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How Long Should I Pray

The Bible says that GOD "can" heal a person. But some people claim that that doesn't mean that GOD "will" heal the person. How long should I pray for someone's healing?

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 ---Augie on 4/9/08
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As long as you need to. The Holy Spirit will direct you. There are others who are praying for the person as well,I am sure. And God does heal in His own time and in His own way. We don't and can't heal anyone. Leave that up to the Lord. Now that is a revelation for you,today. You should feel so much better,my friend.Take off the brakes,so to speak.Let Go and let God.
---Robyn on 9/8/08

Praying without ceasing. As your day continues, reflecting on God draws you nearer to him and in communion. I talk and pray to him constantly. Praise God!
---Margaret on 9/6/08

Until you are content with God's Will.
God isn't someone or being that can broking down by your prayers until you get what you want.

He is not a Being that enjoys to see His Children begging Him before He delivers your request.

Nor is He trying to teach endurance by praying endless for someone to be heal.

Be still and know He is God.
Supreme over the Nations,
Supreme over the Earth.

He loves the person you are asking to be healed more than you.
He does not need you to remind Him of the healing day in and day out.

Trust God that He heard you the first time you asked.
Lastly, ask God to give you the strength and faith to accept His Will.
This prayer you should pray without stopping.
---Nicole on 9/5/08

Until you don't enjoy it anymore.
---Linda on 9/5/08

always pray. There diffren way of praying. When praying you do not alway have to be on your kneel with bible 24/7. meditate on the world of God and use it to talk to God in your prayer.
---aanu on 6/14/08

Yes Never stop asking the Lord to Be healed!
Keep up the faith! persevere!
Without the Lord we have no hope!
When all goes wrong, only Jesus can save and help us! So we can not stop praying ever!
Sometimes our faith is being tested. So do not give up or give in!Pray unceasingly!
---lisa on 5/25/08

I dont think you should ever stop praying for someone's healing. Unless, like a previous poster said, it seems it is just their time to which case I continue to pray for their soul. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/22/08

I think if we could actually *see* our prayers going up, we'd never stop.
---Mary on 5/22/08

Pray for a healing until it becomes obvious that death would be a blessing.

Then pray for strength for the person in his/her last hours, and comfort for their family in their time of trouble.

And back up prayer with real help--doing chores, giving blood or money, driving to the doctor--if you can.

Because prayer is one sort of love. And help is another.
---Nancy on 5/21/08

Yes God can heal but sometimes God has other plans for that person.For me I pray for a persons healing and then I thank Him for the healing that is on it's way
---Gabby8758 on 5/8/08

Can I ask a question? Did any of the people that Jesus heal have time to pray? Or did they just cry out to Him? The blind man said, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me. The woman with the issue of blood just touched the hem of His garment. So is it really our prayers that God answers? or is it His will He executes in spite of our prayers? I'm just asking, so please don't jump on me. Thank you for your understanding. Just trying to learn here.
---donna8365 on 4/18/08

That's true! God does what He wants to do. If He wants to heal He will. If He doesn't He won't. For reasons God may only understand. Actually, when I ask God why is Satan still messing with my mind, I've been saved now for six and a half years [this was a while back]. He said, "hum, keeps you in prayer".>>>>Since that conversation with God, I have gained some victories.
---catherine on 4/18/08

When asked in the NT if Jesus was willing to heal, He said I am willing. Other times, He said YOUR faith has made you whole. Then other times He healed all the sick that were brought to Him. Isaiah 53:5 His stripes we were healed. It is his will even though we don't always see evidence of healing.
---melann on 4/18/08

I have experienced God's healing in my own life and witnessed it in others. My best friend's husband recently passed away from emphasema. He got sick about 4 years ago. A few years before that, God told him to quit smoking, he didn't. I believe God was warning him of what would happen if he continued smoking. I believe God wants His people to live healthy even though He can heal them.
---melann on 4/18/08

The issue really shouldn't be how long do I pray but rather how do I pray.
Those with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and evidence of speaking in tongues should add prayer whereby the Spirit makes intercession with Jesus since with our voice and mind we may pray amiss or only about that which we know.
Not to be confused with the gift of tongues whereby we need an interpreter.
---Frank on 4/17/08

