, and after the tribulation. Continued....
---frances008 on 10/7/08

Please go and read Matthew 24 or Mark 13. Jesus says the tribulation has been shortened so that some of the elect at least, would survive it. Perhaps the government will fake a rapture and take a lot of gullible people into space where they will immediately die because of the impossibility of space travel. Or perhaps 'aliens' will be used, UFOs etc. Then we will have disputes as to whether it was the rapture or not. We will be disappointed that we never took up the offer. Lol. No! Jesus said we are not to seek for him anywhere at that time. We are to flee our homes and hide in the wilderness lest the government force us to take the mark of the beast.
---frances008 on 10/7/08

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Ginger :-Since you do not agree or disagree with me then you must examine my Post to Bernadette.Seek (with your heart) and you 'will' find.Go to Genesis3,15 you shall find the unit there. Hope you are successful ask God to help you .That is where I found it.
---Mic on 10/7/08

I am not disagreeing or agreeing with you. I just ask that you please provide Biblical Scripture that says I must take Jesus and Mary as a unit. My Bible says Jesus is the only way.
John 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
Can you give me scripture on this particular subject?
---ginger on 10/7/08

Bernadette:-Who am I to question your motives and Choice.The term Mother Had a special meaning to Jesus what you quote Is a dedication of His greatest Gift of His Earthly Mother,as a Man, dying on the Cross,(Not as a God.)That was all He posessed.It seems you once prayed to Her.I do honestly feel sorry for you.You have discarded Gold for Pyrites.Remember this, If you want Jesus You must take Mary, They are a UNIT right from Genesis.Seek and you will Find.You have added to the enmity as prophesied By God.Blessings.Do not question Matt28:20 as you will someday have need For it.Jn20:22-23Many are deceived by him who seduces .
---Mic on 10/6/08

MIC: "Mary raised to the highest position by God". With all due respect to you MIC. God never once raised Mary to any postion. He blessed her (Luke 1:26-33) Mary was favoured not SINLESS, and by the Holy Spirit, gave her cause to carry the Christ Child. God did NOT make her His advocate. Christ and only Christ can be that advocate (1John 2:1-3) there is no mention of Mary. I will not now or ever again pray to Mary I will however continue to pray to Our Lord. After all it is He who said "My grace is sufficient for thee". Mary is the earthly mother of Christ that is all, like me with my kids, do you revere me? No, why then revere Mary, she is NOT our saviour her son Jesus IS. I respect her memory but that is it.
---Bernadette on 10/5/08

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MIC: To continue...
My mother, God bless her, once told me Jesus was to busy to forgive everyone. I then asked: If God can be everywhere (omnipresent), see everything (omniscient) and be all powerful (omnipotent)why would he enlist the help of a mere mortal. Be careful MIC that you do not give Mary more power than what we all have ...a conscience. Jesus from the cross reminded all of us of just who Mary was (a woman and a mother).."Woman behold thy son" John 19:26 and to the disciple immediatley after "Behold thy mother!" John19:27 I will agree that our salvation is in Christ Jesus and through Him alone do we have our perfect peace.
---Bernadette on 10/5/08

Nicole, knowing Jesus is not good enough. You have to trust and have faith in Him. You have to depend on Him and Him alone for your life. You have to make a commitment to Christ and give your life to Him. The wicked know about Jesus, but that doesn't save them.
I am not confused as to your love for Christ. I don't know it or you, and I don't know what is in your heart, that is why I have never said you were not saved. Only God knows your commitment not me. Christ I know and put my trust in, you I don't know. I know what the RCC teaches and it is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. If it was there would be no idol worships and no works of righteous deeds involve. Only the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and His Works.
---MarkV. on 10/5/08

Mark V: "One time in history we were very bad indeed".
I might add to this by first stating that I was not trying to witness I was merely asking that when discussing other denominations could we be a little less maligning and a little more forgiving that is all. I would like to also point out that history has a horrible way of repeating itself. Instead of mean spirited popes and bishops of the RCC bashing non-beleivers about, it would seem that every denomination has claimed a right to this way of "soul winning". I agree there are times when rebuke is necessary, (I present my last comment to Eloy), point out the sin to the believer and then pray for them.
---Bernadette on 10/5/08

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The decision came as governments across Europe scrambled to save failing banks, working largely on their own a day after leaders of the continent's four biggest economies called for tighter regulation and a coordinated response
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/5/08

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Why dont we look at the things we agree on!
Lets start with God, is God the father of all?
Are we all good with this?
Did the father give his word to us, in the person of Jesus Christ?
Are we all good with this?

