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Changes Since Salvation

How have you changed after becoming a Christian?

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 ---deb on 4/5/08
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Elena, "The love of!alot more patient and realize,if it does 'nt work out to myway! Cuz God Got a better way" Isn't that the truth!
---chris9398 on 8/29/11

The love of!alot more patient and realize,if it does 'nt work out to myway! Cuz God Got a better way
---ELENA on 8/27/11

It was an overhaul in my desire/passion. When I met Jesus, I began wanting to please my God. I had the ability to love people who are not easy to love in the flesh. I truly love all sorts of people and it is a gift given me at the time of my salvation 26 yrs ago. Though I make mistakes, I do not desire sin and hate it bc it offends God. The real changes spring out of the desires/passions God has changed in me:). I judge my spiritual condition by the love in me(or not in me).
---jody on 6/14/08

I changed my life so much.I stopped reading bad literature,seeing bad movies,telling dirty jokes.cursing when angry and I started attending church and christian meetings of all types,paid tithes,gave gifts to the church and missions,went on medical mission trips.Became kind and forgiving,stopped lying.Lots of changes.
---shirley on 6/14/08

God has changed me too. I am more prayerful, more patient, kinder, more loving, braver, friendlier, more outspoken, more frugal, more generous, and even a more considerate driver! I know God is helping me every day to come closer to Him.

The biggest change is that I live my life for God.
---deb on 4/15/08

I knew from the moment that I was saved that my life would never be the same. I also knew that I would never be the same, which was thrilling to me. I have changed so much. And the devil hates me so much.>>>Now, changes comes about slowly. Be patient with God and with yourself. "Give yourself some time", is what God said to me one day.++
---catherine on 4/11/08

---deb, God loves each of us equally. From what I have experienced in life, the main difference is the message someone delivers. Others have confirmed that this is their experience also. If the message delivered is correct then the Holy Spirit (who is the only active agent for God on earth today) will take that message and convict the lost sinner of their unbelief, then and only then will the lost see their need for Christ. Our message averages between 85 and 90% converts .
---Mima on 4/10/08

Mima, it is obvious that you love God with all your heart. That is beautiful.

Can you even imagine how much He, in His perfection, loves you? :-)
---deb on 4/9/08

Many things have changed since my salvation, but the overriding change has been my intense, burning, earnest, desire to see others saved. This desire consumes me. My concern for a person's soul and its final destination completely overwhelms me. Just this very day, a person said to me, you know people think you're crazy for witnessing out on the streets? Yes I said, I know it, but if one person is saved from eternal damnation from the message, I will be thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ!
---mima on 4/7/08

Hi, deb (o: As the sort of Catholic I was, I would cover up my problems in order to show how great Catholics are, in order to convert people. People could see how red-faced with anger I was, though I tried to hide it (o: Now, with Jesus, I have courage to admit to being wrong. And I have needed to be corrected of showing off how "honest" and confessing I can be. So . . . God's correction is better than my self-discipline was (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/6/08

I have faith that believes nothing shall be impossible to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ saves me. The Holy Spirit teaches me. Father God - Jesus says it best, "My prayer for all of them is that they will be of one heart, mind, just as You and I are, Father - that just as You are in Me and I Am in You, so they will be in Us, and the world will believe You sent Me.

---Monique on 4/6/08

I am happy. When I was a sinner, I felt like there was a hole in my life and I couldn't figure out why. I was happy with my marriage/family. After becoming born again, Jesus filled that hole in my life. I no longer have that hole or void in my life. I have peace in my heart as well as in my mind. I became a better person and as time goes on, I'm still changing to be more Christ-like. I found peace when I became a Christian.
---Rebecca_D on 4/5/08

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