There is NO time limit on praying for someone's healing. I know of one case where the person doing the praying has actually died and never witnessed a measurable answer to their pray, but the prayer was answered after their death. (The person doing the praying died of old age and not an illness.)
---wivv on 4/17/08

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I remember when my papa was very sick. When I'd call him on sunday morning after church on my way to teach sunday school. This one time he was extremely sick sounding. I rushed my butt into the chapel and prayed hard. I believe that God can heal my papa or save him from dying of whatever he had(pneumonia) that day. Pray till you believe, then REALLY pray. It's fuel for the God's "Big Guns" as I like to call it. (continues.. . )
---Nicola on 4/12/08

He was healed and he said that If I didn't call someone to come get him, and he didn't get to the hospital in time when he did, Doc said he'd be dead then.
Some dont get healed the way we want them to be becuase it's meant to teach a bigger lesson than taking care of your health. It's best to also pray for understanding, but never stop believing that God can heal you.
---Nicola on 4/12/08

this might sound a little outdated to some modern theologys , yet you need to pray until you can trust God that whatever happens to you is his will. basically there are so many reasons why someone is not healed by God, but the main one is that during prayers we really do not ask God -James 4.1-3. or even when we ask God we do it with the wrong motives. TRUST and obey an old but o so true song says it all let GOD DEAL WITH THE HEALING and youy deal with your repentance and obedience and coinfidence in HIM.
---andy on 4/12/08

I pray as long as the person has life.Where there is life there is hope.Many people who have miracles have them at practically the last minute after the doctors have given up and often the family too.Even Kenneth Hagin recieved his healing after everyone had given up.Actually he hadn't been taught to believe in healing but he read in the BOOK that Jesus healed people and also that Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.Ultimately every christian is healed anyway even if it is in heaven.
---shirley on 4/11/08

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The key is to ask God first, "How should I pray for this person? Should I pray and ask you to heal them? or should I not pray at all? or should I pray and ask you to spare them suffering and take them home? Find out what HIS will is for this person's life by asking Father God first.
---Donna on 4/11/08

God's Word is very balanced.

When encountering a demon possessed person on the streets, parking lot, department store, school, there's not enough time to call for the elders of the church. A believer that knows their authority from the Word of God can bind the demon to save lives, their life.

The deliverance for that demon possessed person who wants those demons may be temporary, but there will be enough time that lives will be spared.
---Monique on 4/11/08

When praying for the demon possessed, prayers prayed in the closet
or secretly, I've yet to see anyone delivered from demons in that way.

Demons are cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ, spoken outloud.

You can pray out of your heart for the demon possessed person to be set free by prayer and fasting.
But for the actual deliverance, demons are cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ, spoken outloud.
---Monique on 4/11/08

God's Word is very balanced.

Heal the Sick, Cleanse the Lepers, Raise the Dead, Cast Out Demons
He Gave Them Power Against Unclean Spirits, to Cast Them Out, and to Heal All Manner of Sickness and All Manner of Disease
These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe.

These signs shall follow them that believe.

Yes, the Word says to call for the elders, but also says these signs shall follow them that believe.
---Monique on 4/11/08

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God(My Father) Hears the words that Come from the Heart,
NOT reputish words of the Mouth.
The Bible says THAT Jesus says We that have faith came heal the Sick,
Take your Sick to the Elders of the Church,
Annoint the heads of the Sick & pray the Prayer of Faith over them, IF THEY & YOU BELIEVE, IT WILL BE DONE!
God isn't a Liar.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/10/08

If YOU are praying for someones healing you should not make it known amongst others, your prayers are best said in secret,locked away in your closet, where your heavenly father hears and rewards openly.Then the person who is healed gives God and God only the Glory for their healing NOT you..
---Carla5754 on 4/10/08

It doesn't matter to me if you use my name anymore, I'm not interested in debate.
I came here to share my faith in God.

