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Why Is Zimbabwe Poor

Is there anything we can do to help Zimbabwe, where annual inflation is 100,000 per cent, and life expectancy is 37?

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 ---alan_of_UK on 4/7/08
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It is wicked Governments, that is the problem. We need to get rid of wicked govenments in this world. Wasn't that simple?>>>There are problems right here, that we should be addressing.
---catherine on 6/10/08

They are not united. Their Leader is evil and can care less about his own people.
Jesus is the true Shepard.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

Zimbabwe is poor because it is run by a group of people who are not honest and who do not want to give up power as long as they can enrich themselves. They know practically nothing about agriculture nor about tourism and they think it is ok. as long as they have plenty to eat and can travel around in
luxury! (I was there when it wa a great country, exporting food and tourism was very much alive) Too bad! PR
---Pierr5358 on 6/7/08

How do we help them? Preach the gospel. Love them.
---melanie on 5/8/08

Alan I know I have looked up some of them. I just thought since you have such a giving heart,which is a gift,you may mean everyone. It would be very hard for me to exclude hungry people. God knows we have had many a person here for dinners,Barbques,and other get togethers who weren't Christian. We never asked them just showed all the love we could. They all knew about this ole Holy Roller Christian and I let my light shine when the chance presented. Nations and even the UN has their limits though.
---Darlene_1 on 5/8/08

Darlene ... There are Christians in Zimbabwe, Darfur and Burma.
---alan_of_UK on 5/8/08

Alan read Matthew 25:40 And the King will answer and say to them,"Assuredly ,I say to you,as you did it to one of the least of these my brethern,you did it to me". It doesn't appear God means all people but ministering in food,drinking water,clothes to brothers and sisters in Christ. Brethern ,Merrian Webster Dictionary,members of profession,society,or sect. In this case would be sect-a religious denomination, or to follow. God doesn't minister to anyone but his Children. Not whole world.
---Darlene_1 on 5/7/08

The judgment of the nations concludes our Lords prophetic discourse.>>>Is the scripture, sir, you were referring to?
---catherine on 5/7/08

catherine ... I am of course referring to Matthew 25 v 37 to 39
---alan_of_UK on 5/7/08

Catherine ... Then I am sad that God does not give you the command (or you choose not to hear it) to love your neighbour, and to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those in prison, because in doing so, you would be doing it unto Him.
---alan_of_UK on 5/7/08

I only put here what God gives me, my friend.
---catherine on 5/6/08

Catherine ... "Unless we are prepared to give God all the glory and the praise"
Are you suggesting we give the Lord glory and praise for Mugabe being raised up, and for him destroying his people and country?
And do yuo mean we should do nothing ... does this not ignre Jesus' command to feed the hungry?
---alan_of_UK on 5/6/08

Although what is happening in Zimbabwe and to the Zimbabwean people simply defies comprehension, the same things, in general, are happening to Africans from east to west and north to south. And at the same time that this disaster sweeps the continent, the leadership owns its planes and have shopping sprees in Europe and the Unted States. Moreover, while western governments claim to have compassion for the people, it is not difficult to see their greedy hands in much of the misery.
---Janze on 5/6/08

Not a thing. Unless we are prepared to give God all the glory and the praise.>>>The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich, He bringeth low, and lifteth up [1 Sam. 2:7]. Jesus rightly accused them of deceit, condoning murder and conspiracy, and hindering people from being saved [Luke 11: 41-54].
---catherine on 5/6/08

frances ... In which of his novels does John le Carre mention the RCC?
---a on 5/6/08

wait until a new government is in, then you will know what Peekay means when he says Zimbabwe is not poor.
---Thabi on 5/6/08

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Yes, Darlene1, there are some good Catholics, but all the Catholics are deceived. The RCC at the top is orchestrating all world events, but they always ensure that freemasons, or Jews are their front men, or the government insiders are actually Catholic men, it does not matter , they may not even know they are working for the RCC at the top of the pyramid (or bottom) depending on which way up you see the triangle. John le Carre realizes this and writes very good 'fiction' along these lines.
---frances001 on 4/10/08