Ok, not I! But, I see there is a problem with Jesus being the son of God!
So let start here! I believe he is God the father! Why?

Exo 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM--
God is talking!
Act 7:35 --the angel which appeared to him in the bush.
Act 7:38 -- the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina,--
Let try to come to agreement.
All will not agree!
---Frank on 10/5/08

Careful Nicole, you may encounter an Angel of God or a Prophet of his, that's why we are told to be Mindful of strangers & listen to them(ONLY if there words are contrary to "The Gospel" of the Lord are we to shun people),
we are to Love ALL of those who have Laboured(Studied/Search)in the Word of God, even as we love our own parents.

You/We/His, know his voice(words) and we follow them, Not the way's and traditions of Men, for the way's of men are Evil and ALL those who set themselves in High seats,Love to be seen in the markets(Glorified), broaden the hems of their garments by making Merchandise of God's Children will be lowered.
Those are the words of my Brother Whom many call Lord
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 10/4/08

I am certain there will be a single world church since the bible says this will be so in the last days. It may look like a triump for the people who attend this church but it is anything but holy in bible standards. We need only look at many churches in todays world. Would many of them be found guilty of believing in the 10 commandments and our lord Jesus? Not many. Anyway the rapture will have taken place and it isn't our worry what is next on the plate of the wicket one..
---April on 10/4/08

The RCC taught me:
Jesus alone Saved Me!
By His Blood I am Saved. Acts 4:12

what? another example of rcc's GROSS misunderstanding of Gods Word small wonder when they submit their minds and wills to another human being

Christians are RECONCILED to God and JUSTIFIED by CHRIST'S blood ...Christians ARE SAVED BY CHRISTS LIFE (Rom. 5:9-10)

so clear how rcc drowning in their pagan beliefs knowing they are blind to simple understanding of being saved by Christ's LIFE

...rcc BLIND to the most simple truths ...teaching their own brand of christianity ONLY USING Gods Word in gross misunderstanding to SERVE their own religious systems pagan practices
---Rhonda on 10/3/08

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Jesus I know. U I don't know.
U did'nt die for me, nor Saved me.

The RCC taught me:
Jesus alone Saved Me!
By His Blood I am Saved. Acts 4:12

Are you mad because my Church followed Jesus' Command and baptized me, Matthew 28:19-20 and followed John 6?

You are mad that I followed Papa to Jesus not you.

John 10:3 The gatekeeper(Pope) opens it for Him(Jesus), and the sheep (Nicole) hear His Voice, as He calls His own sheep by name(me)
and leads them out.

V 5 But they (me) will not follow a stranger(you), they will run away from him, because they do not recognize the voice of strangers.

MarkV, as in V 6, are you also confused about my love for Jesus?
---Nicole on 10/3/08

Again, you did not read the whole post. If you would have read the next sentence. I said "I cling to every word that comes from the mouth of God." Sis, Jesus is and has always been my Rock. I wouldn't have made it without Him. Through my trials and tribulations, my faith has been confirmed and I am going to keep on going. When the enemy comes in and says I can't, I say "Nothing is impossible with God. I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me!" Some of aren't blessed to just believe like you. Some of us have to go through the fire for us to know that God is real and He is always with us. God Bless you Nicole.
---ginger on 10/3/08

Nicole, passing the Truth is not one of your strengths. You are passing RCC doctrine. Not Scripture Truth. If you were you would not make Jesus a lifeless piece of bread. He would be, Lord of Lords, and King of kings, not to be eaten by humans.
Your church has duplicated everthing of God and gave it to man.
Your papa is the Pope not Christ
Your Mediator is Mary and the saints not Christ
Your salvation is through works of deeds, not through Christ and His deeds on the Cross.
Your loyality is not for Christ it is for your denomination.
Your faith is not in Christ but in your church.
You kneel down to idols, instead of only to Christ.
---MarkV. on 10/2/08

by the way nicole, the things you said, I would like to know where you got them from? I never said anything against the Pope. He is a man of God, I would not ever disrespect him or any other man of God. I am part of the Church, so why would I ever say anything against it. In fact I did not say any of the things you accuse me of. I might have a difference of opinion than you but never have I insulted you or anyone of the RCC. I am wondering why you seem to have a personal vendetta against me. God says to bless those that curse you so you may insult me but it is okay, I forgive you and I forget. God Bless you Nicole
---ginger on 10/2/08