When you're begging for answers to prayer, pleas for help, desperate with fear, remember that Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. If you deny His power, it may be a long time before your answers come.
---Monique on 4/10/08

Pray as long as you feel led by the Holy Spirit to pray. You will know. If you hear or is told that the person was healed, of course, we know we should stop praying for healing and begin to thank God for the healing. Praising Him for what He has done.All the glory goes to God and not us. The one praying was a only a tool that God use to display His power and glory through.
---Robyn on 4/10/08

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When God said let there be light. He spoke it into existence. That is what we as Christians should be doing, speak things into existence. Speak things as though they already are. Talk to God like he already healed you or a certain person. Thank him for the healing after you pray for a healing. God hears us the first time, if we humble ourselves to him and come boldly to his thrown. A person shouldn't come to the thrown like a scared pup.
---Rebecca_D on 4/10/08

I can't talk you into faith. You have to receive it by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is not the Holy Spirit.
Pray what Holy Spirit says and for how long.

He doesn't say take 3 pills aday until you die. If you want to repeat the evil report, giving someone fear, anxiety and a prognostication of death, that's human nature.

Better to have faith for the impossible and receive it, than believe for nothing, receive nothing.
---Monique on 4/10/08

We are known by the company we keep.
Jesus was accused of many things because He was not afraid of companies, naysayers, the religious. The religious knew tradition, had it down pat, but they didn't have faith in the Miracle that was standing in front of them.
---Monique on 4/10/08

I have grumbled a lot about Pastors not helping out. Well, I know a Pastor who was helping out and ACCIDENTALLY broke his back

Several years later, I'm still praying, and believing, for the Pastor's complete healing. His family is hurting and the healing would be a blessing to everyone!

Pray Without Ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

---sag on 4/10/08

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If the ministers you go to are right with God they will pray confident knowing their works sre righteous with God, It won't be a show, believeing by faith for healing combined with your faith God responds and heals. I do not have a problem with asking for prayer and should I not be healed feel anyway, because God knows where he gives the power of healing and whatever the outsome I am satisfied be it healed or not. Job said though he slayed me yet will I trust him.
---Carla5754 on 4/10/08


Well put!

I think that the gift of faith enabling you to trust in God, no matter what, is the greatest miracle! :-)
---Jack on 4/10/08

How long should you pray?

Young children can pray one time and they receive answers. If you can remember a time when you had faith to believe for anything like Joshua and Caleb, before too many evil reports put you down, pick it back up.
---Monique on 4/10/08

The time to pray for healing and deliverance is before someone dies.

Sowing prayer into someone's life is the most powerful asset that Christians have.
I can pray for miracles for the homeless or lame walking across the street. I can pray with faith for the substance of limbs hoped for and the evidence of limbs yet not seen. I can pray for miracles and every prompting from the Holy Spirit, obeying Him for exactly what He tells me to pray for.
---Monique on 4/10/08

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Jesus Christ performed His miracles after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove, miracles began.

When I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I received faith for miracles, the gift of faith. You couldn't talk me out of believing in the power of God's Holy Spirit if you tried.
---Monique on 4/10/08

God tells us to guard our hearts.

Read the Book of Numbers. The results of murmuring against God. Murmuring cost Moses from entering the Promised Land.

Fear and murmuring will cost you from entering into faith. I have prayed for miracles for others and God answered. I'm believing for greater miracles, giving all Glory and Honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Monique on 4/10/08

It was the faith filled YES, from the Moderator that prompted me to share faith.

I'm not interested in debate and arguments about faith, and all of the additional stipulations that religion can tack on to talk someone out of having faith for anything.

If a physician said take 3 pills aday until you die, would you follow that prescription?

The Great Physician tells me that nothing shall be impossible to those that believe and without faith it is impossible to please God.
---Monique on 4/10/08

I witnessed more faith in one YES than on all of the blogs put together. That one YES followed me and encouraged me to share about faith. That one YES agrees with faith, faith that moves mountains of unbelief.