Darlene1, I saw a youtube video on this very topic yesterday, but with so many others I cannot point it out to you directly. The information was all quotes from RCC encyclicals, they state quite blatantly that it is okay to take what you need from someone who has it. Theft is no longer theft. If the farmers were looking after their lands and not dead in Zimbabwe, the economy would be in much better shape. 4,000 were killed I believe.
---frances008 on 4/10/08

Frances008,in researching Catholic Church in Zimbabwe I found that they renounced Mugabe for tyrany. There is also one quater of the people relates to Catholic Church. The Catholic Archbishop
spoke out against Mugabe's policy of razing the slums and forbidding the people to have booths to sell goods on streets. They comdemn Mugabe for what he's done and blames him for the conditions in the Country. Mugabe stole farms not RCC. Blacks in Zimbabwe are suffering too.
---Darlene_1 on 4/9/08

This 'redistribution of wealth', the killing of white farmers is a disgusting policy of the Vatican, to introduce the world to Communism. It is no longer against God's commandments to commandeer someone else's property. Get ready it is coming somewhere near you SOON. Notice white Protestants suffering.
---frances008 on 4/9/08

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Continued:Alan they're far from prosperous. In Zimbabwe dollars one two ply "sheet" of toilet paper costs $417,one full role $147,750 equals 69 cents USA Money. Government now admits it's printed $23 trillion. 1 Chicken costs $1,000,000. 58 year old woman & daughter,two kids, three renters live in 5 room house. Renters pay $3 million,thats $14.25 US,her monthly government bill for services $2.4 million and still Easter woman and family had no food. Every average person in city lives this way.
---Darlene_1 on 4/9/08

I have no sympathy for them whatever.They buchered the white farmer and his family,stold his farm where they had been living for generations. Edie Amin thrugh out all the Indian business people with only what they could carry.(some settled here and are wonderful citizens) Nah let them work it out!
---1st_cliff on 4/9/08

Alan Zimbabwe isn't stable,inflation's increasing 1000% a year. State Department of USA issued a Travel Alert. What that means,short term conditions which pose imminent risks to US Citizens,they could be varied types of conditions terroists,coups,election violence,etc.. It expires May 1 but lack of hygene,contaminated water,and other unhealthy conditions would cause concern to me. How can we help,pray that 80+ year old, power hungry,man will retire. Country people do get help from UN and other donors.
---Darlene_1 on 4/9/08

I tell you, I sure do feel sorry for those people. I see them sometimes on the news. I do not think that U.S. is equipped to take care of everyone.
---catherine on 4/9/08

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Darlene ... Can we do anything about this?
Clealry just pumping money in is not helping the people who suffer.
Uganda seems generally to be stable and slightly prosperous although tribal warlords still make trouble in the North (they call themselves The Lords Army!)
---alan_of_UK on 4/9/08

In 1971 there were 24 LDC-poor Countries,now 50, 30+ in Africa. Many are previous colonies of UK And other Nations, White Colonial settlers. When given rule Tribal Africans had few educated and organized enough to run a Country. Until they do something to change attitudes stop blaming the Colonist they will never have Countries which can provide for their people. Until they shake off their Tribal mentality and seek peace they will remain poor.
---Darlene_1 on 4/8/08

Under Colonial rule the African nations prospered,they screemed and yelled for "self government" When they got self rule they couldn't handle it. Anarchy ruled and guys riding around in jeeps with machine guns ,life is cheep thousands slaughtered. Self rule "seemed like a good idea at the time" but was it? Where does "RESPONSABILITY" fit in here?
---1st_cliff on 4/8/08

Peekay, Zimbabwe is most definitely poor and will be for many years to come. Once there is a different, honest government help can start being given but it will be a long, slow process to get them back to any state of normality. Yes Alan, with no oil to fight over many countries are just not interested I fear. A very sad state of affairs.
---RitaH on 4/8/08