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When you have been through the fire as I have been, you don't cling to a denomination.
---ginger on 9/29/08

I was only going by this statement.
Every Protestant can belong to a denomination and still claim to only love Jesus.

But there is a different standard for Catholics.
Some do not want us to belong to this denomination and claim we love the denomination more than Jesus.

I was only saying that I can love my Church and love Jesus even more.

If you can love a person without taking any love from Jesus, why can't Catholics love their Church started by Jesus, but love Jesus more?

---Nicole on 10/2/08

Nicole, sis you are wrong about how I believe. God has provided all of my needs when I was homeless, without food, didn't have the money to take care of the 2 children he has blessed me with. I am just stating that we-ALL Christians- RCC, Protestant, etc. are THE Church, the Bride Christ is coming back for. I have even given scripture many times to back up what I say. We are supposed to be tolerant of each other.

Read Romans 14.

I may not have knowledge that you have and you may not have knowledge that I have. You do things a little different than I do, but we both love the same GOD and know that Jesus died for us. Bless you sister
---ginger on 10/2/08

The RCC's here are defending the RCC, they are not witnessing.---MarkV.

Jesus is the Truth.
So, we accept Jesus on His terms.
We neither argue with Him or try to twist His Words to His future children.

We pass the Truth to others.
This is the duty of the RCC.
Passing the Words of Jesus as He states them.

No touch ups. No polishing.
No coloring it some and sanding the sharp edges.

His Word is a double edge Sword.
It will cut you.
How the Sword slices you is your choice.
It can cut off the rotten parts of your soul.
Or it can cut your jugular and you can bleed to death even losing the blood of Jesus in you.

Our duty is hand over the faith.
Not reinvent the faith every 50 years!
---Nicole on 10/2/08

Bernadette, I respect your opinion very much. I am also happy that you came out of the RCC and that you witness to them. What we are doing here on line is not witnessing as we do outside in the world. The discussions here are not to bring the one's answering out out of the RCC. They are only responses to their questions. While it might sound very bad at times, it is because the times in history were very bad indeed for the Church. No sweet talking or covering up is necessary. What is Truth is really what we defend. When we are witnessing to Catholics outside of here, we are not defending the Truth, we are witnessing for the Truth. They can reject the Truth or except it. The RCC's here are defending the RCC, they are not witnessing.
---MarkV. on 10/2/08

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With due respect to those who were called out of Jesus Church I invite you to read Nicoles post of 30,Sept,2008.The deciever did the same to EVE in Genesis , who was responsible for the sin of Mankind.The trend of the day is to Repent,if you want salvation.
---MIC on 10/1/08

Bernadette you state that you came out of the Roman Catholic Church and to that I say wonderful, I would like you to consider the following statement I found on some web site.
"False teaching goes way beyond any kind of evil that might be afflicted upon one's person. False teaching is a direct offense against God. It is a direct offense and a dreadful woeful damning matter against His people. False teaching is a blow against the Truth. It's a blow against Christ (John 14:" if this statement is correct and we should not be praying for those who are into false teaching.
---mima on 9/30/08

Bernadette:- With due respect to your name and calling.I see the love of God in your post.My bewilderment is not in your post but in what you state. "Your Choice".when you say YOU were called out?This I do not understand.Real reasons are never divulged when this Happens,but it reminds me of Our divine Saviours Words"Women of Jerusalem weep not for me, but yourself and for your children"Can one truly love Jesus on your terms and NOT HIS.Mary was raised to the highest position by God for Her Obedience Piety and neverending love to her Divine Master"Be it done unto me-".I believe all women should model Her.I share this in the same love He gives to us all.If you love Jesus you must "love" Mary.
---MIC on 9/30/08

Ginger, I think you misunderstand the rule of the Church.