Loved ones that have died are not grieving for us in Heaven. Their pain, sickness, disease are over if they were not healed on earth. God's faith and the Holy Spirit doesn't tell me to make accommodations for sickness and demon possession while I'm on earth, so they can set up residence.
---Monique on 4/10/08

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Hum that's a good question:>>>Pray without ceaseing. Pray in all seasons. I find for myself, when God lays it on me then I pray specifics.
---catherine on 4/10/08

If you do not have the faith to believe for healing, or deliverance from demons, it could be that someone else that doesn't see giants in the Promised Land should pray.
Doubleminded, murmuring, complaining, fearful about the evil report with weeping and crying, found the Israelites wandering for a lifetime in the wilderness. They couldn't see their Way out or the Promise.
---Monique on 4/10/08

God hears the first time. Praying with, through the power of the Holy Spirit moves mountains of doubt and unbelief. When those mountains are obliterated, faith carries you through the valleys until you reach the Promised Land.

The Israelites murmered, complained.
They weeped and cried with fear when they heard the evil report of the ten spies. It was a prognostication of death.
---Monique on 4/10/08

God hears all prayers.

God responds to prayers in ways that are consistent with His preordained plans.

Some times this results in a person being healed of an affliction and some times it is taking an individual away from the pain and suffering by death, both are equal options.
---Phil_the_Elder on 4/10/08

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So, what happens when God doesn't heal? Are you going to say that people didn't have enough faith?
I think it's unfair to say that somebody didn't have enough faith and that's why they died or never were healed.
---momof2 on 4/10/08

So, to answer your question about how long to pray, the Bible says to pray continually, but if healing doesn't take place, trust that God had a reason.
(My mother is battling cancer right now. I will never cease to pray for her.)
---momof2 on 4/10/08

A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth, and the recompence of a man's hands shall be rendered unto him.
The tongue of the wise is health.
In the way of righteousness is life and in the pathway thereof there is no death.
Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
---Monique on 4/9/08

Augie, I have prayed for my sister, who suffers from M.S. for years. I pray for her suffering to be eased. I pray for her to be completely healed. I pray that she is following the path God has laid out for her.

I pray, "Thy will be done."
---deb on 4/9/08

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Jesus Christ sets us free from tradition and all of the traps, rules of religion.
Healing and deliverance are the will of the Father.
Jesus makes it possible and the Holy Spirit makes it visible.
It is true unto me according to the Word of God. Psalm 119:25
---Monique on 4/9/08

God's Word says all things are possible with God, and a doubleminded man will receive nothing from the Lord.
It's God's will to heal. Religious dogma will talk you out of faith. I call it the enemy's dog breath. By the time dogma has it's way with you, you won't have enough faith left to lift your head off the pillow.
I can't live like that. I won't let anyone talk me out of having faith that believes for miracles of healing and deliverance.
---Monique on 4/9/08

I don't know how you're praying but faith is not repeating prayers or even repeating scriptures without having complete faith in Jesus Christ the Healer. It's through the power of the Holy Spirit that we receive healing.
The enemy wants us to live in doubt and unbelief and live a defeated life until the day we die. I'm not about to, not for anyone.
---Monique on 4/9/08

I've been a rolling boil for 20 years, but I'm at the pressure cooker stage.
I'm ready to see the top blown off of sickness, mental illness, disease, torments.
I believe God can heal all of those things. Times are rapidly changing.
I believe with all of my heart that I will see true miracles before I pass on.
Not the kind where there's a plate of cookies waiting for a line of people without taste, or a pile of hankies waiting for a line of people without smell.
---Monique on 4/9/08

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I'm not in it for the dough ray me.

I'm in it for All Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power ~ Be to Him Who sits on the Throne and to The Lamb, Lord Jesus Christ, Forever and Ever.

God hears the first time, but I believe prayers are answered when it's through the power of the Holy Spirit telling you exactly how to pray. The Holy Spirit has power to remove mountains of unbelief. When those mountains are obliterated, faith carries you through the valleys until you reach the Promised Land.
---Monique on 4/9/08

Jesus Christ came to set the captives free from the curse of law, of sin and death.
Under the Old Testament law, there had to be repentance before healing.
Jesus really upset the religious dogma/men of tradition when He healed on the Sabbath before the person repented. Not always, but there were many He healed before they repented, then He said, Go and sin no more.
---Monique on 4/9/08

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