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Continued, Zimbabwe has education decline,lacking medical facilities,medicine,clean water,plus political unrest. Mugabe wrested control of the Nation from small white population,to become its first Black leader and it has been in a downward spirial ever since. It has 60 to 70% Christians and even if we can't help we need to pray. Mugabe won't let the UN help,a selfserving leader who doesn't help his people is a dictator. He razed homes in the slums putting 700,000 people out of jobs and homes.
---Darlene_1 on 4/8/08

Zimbabwe declared by a committie from United Nations as needing to be downgraded to least developed country,LCDS, which means it is the poorest of the worlds poor. The Government of Zimbabwe refused because seen as stigma. Big contributing factors,confiscation of productive white farms and splitting them into small parcels of land for Natives reducing the amount of money going into economy and printing 230 million Zimbabwe curency. 200,000 money earners displaced due to farm invasions/takeovers.
---Darlene_1 on 4/8/08

Continued, Mugabe has made some damaging moves. Zimbabwe has 80% unemployment,90% in poverty, foreign reserves are almost depleted. 4 million people are in need of food. HIV/Aids and malnutrition kill thousands each mounth. The current government by denying LDC is refusing duty free exports,quota-free market access,special attention for develoment assistance,and increased inflow of international aid. Mugabe refuses because with those things comes also a threat to current governments grip on power.
---Darlene_1 on 4/8/08

Isnt Zimbabwe part of the Ishmael lot? I am only guessing perhaps someone here knows. A lot of these African nations were worshipihg other Gods werent they? surely Jehovah was with them in the begining and their ancestors rejected Him and in time forgot Him totally and the following generation missed out...interesting to know if their ancestors knew and if so, why did they reject Jehovah?.
---pop on 4/8/08

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The same reason that many other countries are poor. They spend too much money on their military and not enough on the rest of the country.

My concern is if the USA is next.
---sag on 4/7/08

Peekay ... Zimbabwe is poor, and its people poorer still.
Mugabe destroyed all the wealth producing agriculture and business ventures.
But my question was not why, but what can we do about it.
When Mugabe goes, rthey will needa lot of help, the infrastructure is destroyed, and the knowledge of how to work.
---a on 4/7/08

I think that Zimbabwe started down the path to being poor when Ian Smith gave up power to a biracial, coalition government. I liked the name "Rhodesia" better than "Zimbabwe". A lot of other people did too.

Robert Mugabe has been the President since 1980. A long time. Perhaps he is just "burnt out" and needs to give somebody else a chance to rule the country.

I say Zimbabwe should try getting a new leader. Something has got to change.

---Augie on 4/7/08

Corrupt government and the people suffer. Greed,prejudice,dishonesty on all levels. Every evil is present within that country and surrounding areas therefore, every form of chaos avails itself. Sad situation and circumstances.
---Robyn on 4/7/08

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To begin with Zimbabwe is not poor.secondly i think the main problem with Zim is leadership.Full stop. This Mugabe man is liability and a waste of time.
---Peekay on 4/7/08

Jesus Christ will deliver the needy when he cries,
The poor also, and him who has no helper.
Jesus Christ will spare the poor and needy,
And will save the souls of the needy.
He will redeem their life from violence,
Precious shall be there blood in His sight.

Psalm 72

---Monique on 4/7/08

RitaH ... Yes, the heading does not match the question I asked. I wonder if this is because in the US they are not so conscious of what is going on in Zimbabwe as we are in the UK?
I agree that financially there is no point in pumping in money which would not reach the point of need.
I was wondering whether others here had the same thought as I that the developed nations do nothing about this disastrous regime, because there is no oil in the country?
---alan_of_UK on 4/7/08

When Mugabe took power 28 years ago, the Zimbabwean dolloar was worth a little bit more than a US dollar
Now it takes several million of them to equal the US$
---alan_of_UK on 4/7/08

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Alan I am not sure that anyone can actually help financially until they have a stable and honest government. Any financial help would, I fear, not reach those for whom it is intended, at the moment. Once again the heading does not match the question. We all know WHY they are poor and I think we should all be praying that this situation will begin to change very soon and then, perhaps, we will be able to start sending help.
---RitaH on 4/7/08

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