From your eyes you see control. I see protection.
You see replacement of Jesus.
I see the Bride of Jesus in Union with Her Spouse.
You see strictness. I see freedom.
You see laws and rules. I see guideness.
You see limitations. I see a well full of knowledge.
You are distrustful of the RCC. I am full of trust.
You see the Pope as a false leader. I see Papa.

The notion that I cling to a denomination more than to Jesus is wrong.
Jesus created the Church.
All my love is to Him.
The Church is the source of teaching me how to Love Him more and purer.

You see the Church as a blockage to Jesus.
I see the Church as an open door to Jesus.
---Nicole on 9/30/08

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People are going to turn to the AC who claims to be God, ALL christians that may still be around WILL be beheaded for their Testimony and Refusing the MARK, the False Prophet WILL cause EVERYONE rich or poor, small or great receive a mark that they may buy, sell or trade, and they will worship the Beast(AC)as God!
1st, he will come in peace and with a 7 yr. peace agreement with Israel & it's neighbors, which he breaks 3 1/2 yrs. later and sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem,
this is when the FP will cause ALL to worship the Beast(AC)as God, it's during these 3 1/2 yrs. the 2 Wits. come around, then there outcome,Yahshua comes destroys the AC, 1000 yr rule, J-Day, NEW BEGINNING BEGINS!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 9/29/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin: "The Word of God is what it is, it doesn't need the approval of Men(Canonized)!!!
The Word of God has become etched in the Hearts of those who have sought out & followed him..."

Apparently Martin Luther didn't seek God and follow Him.

He rejected:

7 OT books
Epistle of James
Epistle of Jude
Epistle to the Hebrews
Book of Revelation

Regarding the Book of Revelation (ironically, a Protestant fave), Luther said, "Everyone may make up his own mind as regards this book. As for me, I have a personal aversion to it and that is enough."

He has an "aversion" to the Word of God. No kidding.

When do your contradictions end?
---Luke65 on 9/30/08

"The Word of God is what it is, it doesn't need the approval of Men(Canonized)!!!
The Word of God has become etched in the Hearts of those who have sought out & followed him..." - DDM

Scripture is Holy Spirit inspired and I believe that the council that canonised scripture were also. As the Protestant Church believes Martin Luther was...

Personally I don't know and will find out when I get to Heaven.
---martin_nz on 9/29/08

the people will turn to religion to solve the problems of this world bec they have tried everything. that is when the anti christ will control everything by using christianity as a universal religion. after that, the head of the universal religion will make laws that will govern this world & nobody should oppose him. that' what's going to happen
---mike on 9/29/08

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Duane_Dudley_Martin. I think so. God is God and Hi talk to himself.
---Ricardo on 9/29/08

Mark V.: I grew up in a Catholic home. In the Peroquial school I attended as a child we were encouraged to read our bibles and upon graduation we were given bibles (FYI: I am in my late 40's so this isn't a new thing). Having said that however, I was saved and called out of the Catholic Church. It is my calling to witness to Catholics to encourage, pray for, witness to and remind them of Christ and His ultimate purchase. We HAVE TO ADOPT the ways of Christ! Stop this incessant bashing of each other and pray for forgiveness and peace then we are better able to witness, until then, PRAY! Stop the condemnation, pointing fingers and labelling. (John 8:7-11) When someone is saved give the Glory to God. The harvest is immenent are you ready?
---Bernadette on 9/29/08

francess 008: Please stop. In the name of Jesus just stop. (Matt. 19:21,26)
You are on the verge of showing non believers a hateful side. Christ is not about hate nor is He about pointing fingers, Salvation can and only comes from the Lord. If you really and truly love Christ you will answer with respect the concerns of others. If you can't answer without bashing, please try to pray for a change. I have prayed all week as to how to reply to your comments and this is what was revealed to me. Christ is our PERFECT PEACE! All we say and do is always and should only ever be ... about Christ.
---Bernadette on 9/29/08

Don't go out much, MarkV?
The Bible is at Mass in the Church.
Chapters are read outloud instead of just one or two verses your Pastor decides to Preach on.
If he doesn't want to Preach on John 6, tough luck for you all.
You are dependent on a man to hear parts of the Bible, if you can't read.

At least A Catholic who can't read will hear the whole Bible in 3 years time if he goes to Mass every Sunday and holy days.

I no longer believe you were a Catholic.
You say too much that proves you haven't even been in a Catholic Church.

You have no clue about the RCC.
Pick up a Catechism book if you wish to act like you know something concerning the Catholic Church.
Then you will be believable.
---Nicole on 9/29/08

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Mark, Im not argueing with you, but asking you a question: why do you say some say the Bible is not Authoritative? I myself have never heard this and this is why Im asking you to explain. I was rcc growing up, but converted to the Coptic Orthodox which stresses the Authority of scripture. Dear brother could you please explain this to me, I look forward to your reply, since I have never heard this before( Im not saying your wrong) I really do wish for you to give me some proof. Thank you and God bless
---wayne on 9/29/08

Age is what we have in common & I admire you very much for the choice you made in your life. Life's experiences are how God teaches us to depend on him for everything. What I mean by this is, that choice leaves you somewhat sheltered from the realities of the world. When you have been through the fire as I have been, you don't cling to a denomination. You cling to every word that proceeds out of God's mouth. That is my teacher- The Lord Jesus. Every body of Christ I have every been to, condemns me for my past mistakes even though God has forgiven me. His forgiveness is all I need. The world's churches, I don't need,just God's.
---ginger on 9/29/08

Ginger, I wish you were right! No dear one, I am 37 yrs old.

I entered the convent when I was 26yrs old and left when I was 32.

I learned most of my faith during those yrs of my life.
I went to the RCC off and on during my childhood.
Only when I was 18 did I started only going to Mass. No other Churches.
At 22 I went to daily Mass. I discovered my Vocation.
I lived on my own since I was 22 yrs working as a nurse far away from my family.
Just God and I day in and out.

Speak respectfully?
Defending the RCC is not being disrespectful.
It's telling the truth.
I am not trying to get anyone to like me.

Most Catholics don't even like the Bible.---frances008 9/25/08

Is she respectable to you?
---Nicole on 9/29/08

The Word of God is what it is, it doesn't need the approval of Men(Canonized)!!!
The Word of God has become etched in the Hearts of those who have sought out & followed him...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 9/29/08

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Amen Tracy...well said!
---Holly4jc on 9/29/08

I don't know whether you were ever a Catholic, but I was, and know that none that went to church took a bible. None studied the bible. Many had one hidden someplace in their homes but never read them. Ask any catholic you see on the street if he has a bible and he will say yes, but won't know where it's at.
The few on line have studied but not from the Bible but from their sources to defend the Catholic Church teachings. You don't see any of them defending the Word of God as Authoritive. Acually some don't even think it's Authoritive.
---MarkV. on 9/29/08

The pope needs to repent of this blasphemous sin... as do his followers. Society needs to hear the truth. Correct?
---Tracy on 9/26/08

The Pope is the Vicar of Christ.
Vicar means representative not replacement.

I don't understand why this is so difficult for many to understand?
A C.E.O isn't the Owner of the company, but one who is the head of the company making descision for the Owner.

The Pope doesn't need to repent of blasphemous sin that he hasn't commit.
He never said he was the representative of the Holy Spirit. You made this up.

You made need to repent for judging the Pope and being wrong. Correct?
---Nicole on 9/29/08

Frances if the RCC is demonic then so is the Bible. When scripture was canonised it was done so by the RRC. At the reformation 7 books from the old testament were dropped.

The RRC would have been in a better position to determine which books should be included in the Bible.
---Martin on 9/29/08

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The One World Church will be forced upon man,
The false prophet will make everyone worship the Beast(AC)and I believe this is where most people come up with the OWC!
I wont' be here, Hopfully, God willing....
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 9/27/08

Church Hopping is NOT a practice of a TRUE Catholic that is why the term APOSTATE was allotted to those who did Not TRUST the LORD, the SAME God, on HIS TERMS which they claim they love.It is like a marriage You cannot DIVIDE GOD "A house divided against itself CANNOT stand"just like in a marriage.Those who write reams, do so to justify their actions.Pretending they are Right.
---MIC on 9/27/08

Strange,How one verse in a Catholic Missal caused only the one LOST sheep to stray.No verification of what was that verse,but just a statement. If you knew it to be wrong why did you not question it, Instead of throwing out the Baby with the Bath water.Where was YOUR BELIEF and your LOVE in that one True God.In the same bath water?.
---MIC on 9/27/08

nicole, this explains a lot. so are you saying you are around 19 in age? if this is so, you have not even been tried in the fire. You have not been around long enough to even gather the Truth. If your age is what I suspect, How can you condemn anyone when you do not have the knowledge. It also explains your disrespect. God says my people perish for a LACK of knowledge, and this you have. I am not telling you not to speak, I am saying you should speak respectfully. Like I have told you many times, do your research before you speak. That is the wisdom here. God Bless.
---ginger on 9/27/08

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Anyone who is a True believer would NEVER accept the title of Head of the Church. Anyone who is a TRUE believer would NEVER accept the title of HOLY Father. Anyone who is a TRUE believer would say that he or she is the Viccar of Christ. Jesus is the Head of the Church. GOD is the Holy Father not the pope. The POPE is NOT the representative of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of the Church. True repentant believers are the body of Christ which make up the Church. The pope needs to repent of this blasphemous sin... as do his followers. Society needs to hear the truth. Correct?
---Tracy on 9/26/08

..what were you doing hopping around the Protestant churches? Spying on them? If Catholicism is the one true faith, then why would you bother going to protestant churches?---frances008

Growing up we had to take turns living with my Grandmother in a small town in Alabama for a school year. I finished up my Senior year living with her when she died in May.

Only 3 channels on TV, PBS being one of them.
I was the only Catholic in the School.
The only enternaiment was going with my friends to their Church Services on Sunday and Wednesday Nights. Plus, they had special activies for the youths.
I had many friends and each of them were of different Denomintion.
Plus, my Grandmother was a Southern African Baptist.
---Nicole on 9/26/08

Nicole, my Catholic missal was one of the first clues I got about Catholicism being evil. I was at church and what was written in my missal was the direct opposite of what was being said by the priest/reader of Scriptures. I then looked into it and found that the updating of the Bible translations had messed about the meaning of the Word. In fact turned it upside down. I still have my old missal. Good job, too, as it provided me with a valuable hint as to why we were going wrong as a Church.
---frances008 on 9/26/08

Nicole, all due respect and all that, but what were you doing hopping around the Protestant churches? Spying on them? If Catholicism is the one true faith, then why would you bother going to protestant churches? Secondly, you expect me to disagree with Mima? I agree with that statement. The Catholic Church is in CONTROL of the ecunemical and New Age movements and everything else. From the outset, to the endgame, it is Satanic, and the sad thing is that a lot of very nice, good people who don't KNOW their Bibles are being deceived.
---frances008 on 9/26/08

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Frances, I know alot of protestants who do carry a bible not only to church, but everywhere.....and still they do not follow it. If you look at the meaning of the mass, the bread is the body( meaning the Torah, word of God, where as the wine or blood is the spirit or life) Think of that, so without alot of catholics understanding( Im not saying all catholics) they are eating the word and the life. Its all beautiful, its not fair to say catholics dont like the Bible.
---wayne on 9/25/08

Frances008, still judging others? Catholics do not hate the Bible.
The Bible is already printed out for everyone in the pews at Church.
Remember the Missal?

The Chapters of Scriptures are printed out.
1st and 2nd Reading from the OT and NT.
Psalms for the Responses.
The Gospels read by the Priest or Deacon.
Is your memory coming back to you?

As for feeling bad, I didn't. I demanded to take part in the study group.
They allowed it because they thought like you.
They thought I was going to make a fool of myself.
I didn't. They asked me to stop since they knew I knew my Bible.
We don't have a KJV.
Ours states Holy Bible on the outside cover.

You just made my argument point for me.
---Nicole on 9/25/08

Nicole, don't take it personally about not being allowed to lead Bible Studies. Most Catholics don't even like the Bible. If you bring it up as evidence in an argument, you won't find them carrying the King James Authorized (or even the New KJ) and with all Bibles saying different things, you already have a problem. In fact I don't know any Catholic that carries a Bible with them even on Sundays.
---frances008 on 9/25/08

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